June 26th, 1971, Serial No. 00253

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the buddha
the buddha asked to foreigner foreigner one of his disciple didn't
sona what do you think of before and make you all probably or in common
sauna said the great a big on one
it is of impermanence
hula asked
if it is impermanent
how do you feel it
something war
a present
sana said the grip on one
impermanence make me underground please
the buddha said
would i ask
if everything is
from then
but helping and changeable
who they would it be possible for you to attach to up an object regarded as your own
to set to the idea of the selfishness and to unchangeable some fine challenging
soma said
no i don't think it would be possible
ah this is
discussion between the buddha and fauna one of his decide
ah from this discussion
get dinner at three points
can we have to pay attention to
the first first the wall wood as the buddha asked to sauna
what do you think of for
a mitchell palmer with or empowerment
at that time foreigner
he gave the answer to this question
your consent is all important
so here is the one quaint one ah questions
one are important questions if everything is in impermanent
in impairment
then next
the buddha as the buddha asked again
if it is impermanent
what do you feel from my something more seasons
ha as mentioned the other day the in this case something mean
to be uncomfortable to be uncomfortable
so unpin comfortable or account
the sauna the sauna
i have this pounds
to get question
our impermanence make me and the gods hobbies
the when this point
the impermanence
impermanence and doesn't give
impermanence are doesn't enable to in every man to feel comfortable whatever they are
the one this point
if you if everything is impermanent
it goes without saying that men cannot escape reality
he'll uncommon
so good effects like a sufi something is mentioned before to get from pumped or to be an easy
so this is second chris this is second
the first question is everything a impairment
so how do you feel how do you feel phone everything
then sana said yes of course i feel income a few an easy
then the buddha asked again
the if everything is
content something and are attainable
the would it be possible for you to attach an object regarded as you all
to the idea of selfishness and to i'm changing for some and charlotte
and then former said no i don't think in it would be passed
so here is the purpose no i don't think it would be possible
i don't think it would be possible to attach object in regarded as all my own and regarded as my own my or your on
the debates nothing to
deletes nothing to
ah a tad you will
a strong the idea of selfishness this is my on this is yours
and also everything happen nothing have nothing has a certain some fun challenges awaits on
ha then follow said no i don't think it would be possible in or i don't think it would be possible to attached to anything at all
this a phone question
first question a impermanence
the everything a based on the know lows of impermanent and second question is a few if any saw it so how do you feel
uncommon i'm good
this is how
this is the a call themselves
then how do we how do we live in our daily life
then the former fed can leave nothing to attach anything to anything at all
it would mean
in what attitude should you handle yourself and your day
it would be passport would would it be possible to hunting your day your fell to hanging your daddy my with tom ideas the barn idea on selfishness
i don't think so
the ah solar says i don't think so it would be passed
it was everything a change making a changing
that's why you feel uncomfortable you feel an easy
but this is not the idea of pessimism
now kiss me it's not necessary for you to make it to a net is our point man emphasize that
good idea
a make your pc
what fat fat
because ceremony buddha said this is too
through a something would you accept something would it is not little family to have created there are certain prejudices
what's a good or the back
but don't have you got have you shouldn't have any prejudice you shouldn't whole any prejudice against
but good make you are good to meet your bath
this is to them what would what would you do what would you this is very important if so what would you
then you think you may say or let you go
or what to do what will be what work
i not give them what would you do
then truth is not something to escape
you might be a cape or you must check out
the to a something would you have to accept of any court in what situation you maybe this is truth
therefore if a for somebody who are such a move would says everything is first to a that everything is impermanent this is true
then second how do you feel you feel uncomfortable you feel and a visit to is it is not something would you have to escape you have to keep web for me
it took a have mentioned before what you have to accept with the com and broad mindedness
ah then
in some some prison even the japanese myth mithun the time miss and fun the idea of buddhism a body will put emphasis of on the idea of estimates
in every man to few fat it
because anything a challenging
everything is in the state of perpetual move move move motion and roll like a street
what shall i do it it's nothing to do with a why it why should why we have to
why do we have to make efforts
given the japanese people think so
the idea of planting transparency or the idea all
the huffing uncomfortable is the idea of igual se
i'm not and that the and not to never meant to
he'll sad or pencil
from this standpoint
the human being really
hard to work to start to live
vividly growth
it enabled this idea he never meant to be to ep five
bbb five
when it was human being had to be have came in there in his life
and this is the truth
but trouble is that
how can you tumblr is that
it is it maybe not for evening not so easy to
i realize
how to handle yourself how to handle your daily life in a zoo
you know hey an actual daily lives
if this question based on eagle happiness
have you know selfishness
the parties practically speaking if a company would have says according to the third point
as the sauna says i don't know i don't think it will be possible to attach anything at all
it would it means
the you have to handle your yourself your daily life with equal as a way
ah no seven
self centered idea
this a phone point watch second would set
then what is selfishness the not found business or what is iglesias
extended extended into your daily life if it's very difficult narrative
but lately it's taking the huge remember different
ah the enormousness is not to is not it's not that the from a week to that death
in turn down the idea of eagle redness and think from fed or a hen i don't like a movie and all my gear you go definitely not
when when i was seen leaving japan know i lived with the open mind for who teaches south the them wanted my commodore university
no he was he a sir six and seven older than i
did he always sir
give for the wrong to me
that time every time every time giving a broad to me
it seemed it seemed that a family
grow grow grow let me have more more and more oh my goodness
