June 1971 talk, Serial No. 00297

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the other days
just a brief
ah free
on the subject of provides according to buddhism
ah today it is
to like to expand and more according to doe
the the explanation with your see ah sutra they on named take it on

as mission to the other day
the i ah
it is are divided into five kinds of categories
davies go eyes the heaven the i
oh wisdom my dumb my eye and buddha i
he if
the in dated around

it says dave
fiscal i
a can have site of near not far
a friday
not rare of outside not inside of light not night
of the upper side not the know aside
but those hindrance as enables one to seek heavenly i
in one day fiscal i
can have site near know a fab a not far off front not layer
of outside not inside
of like not a night
oh the upper side to not to the lower one those hindrances enables one to see kevin the i
is tricky ah wait you are
look a pay over your life
the most three
man tried to are making a prime what to do
if you are
if you are
the college student
i think the
our probably you may you may plan meet you may make a plan
of what to do
a couple of years
the after graduate of to graduate from school what to do in or you are fine to trying to make a plan what to do
and then after graduation
fortunately you got the job
then you got to gap and next moment you are trying to make a problem of what to do well
in a couple of years after getting the daf well i want to i want to get a sweetheart
what's kind of a c heart of fit as suitable to me you have a thinking and looking for a sip hot
she is my sweetheart

then after
getting the sweetheart

you again the trying to make another plan
if i if i get manage with my street art i need some our feet hall
or what's kind of was it home with better for me always think and thinking of for sit home
yes i stream wrist and stays there is no no no man whistling i wanted their orient orientals cairo fire the i i ticked at architecture in a house like are two ways
feeling of simplicity this is better
a day you tried to make out there
they see home in depth of the mountain
which is called to
then after making the sweet home
as the next step you are starting to to make a plan on the plan
well i want to i want to get her just one tad tower nap to tired totally you know i want to i want a free or know it too much maybe it to want more to that's enough
that that's a your did nuts 'n new plan now have to get the one where capital for children they you are making another plant
well after in
well when i when i get all older
i have to prepare for my life list of my life what to do
so to when when when i when i grows when he grows older well i want to i want to get back to the japan and die
i spent the last of my life anyway
ah after
going back to japan in order to spend the less than my life the you next time you are making next to planet well when i come near to the death was should i do it
this is so the humans planned human ply human dives plan
my always you can see you can see a distant you can have a of near just near
that's a couple of years or several years several years that's all
it's pretty hard to have side after far life of drive in buddhism we have to as not much you are buddhists do you have to see you have to see the far distance via distance thousand miles
more than thousand miles away
what means life after life
the the fiscal i can have settled for front not rare not rare
the winner was college students i got the not to say i got the part time job
what are they working in their bookstores and bookstore just standing in the taking what kinda what to the the book so as not install steel know and take care of fog
customs the customers
when they come in saying shall i help you through him and that then i stand always looking at the front
but the one day i didn't i didn't notice the people who are coming though for coming behind me
so i just stand and looking at the front
master must have says the book a bookkeeper
keep to keep it on there but the master of the bookstores
it says
why don't you look at the back

you know i can't i couldn't i couldn't see the there
but master of the bookstore says you should see you should see the back leg
you should see a behind you what happens what happens so i do understand why how how i could how i could see
behind me then next day i was fired

the fiscal i
can have saddled far from of front not rare
a new of outside not inside
you know the you understand so well
if you see the beautiful cross you want to or i wish i could i wish i could wear the beautiful love
beautiful cross you see the japanese kimono well i doubt please kimono is beautiful i wish i could weird to even just once the japanese kimono
not inside inside a size you don't you don't care you don't care what's what's kind of style seen it
he know the independent
ah particularly after second war we're in a is very weird their japanese lady and how far how many chance to get to that beautiful western style dress
and the shoes and way to here permanent
beautiful hat as a personal be free time to play the diamant
then they always good to the her office
ah that's okay that's not so that's a that's up to the ah in the individual that's all right
but sometimes i've found that the very strange seeing you
in our day i thought i found a beautiful already weary the beautiful dress wearing the beautiful ring and per hanging i'm counting the beautiful lot of purse and willingly choose you
oh i thought how nice our beautiful she was of cause he was born she was birth of the of and noble noble family i thought but unfortunately she and read hong the poor
shaggy shaggy house
poor house
just outside his view beautiful
outside is proof

