July 6th, 1971, Serial No. 00257

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your of and in audience
account escape from his console difficult point as long as i am united states
oh now under me
ah think some of for
yeah kelley
number of people fall have been a page the way
the same problem as i have been paid to be

i mentioned ah little bit about the point the other day
are compelling
a different point in christianity
that the invoice
if you know
the clearly
what buddhism a's
i think
and he
important for you are to see
a one on one of a remarkable feature involved
became increasingly and
reads not criticize did not criticize
ah to say whether it is what is or what to to a good and bad
we have to know the baby
mark for keep
the to forty through and christian
the other day i mentioned little bit about this point
ah just the general point
but to tell the truth
i have
completely no idea
how completely no idea how to explain how to explain
give different a crucial point
became that a which would
and christianity how
i don't know except
but the getting this crucial point is
ah the great cohen for me
ah in my future
how to parts how to approach wisdom keepers of key
this it's very difficult
ah since coming here
ah this is to say to said and this is to be said
as to this point
i think ah yuri the the a theory development development work
of them monastic drive

get our way
i think it is too
the master grind
in united states
ah has
ah many instructions many interruptions a instructions how
we as a human be the goddess of this combination
about reiki
how we as a human being
a healthy internet and meaningful right
at present want to watch the directional cute

i think so
i don't know how do you see how you feel to the plastic gloves
i'm not
i'm not a contest strong strong content
in fact to give him by to cry
but this is to be set
a week countries
at least
we caves pet
macquarie expect that
a monastic life
through the practices are them anyway
the monastic life
where will we begin
a defect
our wick human being to this not only american not only your option
but also orient
got even know all young people to live
has been
and we'll we'll be going on
the same way as
the model you are him like
it is too
so i can explain it's
the only martha grimes
i will redeem
the defects became that the what human being this
he ordered to applauds closely
five me
are we we applaud we applaud closely
western between the two europe and people and oriental
it can password to be completely one with each other in writing past but this important
important is that you have to make every password airport to apply
macon carter european culture and oriented culture must have thoughts must have to cross
must appoint counsel
this airport is very important
the ordered to part company with each other
i think i believe me you can expect that only nasty cry
when redeemed
the right to buy defect when we have
hut that
ah even though you cannot even know you can't explain what the different how to approach how to explain
how to understand the basic grey or
he served after the two
following the audience to win are thinking
so you now
ah and he is very difficult for me to explain
how to explain
how to approach how to enter into the to him making people scream
the rotten killing to keep him
but hey at least are about
in about ten years and twenty years or thirty years i don't know how long it can take you to understand the buddhism but anyway in about ten or twenty or thirty years
a fairly good without
i will come to him for the poor
i expect
when i came back to japan
i was asked one of by one of fire police car
asking me
how do you explain
how do you explain the different point give them a way of research after the two
became the to lock in on
it is called in gaffney hustle hope
have mean
to arrives so mean thought thought
the whole a method
myth that i hope you can imagine what did mean not
how to apply cross

a different different point different problem
what you're up and keep and oriented people death
this is very difficult i couldn't i couldn't explain i couldn't answer to this question
i kept the sun
but in my mind i strung a dream
the only practical and in terms of tab for assets from worried that just the only wanna cry will help
won't make up for defense
love and people an oriental people thus each other

i think he
according to
a fairly number of people who
maintain the idea
that european cartridge a bit about by
way of understanding on the basis of
to some to lead
our inner in great
in ancient time of grief
and the ideal a you
mentioned by can't
conception of god
a crammed by christianity

a modern age

i think
phenomenal iran no not already
norman knock
none iran
the bite go on foot up to suck
and also
now you're ready
me anything
ah mentioned by
not so high
they will meet it

least one more
ideas strategy
according to the in this patiently
ah by high got them
and you thought
at least
meet you
he elise
a prince paul
the some isolate them
a maybe
ah negative
a skeptic
oh niche
that's why he tried to he tried to figure out
something more than the idea of faithful of sometimes have it some spanish anything
what's com crane with crave which stray
what to stay on the i so some factual reality backhoe
for i think need to try to deny the from of some kinds of and think so

