February 25th, 1972, Serial No. 00184

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hi examples many examples
shakyamuni buddha
in patriots practiced
the first a ball
i'll take
shakyamuni buddha's prompt says example
the second many buddha the compassionate father and grade teacher
practiced in the heart of the mountain at the age of nineteen
he completed attainment took the way simultaneously with the earth and all living beings at the age of thirty and practiced until she was aided the mounting a forest in a monk monastir
jerry without returning to his castle and standing aloof from the affairs of the country
he should come any buddha the compassionate father and great teacher practiced in her heart of a mountain at the age of nineteen
the in the history
it is said to community poorer
became a priest he was nineteen
if you need
the day he explains
the situation of shock new buddha
when she was about to go out of his castle
the teatro
the brave a kind of cheaper
i tried to the present
the history of shakyamuni buddha
what history off
ah famous day master
ah which all are a beautiful dramatic
even in the history of second buddha
typically when he was about to go out of
his castle
some sutra says
did the door of the castle
i didn't make noise
right right before
get up
dois of the naturals the making noise
and for god's for protect buddhism
code the horse named and data
to the mount
where he practiced
a sentences
and the that a city
a teacher
oh please
the anyway
he was not so easy
for you can succumb to buddha to get out
of his castle stowing away his decision
as a prince
why as a king in his future
and think
please nice difficult for me
need to get out how get out of my temp
because i know how for special you put conditions on
but for a community border he has some
had done
they important position
ah would be will beat up with key include

but strictly speaking not monday to come in buddha about also for everybody
to try to get out to try to dave
your com and to do something for yourself
is not so easy
i used to escape from a tuple
the different beast
when a combat he returned to return from my age monster
do my temp
one day i escaped
from my temp cause i didn't like a priest
actually actually i liked priest and i liked the appeased that's why i became feast but after coming back from a temple and nearly hit feast
the hit list
cause i must have didn't teach in our all
all day all i have to do is add to the was just clean fix a meal was to cross at all
that time mom did unfortunately
ah my temple was murdered
no so ah
building new a temple new new build new good what's called found us through found this whole
so every day two or three computers came to my temple and
cut the word
and clean the world with this ah what to call
every day
i have to cream
have to clean
the audience
because the two what three couple scatters many things or of my
had more with cream after that i have to fix the meal for them that's every day
that's theory nonsense i such
i always think why why does i've become a priest
the purpose of might have become a priest was not to serve coffee
the purpose of the become a priest was to run to tanks central to run one booties
but didn't the my teacher didn't teach anything at all
difficult for me so one day escape
the night
but strictly speaking was too late because a
before i left temple i was already nervous iran too much too nervous and they didn't i couldn't eat me
at last some i lost weight smite
but every day i have had to work at work
ah i met mental situation was very weak and fiscal situation was very week
but nevertheless i want i wanted to escape and when they midnight escape
sneaked out

without making noise
the doors was carefully
but nobody helped me to get out
i office be kept secret
dang is cute but i had to ah
cry i had to crime and not high hill not hygiene
don't not high mountain though just remove hill
i have to
crime that they will kill that the small hill and ah
walk think it take about one or two hours to get back to the next time small towns had to walk
but before crime the mountains i already exhausted it was completely exhausted and florida
then i got
at that time who was completely full moon forgive
them before during a day when i was when it was a murderous hating the pleased hitting the my teachers everything i hate the
one day i confessed my teacher and would like to give up the priest he said okay if you want
wherever you make all
everything is safe
he shouldn't the same one
i be rounded astounding everything is tape
but i didn't understand everything wherever you may go everything easy but this is very important but i didn't understand so i get up
then i felt the movement when and fell down the rod middle of the right look at the move
moon's pay bills
whenever really wise i see the moon we seek
wow that's right
wait say
even though i suffer so much more is always you know change ah beautiful well
i understand derby at that time i couldn't explain but die in anyway and less than i understand that statement made by my teacher
wherever you may go same is everything is sick ha this is point so i should sit back side back to meet
and then sneak in
but it's to it was very hard for me infinite go back because at that time was pretty exhausting
anyway not only check
for all of you
away all have you tried to get out
a city life or
when you drop when you try to leave you are on and do something
yes massa easy
but anyway cycle when nature company buddha or get out of his castle it was did
the was the at the age nineteen
and he practiced and other
said teaches
he completed a cayman of the way simultaneously with the earth and all living beings and to the age of thirty
then after that it's you know it's now after six years after practice under the us said he said it's pathetic teacher of six years
he decided to go down the mountain
ah to make his body strong
and sit under the bodhi tree
and attain night he was at the age of thirty
and here t e complete completed he completely attainment of the way simultaneously with the earth and all living beings
this is very difficult
for a buddhist
to understand fully
oh wait you
human problem
we have to
our carefree i think of it
in terms of three dimensions three categories of a dimensions
oh what is
the dimension in watch the human being exist
being exist
this is human being is in the dimension
ah excuse me a human being we are weekend we can live in the dimension of the human be
the human being
ah when you see a human problem
a in terms of on the a human dimension
the girl you theorize that there are lot from by to scold eagle eagle aesthetic word the eucharistic work

