November 25th, 1971, Serial No. 00281

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our present
the gorgeous
ah the main tense all buddhists prompts maintenance of practice
our consisting of
so categories of coach
why yes
have you just so a clue
a second yes
the putting it for putting it into practice
it is called usually the practice
the sun is our body
which means
hmm which is
self realization and the world's wisdom
a through
our product costs
he can get a taste of what it is
you understand what it is
the practice practice and tucson hours our practice a scored
ah is based on self realization

this is wisdom
ah through and through dog practical effort
we have to get taste of what it is
it is called it is the self realization in
but self realization
is not to understand something
are we seen check to says as you know so well
but i'm afraid that we're have to understand something or with intact to sense and also
we believe that it is self realization on the worse religious ah
ha i need to select new base which is called enlightenment night
hmm is
the self realization
ah has a profound meanings
because self-realization is something what a penetrates
the body and mind every inch of our body and mind through practical airport
ah standing up light with your foot
a and day out
this is neither one the system in obama
the experiences a based on self realization is not enough to practice
if you experience if you and go the self realization
i'll wait to read the people a see into the depths of human life
all i can be nice
a based on the dimension of
ah denervation and extinction
this is the self realization never meant to see to have inside too deeply to the human life
the manuel all living beings
if so
the after and going to self realization
we have to show
we have to manifest
in our daily lives
our standing upright with your foot
extended into our daily lives this is very important
at that time the practice on now is cold
the enlightened man
the person from is a fee from
any attractions
this is nearby
the simply speaking the new banner is emancipation free phone
ve from
the circle of transmigration superspy
ah is
sometimes our they met someone who believe
a on the the experience of self realization is sort of enlightenment
solo of zen buddhism
at pfizer the person makes
had lots of mistake
for instance the master or buddha says everything needs buddha nature
if everything needs buddha nature of this is according to this radical understanding
the fizzy it is possible that
the fee even a physics is born nature
then the monks ask a them master it it's okay to call you insists
the time came a master for give a big broad teams to
we make that mistake in that way
the someone someone years given to give them now one on for coin move
then many times he have a duck son and explain his described his experience through his practice in front of that them must the last he walk visa to hand and to
feet like a cat and dark and saying now
that time there must a gave for certificate kate
you are in high demand
one of the master says
two he is stupid thin student
if you understand of course of cause
even though you walk with your forehand for of for a two hands and two feet like a cat's saying now it is also move
it is not say it is not something bad
but didn't turn so buddhists i i think torah says are poor guy
practice more
it says always but we don't understand
because we believe that's self realization is absolutely a sauna with night
so self realization must be alive must be alive our daily lives or this we have to practice the self realization practice dating and
a out after experience of self realization
what never meant to see into the depths of human life and all living beings
the same fee alization it is true that self should he never men to understand
the law of transience the the principle of trans nc
that dimension a dimension of the generation and a stinky
the pistol of reason
it is not enough for last two parties
after that we have to
continue to practice the order to penetrate it into our body and mind
this is
the most patient
so self realization the most pitch in like wisdom must be pivot
in our daily life
which is called emancipation with discord
ha tranquillity
this call walking step by step with dignity
our practice
according to ah dawkins way
not solo practice which we tried to lead the a higher level from a lower level
through practice
he ordered to
ah in leads a group a crude debate human be
the nature of human being
our practice is the n itself the purpose of is is the end itself
so the whitney mind if you experience and where can you mind you experience
lead just wake me mind you experience it's identical with emancipation the experience of emancipation self or being of being feet from
ah here our practice should be sought
yeah there was one step he wanted to lead the other shore the one step is
identical with the goal of the other show which is called the on the shore
if you ignore the one step you can leach
the within the one step the lease completeness
d for essence of completeness this is our practice

