February 25th, 1972, Serial No. 00183

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we haven't
that function
and one of the the of the internet
and might
what is what is it's function when when did that person then
what does that we think about
but what i think
than one more
they will be especially helpful for the situation
lot of time but still there's times when i think has a happy thing you have to find a solution and i just part of my home i hadn't internet
uribe has an intimate and i know what separates me from from my life but no it's
when you think

i don't mean
did you should be or
the caught up by an injector understand
it's pretty difficult
it is gary nonsense
but if you but important point is that in tech to understanding
a make you arrive make you arrive
ah what would just say i'm not make arrive
make your religious belief and so on anyway maybe to stay you can understand really just believe anyway that maybe just belief
it just grief from with
what would just say

no day excuse me

if you believe editing a primary
a slopes are sort of
current consumption
listen stack nation
was i forgot

i need it anyway in a generally speaking generally speaking the religious belief nice that that's something background something which make it for
more and more as a background
did you understand for instance m cut the game
i'm kentucky so they were you when you see me
there you know my name a yes
but if you want to the your knowing if you want to know clearly more and more
we have to know where i was barnes what education you have saw
that time the you are and stand clear
universe is such a understanding make your knowledge clear and firm
has a background this is just background
so philosophy was security are all are
a based on life
the as a background and the bank
background of human life
you understand
what i mean the same
i see happen and then i'm by
oh how pretty good spring there right there at separating and i i get it
somehow that's happened there
oh like spring
and where is
but that's okay you know because because i'm a human being in a thing whereas the instruments to be here somewhere history
career with
you are still us you mean you are still doing it for yourself
every experience that most people have
but not every but many of written that have their separate because the thinking about the explain
if the constantly thinking of that traits at the time
with be don't think that's part of our systems we have implemented
but it seems to me that i think far too much it still have to think sometimes right because human so how much should we think when she'd be think yeah i know there's not
and he lives in they should be some kind of
the information of thinking is not the same person simply a part of powerful while the the tools i mentioned before he even the thinking fighting of the human thinking is also is also what
is what
the you can we can discrimination discriminate
they the thinking is completely apart from your daily life we a pipe or perform your life
universe even procession or decreasing whatever you think that dogs are completely oh from where route mirror subject its conception or procession was thinking time we have to no clear
you have to know create
but usually thinking is
the something with you make you arrive for trouble
i don't think so at that time thinking is you are completely caught up by the thinking that time thinking always create some travels
the creator
did you read you to one conclusion to another it is now you're thinking
the thinking itself is based on just a are realizing only that's all
we have to know this basic gram of thinking or procession of decreased
but usually we think we think when you think when you can't something with
thinking this of what which means which means thinking a something a pile of from the truth
at that time you haven't always feel lonely or be
that time you have to always chase after next and next nest
but you have to know what the procession from where perception com what is perception where his decrees
what is dude and what is enlightenment that's why do him always says or now dog in the buddhist saint buddha buddha for many picture access even buddha is impermanent can pump
when you say when i say buddha
we are immediately think of for a sort of asphalt
which control everybody is not board
even the border is
the based on
fundamental nature of dimension in watch everything is exist case i'm so rising right a killing disappear
this is basic meaning of time
so we have to allege our knowledge we need this arrangement of knowledge i don't mean that you should you should plan to enter in checked your understanding if your whole life had been think so
please sometimes can create sometimes or named your know nice is procession rates decreasing
for this doesn't doesn't is to never man to sit just set in
completely fundamental nature of dimension
whether or not you understand or you are aware of it says it is to never you to sit on yourself in the fundamental nature of dimension in which everything accessed peace
he quite this is practice this is practice with to call us and
if you do that saying that way though
the total picture of your life is getting clear and clear

so the it is okay you will say when you see the flour how beautifully and it are now spring has come with that's pretty much
it is okay
it is not the dude and he's not doing what you think it is the is already have trouble
because you tried to catch it in terms of just human dimension
i don't think we have to terms we have to see it turns of including the three dimensions king human dimension a dimension of living beings all living beings all beads

i i don't know exactly i don't know exactly strictly speaking what is wrong which is bad
i am wrong or you are wrong i don't know except anyway or i have to do is to realize that many kinds of emotion coming up that's all
and also have to have to control this emotion and any cost
screaming or explaining why
then the am i ducked see emma dot i'm not been none adult baby am a duct so i am a person who advocate who is edited
who graduate graduate from cards like not kill them
so i tried to watch myself coffee
what happened why should come back
and then immediately
before i am rare off
i tried to extremes
can i say i tried to explain of myself who i am why i have sector what remorse
in order to conceal cause
the impulse of emotion weight would be what a distract distract the others feats
so right can i tried to explain roger cause may rights county
one by one one two three four five way right guy i tried to explain you ordered to conceal
conceal that lack of my lack of my personality tablets
it's it's slidell
the that's right and and says when you experience emotion rats were moist and beyond control
make your mind com think of it
one days
and try to find something
and then don't say in it then creates stay overnight
second day in the second day try to think of it again
don't express your emotions immediately
please stay overnight
ten and thirty third they tried to think of it games
something good something do you have to tell please express
this is very good tax very practical real right
so today know
even though that's logical explanation of my emotions my lies is right
you should keep in mind explanation of my love is just explanation in a word

