March 9th, 1979, Serial No. 00132

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but some time sometimes fighter in the board
o'byrne in the baltimore be that you get out of the ball to jump into the sea and the many pop
then you get an ambient day hitting the board and market top
or whatever have to pay anywhere bot carries you to the destination so bot just the one boy he will want bought the important point is you are present on the board in people in how many or you do you want to fight and on a bot what do
you want to get out of the pot or would you like
you if you work to properly or handle on the for everybody anybody know
you want to cross a closer closer where anyway increasing this is a border everybody at
but according to your kind of right for some time fighting that getting out of the boat and jumping in the water
biking is somebody
the from

so what it says always effect upon yourself do not lose his wisdom wisdom is really depends on you how to deal with of one bought one felt that can we ever you do the think it's something question is how you should get how you deal with said
in this way you can that's at ten liberation in in my gum in mind dummies in the boost that he the teaching so they naturally in this way you can dash attain liberation if you do it anyway you can
experience a not reading the village
one flu or one fool
ah doesn't like through a dozen is neither a pamela of the way monk nor our white wall layman nor is there any other name for him
i too wish wisdom a one food demand is neither or follow of the monk know out what what laming nor is there any other name for him if you don't go that you are not put the you're not mom one i am happy
look anyway if you are human pain anywhere we have to do this
it's difficult it's it's not the difficult it it's not easy
so we have to and when we have to continue to protecting a poor old south and how to deal pay attention carefully and how to deal with you all right she waits us and when you encounter
ah in to wisdom is a stout a boat what causes causes the sea of all age sickness and death then you can cross her anywhere oceans with two gold our old age thick
ruth and ten like
but if you will come completely files and life would just call living the drinker and dying the dream dreamer what it's a difficult
to cross to cross a river perfectly

ah to wisdom is a stout the board would call the crosses the sea of the all a sickness and death it is also a great are bright touch in pitch black influence ah good medicine for all sick people
it is it is also a great bright tap poach pencil not touch it is a great bread told in pitch black abrams in gap darkness doctor said that without me feel really thought of the england's or greet you a
so that way to meet you too did you two different rush into well well being crazy about key
what control things and are many wave small waves and big way following the like one the living there living the drinker dying a big dreamer like this
so i pure i'd been so wisdom anyway it is also great bread taught in pitch black ingrid's or are good medicine or sick people i shop our shop acts which felt a twinge to do with and
the airport by means of this wisdom which is heard effected the farm and packaged you will increase your mat when one has the illumination of wisdom even though one's eyes mary fiscal eyes what is
is a clear seeing person is what is meant by wisdom
next if
ah a boating idle talk if you throught the through the wisdom if you experience wisdom you can see of they bust as at the expense all space and time
where you can see total beautiful picture of human life including trees birds animals etc
then you can know what you can see what do you cannot see but you can know what you can explain what you cannot expand so you can see the total picture humanlike toro typical human life me including by what you can't understate
then put an accountant
this is total country back in fact that why i told you last time i maple leaf showing its back but if boy boy
i'm a poorly join back to farm is why it's foreign is actually function or walking in dynamism of a maple the like life must be a lie a moment to moment ah for
in the that time you can see maple leaf what and simultaneously cold war could killed the whole lot would just go autumn for k
and then how do you know how do you know
because maple live shows if but back
but back
that gave you war
some fat
but all you have to do a all the maple leaf have to do a just continued to fall
but in the realm in the content compact the offer vital lambic activity falling and is to aspect of human life going back and fuck good but right now but from
doesn't take a immediate immediately neck that show
back to stay for on immediately run appear all but but but but but that a office coughing coughing a tree at the imperfections that make car gets by that life and death by
but been like flickr i'm figuring right so if you see that you've done you've seen a debt and unlike in a flickering life so he immediately you here
but all djokovic a just falling down
moringa that mean that took the
but we didn't have time it's very difficult just that because we have heck
put on but i'll catch immediate not thinking right
now featuring at ah have a problem but if you understand the talk till the human life with the wisdom you can handle yet
