Liberation from Passion

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i just find a lady bug on the back of my neck
it's now sitting on a story about by johns wild ducks

some of you may not be familiar with the story of by johns wild ducks set right
i brought this story up recently at
had a session and green gulch
i remember to zucker as she told the story and
and he was laughed and i i sort of the never saw myself
i was a funny but anyway he always laughed here's the story want to hear it
it's a story about two men apparently
one is this up
the most prolific a balls and masters matsu master law
enlightened disciples
i guess the buddha had more than that but anyway
he had hundred thirty nine and one day he was out walking with one of his
really are great students for his name as by zhang y hi
they saw some wild ducks fly by and master moss says what is this
and by zhang said wild ducks and by jiang said
where have they gone
and by jiang said
did i say by zhang said son said where have they gone and by jack said the flown away and master mop
yeah grabbed his wonderful students nose and twisted it

that's the i was years ago she would always wear as laugh

and in i'm a kind of wish he was here is like a sick teacher why did you laugh what's so funny
new i'll talk more about that later
and then bhaijaan cried out in pain
and master moss said
have they really flown away
as to story and
i just haven't them bring it up because the were lady by were sitting on the this piece of paper that had the story written on it but in some ways it's also appropriate to or what i wanted to talk to you about is at a number of women who are
really do appreciate or stories about men practicing and do appreciate
male practitioners
they've requested that they'd be more stories about women they're asked me to tell more stories about women simon trying to find how to do that

in a way that you know
that's meaningful to me so i i am i when looking through on
one of the great scriptures
of the of the great vehicle
call the is in sanskrit is called the other times like a sutra
and i had my hands the thorough the last chapter of it i think
which is a
is a whole thing book

yeah it's the thirty ninth chapter
and it's called in sanskrit the gunnedah view her
which is translated here as entry into reality

are times like a sutra translated in english the flower adornment scripture
in chinese is called the farms cold
in japanese got k gone and chinese is called ha yeah the why yang jing and the kagan killed
that's chinese and japanese
i think many of you know that in the zen school we chant the heart center every day so the heart sector is very important to us
we are on the diamond sutra all is very important to this and tradition
basically the pregnant par me to scriptures are
fundamental to all of the great vehicle schools
but in some ways the other time soccer sutra is the suture that sort of like gives gives the particular coloration of the zen school to the zen school approaches
these bert perfect wisdom scriptures like it approaches the diamond sutra
the but the other towns like a search your kind of like
is kind of like
ah the great magnificent body
of the is an approach to perfection of wisdom
and also the lotus sutra which became very important for the japanese approach sounds all these scriptures come together
and i'm number one time one of our sensitive teacher's name category row she said the high in search of the to other times like a sutra is so complete that no one reads it
it's almost no one reads it it's so big and this is only one this is only one of the three volumes and this is a smaller one
but a green gulch wonderfully not miraculously on new year's
we recite it
ah for several hours how many hours we recited register
the six hours people like
recited nonstop

yeah did you start their practice agriculture
yeah you just got credit for it
but nice now we know that you're not accepting that

i'm so here is and i brought this because this particular volume the last chapter one of the reasons i brought is because there's lots of stories about female body sought foes in here

so the the
the hero of this edition book is a boy
and his his name is sedona
which i think me something like
good in wealth
but sometimes some people translated as
good in talent
so he had the occasion to meet the body sought for my nursery and manjushri sent him on a pilgrimage of visiting
body sought but teachers teachers of the body sought for way
and this book he visits fifty three teachers
as i said many of whom are female

and i brought some pick up is a painting of him
right and this this painting here
he's this boy over here in the side
and over on the left is a girl
so he's a boy is she's a girl and she's called the naga kenya
dragon girl
and she is
as started by her in the lotus sutra chapter twelve
she demonstrates great wisdom in the lotus sutra
as this boy is going to his various teachers the twenty seven teacher he meets his the bodhisattva avalokiteshvara the bodhisattva of infinite compassion
and because have lucky touch far is featured in so important in the lotus sutra
the dragon girl
and the the boy suited now became in chinese buddhism her attendance
so here's a picture of her with her to human attendance
is a
sculpture or mobility touch bar with the dragon girl on one side and the good boy on the other side
and in that room they're behind michelle is another trip dish is a trip to a triptych cryptic is a triptych a of lucky test fire with the dragon girl and the boy

