July 24th, 1971, Serial No. 00262

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the when i was
you monastery
he was fairly glad to see a one on famous same master named as she won't the roissy
i had to compete me no ideal for buddhism
or no idea of the buddhist practice media of doesn't
hmm because my master didn't take anything female want
does the show demonstration thousand winter twice maybe twice
you die he taught me he taught me how to use that all your key how to set out to where the cromwell that's all
no idea how how important as it was he didn't teach me
ah that time i met several famous same master
but that's what was she let me are to open my eyes
as appeased why the eyes for the i all the buddhist practice how important the buddhist does he is
when he gave a lecture or condescending
so i
i have for i had to no ideal or how important doesn't was and died i didn't do i get him out for any knowledge of for the rod goal aspect of our practice
ah the smoke was you put the emphasis on
they how important doesn't itself was according to of kind of thing in that's all
then when you she said the he was a dozen nothing is characteristic of was a thing future all for book the future as the buddhists bonus one where you sit doesn't you become buddha
i was survey surprise and killing def point wow
so but i didn't know i didn't know our i did allowed by any naughty a right good point of how important as it was
i just i i heard does this point when you said you become buddha
was so very busy ah the taking kill off for my response baby
ah but i was always watching for them they every chance i could get to practice law then so i sneak
sneak out
ah a sneak out the out of the temple after me
after the everybody sleep
do we are we had their the very funny
the by us
z which
it was not necessary to to attend the doesn't and the service
ah you are a if you have
i look if you are the petition
rape or waiter
the boys are taking care of guest or people what people say he has to oracle's time he has to spend on countless times have taken care of by visitors
so actually it didn't have enough time to a ten dollars as and service
but we had the in a gym honesty the they've funny bias and if not necessary to got van to go to the service if you have a certain condition ah which you are taking care off by visitors or in
kim il
because they are very busy
but they always so what every chance to put that are then and service some people call me and you are crazy
ah but they
the statement
the as had you want the noise he said that the if you think that then you become buddha
ah impelled me impelled me to go to thousand to go to the service and it couldn't be helped me
by anyway as smoke rise you are left me to open my eyes what human being or what product says what zazi is
ah in after the age monastery i went to law college that time i met their hey different type of their master named circulation
ah here she was paid did me
odd different type very different type from my smoke rising he didn't have by his own temples he always took a trip to teach the then to how was sixteen or to give lectures now all years
he never stay at the his own whole house
the she had daughter he had the he told the doesn't die he taught ah
he gave a lessened as give lessons by in doesn't and commonwealth university
that time i met the circulation the he office using the very interesting stories
but has small voice he didn't use the way interesting story he say he was very strict he was very estate according to just the just the tokens than just the principle of dog in life completely seen
so the students i never laughed why he gave lectures because his talk his top was gay or straight face ears
dorgan d-n j says
yeah epic

to study the boonies them is to studies or sell

wow oh when i talk when i speak using the dog in the statement you are laugh but the when smoke or use this same statement who nobody's love
now komodo universities hockey i see our
very different type
he used survey interesting stories of the people always soft
but i didn't understand exactly you what the why he has to suck key he asked to he had to use said to funny stories
i didn't understand completely
one day
he used said funny story i
when he
i explained the first chapter on the monkey determined by dogan
ah the first chapter did
i think it says i don't remember exactly but content of third the first chapter is that among the everyday a but bow bow to the buddhist catches and his his room
the dog is according to the dog is real practice
the as he said to day one of four chapters of don't show borgen doi
we we shouldn't with it is not necessary to use
the taunting sutra
ah invocation of the buddhist name desktop doesn't want that's ha
ah but the the in this chapter of the monkey day one of the monks
monks the monks may
enthusiastic on paying homage to the buddha statue
ha i don't remember exactly the need a day completely but there i ended there in this story i think the buddhist had to turn into the snake or sneak
ah it's means it's not necessary to to to be enthusiastic of paying homage excessively
the a circular she explained this point at that time he used the vase and interesting stories
sometimes said the that this they must use the the story
ah men by himself reich affections sometimes he caught in the some stories from the famous book
but they never laughed he he he was a seem very serious but students laughed
i don't know exactly the the story i would tell you
appointing formed the with withered day was caught it from the famous book wire
it was made by the they master himself i don't know exactly anyway he said it says
the in
ah a buddhist federal ah
had a great chance
ah to
ah to have a great present
the in he our excuse me a day a bullets fell was given
ah by one of his friends
ah as a peasant
the they goods instant in a incense incense stick his in stick with do with smells very good
he is his way i see seniors a buddhist our followers so he thought i wanted i want to offer this instance to the buena buena
that he went to the temp his own temple
and to
and he lied light incense stick an offer the incense stick incense to the buddha
them for a why he stayed there and he was he enjoyed very much ah they testing testing but smell
sitting there in front of the border
that time he found the the he found the smoking rising up
not strictly in smoke the is going there to the right onto the left now all directions you sometimes some pounds smoke is rising up strictly
then at that time he found funny scene
the because the smoke smoke is going to there
there are many body fat was so many the our hearts they would jar enshrined in the temple by the buddhist country night
you know there are many body fat with sinatra hearts in us enshrined in temporary it just leaning center the second when you bought us in is enshrined the in he offered his in stick the second money border
not to the bodies had was not to dollar has
but smoke is going to our heart than the body fat with wow it's now my is not my idea
it's not my day i wanted to offer the second weren't just check money bro please stay
but smoking for always guy on the body sad person not
they he'll return to he returned to his home
and get to the horse
and come back to the come back to the temple and
then he puts it out pipe to the pool know
the fig

