November 27th, 1971, Serial No. 00283

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Auto-Generated Transcript

you described for yourself
i always think of how twenty four he was to how busy you are
waiting to stop
waiting to start
but the sale with but i can't
hmm i can he's always so doubtful questionable
inside for you but
i always think
are you beat casey how did you are
why why don't you weidman to so in yourself
throwing away marginal seats are saying how much money you might ninety cause harlem mastic life mike ninety eight fee each mike so did the monastery with jihad be excused to for
the voice before checking the present

he's tools us and wage you when you do says it
all you have today's simply speaking to do your best that talk
i explained but some things but
simplistic all you have to do is to do your best right now right here
den next moment your best effort is not always best effort why he is now destiny okay this morning please do your best
next molly your best effort is not best effort okay
you should do your best
in add next mom
this moment moment out moment on you have to do is do your best song
but you don't understand so well you don't get keys to with this point that's why dog and genji or second buddha many patriarch must describes
when how you can contact with
doesn't it will you to south