but i often but but if it was very good for me now you know
even though i didn't know that i didn't know
how big a how with drawing
i think i think it was very well either
then the evolution of eagle if he is not to disappear in a of doesn't mean that their the you the fail have disappear
south a week
patched collapse
huh not pink so he doesn't mean that
the eagerness this is whatever happens whatever happens around you
the he ordered to express the idea of investment it can kenny into your daily life
all you have to the air to see into yourself with palm and with and the more broad minded
was what you felt gop with come from
this is first important they even though you you find the figure out something emotional problem coming up on the bottom of of mind and try to be called the teeth that teaching on check
woman would have taken everything is in impermanent
then human being must pay and income
then how do we practice how do we well have to practice with nothing
it's is way what
then you should continue to make you fat car cool
to make you come to make your cool
and you never knew to fit into your did he put em good
oh for instance in or did someone say sir i said this is mine
he said oh no it's not yours it's mine you thank you ma'am i said oh a this is mine
then game
if i skip the if i have my time to bond with a blue idea all evil
maybe i mean by review
he was stupid
but at that time
you know i i said to myself or with minutes
mean everything is impermanent
in palmer a roofing nails time
dang how do you feel well i feel and top
if so should practice with it a ego the ego lessons okay even it this way if you want i can do with it i will give it to you
but if i'm if what if mine had a running with in on the stubbornness of legal a camp and it's fun i can't see into myself
the rape calmness and road mindlessness
the first of all
but anyway we have to make you mine pop
and look at yourself
then loving a good
even though you knew some something to make you a computer
yeah i said please nothing to do that but you say you may say or even though doesn't that make doesn't work
of course
of course
the doesn't may may not work with you are confronted with our confusion
leave it is true but do that mean that doesn't make you make you com that make you are
make you put all two frogs are fighting fire when your head
when vega
but actually there are many cases number is case
what make you confuse what did you to one computer to another want to do
ha i will like to hear you want more things
he japanese japanese really sir
the isle of wight japanese calligraphy know that we brush and brush
ah we make it a room first
that we
ah mate or
mostly have
of the blast from there
cheap of blush
he ought to
i'll make it easy to fuckin the inc
in let's imagine if you brush then distinctly a tip
then must be half
we have to make it the you have to make how part of your brush soft
the honored to make it easy
you know
to stopping now inc
and then
you hold the brush with and bathroom right wrong
but at that time important point is don't use
what you
oh pie all part of all
the part of the day
yeah i said no day
my name is confused
i don't use often
don't use of the hundred percent anyway hundred percent off
a blast
which was thought it
with your site
you have to use get the seventy percent of the blast
k seventy percent
the always we have to always allow
the altitude
all party prevent what j
completely free
britney a free which is always ready for duty
this is party percent
then you stand to
draw the figure run for it
using just seventy percent of the blush
have you use
the a hundred percent of the blush
in or the you can do you can't figure out
megan living
they the stalk of the cat the brush pump the blood
you can always take from the your talked
how this still something skin
the statement sir
you've made to feel
to feel nothing
like a stiff leg
make you a refund people may yeah was
the not so easy to figure out what to do
what to do
when it met you admit you a beat you in leave you and leave it leaves you already in they would be worth a man
of it make you fall into your computer or patient too much t
what if you knew the seventy percent of brass
you can find you can find very vivid living strong on vegas
what jays with wiki be with a vivify
and then
is one more important port
when you start to write for can go on a calligraphy
you feel well
my capability is not good now
to write a complete in vivid living with legal counsel for trigger
am not you say you he said he fell and not good enough not good at now and not
good enough at writing
i'm not acquainted with the curriculum
then you know
just ahead of how how shall i how shall i know how shall i write how shall i carry my brush
you feel something or you have some down
you have some down
you know to your to your chopper eighty to the manner all
brush carrying your brush
you don't have a strong confidence
the to write florida to write the can be grafted on a piece of cake
on the other hand you think well i won't write to life good clean up on good paper then new stuff but absolutely
the irony is completely opposite to your expectations
when you look at the that
you have gone
me that they completely abrogated to noi victim why not
ah this time
even though you have some doubt
to your a captivating
whether you are
forty five
to be great
man of paragraph made calligraphy worn out
i think it a make you cry grab the
good you now
it meant you it doesn't make you verify it doesn't make you satisfied
it doesn't die doesn't satisfy you found with you when you see you being allowed the that
all regular would you have done
when get on the first of all use you
you feel at all right to good
i would like to write good calligraphy
but i've mentioned before the deserved a
in completely opposite to your expectation would you have had
then what shall i do what should you do when you want to quit you want to show
great polygraph week with with can get
are on a piece of paper
with a brush how should use choice
you should have some down for you should have a confident
even though you have a convent
you know again
it sort of party to you are counterweight
even though you have some doubt it all from andro attachment or am not deserve and not calling
when writing with showing me
after on a piece of
the will without any attachment how should you to actually do so
this is very important
the important play football boy children aged educate
having a rainy day i haven't played the game again the boss idea he bought the nature of good or bad
important point a have to just a patch
guess that
young earth not receiving determination and from the by it's pretty difficult to explain i think that the you thought to write you thought to do something
oh with
ah in college currently and a ball immovable good nature of the combination
what demanded phone
what you call what
what game mud as wrong mar
he got
he can it's been
one right for us when my fourth
devin's know there is no
a man all
the custom
when the a good or bad
anyway you
he's hot to you have to do for you start to grow in fact move your breath
