July 20th, 1971, Serial No. 00261

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the yeah number of
must address a shastras
can he is physicists
ah a buddhist history
a council meeting the more reason
flown india from china to japan
ah meng those
lily's pay interesting a super in chester
which belongs
which blows to or a series of
as psychological analysis
of human life and human world
is code
i'll be done more cautious shastra
those who true ah a series of by know sutra and shastra oh what we're
a compound
i became of for as for sentry in several century
the as you know full well
the after a buddhist war a buddhist death
the know law his disciples and followers
ah were completely left
in confusion what to do
ah he then after that day then they tried to have ah several conference conferences to compile sutra and shastra
are those are sort of vj pakistan buddhist sutra and shastras
then before in
a d and before eddie and term
hundred hundred and fifty c
ah any
as old food as put emphasis on
dumb that disagree or bulls life
as harvest their own school which is code hinayana buddhism
then through the buddhist teaching
are they found
what was it may ebb
ah what was
the imported ah kei all the buddha's teaching
the buddhist teaching the important point of buddhist teaching
although the find
ah in the display all
these she got as not the emptiness who are nothingness

but with her
the passing the age and yes
the the principal all yada an emptiness or nothingness
i was glad to be misunderstood by those fool put the strong emphasis on the as the principal or buddhists survive
then most he ah one century
ah in
the people who
try to correct
misunderstanding the piss poor buddhist life
set up this their own school with was called mahayana buddhism

and then after that after one century
the people for believe
in mahayana buddhism what distressed on
the profound meaning
what all would check him when you bought out what secondly buddha taught ass
ah made a compiled a number of sutra
mungo's there are a be more a cutie sutra the suit floor of the molecule three
and lotus sutra
which was compiled
mastery are one century
and after that
a day
are there are the fingers shastra which code
for god's the sanskrit name
too long in japanese
got any way compiled by the negara jonah
ah on the basis of the principle of
what am i
anyway that's okay
on the bases all the principle of buddhist philosophy
when can cause not
now that
there by bus bienville
he tried to
the phenomenon
in line
and the world
in tongue all psychological analysis starting pursue
it is cold ah be done my shastra i will agree that record your site shastra which was compiled maybe ah
for sentry to five century
the this sutra is ah
eh doubles devote
two explanation
the agency or human consciousness human consciousness
he ordered to
the phenomenon in enliven the world
because they didn't
ah satisfied themselves with the principle of
a buddhist philosophy on the basis of sunanda compiled by negara juni so much bundle ombudsman's who try to analyze the conquerors the principal or both buddhist philosophy from the basis so on
all and sanada
ten solve cycle rides go the basis
hmm this is very interesting ah one of buddhist shastra fizzes
hmm but there he said
that you will ah that it will take car eight years for you to study the i'm done more cautious shastra
eight years
because it is very complicated system
of novices st grads go analysis very confident many ah numb love for technical difficult technical word
so he ordered to master the technique called difficult technical buddhist worse
the students the buddhist the students must study first war the average done more cautious sastra
anyway the i would like to explain to start line
the in term so bob
the psychological analysis in buddhism
the the phenomenon derived from the word
is divided into
ah eight kinds of categories
the first
the five corresponding to the first says processions
what's yours side consciousness or healing consciousness smell consciousness or taste consciousness or tad consciousness though the code or five sense perceptions
no so does the six consciousness is there
conscious conscious mind what you are you to the supposed
which is called mind human mind you
this is the usual conception conception of the mind what you are usually supposed this is a six six consciousness
and also the deter to more consciousnesses
chris ponting to or unconsciously kind of conception of unconsciousness
these seventh and eighth
these sevens consciousness is called manners consciousness
ah what is rude or loot of the six consciousnesses six consciousnesses
or anyway this seventh consciousness is
the renault for the unconscious and conscious mind some kinds his mind
but you also a's root of six six consciousnesses
unlike unlike v six consciousness the seventh consciousness is always concerning without ceasing even for a moment even though during the sleepy
several kinds of mrs always constant constantly kind malfunctions
and also the seventh consciousness is sort of the
as the
so for attachment thought of attachment with
i would tears
which is curved into
these six six consciousnesses deeply
this is seventh consciousness
then those are several consciousnesses cord stefanski in japanese
the gays or to call her
several transformed consciousness which is does seven consciousness necessary
did a human being to repeat their on comic rife
this is cord guys to teach it's several consciousness as seven transformed consciousness
by anyway those seven consciousnesses
i lead human being to repeat to road them though field to all human human rife comic life

