November 12th, 1971, Serial No. 00280

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on the tactile
oh i'll go with you
are divided into five
a paladins
dogan then do the always describes as as the ball
do they crucial point what he want to explain who every chapter
the first target is very important
because they in dogan
they also played on describe quite a quite point what we want to tell us
what is the same year the same is to be said of a kind of thing you have attended every night
the first canada was sentenced is very important
no need for a dog
what did i then saw some sort of the path
thirty years
the essence who as is all circle circle
one is fun on what i mean but this is a pain cause a point that want to describe about the when but buddhist wages about good as well
hmm soul
the in the first holiday
oh jodi
he he also describes
are they important point there
ah a thing it's not easy to understand that the little by little i like to explain
a doorway or buddha's on peak yards
has the greatest practice so called the golgi
in the beatles
the whole essence of completeness like the like an endless ring and all an interactive map
there is no into space in park or passes or and boy the awakening mind or practice the wisdom and new that is jody
or complete mess
therefore it is not something done by once a compelling force and another but
the immaculate to practice
the merit of gaudy and the kings the presence on the south and of others
the way all buddhas and picked yards has the greatest a puppy so called the village
the it reviews
but the whole essence or completeness like a invece di
and of an interrupted know
the for and the police nor into space and passes of and going the an awakening mind club his wisdom and nirvana
that is jody in for essence of completeness
in this paragraph to confess what is joyce what is good
ah so far i described what what god he is
i'll be speaking god is to became to see became
the way seeking mind
lead to severe illness
the body mind and saw
and don't convince says
the all buddhas and the patriots
the principle of a greatest practice what it's called gorgeous
so what is going on a sports
hogan it then says it reveals the four s's or completeness like an interest to and off
i'm into lab fitness
oh i translated
i've translated the learn japanese word don't come into english as who essence of completeness a door is dot com
ah peace
no is the passed away
the path of life
the path
come is a ring on cycle

dogan vinci he says it reveals in the bills
i'm interrupting
the food essence of completeness
who essence of completeness
like an ingress way
the village know into space
in of undergoing the awakening mind practice or wisdom and nirvana
the it's called join you in the whole essence or completeness
the lives nor into space that is more into space impulses of undergoing a wake me mine classes
the wisdom and new
what it's called george
the for essence or completeness
i think the other day i describe what the body mind is a weekly mind
apprentice taking i think come body mind or your mind
the way to do mind
i think
if you use word and think there is called
inspiration or in college
what do you know i once i inspire yourself
to do something by the reservation on the truthfulness
in that
this is a him the body mind awake me mine
said the other day i explain what their wake me mine is
why is
to be straightened while
be straightforward to practice straightforwardness
the second is to practice the deep mom
there is to practice
ah compassionate
great compassionate mind this is a puppy so awaken the month
to tell her to those for
can you mind practice wisdom and in nevada for form completely at for essence of circle who essence of circle round
interactive with uninterruptedly
why is this
as i've mentioned i mentioned the first practice of for body mind is to plug this that straightforwardness
in your daily life
ha maybe you understand so vast it for what state for yes and fun
long have you are in tough hi there your responsibility is to follow
to follow the schedule
oh that's a hot i'm monastery
where your brain is very for if and understand yes i must do
what accept absolute
don't do that
the something tell you something casual all why don't you staying in bit more
five minutes just deployment of enough clique let me stay in bed one minutes or ten minutes please
he mean the morning you can live in the rain here
me i think always wrong
the students mainly counting or i think there is no place to stay bed in a student can run just input from my kevin's well maybe i will have five five minutes more what can make more than i can stay
five minutes
have we ever from before
i think already

but the your my brain understand clearly
the a bell the ring
get up at all
i'm not so
but something compound me to stay in bed when mom minutes creek
the understanding understanding something with the brain is not enough and be enough to understand your life so if so what shall i do
do if you understand something with your brain yes and then i must follow the as ask is it
to understand something is to put to practice to practices
to practice it
and then if few practice
i think after a few practices then you get up
get up and wash your face
before you watch of before you wash your face and think you still feel i am weeping
you are sleepy
but if you wash your face i think cold water make you make your mind the fresh ah

they you are wake up completely
the travel has gone from britain
it's not necessary to suffering from there
my crop crop for for troubles i want to fame that by more minutes or ten more minutes
if you feel the effects by wesley by realization of western your face
and then don't to practice to practice
is to understand something want to understand something not only with your head
but also with something else what
but with your body and mind you understand well ali be custom to get up early hours
a very good for my health or for my head my like
as bakery and pbk you i'm a fan clear
now through the practice