because he didn't want to he didn't want to give what the he didn't want to share the smoke to go smoke of gotham out the body fat for now hadn't he wanted to give a just the the had cut the second william bullet for he stuck in the pipe me to his nose

this is very interesting
so the other day i mentioned even though you believe in buddha
the existence of buddha in this world
the buddha is not always staying
they're staying are the buddha himself sometimes a buddhist exist were exist in front of you with a sort of must have a devil snake or sometimes one of our norm mask no mask to you know the new mascot
funny pray
but the you yourself are very serious i dreamed a dream buddhism i believe the then it's way that
you believe for the buddha himself
so you always have the answers
the actually you don't want here know why sure
any kind of body fat for the war era hot
the you day one of four people who believe in christianity he said oh i don't want to kiss share
the one of were asked to worry and to you
the bereaved may just the for buddhist view you get up
it's now bruno he needs not outboard
i if you believe a if you believe buddha like this buddha is the buddha with the when you mask must come a devil
so you should you should be very careful
you should be very careful
ah before you are aware of itself
your buddha the buddha flew for you believe
gradually turn into the mask of the devils you
wait you all will off while deceased devil mask for devil it's too late already you stick in the pipe to the snow and return to the north the border north
a theme
because they're we have already day the eagles consciousness and some subconscious mind
now also this eco conscious ness is always functioning always function you wherever you do sleeping
it's tell stuff
in a sense it made me it made me sometimes kinsey written that's five buddhism says so always day you take away from your ego you
so to take your take away from evil a seems to me seems to you that the it make you make you swallow any more you
because to get away to get away from those ego
ah is simply
our to lead you to disappear you to ignore your this point the a your individual
for the individual characters
to ignore seemingly
ah but if you want to know the truth
true self as you are
and what the first war you have to have to know you have to knows so well what your mind is based on
first this is very important

then that fi did this are somewhat royce used this stories
unconsciously or kind to see the we are always a put the pie
to the buddhist knows in order to send them through those good smell without showing the without hearing the ceiling it to with
bodhisattvas or are hot
my your kaiser's their six consciousnesses
a want to share you
but something doesn't want something empower you impaired you not to share good smell with body fat broken on what is what is it
then the after this day after the this discharge roy she's left her in one of our students to ask him
this question is very interesting
because circular she always gave a vain to still funny stories
ah what should looks a look like god the going out on rail
out of rain with just called buddhism
so one was students asked me how did you get to such a funny stories
how did you get set to funny stories that he said the shut up
immediately says shop
into matter no rear from way he did he get this story but do you mind is all within to stay
how did you get sunday interesting story their mouths shut up
this grey and shallow
ticket and then the circulation said the day you know the the buddha statue who this guy they believe are pay homage are with those goods isn't stay
ik is not the real schedule the buddha buddha start not real rural states is a sort of idols
a sort of i'd really sad you