ha dog in it says
the gaudy is not something done by
once comparing for us and another's
our practice is not something
dumb by
the once compelling force and another
this is the important point
damn market dumber and dumber luck summer school
in buddhism
device fighting of commission
into for
why he is a sovereign
a sobering is a mental phenomena mental phenomena
ah with chez
the image of object
what your peers within the consciousness
this is saba
the in buddhism
dow we don't accept
the object with the exist which is good dugard it as a substance and the substance up
the in utero sense
we think the lease
there exists some things in front of you and then we can see it you can see it
but team bodies we don't say that

a first ball
we have mental phenomenon first vol mental phenomenon
for instance here is bob
in it's path
i see the above you just sense you just send for my exist before i i see a bath
this is common sense this is the you to way of understanding bobby says the see here in front of me then i recognize his bath
but buddhism we don't say that
first balls we have image of the object which is cold bath within the consciousness first the image of the object what your kids which appears within the consciousness is
first important point and then this image of the object project into the bot so this path is sorrow for temporary tend to be
our wait a created by image or object which appears within my consciousness
then i see the broth and then we understand who is bob yes both yes and the span for years pass
from my viewpoint i understand i tried to understand for a what food is bob
and then i explained or who is bath what is bath once can for personality he asked and song
so sometimes my understandings is out of the presence of fuck to nature of both himself
i always the focus on the bath in order to extreme for his path or office
but this hours
a it is pretty hard to hit the right mark which call bob itself always i miss it
i miss my arrow is office myth
going the ad in the wrong direction
but my mind my the image of object which appears within my consciousness try to hit the mark which is called to bot
right this mark this our this effort is always miss something get this something miss
because with you when you see the broth
this guy extra describe who is bob indifferent you point from me
so you first wall have image of object which appears within your kinds of smith's first and then the your image the image of for object which appears within your of nest see the by
bath that's why you have different viewpoint different criticise
in common sense you say the barbie desist first and then i can see the broth i just i can describe for is bob
if so the even though there are a hundred people
we should see the ball properly without different viewpoint
but why the hundred people have their own different viewpoint we the giles
because it has the image of the object which appears within his consciousness first then these it's
make you project into the object
it is cold bath
but this part and what you what you can see is not to bot
this ball what you can see is the image of the object which appears with the your consciousness this is the where vans tangy it's funny isn't it
it is called michael and sauce
so i can see the above this parties my killed
fareham mature
nobody can the bath nobody can see the to brought don't worry
even though how many hundred people criticize you
nobody can see the true yourself
so on do you do you know the to yourself
what you what what you are
this is buddhist will one time then sovereign the my luck summer a school divide divides the functional a commission into for the first a sovereign the image
mental phenomena
to me is the image of the object with the peers within the consciousness
the first fall we have it's sort of eavis
then second is kimball
it is a campbell ah
i'll defer to discriminate discriminating such to phenomenon
gatherers the parking lot of by consciousness what she perceives with perceives the first the first things first states saddam the image of object with gps reading your
the crisis this is called the kimball so the first of all i create create the image of the object that appears reading my see my consciousness which is called bath then next
i can see or he is path he's bogged down we i tried to criticize him all he sang as a good oh he's a so soft is a good students as a good spirits of the damn for is an exemplary than sorry
this is kimball's is his kim
the second states
and so why he is a job
d is the self
oh itself and it is self short is to close at two clube
ah jawbone is the power at that discriminates the power jawbone is the power which discriminates
i am the was the function of the consciousness whites corroborates the workings of kimball kim
this disobeying his be interesting categories her conception
why is this
the as mentioned before if you sleep if you try to go to bed
and die to sleep
start to sleep
are these sweet completely
you don't know you don't know what do you are doing
you don't know you oscillating what you are sleeping
your lovers
you know down
the what what your body is the you explain your body
consisting of said the sad sad sad to you
consisting my head and two arms to head to our for kids her stomach and song many organs

and then you say you think day we can handle we can handle our body
we can handle our body by ourselves but strictly speaking you can handle completely
your body's by yourself for instance you cannot lift your body by yourself i can lift your body but you can i can my own body i cannot live my own body by myself
when you to wait you sleep with sleek