ah day he
it's come as published
he's on an idea which is called nearly

but it was
the you have to kibble
didn't satisfy themselves
when ever know
the fence for all
some find a rhythm and nick anything
then they tried to make every past by for to figure out
something more than hearing
then i think the principle of this do
come into be in the often glasses

he enter events in this case do that
the think
the boss i'm five eleven
the bottom disagreements are some signs lethal and nearly you
ah skeptic
and negative
what then
then he put it
strong emphasis on to follow the middle way
the ten traditional materialism and ideally
extending extended into europe and daily life
think that he or the principle of my destination
i don't know the
less than thought of the how how deep how deep no less than don't affirms
oh how deeply
how much how much thought and you're locked in drosophila
reach the goal off
human life
he owner to
a make them
to lead
healthy intelligent and meaningful life according to a existentially

ha maybe maybe believe
a great get papers
the more than the
exist catering
you're people in their like one life

i don't know exactly
whether you you have figured out
great definitely our principles more than this existentialism
or not

maybe rates are one of the crucial problems
a kind to the lot of people in our game
toward the ejection of you
maybe thought maybe not
i don't know
but anyway
he european people and he
he the
it is true that european people ah has been face to with some some difficult path
how to maintain the deep profound the relation to chiang human being
the came a man and all things and be
that's why somebody someone says someone thing
the death of god
i don't know that it is good the bad
but it showed it in imply that often people had been released with some difficult
how to crop how to afford closely with each other
give me something nice to me
from from missing on you miss something
i don't know what
where is not the motto or rather than death the idea of the death of god a good than the bad i don't care what you book you
because this is the this is
this is or one of problems that the human being have been and will be are faced with
in human history
oh generation to dinner
yeah the road human being month
my gift clear
how to handle human being themselves he ordered to chrome the owner to enter into
human being see each other
wrongfully continually thought
faithfully truth

too many he in turn for the a for this century
he often people will figure out from difficult when you call disappear and leave nothing left nothing to say human being bombed their fab maybe be didn't die
or in terms of think
of the the martin people work with the love from difficult but can count the here
when he called the death of god
i forget that thought the important point is that western people with some people well bank will make every part with effort to conduct on the bottom of the detail
from bottom on the death of god that time you could pick alarm to existence of god
thought they knew the recently whole month conduct must make native a pass for effort to stand up by his foot
from the bottom of that ah
a monster and it would take a living
what's already has brought up brought up to you
would you call the pier
nothing to face me from myself
after a car
because the risen quickly you not bad
not good
question eight over the written your fell into people
the families to be said of buddhism
are particularly in
the buddha's life
maybe about twenty five thousand me a had a hundred years ago
the ceremony border
the eighth
has no have
ah the idea that he tried to
a boy
from the both idea of some find a way through
and nearly
some finally room
a mentioned mentioned spread the by
rob money
putting the some emphasis on existence of blackman
thought oh god
so all from financial from financial the rv park of phenomena to see
what add
in pump
and then
the end and people
a non-compliance by the way
and the principle of for to live with a mentioned by bromley
ah there another principle
oh lot of the mentioned by six source of from
you know so
when you put strike them said a strength that put the stress on the principle of net anything now the word strong one party ideas
so here they have to you have to pass the car with the gone said
lying down on top of the needle needle
and can be standing up for his findings continue to buy your head
the hanging down from the tree
all day can get out
the second when he a apart
wow money me some finally do and need to
unfortunately or fortunately second bureau a not fun by with bar principle
then he he said to his disciples to defy for that i will follow i will follow the middle way
jane traditional songs by to and me that which is called dumber principle of dumb
the hub for some samson of dump my a
a peaceful all transparency and
uneasiness and eagle destiny
and saw
the after the bed and ceremony would have death
they tried to they try to
our effort they tried to effort to found that the principle of giacometti movers right
but the leaf unfortunately
oh wait
first thirty key
mix and the turn misunderstand what second when you bought a thought
hot damn i thought
you know the
the past thirty
her name
who have lived
he he asked me the after the in the or the nothing
in the hundred years
later when second many buddhist path away
a billion the body of move
at sono gli me creamy the region greenland
because voting restrictive stress on principle of funding fee and puffing and exactly
saudi an net nothing
so they the past thirty
with understand
began in a
grew me a photo group employees room is anything
the leaves nothing to save you will be for me a favour
god treat me know
that's why life and the word are based on the or time
founded from this it the a be in experience through third time lucky
the human being
no well as pm
heating or an ageing he cold tub
so in japan
he even japanese people misunderstand
a thorough but he began in and
ah so far the groovy voice
so i understand so well your theme
then a bump
the one thing key or song
have a number of people
who try to figure out something more than
in or the
near them and summer fun to leave the moon and also the emptiness
sort the emptiness on nothing in the
nothing nothing nothing
those people don't people try to publish of companies mahayana buddhists
what support for empathy emphasis on
the myth understanding with understanding body

