March 15th, 1972, Serial No. 00178

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chicago money
the compassionate father and great teacher
practice in the heart of a mountain at the age of nineteen
he completed attainment of the way simultaneously with the earth in all living beings at the age of thirty
until he was aged
in a mountain a polished and monastery without returning to his castle isn't
understanding loose from the affairs of the country
a buddha had on the three dogs and an audio key throughout life
without any spare ones
he did not leave
in solitude even for a moment
he was waiting to see all things from a man or i haven't been
he put up with the criticism of a heretic
his whole life was occupied by good
a buddhist behavior
what jack did the poor quality of the case or
and his practice of begging
was no more than good


at the age of thirteen
shakyamuni buddha discovered the tools
that all sentient being
hell have attained enlightenment
simultaneously when a company buddha attained enlightenment
duncan says he completed
attainment of the way simultaneously
with the earth and all living beings
the important point in buddhism
it's not the to it's not her
purpose off
to get individual emancipation
individual freedom

a deterministic of the buddhist teaching is
to practice near one instead all attaining individual emancipation
the other words
nirvana is
the tools
the all living beings
lightroom mint
as whereas
shell company would attained in chicago in buddha's enlightenment
in this respect nirvana me is that
all living beings
in their compassion eight rome
a buddhist work in watch only been been can name
together in peace
in harmony
but this is truth
the second one in poorer
put emphasis that we should practice this point
this practice s
very important for beginner and for also and also for skip for skillful
from the beginning to end our practice is
out terrorized
in the realm of nirvana
yeah the worse
the ora verse or all living beings
by shakyamuni buddha
the twenty five hundred years ago already
all they've been beans were enlightened already by check or money bro
very five hundred years ago
this is very important
the all practice must start from this point

the wouldn't hurt
the excuse me

that's fly
if shakyamuni buddha's experience is just for himself just for individual emancipation
it is not mrs sign was common in border
to toggle all over
india to teach
the buddha's teaching
his enactment is a
the case
not for the ceremony buddha
but also for everyone
that's why he's
made up his mind to start to teach

and he practiced until he was age in a mountain of forest and a monastery without returning to his counsel
and standing aloof from the affairs of the country
so until he want the age
he continued practice to practice
sometimes in a mountain sometimes in the first times in a monastery
without returning to his father's castle
are giving up
taking care of it the all fears aren't the country
then the buddha and on the three robes and one audio key throughout life without any spare ones
slow out his side throughout life
the buddha had on the
a three loss and one audio he loves his
case her
of five strong stripes
off several stripes and nine stripes
ah three kinds of wrong
and one audio key
the without any spirits
when i was in a monastery
a learned
the traditional
tom of put a swab
from the master has she don ross
what that time
our his disciples
mater robs for me
no one do one
i got immediately to ralph's
since then
ah a friend of mine's
my daughter's second job or tests on the case out of seven stripes
when i went back to japan for years ago
two years ago know what must you want years golf
well said santa students
i made the local kazoo
like themselves
if they want to or received ordination

i made her
the okay so five stripes
and nice try of nine stripes
so i ever had done many kinds of laws
a second money buddha had on the three laws we got
any his parents
through throughout life
you were just one kit kiss
one okay

are he didn't leave
in solitude even for a moment
he didn't live in solitude even for a moment

this makes him very often
if you want to live along
it's mass of difficult to leave for burma
but to live it is not so easy to live
which people with your friend will be fun
with your teacher
it's not so easy
but he didn't accompany buddha didn't live in solitude april for a moment because

as lotus sutra says
all sentient beings are buddhists stolen
according to the tools
when company buddha discovered
he's the enlightenment all since you're being has attained enlightenment when second when you bought r t

so at any cost
from the bottom of his mind
he's all effort
was directed to live with people
he ordered to awaken them

he was willing to receive offerings from a man or i haven't being
sometimes cycle many bureau was invited by a king
oh really wanted to take care love the shakyamuni buddha and his disciple
one day he accepted
the kings requirement

when our training field training period started
thank you went he went to
that kings country with ceremony voters decide
com the king completely forgot
to take your off community buddha and his decide because he was really crazy about
spending is right wasting his life wasting time drinking beers and wines and
case and dancing
wait there with the friends with these cars
the a completely forgot to offer the food
learn on fire to mukundan or armando are very concerned about
check how many bullets life and his disciples life because no for
gannon the says well i won't go to the heaven to get the delicious food from from the heavenly be them
he says wait a minute that's okay when
let's practice event

but then i lost
a man should take it off
offered body
have a very
for horse
and dining whole training check community buddha and his disciple
eight that batch

