July 15th, 1971, Serial No. 00260

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students goofing around at end, worth keeping

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this guy
ah described
something doll
the eight eight by a consciousness
odd i have eaten yeah
ah the other day
watch the presents
our in-house it what situation or what the status the human life the source of human life and for on for a human wall or like
in the hearse all a the tiana according to the psychology and bodies me
our implies
but to explanation the implies the explanation or a fossil human rights and human world
ah yellow rose
three track listing
off on a big viana
i is ah
i do too
how we should understand
the human life in the knife on him award
ah that is there a think kind of are three kinds of for me
kind of new point
ah when seeing like thin
from the that rock ah
bedrock of human life
three kinds of newport
we have listen to all i have been on as mentioned before
why is
the human the phenomena then on all phenomena
ah based on the dissolved
considered as know are designed to produce the path
by human
common life
i think are beginning the past
oh but it doesn't mean amazing or the human life on humor word
are not do to
i set themselves on a certain pattern
ah where are the human being
i will be what will be unable to move or a thing john last
our within a certain pattern
wherever you are
why can't i am japanese you are american
japanese the i ever jumped me that brought up
a club me of
a with above born of nice counter the all of you have but have brought up
a with the american background the background of american culture
well understanding in europe
i think so
so you say even though i explain what worries me is if they're all that doubt that not supported the buddhist the way of understanding i don't understand we don't understand because we have our lives have brought had been bought
in the moon was the background which is called christian
listen kid or something
for you adopt me so you are understand so well what worries me but that we are you an american soul not on the stance or well
say that
but strictly speaking even though river you are just me to one that job nouveau american
there is no different than it no amount of for discrimination the ten american or me
according to the source of human life
even americans are human be dumped me why not
even a job nigga you will be
if you were hit me i said out if your or if i do you say out
the emotion is that the tahoe the
mm know the even american even the job nice
the same emotional problem in our day saints to travel the job me of the same probably if you go to japan you want to ban over what what the japanese island
so strictly speaking you know
there is no amount of for discriminate from what kind of problem man can have or american have or japanese have



of course in our
in the nature there are many kind of bar
ha trees and shrubs grasses
e bay important point would be have to take into account a to see to see them on the are the body through ah say video you should watch
you see all thing as they are
the important point is not the motto for discussing from were wrong we're disarm com
of course it is important in a sense
going to the way off but understanding new york
in scientific way of understanding reply to our research constantly
where he cut the g com
one where you come from oh we're you come from
i'm worried me the first trip or movie
good point
right end of the art of the friends
what is called the cretan all i cut the game
as a human being without any your town adam
what would you never me
ah never mean a cat and
what's want
ah wouldn't never me move an inch of fast
the these no party

ah then
i'll wait you wait you are you ordered to research what human being is or what the world the eight
the question the research of the question is bob from bernie aren't you the present right now

that's five the in buddhism the all think she's been all these
i'll consider as the that produced by the you can fly
the in this point in this respect the karma is not something wrong
how would you usually as a paused
the comment is the were on the common aims has had not a is completely based on the more moved to a neutrality
make your own mood for it this is com

that's fine the tree the pine tree was zero whatever kind of three they are
a pine tree as a tree
ah candidate
his side was broom

because the even crime three doesn't have any particular party
what you won't be pile up
this is does take us all human being who is ah who is existing
in the in the argue of the credit

ah this is one of our one viewpoint when thing
some fine tuning our cost structure for some the structure of human life

oh soul
from this point we don't have any particular our destiny fate

even though if he says
the human being are produced by come gli cry a common cry this is this camera is completely free from our he encrypt of sense
same same her
just a destination
but just a distinction
make your gut on me too bad
come i never a man to live in deferred
consider are regarded as
home to call our

p human being what
can complete absolutely display his his on the ability appeared
the custody of a team at the ball
this is common
so you say they often american people have a bill that com
i don't i don't think so
now who doubt me
i'm thinking all day even the job with our a back combo from according to your viewpoint
thinking all work
you will find the same situation
the idea on for comments now something like that
the camera i to the idea of cover never meant to display his all ability as is this is com
when you realize you realize it
pallavi deeply

ah well
the if we don't have any
ideal all destiny or fate

a winch
our human plan for a fourth floor improvement
all progress
will be employed in vain
and humanity by humanity
what be without hope
i think this is the meaningful for destiny or fate