think you
about one thinking of
indian people
i'll make a lot of by buddhist sutra scripture
among those
you momma killed in super crabby
or contact with a simple of wisdom
the perfect within a they are just the sutra
mercury the sutra of mercury and also super our rothesay
roger to find to the with the emphasis on
what the emptiness is
emptiness is not marry just nothingness
what to me which are which need for human being in confusion in the word i'm in something
so in lotus sutra try to explain
in what situation in what situation human being exist
this is the idea of qatar about the his idea of buddha you know

on the other hand
the idea of the id of buddha a
our nation's
by the idea on improvement
when nothing
why you should remember the even nothingness the print for of nothingness or emptiness
a not
ah nothing that's or transiently
i'm not
a pessimism that mystic idea or not
would you call our
sentimental sent me no ideas
ah the emptiness and the nothing that more convinced he he
the principal woods in college human being in every human being to in kinds
how they have a nice healthy or intelligent and meaningful rise of their daily lives
now the how to lead how how they need their positive light
not negative one
for the the in a fence human being
have go into the hill but you can't escape
this is very good for human being
this period decisions now with disappear for you

what it's it doesn't put the emphasis on
ha a certain some signs show substantial reality banco phenomenon
nothing concrete there's nothing
and then what should you do
it is crazy and or a the also a banner what can you have to do right now boring as know what is how tiny newly

this is
the how can you read a to offer your i am look up the ante and a and listen to the ultra mentioned by
the addict
a with what individual file
unconsciously all kinds

so from this point both a the idea of what is not the obviously to the i t back of for human life
a completely the person who is acquainted with the path painted with path if saw saw this person can know a path
the knows he can know the path
can show the path
can indicate your path

you can in to indicate the path is missing the ads by them and mentioned by person who are a frantic with a path
a to show the path
to cat to what
person's attitude
person the attitude of the person person for a acquainted with a path
showing join
his whole right in for revelation in his day i look at this point look at this point
he had finally needs a teacher who eighth acquainted with the path not be with understanding not be a nun not be acquainted with the complete understanding of a certain idea of neo
nathan oil recent centralism or some scientists
look at the person or persons that the he like on the personal with a pet friendly
he all packed in for showing the meeting involved in pool
this is kit
will not teach teacher doesn't teach you anything at all that's all right
he doesn't follow it
look at me
i'm listening to the advance mentioned by him
ah to know the path
you know that
if to understand it is too
the is to know
ha ha
ah offer you i
he ordered to in order to
a certain i hear the idea of all the fence for all
person that prison fly for a a cringe the way the path
before the person a teacher
speaks on something from that fed to all the human life
what explains are some aspect of buddhism
hopefully your mind and listen to the open your i and
make every possible effort to accept the ad man mentioned by kim
the to understand clear
so me
he come to me a gods and men here at all
i am he would indicate to the path who showed the path as knowing the part being acquainted with a pop
if you follow the path of your own life in that way
you are prison for a
all knowing all the
i'm sure you will leave this level
you are all see you are all noise
you are g you are you who are acquainted with for path
you can know who can't know the path
can show the path
can indicate path
if you explain about it
he turns all
brightcove you find lots of the
philosophical viewpoint holistic viewpoint
that no park
the it make you confused
because i have to explain what nothing that was dumb i thought the substance of the my is faith on times fee or something even it and the prompted some egoism one
if you're trying to put it for the into practice read you need to
simple then simple
the candidates on the i knew whether the an fan or not
the emperor is full of our
i only mentioned coming out anyway and up
it's moment you for that okay
and handing up