and those say hindrances the nervous enables one to seek help from the i as mentioned the other day the
the human eyes human eye is not merely super super clear so to your one
ah evil
can have seen can have things but human eyes cannot see
in the high years
oh can see something in the dark that human eye can see
but the automation the other day
at the word where we leave
is not merely the word a scene from the fiscal i
if so if so if the word their lives on the won't world seeing from the fiscal i along
they are they're the least no suffering no sofie like a heaven heaven the heavenly been
if you can if you can be born in the heaven you can get anything what you want
if you can get anything would to want there is no desire
there is no desire it's not necessary to get the desire
because everything in there
your the verse desire is filled with your whole rife
nothing else just a desired word
if so there is no desire
the same with two percent of in physical i
if there is only just the only one word seeing from the fiscal i wrong
no trump no saffron
but unfortunately english use salford you so why you suffer
the you suffer years you suffer in prize to exist are to exist and underworld kinda worry
the software enables man in it was meant to seek heavenly be heavenly i
so a heavenly i can see form of for regional existence provisionally existence based on the obligation of things produced by the law of can see the concurrent conditioned on a donation
they heavenly i can see forms of probing the project from vision or provision existence based on the aggregation of since
produced by the law of condition the designation
so anyway but a excuse me but cannot see to see the to aspect of all things the to state of all things enables one to seek wisdom i
so as mentioned before the as mentioned the other day there when the when a frog are confronted with us on disasters i have you
falling the day they heavy heavy rains
ah which are lit
ah let the let the wealth
filled with be filled with water heavy they lay with rain and spilling now to over
and it read the frog out of the out of his word and then he finds he finds another word daisy a he find another word
a him to start to suffer
what's the matter
what's the my
what can i do
this is that fi he's sick
the suffer the suffer in men to seek heavenly eyes so using they're using the modern instrument telescope or telescope microscope why satirize and the telly britain and song
and tried to see tried to see as something there a thousand mile of miles away
what is happening new
and sometimes
our flog come to the zen center to sit meditation
then he got the enlightenment but it's not really enlightenment photo enlightenment
then heavenly i can see foremost this is even the enlightenment would share frog believe through the his practice i kept in my tummy unfortunately is
provisional for regional existence of all things
a base on the aggregation based on the aggregation of this of things produced by the law of conditioned on each nation
but cannot see the true aspect of things that to state of all things in there was one to seek wisdom i
so what the frog grieve believes ah
in bonus
this is enlightenment is ah trouble which brings about sufferings
then there's something see naval a frog to seek another art is wisdom i
the wisdom i can see an ordinary person it cannot as a accept it a all wisdom i cannot accept various aspects of phenomenon
by realization of no discrimination and have no attachment to objects it the wisdom i can save people because of its know scream a determined that's fine people seek
dumber i
so the
if you understand the
that the enlightenment what you have experience is a photo for the region
ah it may it in a way you are to practice harder and harder
ah sincerely truthfully under the guidance of to teach him
at that time you both you will get when you will get the wisdom wisdom i
ah how difficult
how difficult to you get the enlightenment
how evasive all sentient beings exist in how the in how evasive
how evasiveness all beans all things exist
all the session beans ryan