one day
ah practice begging
ah in the time
the king when this time
was very insidious fellowship or drama needs
then like this king order
the people
not to offer the food to buddhist priest
but shakyamuni buddha didn't know that he went to this time to purchase the baby
and everybody's shepherd door nobody disappear
normally offer the food
then in the end of the town
it's already he saw a lady
as a being about to throw away
now why water after washing rights
check or you to to her to give to offer some of what someone that why water after watching the rise
any any hesitated to give it
ben in album personally because this water is not
not something something good
what is worthy of given
two billion of in person
so she said i shouldn't say no
but shakyamuni buddha ask again please
give some of what that one
then he received the water break

so as to kinda and says he was willing to receive often from a man or our heavenly be
whatever kind of food
i found a man from my heaven be
if it is
ah offerings is offering
a pure quality of off me
is willing to receive
even a body
give given by prison food to kill off a horse
he put up with the criticism or a heretic
i think
the at that time i understand i understand so well how difficult second mini buddha was to teach for his body of that time because a buddhism was sort of for new for of religion

oh in super
so called see you need deep as usual
you will find some passages
which are blind man
a game of criticism
to chicago any buddha
that time which a community buddha says
if you visit to your friends and offer some fool
a your friend refused to accept
now offering
why should you do
blam blam and says of course
let's see
i i would take it take it
and go back to my home
is your company and what it says
you criticize me
i don't want to accept your criticism
please take it go back to all
this is story
two cause suit
no so the buddha says a few criticize holy men reading a bookcase
it looks like a man for trying to spit
as the hem

ah springtime a week come back to your face before
spit leech leeches the heavens
if you don't believe trailer
before spit a bit the heaven in combat to your face
then some company buddha kept silence for a while
then he talked
i don't want your critics said i don't want to accept your acquaintances
why should you do
should take it and go back home
his whole life was occupied by george
he's all right was occupied by george
he traveled all over india
buddha's teaching
do he will take

the purpose solve
teaching the buddhist teaching is not or

a living in this world
now for
eating dairy dairy audacious full in this war
not for making his mark in this world
now for attaining enlightenment
just for us t pots and good
he doesn't leave
he lived not too
not too
he live
not to leave
not to eat
not to make his marks in this world
not to attain night
not to expect something new or
he lived just to sustain his life force
when i was college students
i realized that
how many how numberless of nonetheless delusion and have
that's the region a completely distracted me
i couldn't study buddhism with into our meeting
but mine was of a disturbed by my rock dude
but as long as i decided to study buddhism for four years
i had to stay at the cottage gateway
then they started a
make on makeup made up my mind to
a special trucks
oh pulling water
are you wanting
when i get up
through all use even name the wind
well at that time i had some purpose well
had to have to finish school anyway
then i had to he ordered to finish school
i want i wanted to get rid of my in anyway
he ordered to let me sell myself
dang i started pour the war
that's my purpose
then the run of fire readies so me every morning
pouring more
five five a tropical song if no snarls fell
this ready said
you didn't fit you didn't feel court you didn't feel what is called
because you are you you always you pour the water
every morning
what i didn't fail i give a few
don't wait fell and office water is cold
then sometimes they i think about it
how much what to progress
want to progress my practice was made
no promise
my therapist that didn't make make sense
if i think carefully about it
because i have still has a lot to do
which has been just trump what have
destructive me my life
if there is some minutes
maybe i can see how much how is diluting they have
i found and realize that the real but the are fact
how numbers do than they are
that's all
but there is no difference
in appearance in my life
color new year's eve

but i think
crawling with the practice of pouring water
it's not the to coat bit myself just to sustain the practice of poorly water that's all
they every time when importing water a felt com the real fact what the water was cold that's all
then the chaos later and fifteen years later
i i know something something a little a little bit
something real fact that all in fact
but this year ization of generalizations of myself when you get my vision of young fact
yeah my vision of what i am
doesn't make me change
cut a a laptop no difference
you know that the stories that one of our famous employers
new the famous them master came a coming to or
the tyler
do he was a body down
not an appointment i forgot the main way
then he wanted to this emperor wanted to see this zen master in the he went with him
yeah that can they must just to sit to the desk in front of the desk and delete the book
he he he didn't turn back when
got it
my employer says
what you are not there are different person you are pretty usual
i thought you were completely different person for models because you are famous damaged
i realize that you are not different person
you are completely you jokers
so he said it's not necessary to see you
it's not necessary to spend the time to see he tried to combat they must say wait minute
he said you running you are you your eyes function of your eyes
why don't you while you can function of you are you
whatever how no matter how hard you practice
you never change kate
bob is bob
kentucky is can dig
because you are already enlightened by poorer twenty five hundred years ago already
they have so all you have the is to sustain you arrive
with carefulness because your life is already in the realm of the of indictment