thinking the cathar have for a lot of tone
today the we have the the pdf me
how to handle outlined product for actually it's quite hot
one was too funny
had no trouble
have known from with in fact simple family and each family has
the several children
prison is
you know god
the new you leave your question did you are to one contingent one adams
so the summer day that the jury way strong too strict
you know cause children to team must be free
the me
i don't understand what me freedom you up to now i'm sorry for cutting you but i don't be funny
and can he explain what people
but i know what i can no a
as to the as to feel
just have fun
we are you the prevalence a that off
so maybe the children is side many difficult for children to follow the a certain move
of course i am the fan
but if you ignore if you ignore the to decide
you you know you will know so what will happen
children is completely free
wandering about
what i'm why the animals
very brief the golf a maturing how emo
no man be a human be
we have to control we have to read regulate children's immune
of course there is it's not an easy to figure out what he going on the iguanas figure out equal what kind of ego wants to each each to rehab
it's nothing no but that's why even though you don't figure out what kind of for a moment by to and a half
the effort would about
must be held to a to live their viola
net to let them be a quick read the path of the lie
and the certain circumstances
the circumstances is none always ah
idea of
the human being a to leave
in variety of the condition circumstance
if you can live in tacoma man that all no plot no problem not flip but sometimes award-winning you have to come back to the city
then you will realize your mind is distracted completely then what can i do
the question of if you bring up for poets
at all i think the or whatever kind in whatever kind of situation children maybe
the effort which in doubt ah will have to help them a to rent them
get acquainted with a path of their mind which is vilified
in the in a variety on the pakistan for condition where they are we are they are
me to think so
he's very important of course there are lots of real teaching extreme according to the family's real family
so i can point out how to how to teach them that up to you you have to pick them up we're to to way of helping the to is important
but what i can tell you're a to rip them
he a printed with the cause we're all right
what he is vividly over in whatever kind of circumstances they need
where be are
to realize that he added we're there yet
the government's all the carnage of the idea whether the the rupee strip or not the rule is for good and bad
or a doubt
like this rule was just like the flu
first of all we have to make every afford to live now on the children make the and your friend
realize that theology in one every situation with me
be acquainted with the path of iraq
did it
if if i didn't find it is very important
if you did fear in your life from previous house and is now vilified he is now defunct of course you feel a melancholy think there's a growing so high it is natural way you need financial situation inlet
but you should remember a life must be always vivify because right it doesn't stop even format make us dream
if you stop feeling the listing on the chair of certain tier grooming despair or pleasure balcony or idea of religion view on existentialism the idea of christian in idea of buddhism
it means your life is stuff
the order to let your life didn't buy be living fine fifty five
to be acquainted with the path of your life
counting on
family apply for me
moment afternoon
this is very simple different made him
if you expand the right time will be fine
if completed
and see something or i don't like a car-free or no thank you
i know i could find these good for do i don't like rooney and make a painted
but people are at it easy easy the for pay for human being to understand the pleasure
one dead and now for easy for human being to understand
that they are always com unconsciously all kinds of the tried to escape from the topic what
give me
all poverty
riker were like a well
but nobody nobody likes of poverty
but you have to know clearly what the poverty is
rather than well
if they
you have to know clearly
the something i need it is
war then crater
more than happy
do this you will find
no i the path of life which is vivid by
so creepy speaking emerging they often
to stand up is to never you to realize how your own life
it is vilified whatever happens
founded by the fifth of men's grooming it
by combining for the fifth come to me
listen country