February 1972 talk, Serial No. 00195

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the tofu on a bot just for couple of hours
will you can take away from the water from the coffee dehydrate what get it right not compete and then use march the talking
and tibet
many vegetables are cutting the in peace
sesame seeds in black with women
no so anything else as you like
and then you you make up that tofu ah
round make a bowl with the top
not run and will be a fact and then the huge you should ride with the oil
a dc come motoki
come on dog
it also get nervous when we come with key if the guy is a bird
in english
archivists a wild goose guy why because
and monarchies in japanese very interesting model key it's a route psych psych
come model key is not complete like looks like so gung-ho loki is a the
that's have roots like a wild goose
why because numerous restraints the
but they're always eating the based on
but even though they cannot escape from themselves as a human being and are interesting in some meat
then they tried to that
put the name
bird that's very interesting then he called they called gum murdoch
looks like wide is a day a each and they satisfied themselves
this is wild goose that it is a humorous
in a sense i would like to give for great sympathy with the same preach it
what it wait the humans
they don't they don't practice they don't they don't have for who draped with the way is to delete it teams to stroke as pit
he has also they tried to train with the food trip
come on donkey that puts on a moonlit come in spades
but the from the tokens buddhism
it's pretty hard to feel sector humorous
hey it encrypt just do it

yeah my

how about it was


she's up
the difference between the hebrew
doesn't matter
the evidence and month
just my kitty
so the time
don't make it didn't die ah please and subtle police according to my definition came to win
because i even didn't a priest ave different each other you have to face
individual k
well if you go to the link gy new york the priest is
even the sort of there are many different different many the sodo priest different many type of peace soil priest
sometimes the will find the sort of priests ways very humorous
some sometimes you will find in priest who is rigid
i'm sorry to start up fee or calm mind the audience is she

ben dor
oh sure organs or
dorgan team says
because when
when even just one person at one time
sit ins as then he becomes
imperceptibly one with each and all of the mediate things
and permeates completely all time so that
we didn't limit plus the universe
throughout past few to and present he is performing the eternal and ceaseless work
all guiding beings to enlightenment
it is
for each and every things
one and the same
and differentiated practice and and undifferentiated realization
on the this is not remitted to the prompt to some sitting wrong
sound the issues
from the striking of emptiness is an ingress and one wondrous voice that resounds before and after the fall of the hummer
this is not all the practice of zazen does
each and everything is in its original aspect of provided regional practice it cannot be measured or comprehend it
ah eighty when even one person at one time sitting doesn't he becomes imperceptibly one with each in all term
mediate seats and permeates completely all time
so that within the limitless universe throughout past future peasant
he is performing eternal and ceaseless work of guiding beings to enlightenment
this is a huge work