then how the the how can we how should we accept how should we observed the human being
are you yourself
how who exist in the the idea of the present
who are for used to produce the by your comply
without using eating a word destiny or fate
in buddhism the we used to take your word seat feet
clearly not the team is not the idea of destiny or fate
i said a from this point has seen something like of smell
we are transparent from flooring ah quantity
no kata
no shape
something like a smell but smell or good smell
at little creek
and the the you to see
if itself in itself has his own fine
ah the pumpkin bad pop metal or body to count
but defeat in worried me that have any up in function of it's all
pumpkin or metal or rally towel on you

you're all seat all feed would your produced would you have produced a think the beginning with the past english past
are in for a be stored in the big house
then defeat what a yummy
defeat when how
he worried for
the circumstances or condition your you're in it
john night the feet and stuff
bottom of the he will work with he would live in parliament for human life

please good sir
the i think the corsa horror
the britain from papa infancy the photo coal
a will
produce many thing
on whose many things from difficult

and then
are given a sort of code named pepper ha them month
then many people come here are the and worth stealing and just general to
and wherever you are the as long as you are in tough ha
you will be high
that giving something a fun song for human life
some python human life some type of for anything
the body through
then you the all or you
the human the student or worker students or guest
no allow the call with the code cathal them mosque
so each person
ah in-person a thorough
the condition
i'm for
where vitro
we offer in the to greet your
and there are many sort of conditions symptoms

the when you were dumb lot along the cause with the cold pepper ha
you try to come into contact with the way the cold
he ordered to create
you know the order to create good karma good cop

so to grow something that to eat
can eat the mail according to the rule we all from monastic monastic with
in sort of for condition

you will eight will all right
and i'm under better conditions in therapy

so strictly speaking a anyway a condition or circumstances
ah comfort
the shoot off the thief
what can be accumulated
in the bit rough of your life

so when you
oh wait you are with your my feet
ah one i wobbled
by a certain condition or with you are come into contact with the papa and say oh i don't like that

so i don't like that
he thought he thought you said i don't like that they replied to a game for me
for some way
that answer that thought
the thin blue of a solemn smell impression into a to on the bottom of human life
what's wrong
are you
a new new feet
hello new right
have fun to the car

so if you are all red
wow wandering in the world by the circumstances or conditions
i see them or feed what to called the wobbling
the fatal for a lovely life
he left behind you or unconsciously

but at the time on the other hand
the when the moment when you come into contact with the half-hour the circumstances or conditions with is called qatar

you try to
i do your best
to paint them to fake it
one urge you do your best to make the use all condition and qatar
without wobbling
the people are wrong life

one aren't you can to turn your written if you can use i even can make the use
every chance you can get
in the men or a certain circumstances or conditions

what kind of for food
these don't need it depends on
how you can
make use of your circumstances on the circumstance that unconditional along

that's why i said the circumstances and conditions i put for
the don't also see with desist
within yourself
nicole the the but in the bottom of your on your get a many can be numbered account from kind of for theme

read incredible you know
you can't you know you have arrive
how you incredible whole you have a number of see in the bottom of your mind
the because you realize the emotional problem coming up from the bottom of your mind
woman like you have are confident in ring of certain condition and circumstance

so as much as possible the our airport
most of us must focus on how we can make use all every turn to target
without without being taught the way by my offensive on condition
if you are being taught by the way by your circumstances are the conditions your life is always so lovely
the leaves know
component know so
no key