the point is port is
that we have
we have for they function on sevens consciousness
code manners consciousness which is a lot of six consciousnesses this is very interesting point
i think in the if you look alarmed the our lives
at present wherever you may go now on the the in united state your luck but also in europe even in the japan in a asian countries
a people have for the average tendance average the have a tendency that
they tried to put the stress on their own rives
our this is all right it's pretty good it's pretty good in a fence
but in the tensile for bodies that a psychological analysis
even know how however you try to put the emphasis on your own right
which is code individualism a principle of individualism
we must keep in keep in mind that even the principal individualism is based on
the conception off sub conscious mind named seminars crisis which is the root of note of the seventh kinds of nurses
carved into curved into the bottom of for human mind
what's the lead human mind to repeat that their own comic life
this is the tendency the tendency of human life in our day
now only europe but also in japan
if you go to depend you will find this point
so long this point i think it looks like the principle of the cart
i'm thinking therefore i exist
the deckard according to the card
i think that he tried to deny
the everything
he tried to the analyze the phenomenon enliven the word
with the can wither the right to doubt
then last he found the lease they exist the something what is it this is you know decent the the that's why he said i am thinking therefore before a exist you understand so
well i know even though you deny everything i don't like a buddhism don't like a christianity and unlike the day the confucius i don't like eighteen or whatever it is
you can liaise escaped from of the existence the presence of for yourself this one you know you can't
then alas you say i am thinking therefore for exist
this is pretty good in
but the in the within the principle of individualism according to their
the principal i exit i'm thinking therefore i exist there is the two concepts to conception of was some fans of a some some of cause conceptions why is why is
there must be as concepting all for eagle eagle
this an eagle
and second is
there must be the presence of
materialism materialistic viewpoint
you know

so then up to they must be the to conceptions the presence of the ego and the presence of all materialism materialistic be

according to the principal all for principal individualism
in terms of but the solo for puppies for the thing they are mentioned by the cart i'm thinking therefore i exist
all people in in in our day now only megan locking people were doubt these people are very interested in this point and am exist am thinking there for exist that's why you will you will realize that garage
is ill shoes they hit all huey head are as wish the by
the scientific technologies the civilizations of scientific technology
if you follow your life in terms of for in or the ah cause of the ideas and i'm thinking therefore i exist
ah you cannot help
finding the presence of the civilization presence of the life and the word as congress to by them
the civilization of scientific technology
this is the our live on the prints at the our our days you know

on this is pretty good the says i don't i don't mean the the say civilization the i don't mean i diffuse the presence of civilization of for scientific technology
in a sense it is very good because it in every human being to lead
our to
dear life to the alive
under better conditions in better condition

but you must keep in mind that the this the if you followed the your i feel that way i think they must be as thought off
i the stung dresses stress on
humanity along humanity along the human being is the best you
universe the human being always remain sitting with so comfortably within the humans word
for example the if you said if you'll remain sitting if you will remain sitting within the human work on me
without the opening the deal eyes
without looking without looking at another
the jewish of the human world

the human being cannot see the on themselves as they are
and grasp the how to create their own live in terms of civilization of scientific technology that's all
for indecency for if a stay if i stay the if a stay the and if i sit on the as a certain chair which is called cup again you
without looking at another chair which is called team what is called japanese which is called american which is called new war which is code you're not french why british more chinese
the carnegie doesn't understand cut the gay completely as he is
because he always remained sitting with his own care which is called category that's all you know
a through fly as if it's a was a was a concert or for frog
what key which was which was playing with himself in a small word well with scorn well
what now well will

so if they cut a gay if you want once once to see completely as he is what he is like
who have any caused opened his mind and look at the another the huge expanse of the word
yeah on earth the another word named merrigan or your option at people with the tiny sir
filipinos are vietnamese japanese
many racists
at that time he understands for well
himself as he is

so the important point is
sense it is all right it is all right to put the emphasis on the you on rife in terms of individualism this is all kate
but they you should keep in mind believes the time when you have to go out of a out on the principle of individualism
yeah the earth you have to keep away from the your own chair which is called category with discord team would just call the conceptual american the conception of dampness on ebay days

