July 1971 talk, Serial No. 00254

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ah zen master was training
under his zen master
the he stayed and he's saying tempe his temple monastery
for several years
and practiced heart
one day
the them on this day master
when to there
deep mountain
the deb from the mountain and stay there
and practice two dozen by himself
ah making a small cottage
then and a we meet meet time meal tie
ah he went back to his temple and however meal with the monks
but one day
he's suddenly ah stopped going back to the temple to have a meal
then his master was vey concern about him but he was doing
then the same master sent the one of his disciple
to take up what he was to you
that time on the
this they master was sitting meditation at his cottage
in the this disciple ask him please go back to the temple
ah because your master nice you
they he
i went back to his temple where this my disciple
then they must at the teacher a monster as geishas must ask why didn't you why do white inch having to come a cow whip back to the temple to have muy
with all monks
that time on the this them must says
it is completely not necessary
go back to the temple to have me with the all monks because
heavenly be i haven't been
er blitt how brought some food to me from the him
so i don't need in have made with you
then this they must have a score him
and and later he
he burned his cottage
a bird
an important point is this ah monks train be hard in the depth of the mountain by himself
i think he got enlightenment
he was ah
they monks enough to deceived and some food from heaven to be
so i think he's our practice
made a good progress
if you compared
the with
ah another monks i think his practice was vega
the why they must score him and and also bird his small cottage


day when the them master score this monk
he said i didn't know i i didn't know that you have a crack of the mind crack come for mine in japanese record ski
crack of the my
through what through what the heaven being
haven't been enter and green blamed the song food for to you
the others to say what today have will be whatever there haven't been or president of united states
however whoever there
anyway to say what heaven being a bring some food to him is to say what he has old any a of the mind
watch which are which implies would comprise and the psi a sigh of laxity
that's why he's caught you
the this crock of them mind a which implies our sale like stays completely eagle a complete evil
that's why he's caught him and also burn his cottage
was we are in them monastery
the will life is but will live at the monastery
is like
it's like ocean
the which
accept completely
the water coming from
various leavers
whatever kind of never there
the ocean complete a open to accept to receive
a water coming from various new
universe i thinking at the monastery
the each verse
our lives each of us news in the big ocean
on the basis of life for us and the world's ocean is night for us in this case
the lego or line for a night for us
it follows it follows that everything was smoothly
that's find the other day i mentioned the mine is mine is a herb is my needs the earth
the earth and seem grows salt well

so all we have to do is to follow the skit schedule pogrom schedule of the monastic life as not was we are there
it in this case this monks
this month's mind was i think very serious he ordered to get the enlightenment i understand solar

but then this move when this monk a fit thought i would like to enlightenment as soon as possible
then he thought i want to practice zazen heart
because the same monastery was not serious street
so he went to the mountain
and plug to him by himself a hot
what i'm kind of resigned
he he was he was let's see she was given
through his harley practice good about
i think he had already some moves are already here is it already the eagle a sigh of eagle
i want to get the enlightenment
we following the schedule than their monastery
this is old eddie eagle

as wrote was you are in a monastery modesty they only have to do is to make an arrangement of for you over yourself how to behave how to receive yourself

because monastery is already life force all any big washing
where everything was so well
why you should wait why we we do we
go to another place and practices as in specially
in particular way

the according to buddhist teaching
this mansion very often
the whatever kind of flower they are
one rose in beautiful garden
one was at the side of roared we are normally attention to it

when you see the tiny flowers the of roared you say or poor flower
why don't you the laws went on to go at the beautiful garden where everybody adaptation to it
but where is different between two
tiny flowers inside of roared
a beautiful flower in a beautiful garden
what's the difference once indifferent from to and between two
i think even a tiny flower
which glows at the sign of roared
we're normally attention to it normally pay attention to him
has the same lie for us as the the other one
which glows and the beautiful flower
can you say can you say what to to is valuable
it's pretty difficult
from this point all averse to an agent orange was force then from this point in this respect all we have to do is to broom to let the beautiful
flower on your own blue
this is that's all that's all wherever you are painting for a big for or carnation or dahlia sound force you don't care
they knew john water tony were with whatever kind of names you have

but why do these nevertheless there is something different something difference would you can see it but you can see in actual daily life
dinis dining tony's tawny
tiny flower is tiny from
violet these violet it is impossible
the not violate imitate try to imitate try to become sound power
it's impossible
why they're different face why is there distinctions distinguish

you know the
ons never on the level what is called on level what is cause so-called life force yellow rose on the level of the earth ground
we should we should realize that many things everything's glowed smoothly
good and bad now only good
good than bad tiny flowers violet some force

then will you
when you have a sigh of sight of a lock in your mind which implies laxity
i think like d
ah lux team make you miss something miss something in your day to day life
and dot com
that something bad would you have never expected before roars will go
why is safe you are put sir
the tiny seed on the ground carelessly
the after putting the pulling the seat on the ground
if you ignore this existence or the tiny seed
without giving the water
what would be happy

poisson safe you plan the beautiful flower julie
whatever kind of flower did you try