it could be here
he happened to be the son of a millionaire but that's lucky i guess are fortunate so
some background on this this boy who is the hero of this sutra who visits many teachers
and there's a repetitive pattern
in each story i i i can't say that this is exactly this this happens if every single story but every every one i've found so far has this repetition
so here's the repetition
now he meets
i teach you like for example he meets the great bodhisattva manjushri and again this place is full of pilots in this in the in the room they're behind michelle into center is a statue of month gfe body sought for sitting on a lion
which i got in china
when i was there
and also the triptych there i got in china
and that other triptych over there i got in china
so in china today
if you go there is it will at least when i went there for years ago if you go around into the markets of china
a country which is
lots of people live there this they were lot of people are there when i was there
and markets are full of buddhist
statues and pictures and scrolls even though it's not a longer which my call buddhist country still
even a small part of a small percentage of chinese people are buddhist as a lot of people
had also they know that the people come to visit china lot of my interest coming because they have in their history this thing this tradition which people from around the world think is really amazing
so either they have antiques or they're making new ones but anyway i found this
this the monastery i found in china
in this trip to use i found in china and also up and nut room
to the left to the altar upstairs that the novel look at test far with the many arms were found in china
all these were purchased for practically nothing
suit and i meet manjushri in this story and monday she says okay go off to visit so and so
somebody sought for teacher
and the pattern is after he leaves the body sought for like he lays manjushri he goes away
you know very very happy and inspired to practice the body sat for way
he's so happy to have met well a great bodhisattva
and so inspired to practice the body suffer way that he practices practices as best he can but even if he's not good at it he still so happy to be trying and he's going off in ecstasy of inspiration to visit the next teacher
and then it goes to the next teacher and go suits various things to get to the teacher and then when it meets the teacher he says harm
in each case he says normal one
to all the teachers is as normal one
i've set up my mind on supreme perfect enlightenment
i don't know how
to learn and carry out the practices of body surface
every time he needs to teach her
he says i set out to realize complete perfect enlightenment supreme perfect enlightenment my heart is totally
set on this but i don't know how to learn and carry out the body sought for way
i hear that you give enlightening being instruction i hear that you give bodhisattva instruction
and i hope i pray that you will tell me how an enlightening being how a bodhisattva is to learn and carry out the practice or bodhisattvas
he says that fifty three times
and then the teacher
cause a little bit
and he's very and is very happy with the teaching every time and then the teacher says you should go see somebody else
and it tells them who and where they are and then he sets off the so happy
so elated so inspired so focused on the bodhisattva path has is proceedings in the next teacher
so happy for their teaching he received so happy to cut to go and receive more teachings on the boys off the path and it gets there and he says again after going through what you'll see some when he goes through to get to them after going through what he had to go through to get to the teacher
and sometimes you have to go through a lot to get to the teacher
i'm just gonna tell you the one story today was gonna be fed it too much
but it goes through a lot once it gets to the place once he finds the place he go through a lot and finally meet the teacher and they asked again he says again novel one i set my heart
i'm realizing perfect enlightenment
all the way through but i don't know how i've set my life on a path of learning something of realizing something and i don't know how to do the practice please show me i hurt you know and and nieces
and i've heard you teach it so please give it to me
he never says
i've come in by the way i did i what i've learned how to do the practice what do you have to say
and then the teacher teaches him
and then going to take your finishes teaching him every teacher says after they give the teaching they say
i know the enlightening liberation of x each one has each one knows and enlightening liberation of exodus the story i'm telling you today will be the enlightening liberation of ultimate dispassion
but each teacher has a different enlightening liberation which they know and then they say but
how can i know the practice or tell of the virtues of bodhisattvas
get that that's the that's the paradigm
the teacher actor giving the teaching which is so good for this boy then they then they say what they've realized in they say but how can i teach the boys after bath
and then he says so you should go see someone so
and he sets off an eye every time that sofie
he's so happy and so on

