July 2nd, 1971, Serial No. 00256

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seeing father night
yeah like to me
it tends to me
discuss with you
about the subject that they have spoken so far
the subject though dunbar
something dumb
making it so far
mumbai is in the it's a substance on tumblr is
the lot
or transparency
through our
loads of transparency
a man
ah cannot is key
the feeling of uneasiness uncomfortable and comfortableness
from this point in
i think it pounds that that is a question
hey how can we do you know a daily life
i saw soccer mean who says we have to live we have to follow our lives
are based on ego lessons
otherwise up to you are
and see into the tube
the truth is dumb
the think you will have a question about the subject
for of seeing father who like to discuss like to add toasted wisconsin classified
yeah well question
in time
ha ha ha
soothing reality
i didn't my think the same thing
the seeing seeing into the reality
it is a feeling into
state or they on file
a on voice in role in this war say nothing
they even a allergy and say that you use the word reality what in reality
the think the
in terms of as i
the attitude is not there is not right guy
something came from to think like a piece of cake
yeah the or would he would you can would you want to invisible
which can be individually which can be visible
the vip you turn you can see a
something can be like something very thin
when things like a piece of paper
but in in terms of buddhist i am only reality has
very deep
pick really thick
can you understand this is feeling
hope anyway what do you think about know the army but you can see
he tried to ask yourself
this the reality is very
the they fit like car
father mum unfathomable depths for rossi
this is the id now on the did nothing with to be said them all in human life
life is not to frighten some something like the the something we feel like a piece of paper
a lifetime thing
i'm father the depth of like of was
when you are one night
i carry you are

the thing the
who you are right to your life
i think
you have one stood
oh well
at least
the people food
are interested in doing rather tough
kind person very
ave considerate thoughtful compassionate to
now on the usl not on the other snap on me
eh you're killing not only your child knowing your brother and sister
a also
even small insects
even small dust
right to dust
all students
who are
about to do doesn't in qatar
i believe
are very considerate compressor meant
to themselves
to penn to their friends
we're getting to their brother and sister and two orphans
you take them
if i was if i want fight to if we was about to kill them fly or comfort there or don't kill
think you're very kind nor may consider
thoughtful compassionate was incomplete agreed on
why didn't you are set to come coincidentally the i thought for or kind for
to yourself
real brother and sister to building and to authors me
because and flu your line
a with faithfulness with
a to format
with sincerity
i mean
you have understand yourself
so well
at least as as to the found that the what human being
he'll come behind the veil
one for me and pass a along and by a wonderful nature
every time with you
voice of was click
breathe breathe
coming from the tree
i went down when you see the beautiful mountain
the sky star
i think i think you feel

something like got a for upsurge
encouraging you to compose
so pork
which men
you're peering you
always in the fatal
a beautiful being like a poor
make a major
yeah the road were feeling you are a very easy for you
to enter into
others feeling
or nature's be fees be
yeah you cannot do you cannot do anything at all
without regard to
the other people's theme or the all sentient beings fee
the from this point
it means that
you have understood now owning the your own right
but also
you know
the all things in the life with the life of for all things you've been with resist at the same time
how you can ignore your friends your parents your rather from
sisters and your needs
mountain the neck jokes along
you want on any calls to take care of yourself i was feeling
why some stream
the mountains
the move some stuff
i think you i with green to your i have the understanding of line your understanding of your eyes
something more than
just understanding yourself
i'm also
like all all teaching me
it means
understanding of life the
hey do
like can be unfathomable depths of was
from this point what the reality
the vip is not the click the not merely the prince were you yourself exist to pick them
this be either is left the small more prince charles place now know
not how they know
santa fe
where you yourself you just you yourself exist
the oddity
ben hughes
place there
you and the all sentient being simultaneously list
this is me i
young fan this point
let's find you can feel you can feel
copyright for thoughtful kind to yourself to your brother and sisters to your caring
who other children to alone
killing to others people
and also to all things you need
and then why be channeled feel bad you can feel so
and that's the your understanding of life in
like goes
it is impossible for you to be considered too awesome to be
that's why
they seem
a theme for the oddity
our complete be identified
it sounds real thing
the to
when he said
here the christian