with incorrigible immovable encasing a good nature of new our intention
going beyond
and it's good or a bad
you figure out from the rough
you know you tried to got the new museum
ah some way reason but on the art on
the the painting to see them starve
if you find the fun great painting with toddler
at that crime it make you fat
walking in
you don't go through craft
then you are in first the by though
saying wow
and with
when you try you who you truly are the are you can add the empower you to add to the painter or toggle
how do you came here
how do you have did you take his picture
or you to be as he wants to act as a who are we have the same impression wrong you as you
then he asked him what is good
i think i think that he can the answer to get one it's good more i don't know what he'd go but anyway we could get you good
have you asked the painter of dogra out the uk
think the getty so i think there is no show
a definite idea definite no all we all have to write how to pay how to take it
he ordered to take a great concert he ordered to figure out a great result
the take a picture just too fun to
just use fact just the stuff
pain is
to read you to let you are had to move
the inc carrying a war or immovable as table good major all intention
beyond good or bad
i don't know i don't know any ways the brassy moved russia have moved already
that can believe with that
why do you something like that you
whatever you do is ah
ah the summer q why do you love them
why do you doesn't what a good result what a of used on you
what is the name of you
can you answer to give question
it's pretty hard to explain but you know your you yourself known for well yes yes i know i know but i can bank
yeah i if they want them to fantasy first
if you think of it with river if you think of levin
if you if you think of levin
i'm thinking whether thinking now with it he food the but in our day
he thought you feel warm fuzzy it with fun
the found miles i pad in there was something very good for a modern people
wherever it
what what
the you clear faith and think something more than the explanation
explanation that
a one for than student that fed or one of the fatalities one of a psychologist
you know put emphasis on how great than here
no extreme experiencing is that something more than that cage fail what it is but you know yourself what any good that's me to bargain
they or the sometimes that a you are asked by someone why do you live you know why do you live
you feel all you suffer always
if not never find can live with passion why don't you die
have you can die
you don't want
why don't you why don't you be alive more
why don't you are what are you encouraging you
in know day
ah being positive a positive in your eyes but you say or but it's too difficult for me
say that
because see yourself
what should you do
you will find some ideas from a different idea what did you how to do
when you when you consider again and again
through am
well i'm living now
the truth of live to delivers to live at all to leave that's all
the truth oblivious nuts
to guide you to guide to can't you live according to a certain diffidence as real life i don't think so
if saw you are always computer
the strictest became the actual to live a just today
there is nothing new or different real life
no different will life is
just a me
just really behave to me
to live with incorrigible the movable or immovable paywall porter in on from well good nature of intention coming home
depth of your experience
emergency phone
a deep site
into know the human like what human life it
yeah rug tell hill living the phone
even though my is good or bad
i can't have i can help living the
i can i help
hardly move is starting to move my brush at all
the city restless if we see reference so that the equipment is very positive life they pod
then when you do that then the same guy as in good
wherever you think good but
you're having a sale in the mango
live on the attachment
a parchment a
apartment mean that a partner me to keep to fat rule
to realize want to the math you wrote to sad sk for to start to
teeth out
but no attachment is just just found of just as fun just to federal or you fell which you in
federal or a top of the to with you want to do something on the top of the too
without going ahead grinding that with
now the question
this is no attack no know apartment is not to not to let you leave on your way according to your ego
when you stand up where you found upon the pump for your obvious to
how can you pay a cage and what kind of but thankfully with the with matthew k
you stand up with the any attention without any things and i think so will you fund it from the top of the to have to be careful not to fall down
you have to make your the this to way they will or you could his favorite group
it's mean you have to be into
you're right
the no attention nor technically sat in on not a cave that is key no attachment is to stand on to r
on the top of the to read
carefulness we've come this way to broad mindedness
when considering attention
hey look what think campaign
taking good care of yourself
this is not at no attachment is not to go ahead blind the not to regress
just you
this is no attachment the safe investment
because moment out the moment the fun of the fault
the or do you think girl in some way from definite way or for line we offer stand on the top of the store
through you are running head
who you are here
cause you can do you can do through leading you are digging the work well will you stand up for the top of the thought well you are like a the new iraqi as
put on your legs and just the middleman the middle of the store
this is good but gabby
and a virginia of conception then my conception how to stand up on the top of to but activate the condition
many different nonetheless different circumstances
where that's to move a to exhibit where a human being list
maybe stores far soap is put my dick
nestor to third through eighth and not on the flat ground in of the
the yeah
no that's wrong with you then the store the store store is like this
when you signed up for this top of this to how can you how to use them
according to according to time fucking
we have to stand of the farm
going beyond going beyond a different real climbing up on the top of the to
the real comfort in nothing no different when we are finding on the top
top of the store
important point is what to do right now right here
if you want to if you want to get around the vivid living your baby one made the trigger
none the world he wanted to thing around the to of life
how do you mean
this is the vessels using weapons
so martha people misunderstand the idea of a gluttonous or minus
mine lessons
no mind
what times's
it's not completely the idea of peasants
it's not to completely to escape from the dead right
it's not the idea of escaping from the your daily life for one life
he's not the ideal own for leaving the a depth of the deep of the mountain wanted to they attain the latin
to attain recommend it to figure out completely no different wildlife
he mentioned before the to to with is just to live