okay so here's the story for today
are you ready
i'm already been talking a long time this is gonna be this is gonna hurt
be an opportunity for you to be
ah don't know what
patient yard

before i take the story from the surgery i want to is and story about master mop remember him
do you anybody not remember master monk master maza guy who was walking with by john and this ah the ducks
remember that story that was mr mom so here's another story of master my and of all people by john
it's very much like a little hard to accept as one hundred and thirty nine hardy's for loans
but there's there's three big ones
so anyway i think i got this right
so monk comes to bhaijaan and says
beyond the hundred
negations and the for alternatives what is the boot away
that's kind of like
what is the body sought by way
and by john how much he says
i'm really
have a headache
gussy brother by john
so goes to see brother by zhang who says mr mom told me to come to you
and ask you beyond the hundred negations and the for alternatives know what's the way of the body bodhisattva for
and the other guy says
i'm too tired today go as brother she thought
so it goes and as brother she targeted by their she and says
when it comes to this i don't know at all
grasp go back as to master my to go back to master moss said go about it it goes back to master mom and he tells him what happened and master moss says
john's had is white
ah tongs hair is black
can you see this as to say it's the same story same same way of working with people nobody knows the body up away but we keep going to visit people

have you had been there that might going that way
so the story i wanted to tell was a bada
ah about the about sudan are visiting vasile mitra
of meter is the name of a female bodhisattva and we also in our lineage
so which might be mostly male one of our indian ancestors his name and mitra he was a metro was important in india
how to organize the scholastic literature commenting on the buddhist teachings called the army dharma
such a that's one are people our age but that isn't the same bodhisattva as this this one
so he's going to visit this
this person this moment and
i read a summary of this story which i'll read you the summer it's a nice summary
so you get an overview of the story
and see how you doing to get the overview this is like gum
this is a summary a simplified version of the story
so a nun encouraged sedona and that the nun who encouraged him as the previous story
the previous story he went to see a or none
and he approached her and said normal one
i have set my mind on realising supreme perfect enlightenment
i don't know how to learn and carry out the practices of the bodhisattvas i've heard that you teach the bodyshop away would you please teach me he said that to the none
and she gave him the teaching and then
told them to go save us in mitra
so it goes so here's a here's a brief version of the story gay
and this in this story it says that but the none encouraged pseudonym to meet a court isn't named by sumitra in the sutra doesn't say that she's a courtesan
but i think that this person is summarizing the story was trying to make it clear that that's what she thinks the woman's job was it was a job for court isn't
when he arrived in a vase wasim metro city people said to him
why would you want to meet her
you should not be under the power of such a woman you should not enter the realm of temptation
other people though knowing her of her virtues and wisdom directed him to her house
lawson maitre was more beautiful than a goddess she had golden skin and black hair
and a body that was decorated with jewels and emanated light
she knew every language and mastered every possible way to help others awaken
suit and i went up to her respectfully and asked her
for teachings on how to practice has a bodhisattva
she said
i have attained the in the enlightening liberation called ultimate dispersion
and i appear in the form of a female of splendor and perfection
people come to me with minds full of passion
and i teach them freedom from passion
some attain freedom from passion as soon as they see me
some merely by talking with me
some by holding my hand
some by staying with me
some by gazing at me
some by embracing me some by kissing me
they enter various states of concentration
various states of samadhi including
the light
of freedom from bondage concentration and the womb receiving all sentient beings without rejection concentration and all experience this liberation
she then directed him to go on to the next teacher