because are you will find there any another i interesting relic school religion in japan soka gakkai universal well soka gakkai off for many newly religions in japan
as they've for japan was like gigs vision for religion
ah the one of religion and put emphasis on
yeah the his on his own religion how great it is your he'll believe this buddha only we should follow you should follow their soka gakkai that's all
if you believe them worries and we have to go to the hill
don't leave skin tone for a ports to the damn buddhism don't apply to the the another school of buddhism if you're brave only one this our religion
they have that the the students are may have i was glad to hear the soggy noises saying my example
because this example is completely ah
in know there
ah going to say are
crit call
critical and
a seemingly the godfrey
or in or
and they're effective to the point
in on
what can really to guess what the true religion yes
if you believe the boat are you have to believe the true board and not idle not liable if you believe if you pay homage to this cut you are buddha you have to you shouldn't pay you shouldn't body
the statue of the border
school idol
we have to pay homage true true buddha
the people who believe for a new religion always stressed
on how great
their own religion religion is
it looks like our it looks like a pudding the putting the pipe to the snow voters know see you he ordered to send this good smell without shelling the two bodies aren't were an art
and then the students who listened to this example was vadera grad to hear that after victory he was he said to does so oculus how wonderful your lecture is you
because many day he found them he found many rarely do for which the put the emphasis on the how great
only he's really doing years
your critical creative criticizes great great wonderful talk
so that time we sat down
it seems to me that you are always looking at the are always looking at those something through your telescope
looking at the far distance something in the far distance through your through the periscope
i didn't tell you anything at all
why don't you look at something they're not in the far distance why don't you are looking at yourself
throwing away the telescope
you know
this is fay important you
he doesn't he doesn't want to he doesn't want to tell you he doesn't want to tell you how great dozen years how great worries me is even though you feel in that way buddhism is wonderful
they you said or your talk is very good because the all be human being in our day must run worries me
it looks like a you look at the something in faraway through through the telescope
the white tee hee them muslim why don't you throw away this telescope and look at yourself
what sometimes he their one of students as go how did you get sunday interesting story sharp the time

important point is a dozen is the buddhism is but me never to look at
look at yourself carefree
without escaping it without attaching to it
this is practice this is practice
peanut says it's pretty hard to explain how much you had to the border
how much you shouldn't do you shouldn't cut to the buddhism
i can't explain how much
but a all first important point is not matter of discussion how much you had to buddhism or how much you shouldn't touch to buddhism
if you if you seek for how much i should touch to it or i shouldn't add to it it looks like it seems to me that you always looking at something in far distance
through the telescope
so first of all throwing away telescope and look at yourself in order to cut to sell throwing away the telescope
ah you have to know you have to know yourself you have to new yourself
then one for some aspect of buddhist philosophy says a human being the live human life and the word are based on the emptiness but you don't understand so well then the buddhism analyze
light phenomena of human life in the world this is buddhist psychology as mentioned behind and lake
the seventh consciousness name the manners crisis
ah a's the eagle crisis eagle crisis
what is functioning always without ceasing even for a moment
ah through your practice know your life experience you have to know how to work yourself and nor solar know what the manners what the several of consciousness he is
i can't explain i can explain a cannot show this is manners conscious with to have i can't
individual must to get taste of it what it is


or if you understand if we understand the manners so well manas consciousness so well or what is the
our which is the root of the sixth sense consciousnesses
so in a says sometimes it make you make your passive making this college
i'm sorry for you but the everybody has
this strong
ah eco conscious
the anyway you have to know
if you want to know if you want to approach
as close as you can
ah the truth goal of the truth he have to know this
ah but this the eco conscious is not the doesn't have any substantial quantity
what good
ah what do would ah
what jordan ah
i'll make you make your plan and effort for improvement
all progress
or this consciousness is sonal for some kinds of mind which is always functioning in the bottom of your mind
it has it as malu more new a neutral nature of morality
by if you handle this if you handled this carelessly
it's come it's immediately makes appearance in your daily life whatever you do
ah with prater with sat with the feeling of sadness with feeling of pleasure
but i have a kind of feeding you have
sometimes you see you want to you want you what you want to call him
pat turned but the head of the self conscious must have crisis
oh wait you are when you are satisfied
the success
our with yourself
our way the second so waiters
success with a success
of your business of your work or we'll practice
as much as possible his seventh consciousness monarch conscious must be must be state must stay
tranquillity you still the bottom move their mind
without this came away kim you lady it excessively
ah she'll watch carefully what has happened
then you have to or make the six consciousnesses
ah still
as long as you can
if you're six consciousnesses
ah still
you can handle the seventh consciousnesses which exist
commonly in the bottom of your mind
yeah the was you can watch it carefully
without stimulating it
for this
i think it is not necessary to have but excessive
the stimulation
but to
to those six consciousnesses
yeah no mercy and it's not this is said to have excessive patient hesitation
even though in doesn't if you have excessive tenth
you will find the roots of foul trouble in your doesn't