in the moment when you sit here
as mason used to the other day
this moment
in bombs
many things in time and in space
lot so
this moment is always empty by
vertical or horizontal relation ways
mediate moments
many numbers numbers thousand
ah all sentient beings
this is moment
then the moment has complete a know for which is called moment
or numbness or nothing
and in this moment
we sit it is the place where we sit
then sometimes i may i use the word cure situation q what's to that curious the situation
think moment is krantz pointing to why must cure as the situation in life
the purest situation
life in each activity
in your life is always empty
mtb by retcon horizontal duration with
many things
this is really true
when this point
ah you i hope you will understand
he even though you sit in the small work with discord moment
but this moment
is you will understand the how big how huge this moment is trading in spreading in time with his pace
because you can't get out you can't get out before you are aware of what's happening
you are already
to date with many things by calling or isn't
and also you can you want you to say what to cannot see what you can on here is to say what the each activity in life is always moment mormon mormon empty empty
a completely empty
but this empty
he never you never each activity
the work to all universe
k some shoes
for buddha says don't way dog says that way i don't think the buddha and duncan
ah mentioned in that way after experience of taking drug i don't think so
that's why that's experience
has been has been transmitted from buddha from one to one other some at to now
if buddha and patriots and dobbins i took a drag and mason
buddhism doesn't wouldn't have been the transmitted
yeah this is too
in key
then the
and and says that your doesn't
of becomes one with each and all the mediate things and permeates completely all times so that we didn't are limitless universe limit trek universe through our past and future and prison or so he is performing the
eternal and ceaseless work of guiding beings to enlightenment guiding being to unite mint isn't know it's not the is not
it's not her
to try to try to have some effort
ah he ordered to
ah save in order to guide or sentient being to enlighten i don't think so
because in regional grounds
before you try to make effort to guide everything to enlightenment everybody everything is already enlightenment
that's why we can relate we on things
so next sentence seats it said he says it is for each and every thing one and the same undifferentiated practice and undo differentiated realization
so how you can how can you relate how can you relate with also should be or cgp
but before you are aware of what you are doing you are already you're already have related with all sentient being in the bases on the basis of antifa different theory practice
and different differentiated enlightenment
only this is not limited to the practice of selling along so from this point the your practice is not done by you which is called both which is called company
because if you say i am cups i'm doing doesn't that time here these something which is called category
discover good is not empty
but strictly speaking cutting you cut argue for dude who does zen must be must be empty
that time this is reels as it
you don't know who fooled us who does doesn't it does said
okay then on this is now limited to the practice of sitting at all so i dug them when you said then
this doesn't is not done by you any form not by any for who is doing who is to nevertheless nevertheless the sound that issues from the striking of emptiness is an interest in one
this voice that we sound before and after the fall of the hum
this is very interesting point
the i mention always loving is completely to get nothing
get nothing
because when you do that then you or doesn't both
ah complete emptied by ratko horizontal relation with all sentient be
if not if not so if not so you are completely upset by you who is thinking of yourself and then
he to you are doing
don't you think so
you're always upset i took my thousand six
so this is very interesting you know
so wedding will you do you or activities or it's their object all things are and woman after mom
nevertheless you have to strike this emptiness he seemed at that time sound this sounds it sounds
issues from dust
from the emptiness this is faint but usually we try to hit something
not empty
because you're always thinking who is food does doesn't
who will you the moment way you say who does doesn't
that can tell it's always something here that putin
don't setting yes he is
they didn't hear
then at that time kentucky
hit the strikes and kentucky the bell what is called cut a gay
no they hit the strike the bell which caused us then with the stick with the stick which is kolkata gue
and don't
but this bill is which is called then going to then in white category is to
peggy actualize
then can it's two things the other two things then i always hitting striking
why didn't more strictly rigidly
you are lazy meant
az men no very good practices in very good spirits with same polished yes
then i think it i can get them some sound one long
but this son is echoing in small word would just call category that's all he that's why this sound also make me confused what was some
item yeah that's like led me next moment he can bill different some or not with tomato is cut again you are you already got the night to my next moment the region's coming up
but that son is always was echoing in the small word very small
because there are many thing cut again you know that then
who is food that who does doesn't
doesn't have
buy food by whom is buying food
who does nothing and then what doesn't what is that
there are many things it's pretty hard at that time always kitty
getting something there
but that strictly speaking we have to throw them away
but see but when you when you try to throw away tried to throw away something it's means that get his physique
we has some form again then what they'll stick
already there but strictly speaking kelly's on economic elites it's nothing can it's nothing because or always tension being a woman at the moment empty completely empty
completely empty
then the moment when the everything is moment always more emptied this
everything it's always
ah this town the sound from this everything
is echoing
it's ms
to equal to echoed to universe to penetrate whole universe is to have complete revelation complete
so that these that's fire always says zazi is nonsense really nonsense
but don't misunderstand hey what do you mean by nonsense
a conceptual nonsense is are nonsense is to be in vain
use this great uses but it doesn't mean that in buddhism the nonsense is empty nonsense is a grossness nonsense is to throw away anything
then just plunge into went into a pure the coolest situation purists situation
that time the sound for your life is equally to all over time in space it is called freedom this coffee this is to be able to
that's right the sound that the issues from the striking of emptiness
always emptiness even though you tried to hit something nothing there
doesn't never show something right car as mentioned before as if mercury of the phenomenon is going up
when you come to get the i came closer enlightenment wow
then it's more than when you get up when you attain enlightenment completely mercury of phenomena is at is up next mine pen
below zero
so he it's not something like that
it's nothing no sign of the action the edge
and that can zuzhi is free and you are free free free the true meaning of freedom should be so he said
that time the sound from your activists will activity is
all of the world
but it doesn't mean okay a if
if say if i say in that way well if so my each activity if each activity gate with osage can be
so i'd pick up the stick here
top the thinking japan at my temple maybe
is lifting up
i don't think so
but i had who right to think
maybe so that the fantasy that's fantasy that's a product of imagination which you create new play
well that's day one really just breathe in and pick up why
the same stick in japan at my temple is going up
that time you feel
can i can move or all over the word
that's the soka gakkai spirit of suck
soka gakkai on this very strong spirit
conquering japan already think they finished conquering the next may nest europe next
the south south middle ages
next message you must not recently they said i shouldn't use that recently is not human be

i'm sorry
but he's not my idea and said