March 30th, 1972, Serial No. 00180

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the then honesty
ali job
some food court
to all these
you have a meal
an asian time
he had this ritual
often a small quantity of food
to obese and every meal time
but now a day
who wants to you will have what is it wrong
on the at lunch
oh he hasn't we haven't
has the speech or but this is a central card you will find some verse it says
the all evil spirits now i'll give you this of offering this food will conveyed everywhere
out the way you turned
stops in you are on and so on
that's wise grace grace
the after return
we jumped
stop some you are going to shower caddy
he tried to
ah kit
as a small want deals or rice or bread or rule the sun
and put put it on the tip of dust settled
the are the second verse a second serve
the saga
i will correct them
then love the neil
the server
ah well guess this food
oh geeze so your server will be allowed
the place he loves a good place to get
near what seems to be a bird
what this song
put the discord in the sudden place was destroyed led to the click
the we call this a small amount of food
sabah sabah
as a d a suburb or
time someone
a suburb means and sabah means me cry
the food the food
for all since you d
ah sometime knees a weak holly
the food the food offered to three realms of all beans
the thriller with means to offer the food too
a triple triggers
in more mobility skills of in move it
ah demons named her eating a week
i other was demon spirit
all kinds of team

so the first
we offer this small amount was more a month food to to potatoes buddha dominant center
our trip to trigger
is they important for buddhist
which means the buddhist faith to the state so i take refuge in buddha and take refuge in dumb take refuge in summer
i mentioned before
the and take refuge in to border
i respect i expect good key my life
based on in of the in truncate trumpet
la skills
so life is still
alvis anytime anywhere and still
at a worse
you are your life is always sustained by border
by universe
by many things get your own individual
life is supported by many kids
invisible or visible visit

if so how to live
that answer is a take refuge in dublin
take refuge in dominant is
the truth to let these to live
you can't get up
oh your life
supported by
many things video on individual
wait compassionate spirit
regardless of whether you like or dislike
this is
young reality which your life is going on

so it saw
whatever happens
you have to be patience perseverance and
we she'll realize
the tubes that the truth to baby is too late
this is
a technicians in dumb
i'm also to live is to get it this means it is i take refuge in some
many things support these things sustain your life
this have to accept not only yourself but also others and o be
five the tent we practice always with all essential be will be will all be
oh day
the first verse
we have to realize what is truth
we have to realize the tooth
life is based on trunk were always
so you have to make every possible effort to take kill off our night
woman moaning day after day napkins
he also this you can't leave alone can leave
move along
live this is wrong lets you live in this world life is supported by many things

ah delhi's the maintains thin master named once he said wait to them

the he was very famous zen master
our respected by many people
at that time
so many monks
came up to this temple and tried to cut to send him

the every year
the months
increased every year
in interest rust
the once than master not the they have they achieved
he attained about fifteen hundred marks
the in history
why interstate impact some measure
but strict as pickings
the the had
the saxons such cincy of accommodation
and provisions
to support
the about five hundred five hundred marks
but at that time
they found
the excess of the number of thousand
he wants a difficult for
a councils and cancel while the to susan's ghetto the temple
to deal with fifteen and marks
one day and simpson said to to the once and master it's pretty difficult to take care of fifteen hundred marks because we have just the sufficiency of the market and computation and probative for
just that five hundred month
white went to the district decrees decreasing number marks
they master says don't want it but the one a bot
because everybody everybody has a mouse
that's the answer
of them from the damn fast
but there are two questions come in from a social gathering is coming from the question coming from them must
according to the citizens injectors suggestions
the trouble is that we don't have enough for food
the fifteen hundred marks
who has
fifteen who have fifteen hundred mouses
since the has had to defeat fifteen and mountains every day

then must according to the them must have suggestions
i no trouble is that everybody had some up
everybody has a month
the don't worry about everybody has a months as it already have a month
sometimes you must must to move
if you feel calm

it's means i think you know
those those who are boy in this world
do not luck
tom legions clothing the food housing
i wanted
key to you by nature

yeah lovers
as long as we were born in discord
we are we have already been endowed with sufficiency of from the that closings
the food and house
i want it to you by
i live
if you have a baby
mother has naturally mother's milk

that's why them must says don't worry about
everybody has a mouth
then oh what was said i was so with it
don't worry about
the everybody has mouth it's news
all you have to the is
to consider
i gave him again com
you can best to devote yourself
for helping others helping society
for welfare of society
the other words are we have to the is to computer again and again how we can help

before we consider before we consider
to struggle for them
if you help the harm others first
it is sure that you do not lack
i'm dating
causing a foot house
necessary mrs in disasters
necessaries dating is it size

i think he have some questions

the outside
yes it is true
if you find
the people for on vs off starvation
we are making our at last
for the belief of summation
on the other hand the soon realize the tooth that
you are at last what made it to take in of way district
if you've got the india
i think you will find many kids number to consciously
what on the verge of starvation
god's legions she'll help mediate
try that

i don't know what cities what's reason why one reason why the engine keeping many intuitive for are on the verge of starvation i don't know why
some of them are easy
some of them don't want to walk
some of them
can't find the gaff song
and there are many reasons
and also president of minister of india
have been so far
sound concerned about
that difficult situation
of indian society
but still get some top

ah point this

whatever happens
as the death master says was the board to help others
to devote yourself for welfare of society of for helping the others
who lives near to