because the human being a human life and the word
are based on the conception old for seventh consciousness manners consciousness
which is are tenacious root of attachment
but teenager few route to what attachment is not something wrong in a sense eighteen able men to develop to to read to lead to their life
to lead you to lead the life
ah in comfortable can't come conditions

until human being fined
the goods of civilization of st the current the technology this is more than live more award
but everybody finds something something mrs some missing you know
fine does something missing
in his daily life
for instance in whether we use whatever kind of bar opportunity hour or day business you follow
the big questions
how we handle the crowds the relation between the humans humans

and the human relation
there are delays missing something
they even a business or stresses on how important the humanly aging is in order to accomplish his own business
now did the tech scientific not a technological side the pursue



then a what is some manners consciousness man of consciousness the manners consciousness is a photo of the mind thought of mind the in the bottom of the mind conscious mind the six mind
sick mind
what is killing at staring at that the six consciousnesses
one thing for what you for the unguarded moment
he ordered to make appearance
this is manners consciousness
attachment of the the root of attachment
the root of attachment is always telling us something staring at the six consciousnesses
the site consciousness here and consciousness or smell kinds and taste consciousness
dad consciousness our conscious mind
and also the the consciousness is what you can you can see
the does the sixth consciousnesses
those six consciousnesses always what would you call the always
eg the seventh consciousness the root of attachment
a give rise to
the continue on as its manifestation
there's sometimes the six consciousnesses the
in test the gate the seventh consciousness which is roaring
which is growing in the bottom of the mind
sometimes putting putting the the head of the several consciousness whatever you do whatever the sixth consciousnesses do
was the seventh consciousnesses scold or putting or in castigating
seventh consciousness military make appearance within the word of the phenomena based on the basis based on the six consciousnesses

but if you if you ignore if you pay no attention to the several kinds of the presence of several consciousness without doing without doing anything at all
without padding without schooling him or without the the intestine dating
without the smile without a smile to wyatt
the seventh consciousness just exist in the bottom of the mind

this is triggered this is play good
but in daily life it's pretty hard to let him to let the seventh consciousness
ha exist to still
exists still without doing anything with that doing anything without paying attention to it
it's pretty hot but there is just on the tenth under one chance the when you have tried to
devote yourself to do that then this is just one good chance you know they even good in doesn't
many do just happened but zolli is pretty good pretty good of for letting the seventh consciousness just exist in the bottom of the mind
on this is the seven consciousness the seventh consciousness of me says not to something wrong not something around
when you have my tooth know it to what my when you've moved to it we use call it with you if the instigated
any to work it is something wrong
but seventh kinds of sniffy it in itself is not something one
but it it is the it is called the it has the sort of quality characteristics which is called vocal wiki in tiny and daphne's oh boy is
hell is something there is something which a disturbed
the human airport
to approach that truth to afford the tooth
for seventh consciousness is characteristic on the quantity what can never men to prevent
from a fourteen to pointing to the to
from a being and roared of the true cactus you know

but the movie is there a viewpoint all
the morning or move
a viewpoint of morality
the it's seventh consciousness is listing listicle bar
the neutral moralities neutral moron neither good nor bad
and this has been interesting
so they even the seventh consciousness
he's beyond the judgment
beyond a conscience and conception
oh getting the it's on morality v
good and bad good and bad
it is kept listicle loot or nature neutral make
but if the minute something wrong
it would be something it will be something woods
he never man to prevent phone going ahead going ahead to was
the to practice to was walking
on the run of human life as they are
this is seventh kinds of smith and robbed of attachment

so what a kind of for prince for you fell
why isn't that a fistful of individualism principle on some fans eleven a principle of existentialism
the principle of near even when i'm there whatever kind of puppet for you follow

i think you it
it need the few in leave you in the confusion or last this is true the cisco


oh the you understand the a little bit by the money seven point of this you

he told me what he spread
i said to be like he owned it
he said
i think it's time for like survive
so am i using the sentences are using
try to attach to the energy resources
said something like
ah i think the it's pretty hard to it's failing that today what the seventh consciousness the because the police nothing bad to do for you
ah but nothing there
and to do for you but the
hooray getting case prevent getting taste of for what the seventh kinds of movies through the you experience your daily life
the because the seventh consciousness is a completely a solo the substantial sum state of consciousness you know not sublicense sub conscious mind self subconsciously
a subtle for individual for us in the range of five that the conceptual regal with you as suppose the in usually is something created by the seven six kind of memphis you
sightseeing use the yes consciousness side consciousness years kind flew north consciousness placed by smith cats consciousness in general conception of crisis might in
this is eagle but the strictly speaking the eagle conceptual vehicle
they would kick this the in the seventh consciousness
is beyond the guardsmen to their this came in beyond discriminating the it is good and bet play
it is moot or nature itself
ha excuse me yeah
what can i explain it