as know julie pace right on the wound i think not naturally it goes so well
as long as the sun the moon levers the mountains the ears
disappearing from this inch word
kill it goes so well when you plant it
because julie
every children have no grounds even a your assume you airport and yourself
grows on the level so-called life for us

but why but if you after planning it
if you if you don't take care of is so well
some bats come up to ritual it
and they tried to eat them
chill they had hamster has to die
when from this note of in tucson life force
the it in terms of buddha nature in terms of the level of the ocean on earth
the avenue back even much joy as a live foods
we don't like a kid them know like a kill the bag we don't like the cure the tulip
the important point is not the whether or not you
tried to kill the back
you tried to kill the choi
before you try to think whether i should whether you should kill the bag or not you
you tried to consider again and a gale why why bags
why bad exist man dispute bill would choose it
where is fort you back when kill it
one one

if you miss something anyway backs comb
nicholas day on the idea whether you don't be like or dislike if you miss something if you miss if you're mistaking kilo of your life if you miss something which you take care of with to

box come because even a back
is a part of our life for us part of the wrong the part of the earth of you
that's why when the bug exist in front of you you say i don't like care
from this point
well his it
bank has a fort
what you live for it

when you have the luck of the mind which implies a snail laxative

something bad something that grows so quickly so fast
the garden is whether you like or dislike
so you should
remember ken and again that there are many things
there are many things there everything which the ground so well on the lamp and the same level
so so-called as the earth ground life for us
according to buddhist technology it is put on agent
now only good things
i also bad things grows older
honey i'm also in terms of life force there are no conception were banned a good and bad
but when the other hand
you should memorize you should memorize that but is bad in terms of the level of life was the polar nature on the ground but is bad good is good

because but comes from the lack of am a human mind which implies lasted
strictly speaking of all human being why
all sentient beings was in on in the beautiful word it's so cool line for us
he wanted to miss something
by and calling the life force live life was
there is something bad so called bank
which star is what to start to eat beautiful children and sound fathers and violet
oh roz

if you understand if you understand everything blows on the same levels so called buller nature's call my for us

we have to take kilo
we have to take care of the plant while you're alive so as not to not to glow not to make the something bad globe

because your life forces your life force you are you are completely life force you are completely boron age
the tulip is completely bullied
as long as you plan to chip on the ground he have to take good care of children
before and after
not time julie was not really so smoothly
we that bag
in our practice
i always mention when you put your hand
when you put when you put your hand together with when you put your palm together
there was when you do a show the shoe got sure with or highly or hotness mine for us
in august show and new body or mind
in the life force

wait in the word so gus show
the domain longer show
your life yoga show exist in the line folks
if so you have to
take care of yoga show take care of your body on mind
he arose you have to make an arrangement
for your state or mine state or body
stay longer sure he ordered to in order to make your life was so well
so-called gas show
if you miss if you ignore the able to post your gas show
the show he is i think is an a good question
because there is all because already because
a sale knocks these sign all eagle
your gusto
when you do a show why we have two why do we can show probably why do we do that them properly having the proper posture

when you do a show you have to take good care of the show with mindfulness
otherwise it is pretty easy for the attire ego aside or laxity
universe a kind of bugs
come into your suggestion come into your does in and the banks enthusiasm bugs eat your ashore in cashew must die neurons as a month stop
when his for boxes fought yours as in fort

it to say what do you have to take care of your life moment after moment is to say what you take to kill off you live
so as not to create
the bags
there a sanyo meego

the off
the clock or in crack the mind with complies
eating your life
what eat when to start to eat you alive eat your dancing into cashew
eat your bar

even though you don't like back and bow came but as long as back bug's life endure with his own life for us the bugs exist in this world to of the ideal whether you like what is law
like since two

if you want to take care of this back we have to take care of the bags
which is so as not to the hurt disturb the job violet
the live for us
a few ignore the existence of backs box come up to the to it and time to eat it

if you want to
i'll give
of compression to the back
you have to
take care of
the circumstances allow the joy lounge bags

if you take good care of jewelry sat and circumstances along the job i think bob doesn't come
if so it's not necessary to kill them by if you miss if you ignore
he existence of bags
bags come
so when you do a show where you do doesn't

you should take care of
you are body and mind in domain love a show in san
so as not to blame not to blame them
many kind of bugs to yours as into yoga show
on this is that five ten master's call him and burned his cottage
whatever kind of hard practice you fall you can file
and something good resound
were given to you will be given to you
it is there is still a a meal spies and must score him
and there was still is still a kind of for bags
which start to eat him

oh be you stand up when you stand up on the earth when you said
when this chair
i have to take care of my body and mind
the domain of this chair
the men of the world so-called care
with mindfulness
i ignore
my body the existence when my body and mind in the domain of the chair
we don't mind foolish
i think he must i must for down from
from the tear


as long as you are at the zen monastery
ah all you have to do is just follow
the schedule say monastery life
kill off good kill off
lola your body and mind and all circumstances around you
at all
mint except this attitude in life