the same

yes or no
different know
in offense yesterday
clan dnc rules and laws of privacy with me parliament to be
in a tenth live
they've not
you know what
the voices
he has no my life in years
the and course we have to alive we have to be alive this blog
to be alive in this worm is in the fence to walk i hit
whatever happens along you have been more prettier or whatever
even though you want to stop with to stop going your live
might be going on
guardians of your
whether you like or dislike
the this guy for
so i yeah you have to walk
i don't know what suggestions
my anyway you have to walk
have a to walk
mid that you ivory moving woman out the moment
that's why we have to you have to sub
that's why you have to feel some time of flip
sometimes you enjoy your life
with joy
what sometimes you have to disappear kind your life
have any cost means that your life paid moving
woman as moment think for
what as he in terms of second water
life is helping like the based on the roles of funding
that's why we have to feel
uncomfortable and the bed
this is too
it is true
mentioned before to be not something what you didn't
when you avoid
the to be you have to accept opening your eyes open if your body and mind
in the words to a something with you have to see into the depth of the i
the depth of human lie
what will you i quit your i knew with you ah when your eyes his focus on the daily lives
you realize that
dell is nothing more nothing nothing more than nothing to find the coffin an even a thought
what you and kind of thing
try to its key
so we have been use something
but what is something to suffer is not something wrong
something wrong to he is not something good something good
am i cannot put the a certain i go on top of or credit for
anything else
but what i can say what what i may be made me able to say about supper or playdoh or and saw
they are not something wrong something good
but whatever they whatever you feel the actually i think to you all of you here just the album come to you arrived he thought that's why you try to
he ordered to see into the truth
but that's okay that's something
so what i mentioned is that human being is moving forward moment as mom
but if you move if you walk
if you walk
once that my head what to since i hear
how do you work how do you work at an order to feel calm
this is point
what young words
now is now he added it is hammer
what we owe you all
he'll be hot in summer
the hat is not fun to wrong even though you hate
had he not something good you know you love love
the important point a how to you how can you feel hot and on to
he'll come
through the hat to the heat
this is point
the i've mentioned before how can you walk he honored to be ordered to heal
you go dig that like you
god the brigade
feel comfortable
why would you walk what you want like i'm drunk man
he's to feel comfortable
is to walk he wanted to feel comfortable
in your life
i think important
even though you want you take one step you take one step ahead
if you put if you put a unstable
i think it's the ultimate the yours candy the unthinkable
elise the throne and they will anthony was funding make you feel
not come
i'm come
hey if you if you want if you take of once once the by it
important point is that your foot you foot he must be stable
whatever happens
this is true
the use that your for a table
to feel comfy
to feel comfortable
i'm feeling comfortable a man to exist in peace income for a given
when to think that
what song
ah you know the
to understanding life is not merely to go ahead grimy
like going zig zag
like a drunken man
we have to walk
no that same well
i phone friday and p rest
in the other hand
one the funding of and until understanding wife is not merely
two week where
by disappear
the feeling your live by discouragement of your eye
because when for the is going on worth it
even though you to college you enjoy new the encourage what you do this car
like forty so you eat it itself a going wrong
without approval
how from this point he to understanding right to for see to put proceed we
pee we rest will
hey woman with thunderbird
one by one one they
do will want them
and this is to understanding of condoms plenty
so am
the yeah maybe something
like a fool would be made permanent family anything
as taxi
and i said yes
this is
the tongue palate
tranquility and peace and rest
why do you are walking while you're walking a hit
but the or key
to stand up to walk with from grading with peace and we're rest is not to stop
to live your life to stop going ahead
your life must be going on
know what you likely the new york what the line
it going i a
to be fun
to be in the state or movement and wrong
that's why you feel on top
why do you feel uncomfortable he must be stable or fun
hey that's why i said yes the weren't yet know any now
he can think of
i think the
not going wrong i did and i always believe in you may go
the however what encouraging your i'll be going on know
the every time every moment
nothing your eyes moving like that
you must be of
one for a peaceful man
wiki best to plan that will be completely
which is not
what gives not completely
towards to away by
the attraction
awkward absence
young wrote uncomfortable we aren't even as something and thought pleasure or and find any kind of bread
right in the middle of your theme
add any more than than the it must be from waiting and key
what the exist
what is not what did not
any kind of awkward
this is a tooth of funding
wholesome content this is to understanding of fun
when you say wouldn't you say funding the a it is too
nothing permanent
when you say it is not
time they didn't exist constant permanently
the men
you have to feel uncomfortable every moment
coffee on i've been going on
nevertheless in the memo com wanted
there must be
from for it
we keep this always wanted
what do not
by any kind of
he cannot get men i cannot die x men so well about it
that's all that's all what that's all that they can tell you i can't explain what the character of london
but this constantly which exist in palm
that's why it's a movement and says at first of all see and to to have fun
which doesn't make
which doesn't you know men
what fat
what does not have missed the guy gear
what this
the them so dry
if you want to see into the tool
you said we call posture and fit into it
first ball see into the true
who also
it is cold
you wanna bes cold night
is called moviemaker it's code in ninety one
hope for you and
understand why
the the matter with tell you
don't want
think and least
at least why you are sitting
what effort must be focused on
hunting into doing that then
right after the then reminded me that's okay
nah that's okay
can't you see it cannot be helped
that's why you should accept the muslim rights
don't know why you're saying
that said well
whooping spirit
an m
it was for year
he can and spend whatever
what the truth of what pregnancies
hank then mm
i will explain
how does it
when you find
the people to set
with bad person
to some ways tent
god is
read patient patients
he explained how thin
please bring you back
your mom for the ahead
numerous if you don
accept them
no he must have been completely
how me for
than double


have you will learn don't understand
the truth of time nancy
to what the to it
oh you have to be s
to do that then
according to these fashion
as long as you said
whenever coffee

