March 17th, 1972, Serial No. 00179

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he ordered to
a descriptive bob
georgie in
but takes
maha ketchup as practice and example

the eighth patriarch
maha casa maha pasha who is the dumb one successor of chicago new buddha
unthinkingly practiced the trail for to practice he he is previous existence
the trail for the practices as follows one
living on daddy begging without accepting the invitation of another or a stamp for money instead of food second
a dwelling
in a mountain or keeping a roof from crowded urban or rural district a district and districts
so avoiding to demand
close of another or to accept even close given through the kindness of another
mending and mending and willing a crow's of the dead left at the grave
what's living in a forest or under a tree
this are taking on the one meal a day
six using the sitting posture or kill him instead of sleep
having only three robes or nor blanket for sleep
it's a doing at the grave yard without staying in a temple not communicating with people encouraging oneself to practices events seeing the skeleton the debt
living alone in solitude keeping away from seeing people or sleeping together with them
eating first the fruit to grasses and then our rice
not eating them again after the time when one should see seeding irreverence
living in the open year without
using a tree or a house
trance not eating meat or ah
saville therapy amanda
not using a frequent oil or the body
you know so well
bahar catch up by is a famous buddhist disciple who is lot of great ten disciples of your new good
are you weren't born
of funny or blah monism
de chalco many buddhas
no three years later
after she chuckled when in poorer enlightenment
buddha's enlightenment
he became a priest
ne it is said that mohawk a shopper
ah attain enlightenment
which will which is worthy off
a becoming are hot


and then
the first the first assembly

i'll floor
a designed for
composing the sutra buddha statue
i was held
are you grow high
the mohawk a chapel was our leader of
the how many buddhists order


he practiced hard
in sitting so then
he entered into nirvana
sitting in doesn't

before his test
he transmitted
is dumber to island
as a successor damage success
the end the buddhist history
mojacar chapel is
a great novel characters
who has
the making solve
in taggart
he had
confident solve
many disciples
in layman's name it
is noted for
the men are great
who has
no attachment
so in dem buddhism
we expressed we express great got to respect
to baja attacked so i have been wanting returned his name
anyway is they've famous boy
a great man who has no attachment
as dogan then says
he practiced a twelve ford practice in his previous existence
no in his life in in this work
he also continued to practice this drill for it practice
we should consider a carefree why duncan genji takes
the practice of mahatma tampa
for example he wanted to be is what about crypto
have a good
wallace practice
ah the eighth pick patriarch mahopac shop of ways that dumb successor of shakyamuni buddha unflinchingly practiced a twelve for practice in his previous existence that twelfth for
and practice the is as follows one living on day begging without setting the
invitation of another war stuff for money stand on foot
the in india they couldn't help
the stuff or money
wow property
ah for his life
he ordered to support
so they couldn't
accept any stuff any money any amount of money
instead of food
just food is admitted to accept to receive from the people
so they had to live on the begging
they had to practice begging every day
the second a dwelling in the mounting keeping a roof from crowded urban or rural districts
our innocence it maybe
ah easy for bird
to live along
and sing some building for song every morning
unfortunately it is not easy for human being to be to be along
if you are if you live a long completely
i lost you will be lot ross neurotic
ross's writing

but in twelve ford practice mohawk a shopper practice and lived along keeping r kicking a lou from crowded album
the rural districts
living alone
in isolated as as soon as solitude
he's really extraordinary practice for human be but he did
in his previous life
his previous existence
the third voiding to demand cruises have another or to accept even crawls given through the kindness of another
mending unwilling the clauses of the debt left at the grape
amending and a the codes of the dead left at the grape
i'm such a crawl this is called foods or a police rob garment
made of cast off rats

the deal is there are ten ways
ah than a ten kinds of
the rods
made of cast of rugs
what is
the clothes
of defective quality nor not note by a car by a car
the a way to rob the police rob
amid all test a rack
but his men
all the cross
of defective
quality node
by a cop
what second is not by unwrapped
the so is
across with a whole mit by burning fire
the forth across a stained by the monthly peel woman's monthly fee
this across a stained by the milk
and identified identified across a taken away by a bird or an animal from one place and left it to or another place
it means that cause
that is honor that you couldn't find you can find on
of this crop because birds or animals
it takes away
one place to another
then you could you find it
pick it up and made up rob
the seventh across
i left at the grave graveyard