so now i could go through the sutra but i wonder how you're doing so far
can you tell me how this is going so far this
hey okay
so that was a nice summary i thought you can here's the suture
he's just left this is none bodhisattva teacher
and he pays his respects to her with gratitude and sets off on his way
and as i said before after he leaves after his met these teachers and leaves them he's in a certain state for this is as and each time they describe it differently so this is a description this time
his mind
illumined by the lightning have great vision
i could say with his mind illumined
the lightning of her of have great vision
how just tell you ahead of time
he practices in these ten ways
so here he is traveling to see her and he's
going with this illumined mind and he's meditating on the light of omniscience
as he's walking
i assume is walk and you might be flying
my be riding a horse but anyway has is going towards than her he's meditating on the light of omniscience
observe he's observing the manifestations of power of essential nature he's making from the pneumonic commands of the treasury of verbal communications of all beings
he's extending the pneumonic commands to retain the cycle of teachings of all buddhas
he's establishing the power of great compassion
as a reference for all sentient beings
choose me as a refuge for all sentient beings
he's x tabulation the power of great compassion as a reference for all sentient bags he's examining the power of omniscience in which the source of the means of perceiving the principles of all laws
he's following the purity of vows extending throughout the universe his clarifying the light
of knowledge illuminating hall things he's developing the power of mystic knowledge pervading all phenomena
a rang the worlds of the ten directions he's fulfilling the vows to remember to undertake and to accomplish call the deeds of body surface
out and made his way to the city of rotten a view how in the country of durga where he sought out of assume me through

i miss i'm i'm holding myself back from commenting on all these practices this boy was doing as he was approaching his next teacher
when he got to the city people who did not know a loss of metres virtues
for the scope of her knowledge
said the sooner
i'll say it briefly first
what has someone like you have to do with wasim mitra
people who did not know her virtuous wondered what this
radiant pilgrim wanted to have to do with her
so they said you know
what has someone like you
with senses so calm and subdued so aware so clear without confusion or distraction your gaze focused discreetly right before you
your mind not overwhelmed by sensation not clinging to appearances your eyes averted from involvement is all forms your mind so cool and steady your way of life profound wise
oceanic your mind free from agitation or despondency
have to do with passing mitra
and then they say
it would be like you know there's this beautiful you know like the most beautiful brothel imaginable
and you see this radiant
being approaching it asking you know where is the
the person who lives in this place and people saying why do you want to go there
they don't know who she is
and then they say to you should not have lost for her your head should not be turned by her you should not have any such impure thoughts you should not be ravaged by such desires you should not be under the pie
our of a woman you should not be so bewitched you should not enter the realm of temptation you should not sink into the mire of sensuality you should not be bound by the snares of the devil you should not
do what should not be done
but then he ran into some people who knew of the excellence of the virtues of by sumitra
how and
who were aware of the scope of her knowledge and they said good good you're really on the right track if you asked to see wasim mitra
you surely sick buddhahood if you want to see her
you surely want to make yourself a refuge for all sentient beings you surely want to extract the barbs of passion from all living bags he was surely want to transform the notion of purity
wasim mitra is in her house north of the town square
hearing this
sooner was delighted
he went to vassar metres house and saw that it was surrounded by ten jeweled walls