for eight months of powerful we have to make them pass to afford to make
there are you oh every tough
you can get your daily life
the time you can warp you can dream about
a thorough good team from the bottom of your mind and being married at the same time in turn
then through the impression
some food inflation inform absent thought
for the manifestation of the thief
he doesn't have found this point so dig
cause the fixer
way a warning
the following six codes listed are obligated to the key
what a warming party
the be a pass out for arm
existence in instance and produce finding new things with in iraq was one incident and then pass the out of existence google crap ponding new things and thought the thieves must be
ah woman tied because the with panel is is capable of producing
com man is incapable of producing
the towel thing
something that is offered going on
nobody can grasp
oh it with card thing as
all moment party
the second a that he must be simultaneous with via a month of thousand
you'll be but more snow falcon with you show but the more emotional problem
does the manifestation of that manifestation on bad worth no problem than through a song for smell
an impression to the bottom of your mind
so it must be simultaneous raid month is also
let moment or with you are are confronted way
a bad as a bad conditions or circumstances
what it won't be possible to bring about
but voice no phone
he said
i see the to have brought the same to through the bottom of the mind
you know try be tried to thought me it it's all crap on the month of patients with our day run
this is the second they must be simultaneous with the a manifestation of the third is that the seeds must function continuously a with the appropriate consciousness
the a functional feel always have function without season
ah for the thing must have the same more lazy
the a fanfic faces
johnny fan
ah if you have but immortal call them
you know be the same moral major
the same feat
i would he does thing a thing more the major
ah the but more no problem
a raft in the bottom of the mind as a thief
and this it
i work have
ah defeat would have the possibility
but to show the next moment with your see a certain circumstances
what it would be password to bring about the fuck
he was no fault
it looks like an effort
and every was a snowball snowball if you try to us more mobile from the top of the mounting know it's getting give duo
fifty feet between the function of the fee
the fifth the thieves can produce their month the station on the out to the necessary some ordinance code are present
so routine you'll see the what kids laughing the bottom of the mind our world be would be new whole new call
ah would throw i would have a crap wanting month especially at to the time
so i said as a while if you want a snowball
the hc of the six eat seeds must could use it on a peculiar manifestation and no other
the only bad fee but the see with discord but was no prob
the produce ah it's like crap ponting month and station which is cold but more no pop
augustine see
so many seeds number a number of counters
a fees
ah i live in the bottom of your mind
the what is the place rear of the see got left bar for
it is called are you living on
which means the a huge score have thought
so embedded will be we have any way the source of human life is been for on the foods and ah ha ha ha
what do is craft with to receive upset
even bad even good
this is the roads he would be called goes to in fighting in pancakes are added
so i mentioned before
the from the viewpoint of by mostly i have with me up
which means said huge for how
what do you have food to accept everyone
in our quality in equality
i'll put this point the human human every by in vivo can be entitled to rid themselves to let the power of veto on like for glue in there
in life
for the strictly speaking that is not know a month for the customer
are you are you are bad
but when you are the but fields of fire
you a bad spirit of when students for you are good
spirit the privacy
it's no a month for discussion with you are good for your back
the every time anywhere
these are good terms with you can show displays your own day
according to
according to the the
corporate attitude of your life how you can make you better use of every chance we can get your daily life without being passed away by death
why i'm making them
you know you felt that the father
who have the new you have to make you wanna you or your fucking fancy you all can be
far from the point
where you are could find or booty
the everybody
i must follow
he bought a fruitful of his own life
are making every pass for a point to make better use of every chance you can get
every time every chance
you can come into contact the way
we've all had a myth
at that time
ha who judge who can you put yeah you are to see to see if you are good or you are bad
then at that time
people face
after bought a plan what he teaches
our two human being
he teaches concentrate
a one and famously and every was
ah rain
one often for water
come down from girl
who gives pan all sky
the second one buddha oh well
take it one two on war
however you feel right
then and to that the chapel it must be understood that the beings who hear the law when age preached by the taliban who keep it in their memory and a
by themselves to it
do not no no no more for see more understand their on fell
but it saves same way
not bad to town those charlie for the term in part to watch time and a long road
what's the photographer know and all know all roads charlie cooper are told by the time and then by him along
no one but he knows all roles what they are how they are like what they are on what class listed and of what nature via
this is very important point but you don't understand exactly
the only the buddha on the buddha know so well how what
we'll buy
you are
this is very important
the only have to the a admit to the offered the panda
just to pump
let's mommy even though you fall down
next moment you try to make them pass for your was just fun then when know when they use condoms
who judge who died you to see if you are good spirit of to human being or but spirit on human
the good of her dad give airport
to see if really good or bad who jack

in nerves honey potter the suit rose harry potter it says
he forgot

the alarm
the liver's that the learn the leavers fro
in the n mounting creek
monkey a mounting clip
gosh the river
our big scheme
the extreme
a stream
anyway no i'm not so make a noise
sort of like that
our even though you try to the then
for wrong years
i think some of you
are proud of you or maybe a proud of yourself the go because you experience a sort of enlightenment through the you love loving
then in your mind he said over and cut in team i attained enlightenment and between like
look my attitude my life
my experience a reenactment the show a great instruction how to live in this blog
can you say you mind facebook of me
look up look at the prince for my life
but i don't think this is sir
proper well understanding who you are
what the experience of enlightenment

i think the you're young work
must be
i appreciated by
appreciated not by yourself but by adults by alex

if you ah continue to make a repast for airport to stand morning at the moment

the others
others people are think motto
such an airport
even though you
channel say much for the captivating of your experience smoother than any other kind of for any just fucked
if you continue to just continue to do your best too far
the principal your life standing upright worn out to movie
in the men of your daily life
it is natural where it's motto that the people of people were alarmed you people who exist around you pay his pet to you
to the improvement of your
personality after in quality
employment of all your practice in to of your daily life