ah in india
the the are accustomed they have costume
ah to put on the
the to put the dead on the cloth
the before that get buried debt is buried
they took away to com
the cross
pulling the dead
we that any crops
that the customer he indeed
for ah
our belly up
the eighth a cloth offered to our holy fame in order to play for the fulfillment of once wish

ah ninth
a growth thrown away
a person
the growth a crawl chrome
the code thrown away by a person every time for or when
he's advanced to the upper rank
apple rank
the ever they interesting accustomed
ah if you
ah become
if you become more
the teacher from
the the month
you throw away
the whip our clothes or what do you use to what do you have you little walk
then you get a new cross
you're the worst
in every time when one when a person is
i promoted to a promoted from for instance
sectional chief
a bureau director
the throbbing you throw away all the cloth and you can get move off

oh from
please policemen to please and to police shouldn't
throw away the cross
for general sergeant a policeman
general pot for police then you can get the new class for priests should
oh from a pretty certain to or
crazy is picked up if you become a police inspector you can get new clothes for police inspect they you throw away the old cross for for please
please sir
the months i'll pick them up and made a cloth made a rock but themselves
a tenth
the grey are grave clothes taken off from the dead to before it is buried
the what would you call this
oh in japan even in japan we had some custom
what we tried to put the dead on a special cross but discord to calcutta muda want to call in english shroud shot
as the subtle crop and they're saying tomorrow the small same as can mono mate made by mit from the
white cotton cloth what is the cheapest
then back
in the back of the this growth in the center of the back of this clothes
some name of the buddha they in center chicago any bureau
no on the left and right side they want you surely body suck left side
let up a sandbox
samantha battle for his hat
buddha shakyamuni buddha and one usually bot body fat was month bad rap what he said
then the neck
but sometimes sir
they used us on a particular term but your cards in ah
diamond so drone fun for your husband's life is like
ah dream
our dream of frost frost
our vision
and shuttle
and also reich
are likely
what do on a dewdrop
what sometimes we used a special turn statement
it says
ah there is the know
is to east to west trent
well is there north to south correct
a a rot
i have what i use i have write speeds have i experienced writing there
the chapters on this cross just once
by climate up there
the fellowships who lives in my village
so i like i wrote the second money border when to surely and
i'm borrower then is poorest worked

so does
so called funds or a made of cast of rats
cutting off cutting off unnecessary pot
take making the best use of
the useful part
in prize
that in monastic life we tried to cutting off taking away
net a pot
and making best use of
necessary part of right off our lives for monastic life
the owner to cultivate he ordered to develop the monastic life
that's set to whales are making the buddhist love
the best way
of are making the the life force the making
making the
across a nature of the cross
live in full revelation

then will you make the wrong
getting the making the wrong tried to chant
the triple trader take refuge in the buddha dharma in some
he is off
ah instead of creating your delusions
concentrating on
the invocation of
the triple treasure moda the amazon
the shape he is also dire
the form of the case i love is also
a made in the form in the shape of by right he lies fee
in which everything is grown everything grows in peace be a quiet

fourth are living in a forest or under the tree
our lives are taking only one meal a day
one meal you only one meal a day there is no room to make a choice he says good lord this is bad because you're on with hand
whatever kind of thought he have to accept you are willing to accept and see the food
the taking only one meal a day the sixth using the sitting posture watching him and sustainable sleep
there we had to we experienced just once last dog
sahin december
we sit all night
we had that just for three hours sitting
you you have a enjoy you are willing to have this experience
the whole rife she's whole right
he used for setting portion and king him instead of sleep
what do you think about
i have bought one of twelve and one of my friends
who's set full set of fool used to sitting speak
and to you
he has very strong muscles was born of the family for fishing farming fishing
stay strong he has faced to mass she ever right back always selling sleep
and key you instead of sleep i was fair mitt
i thought why she was more hawkish shop
so far before i i saw him
harker samples or excuse was really crazy little bit crazy
by the absolutely did i saw one a man who lives and prevent in from me
space surprise why