the unconsciously or kinds of see a week fire on all of us try that try to do attempt tried to conceive perverted mind pervert of mine went to would avoid to nature
or of my myself
change so whatever you say zombie is doesn't it
zen buddhism is the case for not only the practice of the then but also for the practice of slating was standing walking was sitting or washing your face fixing a bear indicating all practice officers it is
soup but for dogging for the person who tried to what carefree more and more
you will find you will realize how great this statement mentioned by dog in is true
this is to
the attempted to stay away it's means the explanation rascally is already tried to stay away stay away from true nature truly job yourself
if you realize the true nature of yourself through and through you can explain yourself you can't
there is nothing but keeping keeping just science at all
maybe someone somewhere someone understand what you feel how you feel so you are maybe someone don't understand
it's can be helped
but important point is the our day nice smooth and through we have to watch carefully to nature of yourself
before you try to expand for you are for i am the owner to covered he ordered to conceive order to miss guys at this guy's
disguise yourself in many reasons the many
so you try to consciously or cut of
you will realize that you tried to explain yourself order to conceal your yourself in order to disguise yourself in many ways many are many reasons
this is huge
attempt to stay away from doggy indicates attempt to conceal a perverted my deceived perverted mind so strictly speaking tried to excuse or tried to make excuse or try to
extreme for you are
is already verdict mount vernon headset
i don't write that even like that too
all of the some nearly shape to hear such a face it not perverted mind you think it is not to than mine
i explain a sure what the to nature my several weeks that's all you tried to put emphasis on this point
but for dorgan and he's haunted to broaden
one may say that all activities are georgie even if one does not practice good
one of my friends one of the college student my college students
one for college students
ah fool he came at them voted and zen priest
the twenty years old
wait he was twenty years of art
their enjoyed himself to leave
he is rife in the totals
wheeling lot
ah skipping or skipping had concepts event
skipping a cop courses as them the all students must take the cause of zen which is the required subject you can take if you go to the commas you stay you have to sit yet to take a unit you can get the for
four units if you take the cause some the then that's pretty simple just sit it
two outs
and listen to the lecture
i didn't even wise embossed
but of his he skipped the cause some susan doesn't like and putting an emphasis on
all activities all my activities are zen practice
then went to see the movie when to went to the boss to can appear
singing the songs
so i think duncan dingy north so wales
so well what human being feels themselves
every time whatever they a to
one may say that all activities are georgie even if one does not practice good set to go and you would see
to be aspiration for the authentic going the seemingly seemingly today's young practice of zen voices to seek to seek
no it is it seem it seemingly a seemingly
leo practice exams
but a snap the cent

but this is like a person like a poor person's like a poor person who leaves the volume to trigger in his to father's house and is one thing about one country to another
this region eight
ah france
these the second chapter they can tap of
sit down with the legal suit
jacqueline poorly explained a poor person to ignore to ignore the traitor concealed he is neckband
crop neckband
by is true fun
and was wondering about one country to another
as a beggar