so through the practice through your daily life
according to their hard effort
i think you will experienced a solo for a principal a law a sorrel for trans nc or emptiness emptiness
at the same time you practice practice actually
ah not you plug this are you practice zazen and at the same time you tried to date heart
a number love bodies book
think through those hard practice
of doing sizing and reading
book bought his book you will understand ah you will understand our query what almost all things are
you understanding is clearly
so wisdom i cannot see or ordinary person can see or ordinary person just to you you concentrate on understanding of yourself through the practice through the leading the buddhist
but wisdom i cannot see an ordinary person
universe the you tried to just seek forth and you try to seek justice the buddhist word buddhist one emptiness what emptiness is like what wisdom is
the wisdom i cannot accept very aspect of phenomenon it's pretty hard it's pretty hard to accept various face aspect of our phenomenon noisy word the on the words
so you you you want to you want to go to the depths of the mounting
want to brains about the stone as called trunk quality in
for your life
but wisdom i can accept accept the various as aspects of phenomenon by realization of no discrimination and know attack have no attachment to object
so wisdom the through the practice through the leading the buddhist book you a cent i hope i think you will get you will get you will attain sort of enlightenment wisdom you will understand what the
emptiness is
at that time the now all vilnius face the aspect phases of human life way you you are liable to look down look down upon the various phases of human life noisy word out a word
outward attractions
it's pretty hard for you to accept
as they are so you on the other hand you tried to get little dawes
by living in the depths of the mount
the wisdom i can save people because of its know this discernment that's fine people seek down my eye so it can save people
the even though you can understand what emptiness is through the practice you cannot do you can save
others you cannot save others you can understand the another type of for human life you know you can understand awkward attractions awkward trucks you believe a word obstructions or something wrong for you proc
petition so you tried to get me locked doors and consciously or unconsciously

ah it cannot save people because of its no discernment the lease know
are feeling of
ah what others people other type or another type of human life are
he ordered to live
it together in peace
so let's find people seek dumb my i
ah damn my enables one to go planting into running owes the the existing state of are all things and realizing them in their sadness

ah but the dumb i
i cannot simply understand what the various phases of human life ah
kimmel live far
a dumb my eye enables one to go the to go panting into the practice into running the existing existing the state of all things
the other was done my eyes he never see you to try to errors something what all things are
arising them india's searches and you understand even though you understand what what the old all things are various phases of human lives are
the you can't the dumber i cannot cannot in give for solution can give a solution to those who has for has they are
strong suffering very heavy sophie

so at that time you cannot you cannot
delhi's no way and yet you cannot you cannot find that way of saving or sentient beings saving the people saving the people
i think through the practice and through the done my eye you can't understand yourself you know
i wish you are confronted with us a sort of for discuss someone for difficulties you can't understand so well and you were you may find a sort of for a sort of solution
but wait you when you are when you trying to where you try to guide others others who has something
you can find a better way of guiding better a way of solving some problem
because you don't understand they've the completely absolutely the all phases of human life various phases of human life because various phases of human lives number of contracts various phases more of human mind
from this point the how you you understand how difficult to save to guide to teach others to help others
so that's why we need to pull us i at last
ah when i was a college student
i practice to i got third
we make we met at the loo to have fun to have a cause of the and
not only pleased that all students of commons the university must take a course of the san
otherwise you cannot graduate
but student don't like to sick
every time when the costs of doesn't start they sneak out out of school
doesn't was doesn't crash was taught by the so our kilroy she one of our famous out things zen master
and that time marcel goc and taught the students way interesting stories
in japan dearer there are lots of five shrines in all over all over japan small and big and nationally fines or province the small shrines the province
in the countries
and japanese people are love so much
are going to the shrine to play
they find themselves
the asking the god priests are gave for lotta money to me
our please give me a happiness
offering the coined pennies or some time sir and time warner
i've quite a few offers offers a bill one dollar bill
there are lots of people are offers just one penny and then nevertheless they want to they want to ask a lot fix more than girls of for was the old for one that one pennies
lots of things please give my give me a lots of money please give me the happiness please gay priests make make my family happy specific
but offering is just one penny
and sulky oculus she said there
one for doubtless people are
i went to a sly in the early morning
ah in one winter season in t said to wither and that time
a he with he went to he he ha with app ne can grind a strong rock the stung stairs number of storm stairs in
japan now you will find lots of fast as a lot of days thorn steppe stone steps thousand more than thousand
and then on the top of the steps and a stone steps just there is just a small shrines in people love dampness love so much climb the lots of four hundred strong steps and played a got please
made there are lots of money
the one day he went
he crime i e crime that the number of was pong steps entity whether
ah within the data wearing a guitar
the sound sound data can come carne on echoes all of the on in the countries because the early morning the country's is covered with stillness in conquering
saw this guy crime out making a noise can come come come on
echoing every inch of the mountains and valleys
and then alas he plies he play please give me lots of money it
have to pay the god to
i got
ah he went down he went down
clan com
at that time for dreary he found gold coins gold coin why feel for a cook
so he thought
he thought how quick how saved how swift immediate effect is cake is taken
thank you very much god for that
and then tried to i tried to hit he he is trying to get the gold coin but he couldn't what's my you know
but she could see it
but she couldn't he couldn't get in so he it
that time in a day in tv wither
you know the coin was completely covered with ice
the covered with ice
but they carry as the a was getting bigger and bigger you have want to get at that time he found on for three he found the some and coming up the bottom of the the stone steps wow i should as a
shoot something should be done quickly to pick it up
then he got since some good ideas very good ideas
he does the stand up with comes and you need
the of that as illinois
they stand up for with calmness and
as prize that the areas along the coins and with you read