not why they check or money order says
what are we a passport for you to attend
the object regarded as
you all
to the idea of selfishness and
it from the sky hiv
everything is
chopping and changing
former says no i don't think so it was the past
no i don't think it will be passport to get a certain different wildlife
you should find you should find you by yourself
how to live
a generally speaking if if i may say something here i said to have made a big why as check or money go to said
to leave with no notepad
live was not happening is founded on the top of the to when you have to do something on the top of that to
that is no different will family
on the topic
ha this is
the services of dumbo what shocking valuable assets
then the buddha is buddha is not something the something some conception
my god the almighty they call for the
ah absolute
the a part of from your daily lives
a try buena a the prison poor fit into that too late
or see into
the tune from the world
based on funding thing something and yglesias
yeah other words to see into the dump
the system
the services of the what is he definitely all and theme
and he glasses
so you can find you can kick around your home for the major buddha in your daily life
so he roof is picking please make yourself make your mind com over
but it doesn't men not he doesn't he doesn't mean you should ignore the experiences fields of under extreme so far greater was something like that
what matthew human being i think are your mind your my is so sad to woven or bit emitting that's okay
but you have to know this how much your mind the small
how much your mind is movie
if you understand how much you mind if move
it make your mind the stop
it make you mine and stand it make you understand your mind what your mind
hope if you might make him run com and what he said
this is first important step
what do i put the glasses into
this is good