so the within on the human dimension it is really impossible to find out the clearly solution off the problem of birth and death
what everybody are confronted with
so if you want to know clearly the problem of human the birth and death
what the human being are confronted with we have to another dimensions you wants all live and b c exist now they be it is portal of dimension to including human being as
and living beats
living beings are belongs to the animals some
though one more thing says
dimension in whites not on the human being not would be living beings
the all beings exist or being a senator or been is in includes all being in cruise living being be
suggests trees rivers rocks
this on

so if you are if you tried to figure out
that clear
as solution of
human problem
we have to see it
from a different angle
a human dimension and living being dimensions one boy thinks he is all beings dimensions
the in the dimension of all be in the dimension which all being exist
it is the shoot it's a handsome the dimension in white's the not on the human being and not on the digging being but also everything says everything visible
invisible exist in hammer in peace
this is
the dimension of the all be hobbies
in destination
the force of human been right for us or legged beans or right for us all beans are known digging beans
and they all are they all exist peace in same situation
so living beings human beings non living beings and all beings exist in same and different here in the mason
this is huge expanse dimension
what everything exist peace
ah in terms of this new dimension the our problem the problem of human
the human birth and death is getting clear getting clear

in this respect animals a bird
what cats dark
what trees rocks water in rivers human beings men on a woman aboard it
all right in the same and different since he aided differentiated commission
yeah arouse all right sit all exist in equal
so in ten the story to must says guess for a major tree as damage
iraq has an edge
human being have everything as
this respect
you are completely access to and same and differentiated dimension
all i see or a equal

now what's different between what's the difference between a man human being and
living pigs
animals birds cats dot

cats even the cat even dark three one rock exist in same level
as you will be exist
but difference is that only men human being dear eyes
realize what it is through a parked car
he is sue their experience
unfortunately or cats rock
water cannot realize
in what situation they exist
strictly speaking they exist same dimension the same a differentiated dimension as human being exist it is too but a don't unfortunately can don't they can't be it on the man cannot be eyes
this is different point between the animals men
it's fine man
the all have you tried to give a great sympathy two cats in dot
trees grasses water rock

to say what
the all things all things exist in the same and differentiate and dimension is to say what we shouldn't have
any kind of isms is
we shouldn't have any kind of isn't

but actually we don't understand clearly what is this dimension in woods everything exist in equal equality
it's not easy to understand clearly with your head
so in earth this is top for the egoistic word created by human k
by human dimension human dimension is here
living will be living that dimension of living beings if and also the bottom is the dimension of all beats this poem is vain
then in this bottom of in bottom not in this the dimension everything exists in it for it
but it's not so easy to understand this barnes what is it
when is it
folsom monday buddhism's sometimes says universe universe you should know the huge word with score universe universe when you say a universe it is not proper
proper explanation on the truth it is still sort of idealistic understand universe they in chinese in tennis philosopher things it is doubt faith down human being must follow the doubt that
ruth dow dow is bay hughes and the rostow is the truth of nature or the role of nature
you can't control you can count on you must follow you must obey the truth of nature
it is called down
yeah i think in christianity is called i think god
thank god
conception got
them force lt thrace suffer many flaws by investing in oriental island
frozen for concentrate on this point what is the bottoms of the word what is the fact was
the fundamental the mist and meant to make of the dimension in watch everything existing keys in i'm in a quiet
what is what is it
they transferred tried to think of it wrong years they have that as a result in escort times top fundamental nature of time
the system
then buddhism buddhism me it is called war damage
many it's expressions many expression you can you to explain using that those many expressions words

might is
the great tools which you men
to keep away from
does the mins attachment
this meeting yesterday
touch mint
lives from

ms to have come
which tried to start
you thought wishes
that time attachment to happens

they important point is
what we have to
get complete revelation
practice of buddhism
how can you get
new revelation
is not