you think you know

ah it for the if you were the studied there
some why
western astrology
he there
enthusiastic as value for the the best things tidy you know there
k for into our a depth floor for
astrology has tried to call word
in also it it be the very difficult to with came from it that the more you study it
because you believe or how wonderful the the a sort of destiny from as monaco pursue his for your life
but the other people ten may give for from this advise you to you it's a good but you can't you can't believe
they even though you don't you understand so well
in a day you understand so well you're right way sort of confusion
because you believe you believe for the you believe for strongly vs so there's some of resistance in terms of first priority you
so actually in the fence in your mind i want to get get rid of it
but you can't
something something pursued some some pressure
from the bottom i don't know where
from the earth
something pursue their push you to to lead
to go i never to go in different direction
what you are expecting
from my what you aren't elected in and from it go
you what you are expecting you
and then you try to catch it
it is sir is already on the
it is of the function of their mind
what do you try to attach tried to attach to be preserved for priscilla for the as raji
strong read you
and actually you don't want
but is something we can pick your chris you in a great

one stay where the study of charlie
said the project
ah the
custody of the astrology is not i don't mean the study of restaurant with is not something wrong yeah
astronomer years astronomy as and it's selfies sir beyond the detachment and put them back
so if you want to study that's all right sir
but as mentioned before don't fit don demain the city on the chair
you're on the chair a sudden chair with is called astrology
with the continent you arrive and it was done to me don't remember sitting or your chair which scored you you
terrorist self
hey the should keep in mind that the the time comes when you have to forget it
the time will come day when you will must forget it you will throw away throwing them
yonder was open your eyes and look at another extra the expense huge expanse author
a human word
so them priest than moscow with studies so much then throw it away in this study for always studied for
i found them
when how much with that
the question however
and i want to know whether that
the you catch the while it was example while one of labour's some study
we want to wait for something you have that impression that he was an attachment a as you are
stay in your chair and i was asked that that feeling of detachment that power is that what a separate consciousness
rather than one on the other hand the coaches
when you said seven consciousness let them
that would have attachment and what out of that seven after he
till we have to be careful must be careful when i have to do whatever you do
you have to watch yourself carefully
toward the dog and then says for you do doesn't throw away from the good even bad
this is pretty good you
the evan seventh consciousness families consciousness of in itself is not something that not something one not something good
some peace live in a month

i live it allies the these sir another fit the have a survey huge expanse of the word where the everything is included included absorbed
in upside this is a mind i have virginia riaa is in france sanskrit on the but to me is the a storehouse stars
so you have to move away from my the attachment ms ms to open your eyes and look at the he gifts huge expanse the word where everything is absorbed
greatly in a quality in wide
even though he will even the conceptual the enlightenment even the conception of the diligence
you say i got the lied to me this enlightenment must be a thought this purpose factory in
assault by the huge expanse of the word
beyond the concept the this combination of good and bad


what does where where does one
what did one yankee
what does one pay attention to

know the i mean no
the what do
oh you have to peer teaching if to pay attention though
want to call its free i the

a minimum whatever you do when you do that then a minimum
the to johnston in minimum know

the ever mean a dozen there are many things happen for you you on the farm former for proof that handle those a minimum
okay he understand the a minimum handling the odds as a minimum is your body breathing
and then there if you
if you are
leave the function of your mind go along
on their own way
you've found the body from the poster from we are reading the wrath of things some make happens in all this reading his mouth a good and then from the viggo i feel p many thing happens
but you should handle the handle the pain on the
you're like a minimum the minimum may sir
in on the does your pastor the still breathing
that's all
or even though whatever happens good or bad was sleepy or something
don't play a patient to rot
so strictly speaking pay attention to the present the i killed the present that's all
a woman at the moment
you say when you say are you k
when you say
the of i don't like a p
that statement
ah egg the seventh consciousness
you know off
it says something
and then you say the dem master says don't escape from the pay stay with a pay okay now you say pay you feel people
but them must says stay with a p r k or wonderful
the way you say or wonderful now statement the eggs at seventh consciousness on parting with i have got the samples cases
a good preventive and
whatever you do that patrick kane