so i didn't know i wasn't trying to measure was unlike one coupon complete circle circle of jewel walls and then another then another one inside is another one inside or with a set in some other pattern of tangible walls i myself
when i read this about a jew jew jew jew a jeweled i i feel a little bit you know
i must look into jewelry as you might be able to see
but this indian citrus into jewels this one
and there is here a description of her house which
i imagine would be on
just you know really maybe not time to read today but basically it was ah
an inexhaustible inconceivable treasure house
and treasure grounds and treasure gardens
so what i guess the point is whatever you think would be a beautiful place to meet somebody
imagine it's that
like some people might take a room with nothing in it would really be beautiful anyway finally he he meets her and
there he saw var sumitra who was beautiful
with golden skin and black hair her limbs and body well proportioned more beautiful informed than all the celestial and human beings in the realm of desire
her voice was finer than that of the god brahma
she knew the language of all beings
she had a pleasant voice that could pronounce any sound and was skilled in freedom
of phonetic organization
he was well versed in all arts and sciences
she had
learned she had learned to use the magic of true knowledge and she had mastered all aspects of the expedient means a body surface
her beautiful body was decorated with assorted jewelry drapes in radiant mesh
made of all kinds of precious substances shining with an array of countless celestial flowers
and ornaments she wore a tear up of large wish fulfilling jams her waist was adorned with diamonds and she had lapis lazily neck on her necklace on her she had a large attractive retinue with
all this all of who had the same virtues the same practice and the same valves
well it's skipped by little bit longer come back to that point she was an inexhaustible treasury of goodness and knowledge
she also saw the whole house with all its dual departments and furnishings lit up
he also saw the whole house with all its jewelled apartments and furnishings lit up by the lovely refreshing pleasant blissful in rupturing light that emanated from her body
i was struck me when she's when it says that her her retinue had the same virtues the same practice in the same baths
this is a
zen practice
our practice is this same virtues the same practice the same vows the same enlightenment of all beings the practice we do is this equally the same practice equally the same enlightenment
of all beings the practice i do
when it zazen is the same practice in the same enlightenment
that you do which is the same practice and the same enlightenment of all beings
in other words this woman
was practicing zazen
lawson mitchell went up to was specially suited and i went up divorcing maitre paid his respects and said
noble one i've set my mind on supreme perfect enlightenment but i do not know how to learn or carry out the practice of bodhisattvas
i hear that you give bodhisattvas instruction and i hope that you will tell me how and enlightening being is to learn and carry out the practice or bodhisattvas
sumitra said
i have attained enlightenment
i've entertained the enlightening liberation called ultimate dispassion
to gods in accord with their inclination and interests i appear in the form of a goddess of surpassing splendor and perfection
to all other types of being i appear in a form of a female of their species
i've surpassing splendor and perfection
and all who come to me with minds full of passion i teach them so that they will become free a passion
the word passion means some
an emotion a strong emotion a strong barely
about barely able to tolerate emotion and it also means
and christianity amaze suffering and death
she wishes to liberate them from emotions that are so strong that they can barely be experienced
she wishes deliberate beings from
passions which disorient them from the path of ease and happiness
those who have heard my teachings attained dispassion
achieve an enlightening concentration called
the realm of non attachment
some attained his passion as soon as they see me
and achieve
an enlightening concentration called
light enjoy
some attain dispassion merely by talking with me and achieve and enlightening concentration called treasury of unimpeded sound
some attain dispassion
just by holding my hand and achieve the enlightening concentration called
basis of going to all borderlands
some attained his passion by
staying with me
and achieve the enlightening concentration called light of freedom from bondage
some attained dispassion by gazing at me and achieve the enlightening concentration called tranquil expression
some attained his passion by embracing me
and achieve the enlightening concentration called
whoo of receiving all sentient beings without rejection
some attained his passion just by kissing me and achieved enlightening concentration called contact with the treasury a virtue of all beings all those who come to me i established in this in law
lightning liberation of ultimate dispassion
on the brink of the stage of unimpeded omniscience
suit and i asked her
where did you plant the roots of virtue and how what kind of deeds to you accumulate that you've got to be like this
she replied
i call i recall that in the past age a buddha named reaching the heights appeared in the world
when the buddha went to the royal city
where i lived out of compassion for the people
as he crossed the threshold
the whole city quaked
and appeared
to be vastly extended
and made of jewels adorned with the luster of many jewels strewn with flowers of various jewels the whole city was like that
a variety is celestial
musical instruments played and the sky appeared covered by high immeasurable clouds of celestial beings
at that time i was the wife of a grandy
compelled by the miracle of this buddha i went with my husband in a state of exalted serenity and presented a coin to the buddha
at that time manjushri was an attendant of the buddha it was he that i was inspired it was by him that i was inspired to seek supreme perfect enlightenment
this is how i got to be the way i am
i know this enlightening liberation of ultimate dispassion
but how can i know the practice or tell the virtues of enlightening bags who are endowed with the skill of endless means of knowledge who are vast inexhaustible treasures of goodness
who are in the realm of invincible knowledge
south of here in a city called
shoe bomb param gum up
there is a householder named
vis vis tila
he is presenting offerings to a shrine of the buddha sandalwood thrown go ask him how to learn and carry out the practices of enlightening bags so soon i paid his respects to us
mitra and left
this this is a story about a woman teacher and
there's many points that could be discussed here but again i want to say that when i was reading this i felt like this is the life of zan in china where these people were going around china men and women were going around china visiting teachers with great inspiration having these interactions and then
going on to visit another teacher and
the chinese people the chinese ten people were kind of like enacting this this drama this spiritual drama