daddy day i mentioned
if you want to leave
if you want to live in this sword
according to ready to slice
this one rep if you want to be ready to stay in this world

now that do you are the growing up
you shouldn't be
brian myth
even though you don't understand what the fundamental nature of dimension you want everything exist in peace and harmony in a quiet what is it
damn mother says it's beyond its be an interactive fence is true
but it it doesn't mean
a more to think to consider what it is
your brain your head your spiritual life should be open to it fully
sometimes we have to think of it what it is
times throwing away and cactus plant into practical
the actual practice
so now that you are out of you are deeply the growing up
who is living in modern society
you shouldn't be a blind
if you want brand men
they are apt to ignore
the functioning of humans the your sense
and just leave leave
just believe to believe is a with
i don't know how to explain
extreme what previous
so if you have become if you are if you are the blind man
you just bleed
you don't it doesn't matter what it is
large collie was

according to the traditional way of understanding
said jazz bible says old testament says and some and argument says
and buddha says and dogan says everything has to image so you should be good each
yes sir at week beach
it is the person for become blind
but sometimes you must be blind
but it's it's not so easy to become blind man forever it continuously
because you adopt
you must be used your head
if you want to study buddhism
as a dog and then says or patriarch says or buddha says you must be egress throw away eagle and plunged into the practice actual perhaps this is important but it doesn't mean to ignore
ignored to become the growing up
two or to become a doctor
you should be adopt

the buddhism if you're in a buddhist and is culprit in nothing no idea of isn't sort of isn't
even when you tried to expand the fundamental fundamental there
the nature of the dimension in which everything existing peace harmony a white
is no idea noises then
den buddha says if you want to know the meaning of buddha nature
just see just see ripeness of time on occasion
just c l earth just see though cause or causes because causal realization of payments paid time on the occasion
this is fate interesting point just see
the it's not easy to just see
the causal relation of time and location what is time and easy
this time and locating is
appearing and disappearing in the fundamental dimensions which is going beyond in checked since can't can't buy anyway as long as you exist in this for you are alive or everything exists
just as wrong as everything exists everything is in this dimension whites appealing or disappear

ah just see this time and or cajun just see the ripeness of time on locating it's master easy because the ripeness we is rightly so when when is it
that that time is ripe or okay thing is provide it is pretty difficult when you try to kathy time with of it immediately as kick like a eve this is time this is good ripeness or may
this is ripeness of time what this is ripeness when locating is provided for me catch this man or key
it is time sarovar
sean and crock
the in the fundamental grand of time and location
they they are
just a rising
appearing or disappear and continuation of appealing or appearance and disappear that's on
you can't cut
and then also buddhists brutal says if you want to know the meaning of the buddha nature just see does see the causal relation of time and okay time is the realization in a virtual
okay thing is the intersection intersection
a kit and the occasion is the place where the time
come across
with space kids faces
this is okay so occasion is actual the function of time
so i said the human being exists destined section in in intersection
insects is this time and space hip
so the before you tried to insert a certain idea into it
does see just see the causal revision of time on the occasion
yeah the earth just see yourself as you are
the earth just see that origin all it instead of
yourself yourself so called being sourness kidding some or the social being songs being songs
in japanese would just called poor tight type
top ten type
pretty difficult to translate it
the being sourness pings the sauce of being songs just there
so i just see yourself as you are it's not so easy snazzy because always evasive
you can keep the moment way you catch you on this is i it's different i
to and now while lunch next moment that
what scientists
when it was a hit by practice was completely wonderful everything is one
right at the moment when a comeback from the aig everything was was completely worse and worse
pretty upset
so just see just seeds not non-us in what you are alive as you are
it's pretty difficult it's pretty difficult
but the the bureau phase of duncan says are many patriots says before you try to insert are certainly isn't into it
if you want to know the meaning of the poorer nature or the meaning of fundamental nature of dimension and white everything exist in peace harmony in quite there is nothing better just see to see yourself as you
you are just continuation of just segued
it's pretty difficult


then that there is some question if so just see the causal relation of the time and space what make
what what make
ripeness of time and location
bringing to come into existence what it is
chris him
what make ripeness of time and location
come into existence