you cannot do you cannot know there is no way that is no way what you are doing
at that time to the power with fifty
and this is third point the
first point is showed the job
is the proof or as humans have that power
which mean the function of the consciousness which corroborates the workings of the job


so sometimes you ask are you ask a fool who are a fool are true who proved me a prude he now food approve you
to enlightened to practice doesn't to do something good
the to make right airport
who approve of his approval

the way you sleep they didn't master says when you sleep you should to sleep you into sleep this is true

but what make you would make you sleep stick is taking you tried to seek you tried to research
the state of for sleeping what make you sleep
they must say just sleep when you sleep yes this is too
why do we sleep and what make me speak
is it is very natural what we should make such a question what make me sleep
a question what you make
why can make me sleep
means that the least some things that is something once compel you sleep compare you to sleep
moment as the mob
i think it is it is called the showed syllables
the other earths it is
at ease
the causal relations causal relations of time and location and sign according to the duggan's
the time and no cake make you sleep nick asleep still to speak

the fool realize who your eyes this time and location
the eyes
who who collaborates the fourth stage which is going towards the solvent and the reverse the time on occasion will make you sleep

the thursday on the third stays corroborate the fourth states
a solid job
alvarez time and duration
the causal relation and caiman okay for make you would make you sleep
it looks like got no relation between the mother and child
a tiled always make complain
tired always a noise
the his mother's with our foolish complaint please gave a can give get ten mother say normal and i want to give you a candy because can't make tea bad
i don't want but to the want to be candy cookies are cookies
tired always annoyed the his mother's with forest complain
that time mother to first two i showed the chosen for the states
the causal relation time and so katyn would make asleep
the madam nazar wow by the know so well what happens if you eat if you eat lots of candy and cookies
home mother sometimes
pay no attention to him
does let him cry sometimes
just let him cry sir
just let him give up the the time on the time and location would can make him cries making cries
and also this time on the occasion
it's not that so helpful for the tired
because tout himself master arrears himself through his practice even three his tracked through the crime
through the hungry
through the hammer and a hungry
time with time and location of for the child
is just going on
just going up
by if the tired continued to annoy the mother the with foolish complains recklessly and random wrong time sometimes time and the effect time and no key give for a big draw
was in some time
nevertheless if and this the tiled
awake himself
how foolish that complaints
he cannot understand himself the also he can understand
what make me complain when make me annoyed
what make him annoying the his mother with its fullest complaint
all he has to do is
awake himself through crying
i'm making come foolish complain

so are
we have to we have to know
the you for is sleeping
ah through
through there
u s
dynamic activities
just to see ways to just asleep
through the test to sleep that smoother experience of just sweeping
this dynamic activity is what make you sleep
who prove prove you
dude zazi
strictly speaking time and no located make you do something we can do that and what time and location
you can explain what time and location
of course you can explain now we intentionally intact of sense
well actually it's pretty hard to explain
what can make you do something
to big in time and okay doesn't make you do that yes i understand what is time and location
what made you do that thing
alvarez who clue who flew me to do that
you say the time on located in and through me to do that same
they may ask you what time and lucky but don't expect you cannot explain what it is
what five third the fourth stage so does open the function of the crisis
nice but corroborate the workings of the third stage to shop
the third stage should know should know fourth stage short job

so does us and know what you are doing
what do you are doing
the does sleek knows completely what you are doing
and the was deaths the for corroborates what you are do
rosoff cause speaking here i think time monday occasion
causal relation of time and okay in corroborates what you are doing
the actually
how can you believe
yeah that was what what time what it is time an okay
practice speaking there is nothing but
to say that
does do somthing in corroborates what to i do
that's all
so from this point your doesn't he is not done by yourself you're comparing for us
you're dancing is done by the causal relation of time and located
he saw a huge expense of universe
it is called buddha please cold pool
solid weekend and says that will practice is not something dumb by the once comparing for us and others
this is the true meaning of our pups which is called george