this is george george
with no sign on for effect
so it's not this aside to stick to the holy men
how body of all email us
it's not necessary to stick to particularly how who are old nine totally is
will not only man if no no person or whatever beings
lives in the same undifferentiated dimension
according to the buddhist octavian dishes to
if so all we have to do is just to take care of your life
just to sustain you live with guilt carefulness
oh you have to do is to live not too they have not to eat not to make your my marks in this world and not to attain like do
not to expect something special from your doesn't
this is our practice that's five dog engine says that his whole life
was occupied by george
but jones
i expected something special from the practice of boiling water
but there is nothing to get why not

just it


that i bought reporting what do you understand the practice by measuring the
you the big buttons
one water

that's true
ha cause succumbing to the says
checking with our team the enlightenment we also you should be
a try that by you your your life is very valuable
i mean the your i feel very well it's no amount of disk discrimination between only man and the
ordinary person nor nor month of discrimination between peggy and company
you saw me media to you think okay as tissue
i don't think so that your discrimination
well strictly speaking there is no amount of this discussion what is why what is not but
why why why practice my back
the practices in or practices just your life practically never your enable you to sustain or what can i say that to keep to keep carry the full manifestation would you are
the top
like on the board on the street
but you're mine all mine or our common life will always want to want to go to gigs that fit
but strictly speaking the list no amount of for discussion between pay and i and whoever
if so we have to take care of from
you have a viable and the wife of person
but you don't think so that's what does the problem
that's probably

i am
but don't think it
oh yes if you if you yeah if you understand whatever crime activity live now only doesn't it
sleeping sitting walking while yawning
what breaking wind whatever you do
the same
or something

contemporary fiction
no does he vain to think the practice you know their privilege picking a mention always juggling his fruit of all arrive or to it
because you know you didn't think it's not necessary a why you do doesn't snag this aside to think it's not necessary to do anything just sit it's now listen said to chance to to have a implication last name
it's not necessary to fight the germans as in
i'm just sick
they just sit and you turn the sit
you can you can make your rife a comfortable
you can turn to into
i'm into becoming yourself what you are
most special most nothing special
yeah cheap
maybe so maybe so

if you if you think it is special maybe in a special
but the specialists or kit something special rates or right
you know you are kidding
dumpster me doi that's a special things
am cover key issue special as compare with adults
kentucky as the geese on comic greige
i don't like really it
they can't get up
so this particular things i have to take care of this particular sheets of torque wash
it's pretty good
so anyway do
if you
i think there there are many kinds of practices even though you with doesn't even though the you say the practice of zazen
there are hundreds kinds of doesn't it
since if you return the old block india many kinds of says
so i don't think i don't think i don't think this does he write you don't think so
if you want to though certain type of zazen way it's on the latch
she's okay
but important point is not that it is not the matter of disgusting
the something special or not something special
the important point is how to awaken ourselves how to awaken ourselves how to awaken in ourselves
he ordered to plunge into dirt
where are they
that's right
not affect not effect
the tranquillity i said just tongue way i used the word tomboy
but if you get to the trunk worry that is no special suits because you know there is just something what you can what you will make you in every year to see something on what you are that's all
you that
isn't that body of result of realizing

the to think to think that you will try to realize what something what some suspicion the trunk where or countries is already to see something in know
dualistic id
but actually we have to get taste of life and right from death and gag no-deal rem
that's important
it's not so easy to get to know get get tested for life and death you know in real fact
free are we are always get the right from birth life and death with
tech two cents
it is usual
the important point is whatever you think the thing enable you to be in a wrap of in top of way it is to it is too but you should forget she forget
no actually all you have to do is just to sustain practice that's all
if so you will find that some day you will find sums in tampa bay communists but you can show it because that to double vat or com this is always behind you inside
you can't it then you would i
the life like what to cancel is no difference know teach peggy's peak pity
i can understand
a change because are
how did you change
have a key

i'm hungry
comedy so
not different
come come come come calmness that's a make change your life
come this isn't a state or by state of rife know your life itself

and then through the i through the kindness you can see something clearly that's all going to pay for their you say it is key
but because he can't
i can change that not
that's okay
you say no
that's great
but that that the human attachment know you know you should know how to how strong human attachment is in bed embedded into the depths of forever for
the human mind
how deep you can get
now that's why we're off his fight with that with each other
why did in religion than boorish to buddhism to put the emphasis on no sign of effect emptiness or no form
no form for his phone with no form no no form no empty more entrance