the minute in a humidity for he look and look at the coin
say he got it and put it into here sleep chess
that time she was he felt some more lukewarm luke warm
he had the bay prison feeling of the coming from route one rukh water
that's fine
and then the movement when i will i tried to take one step down
unfortunately he wake up
what day it was a dream
then immediately he felt something something something came something was coming to the the
to to to to the to touch with his body you mean the actually actually he felt some room wall
look for us
a warm like a look work
the a alarmed the bottom of for his buddies
what's the matter
then he suffered his a sour coverage you said then he suffered what shall i do
but because it was leo it was this happen this happened was in the on it
this is fay interesting stories you
if you see if you say something from a fiscal eyes and heavenly i
you always tried to played lots of money to god please see
and then find that point and just er det
does the in front of you did you find your enjoys so my genome you feel pressure
this is those are the you experience you excuse
the good feeling by playing god praying to the gods
by finding the gold coin
but those experience us to in the fiscal eyes or heavily eyes
yeah that was heavenly eyes or physical eyes rise in the domain of the dream that's all and then what is real rife the all right after waking dream the little rife start to begin and start to work
work in real life start to work after waking up
yeah earth
the moment when you suffer when you suffer
new rife new wife start to walk from this point from their suffering wow
says life is suffering by free so the something is not the pessimistic ideas something is truth

the warm fee
liking water
he was clearly prettier
he was really delighted in a feeling this war
but unfortunately day it was a dream it was it was happening in the dreams
the after the waking dream waiting up to dream he suffer leary because real real life real life makes makes appears in front of him
there is something
i think to suffer is to realize
the how evasive miss all sentient beings rise in fly you
it means you ah you start to find does the part of the truth a part of the truth based on the principle for of emptiness or transit
then you try to practice hard practice
in all day
the in buddhism
it doesn't it doesn't mean that even a dream is not is something wrong dream his dream
a dream is not a matter of making a choice between to this is good this is bad
dream with dream is that we have to a day that the dream exist in the buddhist world to
the dream we exist what dream exist in the buddhist word means we have to take good care of dream as a ace as erased without making a choice with that get a getting laid off
without that hate without haiti
without to choosing the between to this is good this is with that discrimination
will you come we've come to his old to child a child of two years old you have to take good care of kim
have a a they add the two years older as he is
when the person of a twenty is on up to you and ask some question of you
he have to take care of him as
the person of twenty twenty years old is
without discrimination
the to is that tile a tile or over two years old is something something wrong or something good i don't think so
because i'm tired of two years old a tied a white use all
i doubt over twenty years old we ever they are
rise and lie in the buddhist word if so we have to take good care of them with consider that attention
with or whole had nets
so dreamy his dream dream is all right but greenway is not a matter of attachment exist excessively excessively
like can like this guy for dreamed playing god asking praise lots some money give me give give me that a lot of money