and so long

how could you please accept them
feeding your by
it doesn't men know the
please accept the team of misery and at the same time make every effort to keep you off
the point
the time and seeing the word in the memo the privacy
i think it is to and sorry for you but like be help you have to accept
you have to accept feeling of result of music
that's okay
and one hand he doesn't mean to ignore
the treatment
have you read
give three men to your
how to treat or to give for treatment
to your to the to be affected
part of your leg
yeah there must be you must be something with to can something rear
you can leave
tell me with for the way
easiness be comfortable
he ordered to put the comfortable as into practice in your daily life how can you do pouch
the think getting nothing to do for you to dream to take good care of the affected part of the up
he said
he know
do you always uncountable office
understanding the idea of uncomfortable
you know
and things it seems to be something with you have to
asking why a boy
check or money would says green the into
the to go to thaw uncomfortable
based on fun
there is nothing would you put the certain right here
on it the uncle
when the rooms and can create something what you have to accept you can escape
but you run consciously or unconsciously five thing
that's the pop
but don't then you accept these not that to fill up
come one
what's m p the for you
very comfortable
hey you should then he tried to consider
how can you to kill off you know how can you take give up your affected the affected part of your life completely concretely not idealistic
he points
whoa to come money wanna the
you tell you you just
see into the truth of and com bonus
here's a look first
what are you
when it's nothing to attached to a something my year with code uncomfortable
so woman of moment
you have
two once accept the feeling of uncomfortable as
concretely concretely
take good care of affected part of your way
he means to work
the we live a peaceful mean the passage of your work
what with
when the other hand
the nice piece with for feeling

will it be a question
read your question
while pm

i'm comfortable
hit the

now listen
you know when
the different
get sick



yes are strictly speaking rave happy
he practices to kind yourself
two kindly selfie the simultaneously to kind to others who otherwise to kind yourself been month
but fifty thinking and any cause we have to kind you have to be kind yourself
one foot
women to revamp
if you if you think of that firewall is sort of funny anymore
the fight to team room it
he won't do
what they asked him to bob
hey igor is not there is not something wrong and he going to know something good
so i can point out that the evil evil
hmm we were in something were to make you worse and worse
the ego a eagle ridge your i russell road
i think in the evil
what's you the idea of ego with you
i'm going to three all kinds of the try to include
then the was i'm going to say all constancy will try to distance
the ceo is to
good luck
but through through which you see into the line
how can you live
making that the other day that to life is just to live
in korea he wrote including the rural nature
when truthfully a true less bedford

mean know
pretty difficult to understand
the fantasy
he will just understand the with in dreadfully mean that
said to her
do i explain how to understand and get through

he can't you can he cannot feel
what the how do you feel
or that feeling
while others people's feeling
how can you understand
the roads
know they all seem to needs me
are you are
me how would it be possible for you to step over a records me
the in from the insect will fight with your foot
when he passed some for you
some time
have some time and some time
the find a good to understand the time
about that
in some parents you know it won't be password to step over the evening
with your step move your foot you can't kill it kill it
now do you feel our crew feel how could you give up
your countries he feels something not do it
you that

to understand to understand plans

right been about the on
will sometimes you feel on
are you can you do
he will go you feel or not even even though you don't feel it
sometimes you feel that
please keep going

he will
he said he's been talk and review

some of them
i was anything
the wrong
and so on fire
the human contact
when you see the buddhism whatever kind of religion
he turns out for human cargo
in terms of their social for council for
due to my life
you can say anything about ten tenure and thing about booty
who is now so far ideas
kristen have sort of idea
what did you feel
i'm finding the top
what he might not look at you need to know
like too much
the expect

well i too much
what do you think what to think about me
the way of life according to their
the buddha's want to defensive invaded
we have some different idea

the think be
check on my buddha
if you read the all the be home to the sutra
oh argument i got them
the second photo
that tell the people
the very concrete assets
in like how to do how to keep
how to deal
hey concrete
so i would like in once again i will like to explain
you know the me
he as concrete as i can
he said all
sancho or they grow in assets
it's important for me

the think the
when the bullets flew
but transmitted
a farming you to china to japan
think the worried me
the many school for the stream and many would school and being amadeu
on the pc sound was peaceful
very difficult and buddhist philosophy like a table
a good ten die
like car
the abdomen courses
key to avoiding psychology
not if it's a human mind
he said
but the in the buddha's life
he tried to explain they completely
how to handle
commonly out you have appeared on life
it seemed very simple very simple
oh boy is the sir
one of our blackman
student as the second many buddha
i would like to get new banner
i'm all right to get the attain nirvana
hmm your to your advantage
how will learn what's the new one i you
who your voice
it means please
speak something about new one
the honored in order to let me again the nearby
second one important said
you try to
be a man who a
i left
and faithful
listen to
my abdomen
and run to move up
that's all
hey you
you try to be a man who is
allow enough
otherwise was what what
very concrete it's price more human life
new why is not something something which exists far away in a bomb or month
will fifth
she'll become a man who is rock
an act
and listen to my abdomen
you will learn what nearby
how concrete
this is been