because this is fay important
of course it is okay it is okay please be careful to take care of simply situation okay
that's why body central practice is
to to do something very carefree whatever you feel yes i kid i got some merit from the then yes our but very careful take care of each movement of a each but the facts reality
what happens in your daily life whatever you think change or not change despair or preacher or something whatever
what is that will always be careful to what to take care
that's why did the there are there is one of our practice borisov practice a cold patience
patience the this the practice of patience is very important for us because practice of patience he never meant to be generous
and nephews magnanimous
what did it because a man if you think if you want to do something good but actually
huge something compare you to do something back
for if you want to go this go strictly but actually something compare you to do something about this is human life
but the bureau office in bot doesn't criticise sancho life
because what human being already up in the realm of buddha nature
that's why we have to take care of a and a whatever whatever the situation you may be
favourable or difficult situation conditions
favourable condition were difficult condition all ah good seat all sustain state your life
so in long term you point we have to take care
that's why we need the practice of patients lotta boot and that characteristic of bullets they get it it's mine
long time viewpoint you have to watch carefully your like whatever happens
so through practice doesn't yes you can experience small things take things on many things but you should keep in mind strict is taking that is no take k
at the gays cut get paid but the appearance you feel something different that's why you should important point is that you have to take good care of this point
either there is no effect on there is such such
said you'd want to go on one side of this game
at that
he say there is no effect or cancel out alex
people's tendencies always want to gain some
it just yet
design the same point like one it to say
there is no formal and one side
and i was saying that both mom
i'll drink it
she was to say about that
yes one point there isn't a fan of
does not have
yeah that about that
the mean that love effect yes sir
all living beings exist in same and differentiated dimension to code buddha-nature this is no effect
if so
did we have to
take care of life in destination this
then something dues so you do something
then do doesn't
do that then and then something happens
something happened but something at what point is problem is that when something happens to oh mine is what he asked he tried to poke your head into it right
no effect doesn't say that
something happen within in the level of the advocate what's something happen noice it just something happen
i i mentioned before that by just take care of it
next moment something happened
okay noise
since you have to accept take care kill next moment something happens that's amazing
this is no effect so why that is exist always woman as month
so no effect is buddhists everybody live in the buddhist their learn in the radical buddha image
without detaching to something special
that's no effect
so in the buddhists in the lenovo bonus word we tried to take care of because everybody are very well
very important dumbo container
i'm content
so take care of it
whatever kind of knows you have it's mountainous has said to get the nod nose job
if you got certain particular turbo that's okay you have for some innoculation
it's not necessary to get a nose job to become a beautiful
the broken noses deal for song

so the first war
the how don't don't see don't see the others from your viewpoint
we have how to accept an important point is how to accept your was the others or everything ah a exist in equality in a quiet so called with nature
if so if the knows if nice others
you have to accept kev
this is first important
then something happened okay something happened but give me
if you touch to it what it is some effect
you say or a change a to come you know i like made its effects something effect
but no effect or in the realm of rural nature i get indictment kate
lollipops come meet your mind come
then just continue to sustain cats

understand you when you say is no effect this woman by mom that school
that was a movement will be no beautiful
you know you know tomorrow a time to read something we have you so you can blame is that isn't an editor for her because did
plan know what i thought you thought tomorrow yesterday impasse two hundred years ago everything is everything it is in lanham or boonen each buddhist work okay it's ms everything is very important for us
before you criticize
okay so you have to accept
you even though your thought you have doctor but important point is how to accept that it's pop gay how jackson you then will you accept please accept with no side effect
it but when you can do so
oh yes you have to tooth so you know if this had this effect with her
that's i do this you know that kind of them
yes you have to check you have to choose but no effect is nutters to see something in the system mobile in the stream of the kind okay
know if it is no effect tried to point out this year now it's not how to accept i'm too upset
yeah that's checked everything you can get up
delusion and tomorrow yesterday many plants of course so day you sure that we also accept that on and no effect he also accept the effect of he should forget effect
so you think of it then what should i do accept forget
next moment you have to accept watch guilty what whatever i do forget next month that's all
if you attach to the some effect his carlin's you are always distracted by the effects jasmine to be checked
t that is a seville usual situation human life
just answer
so look at the situation today's situation
the to now what kills me everybody was so different to the lecture can be a someone sleep over
during that time when i scold him when i was when i am and with him
i think he is a destructive my school now also feel i don't feel so that to
but anyway who look up the situation and what coffee was riding this is fame and matron choose what to do
this is super then important point is not not the amount of money on the judgment discrimination this is good that is bad
important point is how to accept the contents of acceptance within yourself
if you accept something a with no sign of effect and it was with whole
this is real accept acceptance is male practice

a ruler

i came
because not
chances are every morning said
i you remember it
why are you know
was one
hi past
he just doesn't
just a what
just put that so

so i am not i therefore i am
right and