a cold so yeah i wish the realises
he's called wisdom wisdom i met him before the other day wisdom is as if you pour the war ii into the old fashioned way around will allow pump the order to get new new water for
the ground
first for the water and immediately you should work crew will be a hat uk sacred body
don't stop
i gave him again
if so you can get the water from the ground
then if so you understand to get the water from the ground is
a me to understand to understand the legal why you pour the water in the first war into the author festival well pump
the leaving why you work count myriad with your hand
so that's why a with them as to listen to the to the buddhist teaching and to consider the buddhist stating as you listen to
how to tackle
when troops or collect the will add on fashion pipe what work it
to get her water from the earth
this is wisdom it is whisked
the even though you want you kill sleep maybe so
i give for i want to i want to give a great sympathy to you know with do
make you feel the sweeping not the you but everyone everyone's sleeping
but also everybody feel sleepy
her even though you feel sleepy a very important point eight pour the water into your old fashioned pop
and tattoo work crap
media can we get with your body your mind
that time you understand something not only with a head but also with the body and what it is what it is
what it means what it means to get up early morning
what it means to be freaky
what a myth to have a desire to stay five more minutes
the understand clear the since wisdom
then through the experience of wisdom complete understanding with your body and mind that time you're likely settled on it felt
what does go improbability well it gives my life are you feel cold water make your faith and make upon request
yes next i have to go to denver to sick
at that time your life is completely arrived
but still your head a thinking something but that's okay because all of us a like own custom pump
the again them again you have to pour the water into your own fucking pump
ha this is where you find the when you find here
the euro fell to live
to live while we are living living and work with you
what's your life worth to live your life worth living
your life you will realize that life is glad to read several
on itself
the other words you will find you will find you new theorized that the lease something a bright future before you
ha this is life receive this is when it's call like how how we when i when the time com can cancan when we get up just get up
i thought
little boy is something
the improv a bit
the top of day
this point
when those forth i woke me mind practice and wisdom and new one
encouragement yeah i baking or
the encourage it
a practice
you said at the understanding complete understanding and new banner with the code in february
a form
at for essence of circle
you cannot separate them with you charles
when you say decades my a weekly mind
why you can you say yes i believe the then and believing the when
what is to believe in to them leaving the game is not to faint of married to think
the thing
to believe in the venue
two part of it
to practice a is to understand what it is
now only with your head but also with your whole body money
this is when pouring water again them again until you can get you will be able to get the new water fresh water from the earth
then have the time
you can settle you can throw yourself on the south through the practices of then yes that time would they say that i believe you believe in the
so you believe me the day is
if to you settle on your yourself on fell through the practice of the went through the practice of believing in him
what to believe in the event is cursed teams of the practice and also raised the last practice must of that
beginning of the practice is the last the end
impacted the eighth enlightened the windmill sets
it is true because it's true
you cannot the park is only the waking will sit your mom or only the waited to mine a morning coffee thing wanting practicing a warning understanding what a morning the net
you arrived federal on itself in your daily life it can pass
has mentioned before her see is that body might need to
tap the south not form it for you have to purchase a sweet war
you understand the state former then next to practices that next to you understand it clearly what it is
hauling water into the my own fashion poem for game on again being and day out
and that can strip wellness the practice of stick former federal offense
all itself
extended into your daily life
when can see if you want to the same if you wanted the t fair money to run the t firemen the first
more than a lot of room
that's more
what do you have to follow
it's very complicated whoop
first of all you have say that
it's hard for you the hardest ones who are western cape the first you have to sit there
where we need really need for
nap plenty cook
when the state was take us breaking new bad
when do we

you can learn you can learn what the key families from the book
but a book without teaching without teacher without practicing it
if an adequate guide
you understand so well what to keep families through the book yes
only to understand the tea ceremony through the book if not to master the t same
net if you want to master tea ceremony you have to practice
a through and through the pouring water into your own fashioned pomp
they have that time you understand what the groom is
gladden then at last we understand what the tcm is
have you d in the life of things
what just call nirvana
an in-process of the puppy thing that seven
you can fall very smoothly
the rules what to say money
the beginning you have to always pay too much attention to the what movies to the rules thought the more you paid too much attention to the rule the more you realize
and make a lot some mistake
the in the last stage of the practice with to call him banner after pouring water again him again
ruth is not the rule would you have fought in for
rose goes on a small three impulses of your practice
when that time may say you are master of he said
a brookside it is as if it is i live in
a for civil war theme of year
what's even some ear change
everything comes everything comes forth in spleen
everything grow both
we can have a weapon or harvest
in autumn
then we can store the harvest
eight the stories in winter
the all right the practice of life is like a poor season the canes the changing of for seafood of years
you can get on the three
the morning the summer no one winter
what's even
uninterruptedly going on
connecting three and deeply with each other
without seeking even for a moment
while absolutely our head things are please let the bureau will stay little war
if you see the bureau from for
you think how did disappoint disappointing there is
that we are in
that we will be highly the into the winter
without enjoying beautiful autumn season
ha blogging them to us says
a body mind we have to get the body mind that wasted king mine with discriminating mind and the words a utah state of mind you don't mind
we don't mind not special month
even though you are not to slip war
first war you have to think
what to formless
you have to make every password effort to see in a state for miss
hmm and then if you have fear even a little bit tried to practices
because to see to see the straightforwardness if to settle yourself on the fence in the domain of
of nirvana interplay and drivability
step four
where state for left the federal and am completely
in peace
in harmony
whoa in buddhist practice
the beginning practice if the end itself
have you tried to see reply try to see what the straightforwardness
and then practices
that time to see to think on state walnuts or deep mine is not the beginning beginning beginning practice
it is end of the park is itself
in fury war this called porn picture of human life
you will never get to settle yourself on the south
ha that five and first book in the first part
i'm a dog and been says
ah in that way this way away all buddhas and patriots
have the greatest of practice with to score goals
it reveals the poor essence of completeness like an endless me