if you find no money
because he adds concerned about how to the us to
didn't you think or i have to find gas to make money
it seems it it seems to me that
the president does their that to set to sunset
we don't have enough food
to feed fifty hundred monks

how can you how do you think about the job or task
the purpose of the doubt ways to make money
to support yourself to support our support yourself alone
if you think of the doubting that way
a husky know what task or job
he's dreadful
so sometimes you know like work don't like to work
according to the them masters suggestions don't worry about
why don't you i don't worry about everybody has a month
it means
why don't you work with you don't have a month why don't you find the duck
the through the dove
you can't have others
japanese not them to make money
to support yourself
to work is to support yourself and to others and adults
to help others directly or indirectly
this is our death to since our task

written chance
any kind death
the crete
just wait

the principal
he on you know so well
it's a good job
to practice came to keep them
the zen buddhism made a mistake to
but it's made a mistake in japan in the past
this is the stuff
the must says wherever you may be
he should be the master yourself in what situation in which then simply walk walk
kim tip
of course the situation animals fears society that new society was completely absolutely different from that of mac
d c h
it is completely was the atmosphere of dampness secret dublin society
at that time was completely beyond our imagination
but anyway
they mastered that buddhism some term says
the master of yourself
whatever was in where it what what situation and new are

but i think know so
is good the fact
that's up to you

according to the buddhist to present try to find doubt cake

need any kind of he's okay
wait you are
what are understood by everybody

then the first and we offered the afford to to potatoes according to the meaning of triple tickets
mr balls
you have to devote ourselves for helping others first
game of the game

and also you should know donna to get a many way of helping adults
be jolly
though you work at the company to help others
ah and second we offer full to spirit of in photography in movie
the way
i mentioned so far according to a trip or trader how to do
our lives based on empower of
in won't forget
first of all tried to help others capture india is this point even though you work
the company
the purpose of working is not to make money
to support you love
help you and adults
this is the purpose of luck
a few understand this point your life these veins table in of
the movable
if you think
that the purpose of work is to make money in order to support only you
qian qian leave

so the second he has to offer the for to the spinning of improbability internet
we have to offer the food to eat dinner
a leaky is to don't have a yorkshire in right and graph
the india
he said he had
children's she had hundred and five hundred children
and sit down with them every day on the babies of others

then many people suffer so bad
then one day the people ask them
secondly buddha to help
then secondly improve a way to
the ages
the huts
he said
how cute your babies are
how can your babies and you
kenyan to late
my dad he added to sell my babies and i
ha late on the bevy of other studies of balance
then secondly put up one day
one of youngest baby of a hut i heard yang is thing
then the eighty what
completely upset
crime game here
in the settlement when i ask him why why egypt you cry so hot
the costs and lost
young dead
dense company process
let's imagine there is a family you for has a bevy only one thing
one stone by a demon
can you understand how often how much
mother dismantle suffered
i need to set yourself stumped
in that time see regret
she made her
i suspect how awful
how awful day
how did he had done
how can we think
he had done
then she actually she made a promise and with second in poorer and and stopped
heeding my babies
on the baby's balance
completes to turn my games
asia can lead to that says well if you want why don't you tend to do
triple cheddar and five precepts
then v t camp
from the depths of her heart
the pooh tigger and five percents think that time mediate two babies is turned back to her

in the chapter in the tampa of the and that
fifty six teams of my heart in bonuses
the demon asked me is me is buddha
my whole family and i have lived on human flesh and by blood
but now receding buddhist precepts
we were no longer be able to do so
how can we continue to live
the buddha replied
from now i will make a strong a key
to my disciple for offering some of foods do you at meals wherever they made cactus
that the current on good friend or good friends sets regulation will be established for my disciples
thumbnail from now on offer some of foods to the demons
if you don't have this this you are not buddhists to marks
the thirty first attempt to on denial
they says one day holiday
was delighted in the ceiling that triple trader and five precepts
do not kill to do not make in skinned
and on
he stepped forward and as kubota the lord buddha what should my children and i feed on
what it says don't worry about it
and every mealtime
i've i were let my own disciples to offer some food
for all beings to you and your children tempting their names to call on your children for the reveal of starvation
if there are they are the rest of sense of beans and any other demons who need some folks i am willing to gratify here hundred on this often phones
so each all
of offering or beans
a small amount small quantity of food
the months the this
is traced back to succumbing to the slides
today's story with your credits in my hand in binance sutra or deny us
dang up to now demolished it
according to his
what is teaching
how practiced
offering some thought to obese

the in monastery
i to eat that when you eat the meals are food
ah make a rule
not to take the food by yourself
but to really see who
from server
so far anyway
before you practice dem bodies
he tried to take the food by yourself making the money
ten feet can lead a divergence

like a honey tea
how about food is something
i wrote it to you by nature
even though you may make even though you work hard and to make money
he ordered to make a man that's some money
maybe somewhere some of you are won't be able to maker of money
if you make it you weren't hot
but their hands and he didn't keep in mind that there is a someone for cannot donate some money you make a lot two months even though he may he work hard
the more he worked hard the boy he lost he moved to friend
this is true
please to sing and to canada
a pinball pinball games is very popular for gout nice
many people are interested in matter keep playing pinball he ordered to make money see it's pretty easy to make amends
just stand in front of the machine pinball machine
just like kids