not why they might be fed i don't want to die when the monk as kill him what do you feel people gave me a good figment make him by poor to us he wanted to an educator he he said i don't want to that
that is not profit point that incident of the one flickering lights he can see
but i is vacation
death florida just boy because that it his life when can fly for woman moment
so when the time come to die and just that
oh man you don't satisfy because you can even like kids
but mighty is office appears disappears up your difficult
just take a look will look are watching the puppet show on mistake after the faith key
it'll puppet big puppets and you know sometimes for abby puppet some beautiful puppet cylinder that the puppet santa fighting and lots of things but of its disappear
so finally nothing to discuss nothing to quite there were some life what if the local maple trees including becoming one with the whole universe what you be what it is delightful for maple it nothing to say
say can you think so i think
one let's discuss about the life of maple trees are becoming world with the universe of course it's fun because you can do you can build a big mansion to kodesh mansion philosophies a college in depth on death
but norma how long you've got a mansion
huge making nothing nothing to get
still nothing fill or you to do it to the for joined by coupons dot com what
finally nothing to talk
oh were you die when you when the time come to that just that that talk
finally the eighth avoiding idle talk that's why through the wisdom you can experience while avoiding idle talk i don't mean you should keep your mark all the site again when we have to discard the of cats but so
sometimes you can see you you can see above something you can talk and war that and as soon as possible to feel my shop
and just do it to jumping to login well you should talk about that then before you will want to pocket that folk it top
but finally zevalin showing nothing
from any work is cut to finally give you my shut and do with your whole heart
jumping in to tell it
the eighth anyway helping them home by pandit
and this is a silence this is violin
did know make your existence
peaks concept is he said or the six audit movie jaw in ways as tenth order so kinds of know whatever you say in where it is completed beyond idea concept what i
a bit side but this big fence is not something which make you is here
that's sightings have not the water to encourage you to save youtube video
to that for moment to moment help not it
that is anyway avoiding i'll talk so dogan common stairs having realization and being free from discrimination is what he's called avoiding i will talk to tory know the true
form of all things is the same as being without i could talk so pp from i could talk in any way to realize toro could feel human night what is a true what it is a sentence that time
that is a cake to enter will stop him and talk when to school science said or buddha-nature when find it really work you're delegating the they called bulimic can put up with you rummage for i need to have them
of term worse while now we need the doesn't but whatever he did if you love somebody will rub can't say anything in the finally you should he should keep mouth with said they preferred said nothing but if penetrate for
from you not have i'm not the war what is i'm aware
my waive anyway selfishness but when the other hand that way as a beautiful than but you cannot stop
so joy from compact
but law been completely okay
why dost thou
how can i show between by him or her be present with a poorer people with a teacher with some
if you like at some if if a kept falling getting active aspect to love but we didn't this optimal love jolly pumpkin what that is about this search but again nothing perfect bill feel that
why you cannot stop
but if you try to chase up love you are confused because it is a pack of them up then fumbled the mouth is built
but totally finally if you my shack in my keep it warm you up but it's not as the not it's not it doesn't mean that you shouldn't do anything you'd do it how be present with her what yep that's all if you want to talk to
simple term if you want to help just fill simply that's all it
if you want to affect somebody just took a show and but
don't miss iphone could talk for what
so that is i don't be so that time you didn't understand what wisdom of laugh
you can stand now with wisdom
nothing but if ah choi funded back
cause it's what it is nigh do raise a funky the a vivid fact of human afraid of it after in europe
and then we just leave people will affect the buddha says oh wait you muck and engaged in various kinds of idle talk you mind disturbed you understand it
earth is a different but it's fun but the family now the family including to term
ah mediocre if the one five didn't i didn't get head
very interesting person stallion studying guardian than the iphone ever get that me
you know ah
but i been here is something
still from
when he can stop because thinking big head a funk and for by a buck in front that failure to suffer but he can stop because of that but only thing anyway something what something walking you gonna live
it's one but something fun of frequent now only what the alternative give him i can get to
the finally he will have a good company
ah puddle of discomfort is mysticism
so he invites me i can talk about lisbeth in mysticism in zen buddhism people asked me zen buddhist means missed him miss mystic why don't know
i don't think of them would have made mistakes