so i thank you for listening to that and there's any responses you care to offer
they're welcome guess

you feel you feel gonna hurt now


she's dazzling object of desire

he would be taking
very specific descriptions of her body skin


such a huge

and the story before was of a nun
we i didn't read that story because as even longer and she was a thought we could hear the if you're on air that stories about another woman teacher
but anyway i hear that you're that you're a
of your pain and i think the story is the way i avoid the mail lens looks at this story is this is like she's doing all this stuff which we usually think of in which men maybe see women has and she sang i'm using all this deliberate beings anybody who comes with passion was rigged
hard to jewels
and light and beauty
and pleasantness and
all these pleasant things anybody who has passion or emotions about this i'm here
while this was happening to see you can feel it i'm here to liberate you
people who do not have this problem we have other teachers for you
but this is this is dealing with
they are what people who are attractive can do
for people who have passion for them or around them what people who can make attractive places
and there's and there's pain around this and this is about somebody who is liberating who was who wishes to liberate people from the pain around passion for attractive things
the the pain that comes up
is what she's there to address
and she sank because of my
aspiration i now can look at people and so on and when i do if they become free of
all this dazzling light and and pleasure but there's some pain her his situation
yes thank you


thank you
yes navy

which is ready

and i don't know exactly when this was written either but i think this was written are browned add to have written after
but and cleopatra
they didn't talk about how they don't talk about how beautiful she was actually we don't know what she looked like so well but they talked about was that she knew all the arts and sciences
and she could speak nine languages fluently
and her voice was on
very pleasant
and she was
well you know here she was as eighteen year old girl who met julius caesar and
the rest is history
and she was the queen of egypt but actually she was you know the king of egypt she was a female but she was the king really she was the monarch of the richest country in the world and she got that way
in nine languages and knowing all the arts and sciences and having this great skill she had so many other problems that some of your skills were like on wholesome skills but
egypt was a place at the time she lived where women
could own property and not just queens but women could own property
and women could divorce their husbands if their husbands were abusive that can go to court and divorce her husband if he was abusive and the and and then the their queen
was actually not an egyptian she was a greek
but she learned all the egyptian languages so she was really
ah their queen and
julius caesar died and she was eliminated the roman spirit came in
and took away all women's rights in the whole empire
when you know
the roman country the women didn't nab rates in the first place but everywhere where women had rights the roman empire came in and took them away
and so that became
a big influence on our culture
and until recently
women couldn't earn property and couldn't divorce their husbands and someplace in the world they still can't
and couldn't vote yeah
add this is a a painful story but this lady could vote
she did have power she didn't and she had a and not just because she was some rich man's daughter
but because she practiced the bodhisattva away
how do you make of that going from teacher to teacher
what do i make of it
it was kind of it
sounds like that live with tradition
factors i think partly wet and i think part of the reason for it being a lively tradition and then partly was influenced by this book that the the chinese were inspired by the idea of you know you gotta see a teacher but you don't just graduate from one teacher you
visit other teachers to to test your understanding do not feel like oh you got enlightened with this teacher so you're done
the feeling is in a and a
know that
after one of these meetings you know it could have been the end of the story
but know these teachers sent him on but he might have been able to go on and his own even if the hadn't sent him so i think
part of what we sometimes think as that were enlightened we're done
and that now we can enjoy our enlightenment rather than were enlightened now it's even more interesting to continue to study so one of the characteristics that people are advised to look at if you want a bodhisattva teacher a teacher of the boys of the way is to look to see if the teacher still studying
or does it teach you feel like you know and that's one i think so watch out for to to sort of the this teachers is still studying that's that's one as he to look for
yes this tradition of
reminds me of the of to be a jazz musician
and many many forms of easy but especially in my experience with jazz
yeah all all jazz musicians no no real teacher reclaim their way as the one way
jazz musicians traditionally
practice as long as they can and one
teacher teacher and synthesize multiple stations
or another way to say it is that our practice is
is an inconceivable immeasurable unthinkable collaboration
so we're trying to perform in the world of in the world of appearance were doing a performance of an inconceivable collaboration which is the actual practice with the task that was going on
it's a gesture with her body in our voice and are thought
a gesture of collaboration a gesture of practicing together in sanga but also between songs
which is a gesture towards the actual inconceivable collaboration which is enlightenment which is the practice
and the the sutures demonstrating that
and and the zen people in china
kind of inactive that
and those people who did it a lot were
you know praised
gov lack of look of want to settle down
and i must say and i'm
i'm kind of like a bad example in a way that i kind of settle down i went to zen center but i
i am a stay at one time
where do you think
do you feel
he said of bad example that example of of traveling to visit a good

