February 4th, 1972, Serial No. 00193

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i paint it
but to the statement don't you mate
geology or practice
that with they meet me down and eighty
i'll go get is not what
should the touch too
but what he should
he turned to
how'd you meet me
this commentator said
much to your
but station
it is very true
everything is
the manifestation of your mind
everything is it is very true
much to your back season
when he's really true that anything is manifestation of of your mind
a brief free speaking
probably you may be that
everything exist and theme may exist
ah summer sky so

but in buddhism
we're not listening anyway any
in absolute sense
everything is
created by individual
the world war is created by in vegas
what is meant created by god or by tonight
this is a different point
mobility for you create
you create kentucky
you create come from her you create the same
they interesting
but you say
but you say i am fm annoyed to think that everything is created by myself
they you as we have some down why why he said why the talking for the strong emphasis you should cut than the hot
even though you are tucked his high seriously
according to the fact that everything created by yourself
well race true that race to
like of it

but this is sir
ah this is the capitalistic
of buddhist viewpoint
where you want to see into the depths of human life this point is a
thing is created by yourself by in peace
but it's pretty hard to believe
again day amazing about the sale of your primary screen
i was not going to are going to say that the therapy of
time was king was
not helpful for your life
okay it is pretty good is it is helpful for you
but according to
home to call according to
the buddhist viewpoint
they even as timothy of
prime was screaming is a sort of recreation
i think so i think so not true
not only the therapy or for farmers screaming
you know look at look at the war around you
many kind of vanity many kinds of my philosophy medical psychology
many kinds of bar
ha disciplines so far
ah for a review
ah communism my song can see
many critics thought
whatever you say whatever you fight to be one of those
which you are it's like you're right it's pet something
help for from them
according to the realistic view point they are some recreation
this is spiritual
but the reason is very important for
if you are take away if you would take away the from you if you take
next mission away from your life you're completely crazy
you can't exist in this one
mother creation is very important
but sometimes you sit doesn't as a recreation that's i
and then then after that food take a response game for it
a dunking i don't i don't think so
you you yourself must take this a point eight
the recreating you know like a say of lovely guy authentic way on the leaves are
and for you
the body food
don't ignore the take with you refuse a leaf
igor don't ignore
hello creation
why right now
why he came and christian chris time a buddhism wherever
if you want to believe the chris germany christian he is okay if you want to believe in buddhism and is okay
but city of thieves to the fitting that according to the blueness i
even a buddhism a christian i i sort of recreation point
the chris time and burning for with buddhism once you try to believe
ah so
when you try to think for some traitor
where do we
he should keep in mind is point this is very important
hey if you read the diamond sutra that diamond sutra said that a man alive is like a pantomime panther on the cook for something something fun for fatty fatty
and forty th why
when fucking

can you read his book
can you give your life and that's something like questions
one a week
he kicked
if it is to a few if you tried to breathe
you feel it's make to cut to makes new your life you you're him that he sneered through
when she saw a tried to me to describe by a placement fees to offer amazon type of school
the amazon principle for absent of our of school
i was developed well off the tv internet and is it is also a great learned achievements on and totally is gracie
that they tried to explain compete with absolutely
how sookie that to aspect of human life why if you if you want to know the
truth tried to study the absent a supra absence of a and felt
late when complete
he tried to explain the tough guy
then render the amazon into the school came to the japan
it wasn't about because it is too theoretical
it's to philips at article
way data on is really glory of around me time worrisome
hello thought the they threatened they say to save everything is my face dream
hmm and
so you don't like this but you can escape from the other true
what through your the feats
realize this point
that's five dog and then says georgie is
yogi is not what man tried to attached but what he shipped it turned to and
ray-ban leave
communism or democracy size of a it's okay
first of all you have to return yourself me
oh and swoop
now the verse we have to settle on yourself first
the other words he had to we have to realize
ah it's perfect field of middle within yourself
horse is always waiting in this past weekend yourself
whatever you may go
as the be within yourself
name at that time when it rains
have seemingly
when it rains within the word of pasta if you
for your life
by if you seek a posture of objectified
you are always disguise
from this
the moment when it rains
because even if your thick and weighing occupies all over of pack
so you feel melancholy
my friends today
when larry men the fields namco a will like i don't like to get up mine went to sleep
harris this is the case not for a plant some sense
not for the goat of also for life itself
hi is what you yourself be turned to
if you can be turned to yourself ultimately through and smoke and settle when yourself in peace
you can come
a yourself you can handle whatever kind of five feces communism source of waiting
christianity and buddhism
smooth it
and it will help your life
why you think the pressure of objectify
pastel always make use of your life
you are always affected by passive objectified
but if you find if you'll be allies a three just waiting yourself
you are not affected by the past
you are always really
whatever happens rain rain days
same sunny sunny day
you can understand
a better what the autism is what christianity is what socialism is
by if you miss this important point
it's pretty hot
two hundred
any kind of principle even a buddhism three hot
and then must says
oh you have to the ace
does too
take care of i take care of take the best
care of your life
a like god