this is ah
like a poor person beats who ignore the for trader
and is wondering about when country to another
he should not throw away the trigger given by his to fun
even if his body remains safe while wandering about trading is rust fittings vast
how long you are wondering about
he knew a daily life
insisting that all my activities are completely identical with the practice of symbols
it is this is like prisons like a poor person who forget that to to trader
living living at in in your to father's house
and wondering about
four bedrooms
you can't get the tooled traders because it is that wondering about one country to another is indicates that the to trigger is already lost okay it's ms you cannot
never you can never get the to traders
concealed in your nick bad
by your to fathom
this is very important
try to consider again and again
i even though even though your body the me
hence safe while wondering about even though your body your life a seeming me safe be sick
while wondering about it looks like a good is something good
concentrating you're on your daily life so they must always please take care of your take the ice
so recently i felt you always think lot well taken care of daily life is zen buddhism
the practice of samples it is okay this is already misunderstand
if so why did you have to practice session coming to the task hot
dogging also has seemed doubt why is it i have to i have to practice to become buddha
because the everything on your own sentient being possesses that possess human a image why is it we have to practice
the same replies to our daily life
the working kitty kitty words
was seeking what's working and taking the bus
all the impact the practice of them it is true
but when you the moment when you insist on that point and eats it indicates that you lose already your own trader
something miss missing
i think not on the knock on t day our date
in a tokens lines dog in the eyes
that all buddhist
a misunderstood what buddhism was
that's why he had to say that
i will leave
one of far passages paragraph with your class or bendel lot of szabo guentzel
the deli's some question the teachings of bus the okay and kagan scores that i've been transmitted in japan to the present time ah
the ultimate of the mahayana teaching
need i mention teachings like that of the shingon sect which was transmitted personally by binary china buddha to valueless had to buy and thus hundred down from master to disciple without
centering it's expedition upon the saying the mind in itself is buddha and this very mind attains good of it teaches that the genuine enlightenment on the five buddha's is attained
in singh was sitting without going through many characters so practice
it could perhaps perhaps be termed the buddha dhamma utmost sublimity limit in night of this what are the advantages of the practice your now's peak of the
that you an advance it alone in rolling all others this is question
dogan answered this question you should know that for a buddhist
it is not a matter of debating the soup as superiority or inferiority
of one teaching or another
hey listen listen to this as a chief
the for buddhist it is not the model debating the superiority or inferiority or one teaching more another or over of choosing the depths or superficiality of the teaching that matos
all we have to know is whether the practice is authentic or not it okay whether the question is all we have to the a's a wither to realize to manifest yourself based on
on the real reality your be are it whether the practice is authentic or not
practices always alive
give you fight
not amount of discussion what is good which is bad
off the buddhist teaching
men have for fraud into the broader way drawn by grasses and frog flowers mountains and running water coding earth rocks and sand and pebbles they have grasped
complete me the buddha seal need it be said past and great worse are imprinted on all things in nature and asked you abundant yes of course
the token doesn't mason doesn't mean that mention that exploration in the word explanation of the buddhist teaching in a word is something wrong
one is okay
the burst and great words are imprinted on all things in nature can you can explain what to fears in the word
and as to abundant
dust also is enough to turn that great dumber feel
because of this the words the mind in itself is buddha ah but the moon in the water
hey whatever you say word re you say explanation of buddhist teaching in a word is the move but a movie in the war
the heart of sitting itself is attaining buddha is likewise a prefetching in a mirror infection in a meal
do not get caught up in skillful wise
i'm always getting reluctant
sometimes i am completely a truncheon by my addictive why companies
sometimes am completely attracted by my words i was
and i misunderstand for a and
this is real true
what is the old real practice with these where is the i
to i
do not get caught up in skillful are so in buddhism in know
the first states in the first stage of our heart if you want to attain enlightenment if you if you a ten confers a stage of enlightenment
it is called first stage of a lot of earhart
that time you can simmer and region coming from intellectual sense coming from interpreter sense so it is called first stage of bodies are so if you can if you can
be body sat through for explain what buddhism is what truth is what enlightenment is in the world like me
and so i think always wealth am body sad who attain just first to stay of in that maspeth
because my interpreter sense i understand well this is tooth
it can stand created
so i can't play
so whatever wherever i x however no matter how i make effort
unfortunately i kept it it it is very difficult for me to hit the right mark by anyway i know so that's why a can explain what a to is what the buddhist days
but he's to for stage were enlightened just cutting down on cutting off the
the want

which country emerges farms in total sense
my it is not a it is not the person who
what is called pura is bodies had just
kim gods like a kindergarten
kim carnes this body sandwich like a kindergartens
so it came to faith during that time you say wow games like me same master don't i don't think so
don't think that

the do not get caught up in skillful workers details please be careful
no matter how you can expand greatly using the word
now to abandon a been on ovens the practice of direct the realization of enlightenment i indicate two men that one last way buddhists and patriots have all transmitting it from
one to another
with the intention that they should become real men of the way
in the receiving
and transmitting of the buddha dhamma it is absolutely necessary to take as teacher one for his stump to with nice ization a word counting scholar will not do for that will
be like one prime brine demand reading our troop or brand meant pounds