washing or i should go to some hello were lots of teachers don't come through the over
perhaps i'll read your stories of of that people he visited who were not living in palaces


i realized that
living in towns
she was practicing
for me
which is people at all
so that's better reporting
us to want to see

one of the things that she said he said she on when she say
she wants to transform the ideas of purity say it
i started describing
i was reminded of a many more
description elaborate gorgeous description
some such place which
isn't it
an attempt to allegorize
and from there i realized
this story
a woman teacher into it necessarily a woman's political or social contexts i started to see her something that often comes out in tibet in buddhism very elaborate visual gorgeous
this that
kind of enlightened and description of enlightened
i didn't want to go back to any time period
way limiting my imagination what an enlightening experience will be like
her plane over where she lived
it felt like an illuminated me so you will go to see a giraffe and seen his gorgeous spotted creature you would not comment on the of creature and you would say look at these spots where your ladybug and so funny it was a in addition to the context in gaza
the with the couch in his family
the quite down when both
that not rejecting the external
using external to enlarge the internal
thank you
yes i was fascinated by the fact that could a few to every species in the female form
i thought that was such a beautiful when a beautiful gift what a beautiful manifestation to be able to transcend up all species in that man and i thought the ten was yet i think and forgive me if i'm wrong had ten receive ten teachings before he came to her and i thought
perhaps it was the reflection of the ten teachings and if someone had received a maybe it would have been eight walls and if someone had twenty maybe it would be twenty wall
that would be reflected when they meet her presence
and there also were ten modes
and ten gardens
and somebody pointed out that the this texas covey written at time that india was being impacted by the decimal system
how can they they were really get out there in it they were getting off into mathematics
that kid
have the of the wonderful thing that you can do at tens
i remembered the ten direction can always meant to us what the ten directions oh but i've never us when did you want to us today
is the for cardinals and then the for intermediates which make eight
and then the zenith and then a dear
not to complicate know
three times with past present and past president future and the three rounds the three rounds are
the realm of desire which is where you know there's like the appearance of hamburgers and lentil beans and male and female humans and male and female dogs and trees and cadillacs
that it the realm of desire and then there's a there's a fine material realm which you can enter by certain yogic practices were there aren't these composite
forms but they're just like colors
and smells and there's colors and smells and sounds but there aren't words like their aren't english and chinese and japanese but their sounds of certain types tastes of certain types but there i like tastes of there aren't like smells and bananas and and chocolate and
coffee and stuff identity is pleasant and unpleasant
and then there's another that's the second realm third realm as there's no material appearances everything's just a
cognitive and there's no there's no cognitive representations of of forms anymore
that was a bonus well formed this realm is a former rooms fine form realm and desire around subtle form so there's forms in the desire around but they're more gross you know they're more they're more static religious just blew it's blue dark blue
light blue shad shade to someone so there appears to be three-dimensionality and things like that wonderful things like that and that realm is called around desire the one for desire mean sex come up later as him you know as in the kama sutra is the realm of of sexual desire
there isn't there isn't the same kind of sexual desire for green and purple
those are those are those are logical or applications to the teachings and the the for negate the for alternatives are
it is it isn't it isn't it isn't and is neither asian or isn't
either this are teachers for developing perfect wisdom
he bot isn't isn't it
and neither it
so if somebody says so one person in one of the scriptures says to say that it is is slandering the dharma by exaggeration