but it seems like moving around on different
now get along
the theory
somehow to
you can all
workers money
well my vision
to me
my arm
how can you want
the conception but focuses on the breathing in new jersey
ah that's all
you can turn
they say it's pretty difficult for you
him sorry to wear but there you tried to the practice more
no and you turn everybody pretty difficult
unfortunately unfortunately you now on the you but everybody out for their
very vivid function with their six consciousness saw a seventh kinds of
so he ordered to that then
i'm still
it's not easy
boy if you'll find that some difficulty you tried to r
ah concentrate on just one thing one subject concentrating on the breathing
according to the instruction k
yeah i went on to victory
i'm trying to keep your attention on said
i can't say one bed or one virtual were reading
the and feeding
i can show that more so i work
you require
yes and that seems to contradict my price i heard superiority
whether you want to control she give them a wide pasture
he said that
and the answer it got me read these
things go on the old suppression here my final call both way i don't remember to suppress

the concentration is not the sort of for some
dress suppress
is not suppress
no date and for beginner
concentration on there
having the proper price traded price show is sort of file suppress
by it's not something numpad the the concentration have the proper post years sir
the to or
they need the organs the front all fronts the function of all organs the works smooth look smooth
this is so
proper posture in doesn't physically and spate of
so it's not necessary to tell her to tell the seventh consciousness be quiet
even though you continued to say be quiet it doesn't be quiet
i think it's more set to feeding is you never the seventh consciousness to become wild running running wild
it's pre hot so important point is the your body your mind the status of their your life
they now i'm here must be still must be still

collecting the her posture
the let the brass going and coming months as it goes
natori and smooth me
so in the beginning
you think good side sort of for suppress you
that's okay a tie
it is so it is pretty good for you
try to control because you have already a sort of bias my by saying my party is my posts is right you
you don't know exactly what's right party is
you don't know exactly what's the mind is still
so you want to find gay
our composure of the mind
the right poster
we have to are correcting the the bad post your book which you have hot
one by one
huh hey

concentration missing that their eyes
that that that mean
hmm that's insane
he said
hmm ah
ah to concentrate
in their chinese medical medical well for treatment medical treatment i think the oh energy it
all nh you can form their row of dominoes
so in the in turn sold for ten years medical treatment in mind exist here not here mind exist year
so were you there for have a kindle the stick been through thick and stand up for exists
if you're mine is here he can stand them upright with the dignity
because you always pay a tizzy office reputation to your opponent with the continent
if you on your mind the existing and new bottom you just the phantom
the and was i think the real their composure compare your or stillness comes phone exist just the role of domain
not here not here
no not how think it's nonetheless said to think of it
his name is a to ignore
three out anyway

please say or even know on the when you do the of in
please take good care of you breathe
we're not marked on it
that's enough
christos person of were once your attention away from my actually is hell when i went i yeah
privately to my mind is be and it was out of to appear i'm good for a moment alone can always come competitive here where i really am
the seal is my brother agile mind is being you know
and are being or something being down here the and
can you anywhere
i was the don't beer then he
i think it's not good enough to concentrate on
he tried to more tea concentrate on her hot
it's not the your practice of concentration is not good enough
why do you are thinking while you concentrate where you think whether you think of for concentration or what is going on or your head within your head it's not to still good enough
you were oliver
the real concentration is beyond the conceptual the concentration when you are a huge surprise
in what part of your body physical body concentrating is working on walking
you can't you can't noticed
really worried about her
with known as said to be to worry about whatever happens even though you think the you have some doubt in my concentration is not good enough
the only have today's to continue to concentrate on
thousand seven
has mentioned they often the like a spinning top
can understand
observed and the something requires and effort when i write a year later something where i never asked version i think very hard and i think so
and the desire to give the here
yeah i think so but you can't get i am sorry i'm sorry for you but you can't jump over
from here to there you have to walk for yourself
even though you tried to you tried to fly with the by airplane he think he have to fears when he appraised falling down to the ground
it is some fear
okay i don't do i have a friend with original was on interesting effects involving now does it was kind of are the opposite home
so i understand accept is a has not spray know if before the economy