the duncan says sir
only done my allies is in time arising time
the only dumb dumber is many things
many things for our rooms when the spring comes k this is dumb
yeah let's imagine
no scenery
blue flower blooms when the spring comes
the only dumb lies in time arising when spring comes dumb arising from groups keep our troops
the you can't discriminate why to to a comes first kent
the moment when time comes for our groups for our group blooming flower exist simultaneous get things this is rising
the only are only dumbo rises in time arising time arising from groups
i also no trace no trace of arising is left behind behind it what is rife our it
you see our head tried to think
in time arising from pumps what isaac
rise to dogan din said that's why no trace one rising is left behind it does the rises
arising is beyond procession and discretion
i think so i think it is true
you know
the moment when you when when you see the blue flower blooms
and you think ors two incomes get is some spacing some room to see to think but actually there at times
our time comes
the moment when from a room for a foul of blooms the simultaneous
blue wings and spring cans
arise simon tints
then next moment you think what thriving once all right
no traces of are rising is left behind it

but nevertheless there is some santa what
what is so what is what is it that no traces of arising is behind it what is i can understand
but strictly speaking
to thinking that way i don't understand what what is no trace of the arising needs left behind it is already is it is procession and decreasing and even though in and also the even did it procession
one function of the procession and decreasing
is within the arises
only writing on his hands on
you can't catch for instance you to sleep in your bed
like this why you are kind to yourself it is not true sleeping through state of sleeping
where you sleep completely you can stand
whether you are asleep or not
why you understand and answer to not is not to sleep it is not
you can live the others
you can hold you can live to the others you'd and can lift this stick
but this stick itself cannot lift itself
earth and can't lift myself by myself
so possession cannot
can't possession self discussion cannot cat discretion itself
did you understand his foot
a complete sleeping cannot
cannot cannot be caught up
complete switch sleep
just sleep in their complaints sleeping on the there that solve this is leo
real meaning real meaning of complete sleek
just stop right
fundamental nature of time is just based on just a rising
so duncan says
a rising is assuredly i didn't go with
the real reality watch time on location thus camp

because time is rising
what is arising razor right
it is arising on is arising on me
race as
so if you want to know the truth
does see cause the location of time and
the of time on location just see
ways ripeness of time and okay
then see that wouldn't be using one's intellect
the isn't he a problem
if you're using your
not a
seems the there
just sitting just just sleeping just
how does one
when because a human being want to know want to know what it is
because actually in our daily life you feel some
will also problem is vanity trumped muslim people to do something
but if you understand that deep fundamental dimension
in which the time is just icing going and coming
alvarez and a huge mentioned huge expanse of dimension recording human being you being or beings
you can understand why i have why is it that i have to feel manage
bunnies but only now day life we tried to think we tried to see ourselves just in terms of human dimension
well as you feel something in terms of your sensation he
that's province has it off
for instance
a there are lots of for example runs for example created by people
a man i the lady for has had done
have cosmetic surgeries
left nose job
war face lift
a man
rang into this woman
that time he said
the a recent or listened
cosmetic surgery has improved your appearance hundred percent

the moment as he said
give him gives him
as they eyes stare to him
without even know saying thank you
so he he had he has to feel like a two cents
oh my condition
that's his experience
the next or next day
let's imagine that he he meets another go
the normal way he meet that god
he noticed something he notices something
because this girl
it is fish clear that this girl has also cosmetic surgery
nose job facelift
but at that time he
i pretend
that he doesn't notice
whether he has she has cosmetic surgery
how wonderful it is he does month because he had a better experience
so you know it
then like immediately she said did you did you notice anything different about me

of course you know so well
and then things to fears foolish
what's my
but completely he upset you he is upset

and then the someone says
vanity prompt mass of people to have cosmetic surgeon
i think so
a caterer so it to ignore that's five to ignore his and kind
two noise and can
but at that time he tried to
and my how beautiful it is so he said recent certainly has improved your appearance hundred percent
it means what that's mean
what does it mean let's imagine your not hundred percent
cosmetic surgery is completely successful hundred percent it ms the her face was completely worse before home miserable how nice isn't she was
so she not so well so i see gave she gifts completely eyes stairs to him and walk away mediate
without even saying thank you
but she she always feels vanity
she always few it why
even though he gets a wonderful operation cosmetic operations and
the akins his car looks is complete hundred percent
why nebulous in she feels some bunny see
it is
now if you look at the human life just in terms of just human dimension you feel always vein funny
because you always ignored
they fundamental nature of dimension you weights
does time his appearance and disappearance going beyond perception while decreasing and emptiness into that's why manyara june says for safco speaking it is that's time is
based on empties you can cat but only human
sense tried to and consciously tried to catch it this is human this is human nature human play you can't get out thought you have you feel