i like this i want to talk about then in there
well get it him and the in the very distinct but hey we're at a way it's written queer pen of that is famous case you don't understand you
if you doing the sandwich do you understand he attended a and you don't
but are you there when you're debriefing every day it's been clear nothing could top
so i tude that co then infinity
the snake
don't know what i taught him i have to think anyway
although you have left home of a you are still not deliberate it therefore are you want to anyway leave your comic life and jump into the them to still if you offered continue to talk about
kind of thing about the like that and right in the middle of back
that is severely disturbed
therefore you must quickly abandoned mine disturbing idle talk in waist up minister
if you don't understand advocate anywhere accept what you don't have them
new they if you accept what you don't understand will show you something
if the open if all hot to bomber to you but you don't know
finally you can quit
every word like to attain the joy of the extinction of delusion
and this the extension of diluting adds a perfect the trump white if you would like to obtain the joint to inquiry are you master first simply extinguish effect of the idle talk for a nap infatuation of i talk
what cup but sooner or later she'll stop this is what are pointing i will talk me
last day
top way eight oasis of take a person
as desired satisfaction pay them enjoying serenity and tranquility
practicing wisdom
hey are perfectly summary rocketing wisdom and pointing i'll talk
best design is how to deal with up what you are not yet okay
nadia stick gotta stick of measuring it anyway
are getting one thing you penetrate one thing key
you encountering you should pack you can't be one practice encountering one pockets you packets at work through this is yardstick of measuring how to craft pesticide net satisfaction if you plug is according to for
if you're practicing bellway your desired bake naturally getting wet
because you can't do walking my way to the right to the left just like a butterfly you can stop the getting there
salt and your everyday life getting up in the morning and getting up in the morning with or had a myth what your faith with or a met having breakfast with all hundred left anyway getting one dumbo you penetrate one thing
ah encountering one product packaging to and then this is a best way to get less
damn for a second satisfaction is how to make your knees less desired into pockets in your live
ah affecting no object object what you have been of pain all of it
there anyway
when you encounter he meant to shop
given to you sometime your body and mind anyway puck in the photo frame that then you probably don't understand it's okay let's put yourself in on the and that's it that's it
then the time deal with of them with all hotness
getting one down you pedigree and work through an in-country one package you packing a lunch with that is all alphabet
then you can but you can be satisfied
in the a lawyer
that's why you feel good you feel good you don't understand the incorrect but you feel good be called so you can enjoy trump what and know how trump what it is
you can experience to that during hunting the core of the sep who you are threat that five to and net core of self is completely failed i told you before saying nothing faith com
that's why you touch get that way you feel good
feel that you you can be satisfied because you enjoy trump like in healing in you get it
then fought the fall they naturally you can pack for my to my because you can cut the court of human life that's where you can pin not yeah there you can spin right now record what it's call
ah what could go back a bit so
the hp is one wickedness you practice one point nest which is got some money then if the cups like the morning show you moment show you get on hot
speaking about it would you have never not because offer you believe woman as a short video time for a snack is huge but last aspect of human that's why a twat what is a moment before so that's why you can experience taught
bulk of human that moment the package wished practice of wished
then if you're practicing if you practical wisdom finally you can't say anything now when you have to talk talk and i mean you know what your countertop and can you can stop that simply by easily
get cussing
and chester
if if if
boyden idle talk
this is
ha eight olympics is in that in the person who realize eternity
tidy of human life through buddhist death put a stamp
that's why automation is a or were a awareness itself in making nutrition wiki which are very important for eternity is not
have stroked spiritual life
that is real politik how can you practice eternity you are developing this is a winner of a enlightened person that's why bargain anyway explain again king is sheboygan so
it's trouble kindle in the last chapter of sheboygan
oh your whole life we have to
kate know it with it's it's of and person again and again
because this is i don't work out the given by border patriots and told him they must
whatever happened what able kind of an age com
whatever the lord will last album million years and my downloads human being just we have to think and contemplate them guilty game on again is great responsibility we have to wait
we as human being has to kick
my life
impact for you
to play i'm lie
maybe of a few mixture