two minutes so



the i mean know before you fight
i'm for you lift your hand up
and you are about to hit you others head
he tried to what yourself com for
then you make every possible effort
you and the fan
who's your stick it came
if you know clear
this is my
we should make every effort to explain
mcadams and this can you

one fat
the prophecy is important part prophecy the important important point is not manner not about with that didn't match that
the important namely not a desert me sir
with the editing room are whether the in my or you
they've got a porthole and all thought the in the main of the time anyway
the informed by so far are you i have used to give thick know
for a couple of years something like that's why i said on is man
but strictly speaking the including me including you or including get this thing if the domain of the time easy
so not for thinking or victory the according to the truth of for all things being raise my left side to stick to a cat
but actually after me wrong with a mine
we have to take care of family
how to make
and the fan you fell or death
how important it is for you for me for me
how it a useful
how an eighth out in a inevitable
nevertheless he doesn't end the pan
he doesn't he doesn't yet and with pen
how important
you no help
and too bad
so sometimes if you want
but it meant it doesn't mean to give up your life
the your i've been raining for as long as your life will be important we have to take your out for a fantasy life
now the that not
he said
he not there how important and guess the
they are or i want it
but actually that make thanks for you even go you get it
the fence sided of news for your daily life
but someday didn't stick to different then from the region in philly or to save or get his mark
then there is some live on the stand between to you and if taken the team you and i saw i have to we have to make every possible effort to call to have grown to the relationship
mighty for delay no myth no myth and with the he came to
this you have to make every effort to explain how important in a for the how important is how a on every time for my business
and then that that war yeah let's say it is from the i live in his house and for your yoga
nevertheless you tried to stick from this again guilty
he's out known as one of my student has some very difficult problem
when he got to the gulf war
kava kava
with some theme i think it
but unfortunately or fortunately he is still alive

then he asked if he tried to ask and and see some students in a man him
wish i do
when someone says or don't don't don't carry someone says oh you should to give the phone with that page the roar you should to the ship the water is give what
what will happen
why someone says or they seen that is be a public will be okay for you should care of immediate
if you him in ground
then he asked me what do
well it's very difficult
you can
try to ask yourself why she could do a bit was guided
but maybe i can say but well you should kill him million right now make a choice you will have mission as a fun whether the cat some of this is gonna make you want that if you don't answer to this question i will
kill him
the monks had little thing
quit or i can say all the go
we sell it go
what do you want
with right
but second fantasy a very important in condition in vain for the in pattaya all students feel all students are ben
fuck will be added to our thinking is great great
so if we say or you should carry him he made the because the fuck
he feel peace for my i can see it
so you should give how do you keep
i think you feel you feel uncomfortable
so when i important point of a i have to do something
when i to do from
when i do something
i think considering
and himself
all students
and circumstance
then have to i have to guess it's freezing
it's pretty
but i said be given facebook and what
things he said and qb but unfortunately or fortunately
that's the before try to defy he's about to give her water and

and i said i i don't have official will we are taking care of get caught
i don't think this is my way is right i don't say that
we even though i said i'd say he should give i don't i don't mean anyone why i don't mean anything wrong
given i say you should became a food and war and take care of it
i don't mean any right a want
get this is very important
but i have to do for me
consider name
myself compel us to the feeding and have have all circumstances and all things being in one
now that prophecy important
then beyond beyond good but i have to do from
then i said and said please give for food and what
going beyond good about
i give him say i didn't say because a good i didn't say because a bad
he then said
then what shall i do after all how do i feel well

the with my my i i myself a
in on that
to allow attitude
oh thirty percent
which is always free
this we make me doing something anything
history mic me
ah accept anything
going to hell going to heaven
he they lock it was a dollar
delphi movies all you should you shouldn't do that but you did you should go the hill kate
we've got to the hell with golf

the month in hundred percent a completely free
what is already over when for doing some
effective any
you could find me on your bad boy okay you go fire cape
nevertheless if i have i spun i have to do something with incorrigible in multiple good need you all temptation he termination
when even with means eagerness iridescence
he reference
what's on as has and that are adam
how is determining the bay
hot very hot and they him
mail fax and bays
ha as as adams
this is investment


chemical peel
bill meal
mean no likely be permanent and mentioned for
now do you
the but also arabs
must know but fit into
the to life is in parliament
he won't be
maybe this we have to me that they think prominent feature of prominently them has mentioned before i know
if you got
the and anyway the you have to know this or not only know but i must not for this you have to explain explain what eating it
what it is important for you
will you get even impermanence is not for incumbency not though give up
or to give it to ignore your life or other fluff
the impermanence is to
ah kate cure
yourself and others
for this an actual daily life
we have to
make every possible effort to afford closely matches past
because there are number of situation different circles
i am gotta give you a tall something like that
we know you're american and japanese
the give a way of thinking in a your christian or i am biased
when very different widow for an family software this
this we have to explain how what what i am thinking how important a
in order to
i understand in order to see
a to as much as
this be careful please take care law process
in life

he went into words are you
well he brought his in harmony with his words or yeah so lucky to this
yes would not be answered
he said was my involvement is known come
yes am pvp
so it's not necessary to use of the wording comments or something funky panda get the through your day like with your experience matters to you should express what to it