like on

have been mine
ah when i was
what you at third
the company
wakes are productive
ah diesel engines
ah we had one day a big pie
with together
after the party
we have the back from so
each divisions each section
had to take responsibility for showing something
so one of my favorite
ah that kind
a female pop
for young my anyway the the man the actress sort of memphis you know that daphne a couple key frame
you dead you will realize beautiful ready to refine the states but he's mad men is she conceived that the car ready
he is me
the think my life man actress
but nobody even know
things and salt in the state
he played the
one of our old fuck some japanese fuck some dancing to the pc
the dude that is showing guys signed a play on the face nobody didn't nobody even the decolonize she was
he was mad
having said he believed she was raped
then then
moment when the play was over
a stalwart for and crackling at all
the movie that play was over
then everybody the that why x a was a curious of wife who was see
in immediately some some audience see audience it that blessing move behind the state visit
he ordered to recognize who was she
with that kind of is everyone's private a ticket
the everybody notice that
hadn't noticed
the really blackheads oh hi sync
an ethical
the see i
he was the minute
everybody here that

a young the get the plane everybody please
how went for how beautiful she was
nobody gave a liquids
what he was met
but he completely shawn he completes the he tree
as a as a movie as a ready
as a female pop
that's one

oh all you have to even though
even though
a garden or of me
or healthy of a planet screaming are all was sort of fire recreation
it doesn't mean that you simply walk the presence of them
a crazy
at the recreation is you point all you have to be is to so completely free
when you try to seek wait you tried to research last school of buddhism or history or communism whatever
you have to solve
add the man who is researching his tiny body through a song
before you criticize
for peace
huh so first of all
we have to
understand he went through
our practice is not what we have to attach to
but what you have to be turn to
have to
settle for yourself rates a the first
eight your metal your on metal written word of object
detective work
this is our purpose
ha because
the practice of buddhism is not the search something objective
as mason they often are you when you tried to understand the water
maybe you are curious of what what i guess
through experience
chemical explain
it is very important to all you will realize what is it to all combination of high-quality in austin is assaulting
but it's not it's not all what you have to do
when you whatever whatever you tried to help
whatever new face
whatever you try to face water or fire
first ball must be feet must be always free from the presence of water
purpose of buddhism is to be free fraud anything objective and also of yourself first
this old do that emancipation
emancipation is not to eat more
the papers existence of all things
the most patient is to understand entirely
what fundamental
what's the fundamental fact of life or all be ah
hello was that fight was first me from the south on anything of debt
you may say
the thing is also a sort of recreation
dogging he says
if you want to learn
doesn't if we want to run the life your life is too
forget life for get life is he from be free from
right for your own
that time like the porch your life simultaneous not
gowanus of
whether you like what is that
we have a christian
ah excuse me
so ah doesn't
we should forget even the idea of idea that nothing is a sort of recreation
you forget even the idea what doesn't is true manifestation of the on each
then actually was to do all you have to be is to show to live here
yourself when you are assessing
our one my friend when you tried to solve
play as many emphasis
it's up
there is nothing left nothing to be left
behind your practice
practice always never you to return to yourself
who aren't so
this is our practice
i see


when eighteen the nice are typical idiom
score is seascape me sad i want a one while water
sting is war kind of for deeper
for viewpoints
it means
ah meals
the rate there are
for kinds of viewpoint
when you tried to see up well
men when the man
see the water
the things
that's what is
just why
when a
try to see the water
what is not what
what is like god house
when that haven't be see the water more of because
ah up
when the hungry ghost
the water
what i immediately become fire
the hungry ghost always want to think come from what
he is august testing
like a man before he is continually working in huge expense field of the desert united states
there is no such
what do i
your hands that how thirsty
when you start to seek than is what
thank you sometimes see that the because nation fearful make right before the you back what
one the best to keep the water temperature
but what maybe that is isn't
that hadn't guessed
how can we gasped when the holy ghost see the water wanna become completely fine
so what it's worth
baseball more exists here of course it is too
what actually
if there are ten prison
ten kinds of fire
the animate beings
each of them
try to have completely different viewpoint
when they see what
from this point
the lists
know what i wits
what it which has its own some stations wins it's called what
when you see the water you can eat what from your mind and that's fight he said
the preset it's not what house house he's subtract to give a bit destined distant and stichting were patched water saying the since world war water what
then last fight
like you say
this is what is his work
this is fight
can you smoke