having only three laws or no
ah plunkett for sleep a blanket the is called
we have a special blanket for the marks
the six by knives
or so
and to cross put together
and made our case pillow case something like a pillow case
and put to the staff this stuff is sir
he's a piece of paper
a soft to be a piece of soft paper or put it into his case
wailing on it
are you waiting on it
and sitting when it is called well where you sleep
but now in our day and get is not practical
oh goody
the one one for they same as the major this blanket
and though he said he sat the are willing on a wearing it when it was cold
when he sleep you learn
because this them master wanted to follow completely right which of wilkins was shocking
he always wear said joe blog
by is a dwelling at the graveyard
without staying in the temple
not communicating with people not communicate with people
no one of the or i think the wonderful in one of you experience says
sitting there then in the heart of the mountain that time you think i i practiced since then i am sat by yourself
living that long i don't think for
the if you live
if you live along with that communicating with people completely munich not communicating with nature a bird want
last you will be completely crazy watching
but he did
encouraging oneself to practice zazen seeing the scared to look the debt
get dead
it seems so to ask that does to do
seeing the schedule the dead encourage yourself to do that do you think so
it seems to us that the is sort of joke
but it is very true
because an asian time
all months suffered so much from their delusion how they should they they always thinking concentrating on how they should get it on dude
but it was so difficult
it's not so easy
yeah last monk fund such a will practice
seeing as carton of the debt
and do jersey
they miss them as named ray tube
what on the street in new year's
in japan and we new year is auspicious okay or happy cake
ah when
lucky fortune that can fortune is provided for everybody
so japanese people were shut out
doors you ordered to shut out the priest to get it
don't get in the feast feast is comprised of for bringing and lucky watch it
so they office hit feast in new york because new ea is sandra they could hurt your key
when there
ah happy on lucky
what will bring
you into
ah promisingly
the future
is provided
the office chair out don't get it but the accuser master worked on the street
new year's carried the stick
there wither carrying the stick the wizard's curtain
humans hit the top of the can stick affected
saying you think you're happy a new year is happy
but happy new year indicate to bring you into the grave
thing he walked mistake

daphne's a good if the buddhists are completely foreign
the i think if you want a few it is big good time now is very good time if you want to convert into another redditor getting
what food is miss you will find out
venue funny things with to try out
like a trail for the practice
i think it's better to get and the village

the ninth living alone in solitude keeping away from seeing people or sleeping together with them
and tense eating first and fruit to grasses and them
i don't know what kind of
you are waiting
out we're growth in a car
in many foods than a meaningful
what do you feel
then eating first the fruit grasses and then eat the right
don't eat first arise but we are always the first rice
not eating them again after the term went when should see ceiling
so if you missed the meeting meat meal time you can get you shouldn't get there you shouldn't eat the meal
in a monastery japan even marcy japan you hit to the hand to hitman freelance
if you miss if you missed the getting it in dental before the three three rounds hum
he's over
you can't eat
can keep
if you'd tried to get in and know it must have scored
get up
when i was a age modesty and am muslims pay strict
the system was completely change
hey district so if well among missed that
getting into the to get the internet event on before the free round hand these or
he cannot he couldn't eat
but now no chocolate
you can do a hand or when the hand the clean and safe over month a walk get in with empowered

are living in the open year
without using the tree or house
ah twelve not eating meat or as how del mundo sample miranda
not using a frequent oil for the body circle south your monday
ah well monday's court dago in japanese
i think the blue for speaking it is so
the it sent
good food excelente food
to taste

hey a mujeres shown in one for famous a priest who is priest
was invited one day in by ah
by one of us federal ships
that time whenever he visited whenever he was invited by the people
the people always offer served marshall
ah independent on the season
then that time he will served
the mushroom was served
by the people
yeah that time what a yo-yo shown me ask why do you use her why do you serve the mushroom because now is a good season for the muslim
the people says well i heard that you love so much you love so much mushroom that's my we have made him we have made every possible effort to
grow the mushroom
through all season
that time
she made
it'll be sad with tear on his face and said
it can be helped if i as a mock love so much booties
and thus i'm not glad to hear that
how i love mash
then after that you stop eating the mushroom completely
no one day
he was also served a delicious food
that time the really is shown you think
the dust
from a framework shoji screen
and put it on
the foot anything with get
a same price today
the st francis
waves so christian christian
it is said that him in from the st francis
eight a delicious food
calling the ashes of the rice of fruit
it's in price that
st francis get a want to eat delicious
what do it
create his delusion in
so one of our intro fort practice
it is in the practice not eating meat or so pm monday so salty sour bill month
not eat something delicious food
the in
in the live a famous one of by services things the daily sir
something to drink
the in japan named herpes copies
ah that's name
a comes from sao pill monday out
they selected by one famous buddhist scar
the boss boss
oh for company
a factory in watch they made a this drink
named copies after the model for famous buddhist car
what a suppressed need
suitable for district
then there are this police car connected name from
how cute munda something else for
in this respect this drink for code for copies
imply with
sinn briars to cased
ah to cased rob to kiss lab his lump
to paste lab
against them