you shouldn't remember dream is not much of a continent in excessively

a dream is or a mana all fire
a different clear understanding create understanding after waking up
after waking up
then after that
you will realize really thinks what can be and things he is
so the in a buddhist i
the buddhist i the
has the full kinds of eyes enumerated above its existing in the buddhist body in physical i heavenly i done my wisdom i
so even a fiscal i am from my head from the i are not something something or not something bad
something wrong not something wrong
guilt is not something wrong something bad
important point is you should understand clearly what you is in terms of into in the like all buddhists i at that time you can accept you can deal with you can face guilt as it is
and can deal with it

if so he our daily life
ah i mention always
i think
they all of you experience have experienced are a lot of sense even in a practice zazen
some time discouraged and disappearing despair
sometimes in college yourself
sometimes our practice zazen with drooping
but whatever happens
the number of number of things what happens in doesn't on not a matter of attachment excessively
important point is that you should know clearly what they are
and also you should take good care of dogs
taking good care of those is
amazing always
to rise to rise to the sky to rise to the sky

if you want to live
in a house
house must be our
through tree with dignity

because of enable enabling a man to live in peace and happiness

the as a whole the building
our building must be something which always standing always standing upright on case on case foundation whatever happens
lame fought snow forts

the house must be rise to towards the sky with dignity at that time people can leave can live there with peacefulness happiness with respect
by if you if the building if the houses moving always a cleanup men to feel uneasy that's thingies
a to move on that for what the house move
and enable our interval man few and easy is
to sway away always to write to the web in all directions every time when you got sort far events number of events
the moment when you sit are beautiful image of the amitabha the bodhisattva
you are amazing
and be at a loss what measured to be taken
then you ask what shall i do
as mentioned before in on they already
the old adding food is about to pass away
i asked the great my a great priest
please let me go please let me go in peace peacefulness
pretty says let's turn to the name of one tavis then she turned to the name over time i immediately see the in a few minutes she's so beautiful
ah beautiful sin
he as she saw ah good for image did she saw a number of vimy tarver
ah with blog for bodhisattva
coming down from heaven and they said please come in come this way
the c c she she was just amazing to see to see the them coming down from the hair from then she asked the priest was shall i do
in princess let's tend to the name one darwin
then she again she taunted again next moment she saw were the number of foreign number of our heart
with shaved head you're willing to shabby rob
and they said come in come this way
then she also was amazing to see the to have seen the out figure of the are hot
then she asked to press the worst shall i do
the princess bits tend to the neighbor one top
the what shall i do is to make this very sway away the inaugural direction every town when she saw whatever kind beautiful or angry a miserable
if so she cannot the space she cannot live in her in her house in peace because her houses always sway in old jackson to right to left
every time when she saw anything
what shall i do ask you wish i'd
by important point is and this great priest says let's tent neighbor one time ms let's rise to the sky on your round cushion as long as you sit there
you make every possible effort to rise to the heaven to the skies sticking up you would just hold down the empire building
more the endless mount everest

having the straight postage
at that time you can leave you can live in your house in your house in peace
even though you don't understand with interactive sense you don't understand me
but it is still true that do you can you can't live in your house
in peace
so last night the sucrose said don't move the movie is very important to move
the move is to rise to the ups to the sky
not swaying to ride to the left and down when you see whatever kind of staff use for down coming up to you
you have to take care of those you have to take care of those it is to rice stately
to the sky
to rise hi to the sky is to take good kill off
many things the delusion
was snow lane or poison arrow
what if there
without discriminating
ah this attitude is based on the buddhists i put sorry that's why we are fine
the our practices not doesn't check
our our practice are by no mean rise in the property solve the same along
in the domain of daily life wherever you are
wherever you are
are you should take good care of your life
step by step