so from that point the point use handler and for that you make
standing up right in the remember view all day night
it's not something that you can you can understand
on the buddha know so well
how are you booing
so only buena knows
you're on your all real work in living as a human being
and a human being is
must be appreciated not by yourself

but by you by the others people
other people world is pegged to you not sure
if you continue to follow you know
that's why second of
the on the booze no one no one
ah no i'm bad with paladin sorry put return in part to a town the don't was
what did the than know
and all wrong sally couture are told by the to florida and by him alone no one but he knows all was what they are how the up like what they are or what have realistic and or what
need to be
many people asked me to judge who just doesn't a useful with a running a used for
who does the a attainment to be enlightened
think no one dutch
if the be something which you can judge it is not real thing
are you think
oh which everybody wins
would get keys new coalition
a something whites other people's
i expand their own his pet
for the bottom of the heart
without before day it spread
how libraries in our word

i think this is true meaning all
if kelly's improvement or progress
to be me
if a man you made and if the wraith improvement that team mate

i think this attitude on life is too many off improvement
or elevation a division of your
the personality taxes being reported
that's why
there must be with them masters of archaeology
say always to everybody
who asked
how useful how my nothing is
he said always does it is completely no use
you all right
completely no years

if the v something that is useful if not real thing would give the useful
what's more our bodies
young things young work never man not never other people's to
a pay respect
greatly from the bottom of the heart

if you continue if you borrow your life in that way
i think you will understand
oh what a how what is important thing what is important
in then center he
we have for
we have from main road to make car
rockcastle a sort of for buddhists wrong
our wiki is given to the person who will add thirty lay old nation
nobody understands so well
but that's okay i don't care i don't care normally and this time how value for that the food is lousy
but important point is
just to file to me
make them fully is wrong
with invocation of them
i put thing i put my trust on the t picking a loopy in continues
in every stitch

you were understand what the important point st vincent

i tried to try to get there
does the dust of chrome and from the garbage can and wash it
and meet those mixes that to so view on how did you how do you feel
with tanking the bruce lee

i think you don't understand
why why why it is
why it is
to make a ruckus do with invocation of buddhist name
that's okay okay
our prince tried to continue to do that
if you follow that if you are effort focused on but the attitude of your
your own young work
birds will have to be appreciated by other people
this is true
ah elevation know
your own personality impact

you know the innocent theory from okay to get the buddhists love from the buddhist shop
that's okay it depends on you

but the innocent for the buddhist rob is right guard a crown like the crime on which the king
the we're on his head
in the ferry money or or key

the crime is the tenth merely a material
but why why is it that that crown is volume

i think the the crown has received instruction
the back of it
because it he it no more a number of a number of king
awake themselves and the key

that's fine that king pay respect to the crown when he performed his own sally
as a key

why want to leave
the king from generation to generation use the traditional crown
even though it seems to work
because there are many many number of number kings who wake themselves and the key
through the buddhist love the same to be said of the boonies love

from the buddha shakyamuni buddha to
patriarch up to now
nah bro
the people
have have have have a have hugged yeah own so a weakness

how they have the
have they have left
meaning for life
ah the human be


so whatever you do
he should keep in mind
two things
you buy a book
two valuable things
must be recognized not by yourself not bite
but by others peach
and it never aren't you will be wherever they are dumped names of men
hey great respect to the to
it is human airport
so from this point
if is speaking either conclusion
the strictly speaking everybody
are based on the source of freedom
wherever you are
what can be possible to create your own right woman up moment
for this
you must make better use of every time you will be able to get
woman afternoon without being tossed away by conditions and circumstances
try to send send to ah
ah good seat goods something good smell to the bottom of your of month
what will be a new coach

then up with ah
whatever happens
amazing day often
try to stand up
mean yoga show try to a shot with all harkness
you do that then try to doesn't them with all her
of course you don't know how by worry it is he's okay it's all don't worry about
until on human being in a row is they with respect to you try to continue to follow in your life
that being proud of yourself too much
this is
ah five
this attitude a quick and of human life
is like of like of water one essence of what
which which is open to everybody
any kind of trees grass
you can do that we ever you are
the student
clever man
you can follow that way

the chase
i've heard the title title this temple is code
a horrible
possible of medical her medical help
on second william borah is like our dot
the always give you a sort of medicine
one essence of what
please take this map

it depends on you
whether you won't take it or not

link now it's possible that possible for the doctor whether or not to take them some are you ah
the new home
look all that
if you want to the your checklist have to take
buddha already
give 'em a simple what many men co her
he tried to open your eyes
try to continue to fall in love with