how how could you
or how do you how do i found myself well as
the same question are you happy
one of plastic and from are you happy work
sometime i will say yes am happy maybe maybe not i am now kathy griffin
what's what
then i said i always
how to get home
hey himself what for
one nothing
he didn't be you
yeah anyone
he is the case now for me the annual oliva everybody must get the full map
in this moment one moment one if you get the real mark
you are completely defies held
you have to scream help
at the jail mark
why you are going to completely in different directions and city life
what format for months is not that it it definitely doesn't mean to pass the examination in mathematics will be kept valley
don't want it but examination
it's amazing what i can kind of examination required to death
macmurray garvin someone you know i had you could you cannot pass the some with him
in seven the time
even though you can't pass information
in the guidance of the day master
you can any time get the full marks
it's one
it's one
the practices japanese with the fact is
the a difference
back in japanese
there are many ah
cranes of by word in japanese
we've tried to express the practice
sometimes we used as she go
this was she got his victory
i've defined
define as fine as
what for plan
ah the dogging us
word choices
your is absent
h i g 's to sustain to maintain to halt keep
to sustain that absence rate as what kind of action is absent is free and defined as line as all you have to this continue on a to sustain and defined
it is format
a full month you can lieutenant get through mac the fine accident
a with insect sense
hallmark or the a find absolutes can be manifested
when tested wait you put into practice
what know
in the world
how i'll get
that means that no way
some subtle
i'm a young
that's cool with that
linger techniques
you know that
i'm here for it
yeah yeah
i am
that required


again to your thing
but the as mentioned before the practice of buddhism is not to get
ah to get a certain page said from state whatever you say he simply same key stage or a ordinary person case or communists the stage with market
faith of christian it could be shy of his to state or ballistics states whatever he said
the practice of buddhism is not to get a certain certain states because if you get the second stage for years the how wonderful christianity is how wonderful buddhism east why you are why are you
i believe how can you what it's nice
some been criticized for his you say on know pretty smooth
try to practice you try to pack
thank you can to me
your office against me
all with the days to his his idea
because you are conflicting crazy about buddhism you have you tried to keep a certain ideas how beautiful buddhism is how wonderful doesn't it is
at that time in it's means it's new you attach the a sober attach something of tots thats the to buddhism case
why it is even a scientist attaching it
you are not free run out free
okay mama complete faith you are affected affected by so idea with discord buddhism which is code for said
then a purpose of buddhism is to awaken men to written a man to be free from his apartment his tattoo
is very competent a will come from two ways what is intellectual sense
the other one is emotional sense
the attachment comes from evidence in danger
what you can see that
by the internet job
ah inside
the inside but inside the deep insights into human life with he checked her since
and also gather diluted with is
by continue the them practice because this everything
comes from emotional was sensational
such as ah
our characters
or anger ah last
all the power
over on powering over powering desires
you know so well you know full well where don't
don't attach to loving how one was on is
the i don't kill you you you believe you understand it's over i'm here i don't kill for am good
i am poor men and whitman looked i don't care you know so well but
but with you are confident and with their no money you feel that
now i will write to get them look more money
because it's inconvenience for me to meet you
it's a spoof when it was kind of students i was vague for
the sometimes i went to their silly the i went to the syria from the wiki with the com
to get something to get a broken sound
then that time i didn't have a monies
for the cock for not clean
but i have to walk
i have to walk back to my my home
i think over two miles
then i was coming so hungry
one is a steep
like the san francisco
too hot
than that can i thought well no money is they inconvenience for me
the inconvenience
besides that well as you walk as she'll get a part-time doubt than a pound at the pack term that came down doubt of bookstores
then i was in a bookstore for five days
when i was right
then i was poor him
you know so i don't care i don't care for em
how in fact i am how to i am how a woman and we'll get you know so well
but hey susan can tell you
to encourage to pads
well why don't you get part time job to get didn't get more money we ordered to let you be convinced your life
cool this a religion this is giving the which is not for a to civil completely with into the sense
it is and last this mask off
last of gold
last the last for power or fame
one day
ah the soul a few he had purpose of letting his
to up to be free from that
this is the these would deal with key
note was attachment coming from these images
if you purchase southern in for several years
you can understand you turn cut you can cut some part of some aspect of your dirty
yeah then
lease get us to