milton to get case to offer to get taste on fire
the feeding off first love first job
this is the meaning of how countless for his quick carpet
how to manga
hmm side

why is it token or takes the market you past practice for example when he practiced in his previous life
his practice is identical with a gaudy mentioned by a bullet
ah by
the practice is not to reach a certain stage rom ror pot to up a pot
he guarded as buddha
not from the stay in law stage to upper stage
the practice must be identical with go g which means to money pissed
the ourselves
what kiss
in the realm of buddha nature
for now yes
so good it is to manifest itself
yoga is to manifest that to the buddha nature
not to manifest
the human human mind human be who as a stinky a back
key bug
who is for filled with the pieces
why eagerness
will you do parties according to buddhist teaching
practices doge
a cheap price to manifest for nature of your

it is a practice what is absolutely identical with a root of three of a tree
delegate is a route
root of a tree
moment at the moment going to become my route that route or tree
but it's not related to
well as to see and route with the eyes but route is very important for our for our lives
the route is always penetrating the earth
what is done the word purim nick
in watch everything they exist
and wicking visible and invisible zest to be in peace
they all we have to do is
is the airport which

the route is pleased
right on earth but this on it
if you put it
on earth
many things visible invisible support sustain
life was the route
and leaves trunks branches
but we should keep in mind in the buddhist word
there is not only something good but also something back
such as natural disaster
flat fire
rabbit are many kinds of from animal
damage and fruit or route
i even a road or any kind of animals any kind of natural disaster
exist peace in common
now we all the loot had to do it has to do is to
put it on or
so cold
for example where you go out the tashard tatar
many disasters many travelers coming up in front of you
it's pretty hot to they just work
you are scare
the other day someone asked to r
and i go up when i go to the new york
you always scared coffee
it is fatal
it per usual that you scare
i also get hand it is very true but you cannot get up
because it is it is worked
when is based on what
we can't get up
so as all months human being existing this word based on the buddhist bulwark
what we have to the ace to practice continually one by one step by step
penetrating route
a day he never the root of our tree
penetrating earth
some point put a lot
this is our practice so-called courage
it is not the products what you have thought
that such the practice is something would carry you from roar page to apostate
our practices must be george
which woman of moment
make your lead your route get the root of your tree
penetrate or moment a moment
sometimes big flat
cops even a big tree for down like a passer get the picture on a lot of pass ha
but nevertheless
that's why a woman of moment moment after moment it is to plug to see woman after woman is fame
but if you have the moment when you look at that such a natural disaster in a victory for by the fact by the name heavy the
you are completely the while why is it we have prior to that why did we have to make airport
and then such understanding of your life
lead you
two wondering to be wondering about
lead you to one confusion to honor
wherever you are whatever kind for how no matter how big your tree is it's asked these exist
you can't get up
because even a disaster even a good even bat existing quiet
you have to accept
we have to settle on yourself on the earth scheduling
leaf sparked their strength of your route
this scotch
that's why my heart the top of practice you are going to transport practice
that's why dog in didn't says the commission as mentioned before
the attempt to escape from georgie indicate an attempt to conceal a part perverted mind
that would avoid coach
damn book face staking standing is sam flax why did we have to practice into that heart
let's go to carry sleep
if so
your tree the tree of yawn
for down before flat calm before heavy lady comes
one may say that all activities are georgie even though one does not practice
such a god you would seem to be the explanation for authentic coach
but this is like a poor man who lives the valuable treasure in a kids to father's house
what is valuable treasure what do you have
when the sleeping cat the cuffs and the time that time cops were you have to sleep you should sleep
time comes when you then should do that
this is good
in prize route
then when you go out of the city i love to tatar maybe your trees are moved to the right to the lamp all directions and he saw eighth okay
but if you are if you life is continually swaying away by such an atmosphere where captain kidding appearance
how can you support your life was how can you sustain your life
with improbable spirit
it seems
it seems
our practices the nonsense
western time
why it is a foot