now all students who follow the right transmission or buddhists and to are directed to the via
the clear sighted masters who has attained way and is in accord with realization and to maintain the buddha damn since this is so the spirits of the realm
pyramids of light and darkness also come to him and take refuge night on honohan as well come to seek to dumb
okay the our practice a doesn't belong to a certain school
symptoms for anybody can practice anybody
the spirit the spirit of the realms of the light and darkness it's means sort of got many gods discount darkness discount right
whoever whoever can come and practice zazen
buddha down
the even the impact on a hot as well come to seek the damn
no are include a exclude it from being taught the means for illuminating the mind
this is something unheard of in other teachings
followers on buddha should simply learn the buddha done
think in duncan's life realize
he realize that all schools of buddhism
why out of rails which is called put a teach authentic tradition of to the stage
that's why he has to
emphasis on this point this is something unheard of the other teachings doesn't it is completely absolutely fruit of practicing buddhist teaching practicing authentic tradition of both
if you read this chapter
dogging the other day i mentioned day
when you meet the master and saving his teaching that
no there is no need for
either often instance are all things
chanting sutras tempting
homage pains
pennants disappearance
all cast off
body and my in doesn't
i'm also a dog in says
of course there are at school of buddhism
i just go in schools
having implication buddhist snake with your mouse
more you know the peaked
again and again the name will border
the better
your life
makes progress
so the money's the menace
the better the menace implication many see invitation the better
they have to practice you have to have implications of birth name thousand times ten thousand times and thousand
video times
i also dug in and says it's looks like
croaking talking flock
in the spring rice fee
that's a very strict the pithy criticisms
but it is not don't misunderstand this point he's not going to criticize the existence form of since coats this this form of the symptoms disciplines
must have for people misunderstand misunderstand what the authentic tradition of buddhist teachings
if this thing at they think they think they were be born in paradise by the cheating by implication of buddha snake
in morning's practice of says and which is authentic traditional food stitching
so dogging want to put the emphasis on this point
it doesn't
you can show you can manifest to yourself in full revelation
in the form of in the form of same figure as buddha
a with three categories of your common
body mind
if your prompt is invocation of buddhist name
you can practice pura stating ways on the mohs that's five dog and and says it's looks like a coggins lock in the rice fields
whatever you say whatever you do important point is you have to do with whole body and money
using fleet
three category of your com
mouse body mind
doesn't he never you to plenty into this work
plenty into this cure the pure asked the pure as the situation of human knife in dynamic motion dynamic much
what is baby fund

the you should also know that best curry we lacked nothing of highest been writing yes all activity odd simple practice all of you are buddha buddha buddha
you should know that this guy we like nothing of highest enlightenment though we are forever endowed with it since we are unable to be in complete accord with it
we have a way of giving rise to random interactions and by chasing them and if they were real
we scramble bailey we stumble vainly on the great way kate if you miss this point
the that point is very delicate
this guy whatever you do all activity are completely identical with permit yes
it's not necessary it's not necessary to practices in
so will you go back to your home you have to take care of your right
so they must have always says
but if you miss a crucial point what the buddhist teaching aids
he often stumble vague key which means your trillion given by true file
is only lost
stunning stunning stunning
the culture of people's lounge your life kate
if basically our lives are completely based on buddha nature why is it all people human being must stand in their daily life veins
babies day-in and day-out
and also they are they deride it eames
excuse stumped
that suggests human life
that's why we need
philosophy psychology
biology or physics
what region
any other kind any other things
also the buddha
has to continue to explain what human life is


in this training you during this trip you
i have are three times of sushi
i think it is
it is great shock for you
i'm saying that sense i have to apologize three
for having said terabytes of say he
you know that
dogan didn't it
insist how important settings
same skin color
if you're translating into just sit
just sit

the second cousins they
delicate me has very delicate if you miss something
you're observing is completely find out
or you are completely tied up and cannot move even an inch
and fast you are completely crazy
this is of
it's pretty high it's not so easy to understand what does tavern is
why is it you come to here and tucked doesn't
you really this is to take you twenty p
recent trend why we have to set up to twenty people
if life is a dental practice why is it why is it we have to need to set up a problem with is called training p twice a year
it's very nonsense
why did you have to come to here and with time
why learn to take care of your daily life
if you have a time to come you feeds go back
when i got to that went to the eight modesty all monk said that to me why why did you come here i would like to practice zazen it's not necessary to come here get up get back to your template
why don't why is it you practising adjutant
it is to and is true
i can't practices as in my temple why is it i i can't tell you well you should understand it so i got a big broyles
then i felt a first something this something the ten seeds
but it can be it's too late got old in the drugs
get out and proud to set your
he said
you should it sir
ah important
it's a
ah it's a question would you have to cedar calf why is that you can hear and where's the routes of time to practice as it
a stock in den dood mason practices not that amount of criticism a month for discussing and debate
what is good which is bad
off inside san juan soto school or tendai school or cisco it doesn't matter
the practice is to manifest to yourself in for emulation right now right here and also look at just your circumstances
what does god casa
because highs already here
suitable for your tab to see it is fay complete
it's pretty hard to find such a good place
and also we have already a sort of them were nasty problem
it's now maybe it's not real my monastery that's okay to month

and is their mastic rise realise great circumstances surrounded in nature
if you miss this great off tree why is it way
when can i use supposed to find better circumstances and practice what does teach you
where you go back to your home
think a lot of you understand so well what will happen

i will right to lily
take the best care of this circumstances
where are you are already here
who is full are
try to practice buddha's teaching
whatever reason you have doesn't matter much one
first point for swore i would like to use i would like to make these circumstances or my suitable for a practice
and also this circumstances is completely suitable for manifesting yourself as you are through season
who says it
cause what and not saying i'm not saying that