March 1972 talk, Serial No. 00176

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i patient day off me
there is
no sign or effect
in a are they
cody to
wow tokens of practice
but strictly speaking
ah this this is not funding
dawkins idea and also and this says
the chapel the board us idea
this is are they
a point
what we have to take into account care killed me
i think you are
i don't think you are a media with
said your idea nor same effect but i haven't you do
it's pretty hot for us to believe
hmm not on the and people also in job needs to be hard to believe no sign of the effect
but if you start to study and buddhism
i read whatever kind of sutra scriptures
you will find
they often technical terms with the imply implies negative aspect in life a very negative
for instance emptiness
one neutral neutral not bothering intro
one something would have you miss
a man's patient
given the emancipation the world in my patient implies the a negative aspect didn't like
if you need if use study buddhism
the always
confronted with a negative aspect to life parts nothingness
sometimes it don't make a students can see
the many the police cars
in europe
i misunderstood a buddhism
because a bulletin
was a sort of near is a for near it
i tree gradually
even a whistling buddhist scholar
understand that jimmy
what me is like
christmas humping our christmas how place
this is debbie
many english scars police cars
ah accept the buddhism which he never meant to live in this world positive way in positive
through understanding of
the negative aspect in life which buddhism put emphasis on
so they translate that he saw disney for instance new varna the word the word new banner
is not negative aspect to live in a blind date understand we're nirvana which you never to never men to live positive
ah so he they translated into english perfect wisdom perfect twisted
i think this is perfect
but so far the we listen the that weren't new banner which implies completely negative aspect like of life
it think
ah i really understand i feel i am really feel into sacrament food us ah he how difficult
how difficult
his are the did the airport the airport
the effort to teach a buddhism
two indian people
what's made
because that time
in a video
the day
a prejudice prejudice idea
oh what a lesson
please pool of no effort
ah no responsibility or the human actions
the song
those baseball
always create it
the personal or social problem in india
so at any cost took a new boiler want to wanted to get real
the show
created by such a pretty is idea
what amazing
no effort

ah the even before succumbing buddha attained enlightenment as mentioned before
there was
the practice of emancipation
ah revelation
which the brahman isn't and put emphasis on
the after the many buddha attainment after communion buddha ten night to
he also accepted
ah so your off the dust bowl tradition of aryan culture
based on a man's speech
get us would just call to be that in doubt needs emancipation of freedom liberation
but what secondary bullet emphasized particularly on this is really different from problem and
please pull of romney's
ah some inscription there
our says
the lease
true practice
what you must be rich in contents
these novel
an reasonable
the lace the true practice which must be rich in its contents and reasonable
a second sentence is
who had italy
keep a well from
a ten the experience attain the experience a tin of or attend the nothingness team the nothingness
and third sentence is
tranquility a sacred wisdom and enlightenment
i should should be turned into nirvana
according to first sentence the least the to practice which must be rich in its content and reasonable
in india
a people are they interested in a three points my is calmer
what is subject to come
second is outta outta his resistance
out in sanskrit
to go
rt is
the distinctive feature of substance substance to gender span
distinctive features of substance
what you never meant to live to never men it never meant to live
a wealthy living in life
in the words weights help human life
this is art
i briefly speaking out there is a sincerity sunset or transparency and said is this out
a comment is a motto which you use you have known so well
the way is calmer the second is our me
the is moksha much of is emancipation mulches emancipation you're not executed dumb a third is dumb
ah damn
he has many too many meanings of it's own but the in this case dumb is order in life order
all wrong
lol human being lot of human world
raw of the major
so briefly speaking the dounreay is order if other words a human being must must obey
if they want to live
dear lives as human be
this to enjoy
to enjoy your life to enjoy yourself to live in this world
which congress
why is you said
what ways that are reaching punk to work
ah these services substance of substance it is samson switch help human life
which encourage human life
like workers
the weightless
the many forms many kinds of forms a too far for instance when you are
put off your shoes in front of the gate
he's for off your shoes
and put it in order
and if you get up
early morning please wash your face
the lake simple aura
when you were there
cross please don't win across
in off
like this
we rather across new tree
this is substance of human life
according to the substance is ruth
an aura
when you cut the a vegetable where he worked in the kitchen please keep silence
when you when necessarily requires to pick okay pete
but don't
don't check i've run don't
by checking
this is something
this is art
so in from this point we have lots of rules and the orders in tough hawk
so they must be it must be the they are it must be a substance of your of your life of your life which encourage you to live in this world some something out
we grew up
that structure
oh yes there are many are the same things
whenever we're all yes
but you are not the adult baby k
so please use your brains can and make a choice what is like or is what is good his he


