If You Understand Bodhisattva Mind in a Dualistic Way

Given by Suzuki Roshi at Sokoji on Wednesday, July 28, 1965 -- (C)
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Sesshin Lecture Wednesday, July 28, 1965, 1 PM, Lecture C Sokoji, San Francisco
Source: City Center original tape. Verbatim transcript by Diana Bartle and Bill Redican (5/18/01). 1F. S. C. Northrop: 1893–1992. Professor of philosophy and jurisprudence at Yale University for 39 years. Suzuki might have been referring to his The Meeting of East and West (1946). Northrop urged humanity to be “continuously aware of the freshness and the ineffable beauty and richness of the immediately apprehended” (The Logic of the Sciences and the Humanities). *** File name: 65-07-28-C: If you understand bodhisattva-mind in dualistic way (titled by pf) (Verbatim) traffic - fixed 8-09