the seven it isn't to slander the dharma by underestimation
to say that it isn't isn't he is standing the dharma by contradiction
to say that neither is nor isn't is slandering a dharma by nonsense
so none none of us none of the key
ways of relating are actually are the path of peace path the peace is path of not abiding in any of those alternatives
this guy sang a from these teachers what's the way
what's the actual living way aside from all this of these teachings and masa says i have a headache
in other words
yes i am the grandmaster they say and i have attained wonderful disciples and i am practicing the way
which is the inconceivable collaboration of all beings yes but when it comes to saying what the body soccer practices how could i do it
go talk to him
it's kind of like i know at times like this i remember the story of the billy goats gruff it
you know them
herbie know the billy goats gruff
well there is three billy goats
and they lived on a billy goat area
where the a beleaguered grass in a billy goat means boy got the mail go a male goat beleaguered what are the female scope
net nanny good nanny goats nanny goats and billy goats
so that billy goats this is a story about billy goats we don't know at the end this is not about nanny goats
it's a belly goes for eating grass and they looked
over huh
that's that's sarah version the story they ate all the grass and they saw some more grass and other versions stories eating grass may looked over in the grass over there look greener so they decided that they would go over to to the grass but they how did they get over there over there means over the river
kind of a difficult to go across river but there was a bridge to go over to the river and mean over to the other side
under the bridge there lived a troll and trolls are powerful male or female beings who you know may or may not have had lunch
and so they said i'm not a metre had a plan or something but anyway this they sent the littlest billy goat first and he goes
scuse me he he goes across the bridge you know tick tock tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick and as he going across the troll who is going over my bridge he says how it's me i'm little billy goat gruff i just want to go across the bridge where
well i think i'm looked up there and eat you said i understand but you know it's really a waste of time i'm so little he should wait for my my bigger
he'll be much better
okay it's a runs over so then the next brother come to bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb who is walking over my bridge
i'm medium sized elegant ruff
and i want to go through the side while i'm gonna eat you up visit no no no no no no no wait don't waste your time there's a really big delicious one convention

is it okay so the next one can bum bum bum bum bum
the process who is going over my bridge says i am the boulder the bigger of the three billy goats gruff who you've been waiting for
the each month since it is i e a policeman says it is i little bit over thank you and it is i and the large economy size billy goats gruff and no trousers well i'm gonna come up there and eat you in a bit of in and
big guy says you're welcome to do so and he comes up and the big leaguer graph gives him a but and he goes flying into muslim metres palace
when he sees her
and he becomes free of his passion

and all live happily ever after
what happened to suit them
is that for another time
i think it's very another type while he goes to seek goes to see about the
thirty five more he has he has more phones
and an end he gets to meet
the month of hydra see me it's all the lucky test run the way meets amount of hydra and he finally gets back together with pleasant splendor
so can you tell you later but
and if you wish to hear more stories about female teachers in a different sort from the other times like a searcher let me know
i have the suit your hair i know where they are i can find them for you and tell you about them if you want to hear

so we have experienced on this amazing story from this amazing sutra and i appreciate you
i'm practicing with all that happened to you why you are listening to this to this recitation of the kitchen
may either
equally extend to the and plays
as the team
the buddha as way the
what to save them
asians are inexhaustible ah to end then die my days are boundless hi to enter them buddha as way is unsurpassable
hi to become it