or use this conversation
yeah me
and yes
use this conversation sometimes is not itself is not the okay i meant i don't mean i don't mean that useless carrying itself is something wrong k
did what use this chat must be used according to time and place
why instance when you do that and during you that then when you tell this is completely useless
treats use yeah
get a better place or time
whenever you should use on necessary challenge
so it's depends on an individual club can
why you breathe use your brain
it started off by saying that doesn't have no effect you on
collect all of this determines in okay
because i didn't notice that is less than yeah
anyway during this session i will explain it but briefly speaking
is the the there is here is the buddhism what you are very interested in me
but the buddhism when you attach to buddhism for my ah
put it in one one one
then nobody pay attention to that hey what do you think about what do you think about yourself how poor you how poor i am but you think how wonderful police products
quality is wonderful but nobody attention to
so it's ms why you are tad to buddhism
you know according to your the idea is is bully
it is not real buddhism okay the when the boys and his i in true sense we have to forget buddhism the as concrete is speaking
everybody who have has some my dear okay we've had some idea the in terms of buddhist eyes any idea is right to keep any i use like your idea is true
you're my idea is truth k
when you when i attached to my truth
if my tooth this not too
so embodies buddhism that to if camp roddick
ten ten details idea so called truth for called to yeah the earth this idea of truth is mine
hey my
not you know you that's why i have his emphasis on but it's how wonderful buddhism that are you for practice that they gain here but not kept his i don't like him
so why did i put attach to tourism is to it is too bad that to is tentative idea for code truth so cold my cake month
he ordered to let this truth become universe universal universal open to everybody you have to spent you have to spend lots of time k
to penetrating into everybody
don't rush into reich a wide kick
if you know
if you've got him know chris make a bump but on you hit for you have to
so you have to neat time the other worse
it takes it takes you right it takes wrong text wrong to penetrate into
maybe but everybody in order to let it universal
beat universe k
that's why they have some idea here from my so i helped many fashion
one none i don't like perfect
that such same same applies to our daily life k
we have to by give but this is true but we have to spend lots of time he ordered to let it become universal okay it was open not to you open to everybody
for this we have sometimes we have to discuss it in public what do you think about this you like it no i don't like it a a i don't like what should i do if if you take this is zack
new new
great mansions
united nation
this is the united nations was should i
you do you like professions with transition no i don't like it
what do you think yes i like it
the discussion this is very important
so you playing what you to say what you bring it into public is tooth pin to take wrong
to to record universal become universal opening to everybody
yonder the truth is not for not yours k not yours to is must be for everybody
so your id if your idea is to
we have to take long
k for instance if you want the money which we want the money to don't panther at random
phase is portland deposit trees the for money in bank
but for a certain time for you will get the interest it
this is just the example
but the same ways the same applies to your day life
for what this if you are some idea this is truth yes this is true in terms of buddha this is completely to
have to forget this true
discussing it in public k taking long spending number of times pending a lot of time
polishing it cause he
it's means no fun means more fine of effect
would they if if your idea don't catch your kale
even though you tried to
can you kill kill his follow your body not your head just end of your bike
you are handy always keeping now tail but at the same time terry is go around with you
so pete forget
care is to or your head is too
if so you must forget the present to feel ahead must forget presence of your tail
then that time he ordered to
in order to let it let go by including head and tail
you can universal
in public or yes he says he'll just feel that is one and pick
but why are you a cat to you your head this is true if you'd like it is now why
he's not quite
you need lots of time
price is true if it is too
this is negative aspect in life
ah like
getting sixteen explain more