so a
you shouldn't have been the excessive tenth
it is really necessary for asking our day
to make the fix consciousnesses are still without
accumulating down so much

in doesn't smudge is possible or pay all the functional six all six consciousnesses
but must be still without stimulating them
without kids without too much tense
the other words you should rely upon you should rely upon nothing itself
what is beyond the discrimination discrimination with a dozen is good or bad
you should rely upon her something bigger than the judgment would you what you make
you should rely upon the six consciousnesses themselves you
we surely lie upon your body himself itself

if you try to fight if you try to fight the six consciousnesses
even for a moment
it's debut in confusion of finding not to travel
ah then doesn't whatever kind of first thought
i'm running through your head
i want you to stay in calmness without case
then i said may open
i don't they pass don't
are you sure you lie upon your own six consciousnesses
what to exist which exist in the big word
six a consciousness is themselves not so to something bad and not too bad
when you would make create lots of trouble
if you are excessive passion says your passion you
if you have excessive passion
saying i don't like a like and dislike what i like
excessive passion excessive attachment excessive kids
leave you in troubles in bewilderment
are you have to the you have to add any cause to take to keep away from it fifty passion excessive tenth if his baby and then issue that you yourself lie upon just in the mango
fix consciousnesses themselves
for this just the don't they pass don't pursue
if you hear from fan from the gun small bomb or big town
the sun come up to your ears
have gone has gone to gather viana years
hey if you have a fifty passion noi fifty encouragement
it's make your water or would you called the seven consciousness is
that dirty
what's kind of bell eighth
how nice does found eve
whom sheet and the bell
you always chase after him
you always you try to unconsciously app obsessive passion i weren't to know who hit who in did that bell
a concern is very good
after daddy i want to find the fool who hid
that's okay that's okay but the and lived the ins as in
you sure you should be relax you should be relax in the domain will right in the middle of something itself
this is very important if in spain
at that time they still pay of the still state of tranquil status of fifty six kinds of businesses can see the depth all
the human mind which is called unconscious
sub conscious mind
in what situation some some point of mine is
you can see it by if you are fixed kinds of businesses are very busy confused you can see you can see the depth of the phenomenon you can see you cannot see the depth of the trees all sentient beings
the party say it is a the plant is which make you make your six consciousness is still is very important for us
because six kinds of necessary may cross relations with how conscious mind subconsciously you cannot get it you can get what some crunch of sniff of fear ah
and through the state of through the still status of six consciousness
what is functioning in appearance you can see you can see what the subconscious mind yes
you can see the depth of the human life and the world is

i don't want to i don't want to to put the emphasis on
how great breweries me
i don't think the buddha's me the best in this work
ah individual must are will have to concede again and again
the bullied me with a bullet ms bit best or not
this work
ah way you are when you compare
the buddhism with christine you say or buddhism is been better and better than the christian it's nonsense

i think buddhism is always telling as to look at yourself all with
and to look at to fell emphasis that buddhism
the emphasis that you must look to self
the seems to meet you make you make the characteristic of your personality that personal view on smaller and smaller
the more you strictly utility of the look upon a defect a point itself
and is nothing too
ah there is nothing to be viable
but what is more refers to cut to sell what to serve carefree the it seems it seems to turn to make the person i have your arms warren's war
but this is very important but innocence factor sense for the fifth ah prevent
the from development development of scientific technology
oh with such a will and tiny factor practice always a man
ah enabled meant to prevent flown in a civilization humans realization on the basis of scientific technology because you have to always watch yourself
before you research the object what they what you who you are like fifth
who who category give you can get a count came from japan
i think the
the body's mass a good point but the a good point is the i did go with the bab point
and this has been through this is true
you know the if you plucked as a few study buddhism there some aspect of buddhist philosophy says why is all always want one can can meet
ways off
but the in according to the western well one spanning is why is one always on so you have to research
that's why it's such a way of understanding make to say human severely vacant developed
can feel it as scientific technology if his way but
but different very good is identical with the
a bad point
so towards your reaction of human being it worse ah must consider again and again orleans right what is good when is bad
i don't think on the andrew weil ones handing is good
i don't think their wisdom will ones pounding is bad
it depends on you
to to how much how you how how much or how you can have you can study how you can understand the true status of human being