December 6th, 1985, Serial No. 00385

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dawkins comments next the knowing without waiting to affairs illuminating without to flatten upon environments
knowing without
relating to affairs
knowing is not perception perception has its limits
knowing is not of
the coalition is that what is produced by
produced excuse me thou wert is produced accordingly
knowing is not relating to our viewers
knowing is not relating to appears
not rating to appears is knowing
it shouldn't be considered as universal knowing nor be distracting to restricted in a narrow sense of self awareness
not relating to appeared means coming as brightness i hit the brightness coming as darkness i hit the darkness
setting in carrying the skin produced by mother
this is a common time
on knowing without relating to our fears
emily once ballgame knowing knowing without relating to our fears
knowing is not for perception
perception has its limits
knowing is not our recognition
recognition is that which is produced
accordingly knowing is not relating to affairs
not relating to opiates is noi
it shouldn't be considered as universal knowing
the restricted in a narrow sense of self awareness
not related to not relating to our fears means coming as brightness i hit the brightness coming as darkness i hit the darkness
sitting in tearing the skin produced by mother
and saw next day is a day
illuminating without reflecting upon environments
this illumination is not have skipped a shining nor of p jaws shining
not reflecting upon environments is considered as illumination
weeks kiss me
well not really prepping a upon environments a's
yes considered as illumination
which there are no environments connected with illumination because environments are nomination
not retracting upon means nothing in the universe that is hidden
brighten the barrier which know heads takes out
sublimity one dress this merging and not merchant
this is common type
so do anyway knowing with the relating to affairs knowing is not perception
ah i think this is you can see the what knowing is what to wisdom what wisdom we we see what what it's annoying
ah dogan masons here knowing is not perception
no perception not usual sense of procession because perception has its are limits so perception has its limit
knowing is not of recognition a by means of having a object and then we we believe we can see something we know something but it's not the in knowing that mean that
so knowing is not of recognition
the condition means sir
understanding what
recognize the nice recognition
one knowing you just in the usual sense so knowing is not of recognition recognition is that which is produced because the condition is something produced
awesome team the it is something for produced means so the dualistic dualistic
so that is a recognition function of her recognition characteristic of for recognitions of his theories the condition is constantly produce something as an object
without object recognition does work
so that is recognitions that way he dog and intimations explanation is that which is produced
the accordingly
knowing is not relating to our fears so real meaning of knowing is exactly identical with not relating to our fears me is if you are related if you are related to your object that is
your condition or precious possessions work
when they work what's attitude are you taking to talk like means you want to know
are you tried to know
because of the get bad crew for you try to get it
this is a very natural you do it so you already the related you let you are related to your object
but a real knowing if not deviating net donated to to the your object
it ms not try to see not tried to know
not relating nap relating to have your not needing to bees
to be allowed to see
if you put yourself in appropriate place then you can sit you are allowed to feel even though you don't want
so this is the i mentioned yesterday to this point that is so called not relating to or not reflecting upon environments this is arriving to fly anyway
so that's why real dog in the dimensions accordingly beer meaning of knowing knowing is not relating to not relating to affairs for simultaneously kit
not relating to appears is knowing it so he repeat same thing
the first sentence he is annoying is not relating to of years and then reversed the says not knowing not relating to affairs is knowing because subject is just like with pride nepal me tar form is emptiness
emptiness is form because if we say and form is emptiness
immediate we separate
for an emptiness if you separate subject and object are not safe
even though you say for me the emptiness is separate a you separate to to doesn't come together
so that's where next pregnant palm dot has to fade emptiness is form
every say just inform his employees were them with that to look for emptiness inside with a form or outside of form or between we tried to but it is not exactly emptiness is form
simultaneously so we have to say so like that and mrs for
at that time and this is not something particular a pub from porn for me it's emptiness for instance a is be if you say is be a never become one with be so if you say be is a
it's impossible to face up but a a a and b is a same you have to say if be be a to understand
that is dogan dainty and you were constant to say like this place is a casting up dropping our body and mind we said by practice we can drop off all body and mind
that is a english
dropping off body and mind me his body and mind come first you
then byproduct body and mind drops off
but and we have to say with in reverse that way means dropping off his body and mind so dropping off his body and mind but by first by the practice we say body and mind is
drop it off
were reversed
because dropping body and mind and also enlightenment and as different
the and mine is enlightened me if so enlightenment must be a by with a your body and mind anytime anywhere or is this that is what is your life life is exactly drop up
freedom the inlet so you're like indictment is always walking every day
that's why don't get the cousin to say buddha transmit buddha bamboo transmit bumble something that that buddha works buddha
something that that okay so always and didn't uses in the words like the like that he sang immediate so same upright to here too so not relating to obviate obvious is annoying
me accordingly knowing is not relating to our fears not relating to appears is knowing
it's you shouldn't be considered as universe noi nor being restricted in the narrow sense of self awareness
when in the in heard he says real knowing is not perception nor recognition
so from this point
real meaning of knowing is complete beyond
the knowing in the you to set
it is net
the not process of knowing something by me so far
having the object and of perceiving them
or knowing is not the procedure of not knowing something by me so anna rising and separating dakota amazing objects
and a rating them and the cartoon system
it's not this is not will meaning of moines so completely beyond
the you to of for knowing we we believe
so what is it knowing is that you tried to no no
but will knowing if that you are allowed to know
if you put yourself in a proper a right place
then that is what is called next and what is called accordingly knowing is not relating to okay not relating to so you have to give up have to hold up any
way we have to throw yourself if you let go of many things and then many things is filled with in your hand when the masons in the been door
like of and then you did many things are kept in your hand mediate mediate things in your hand
but are we do we do always something with reversed
we tried to get first means i want to know i try to know tied to see
saw all this you are it's said the it seems to me that do you always sir
confine yourself into a small in
but you will knowing is he have to let go of yourself
then many things are mediate mediate downs are filled your hand
an immediate many words
coming up for me a month for meal body anyway
deleted been door in the beginning i think the and intimations to know it
that is not been any to
then you can experience that woods you are allowed to know
so according to accordingly knowing is not relating to our fears that relating to a fuse is knowing that is and put yourself in a proper place and and the
the the allowed to know his rural noi
the next he says it shouldn't be considered as universal gnawing nor be restricted in the narrow sense of self awareness so from this point at the dolans intimations of the or denying
the a correcting our huge your understanding of annoying externally and the the in externally external they waiting
well it's done a nice
we always have of these external object and then we experience perceptions knowing recognition it's there but religious dislike is we tried to see inside
then we can have some up putting up with some arctic to go inside inside out in into robbed
the entire arctic is individual internal and also universal internal object
so that is called universal universal it did he he he may the crack to our understanding and real knowing is not the a process to end the procedure of knowing something by means of having the
internal out the game and analyzing them and perceive them and understanding know it's not
so that's why he says not universal annoying
and also not safe or were gay
wow this is a pity
up next he says not liberating to fears means coming at the brightness i hit the brightness coming as doubtless i hit the darkness setting in cheering the skin
when produced by the mother and this sunday day in the beginning coming as a brightness a hit the brightness coming at the douglas a hit darkness it comes from and at the record of reprinted in size and must have had translated by
by ah
sasaki good
sasaki live ruthless society you can find that idiom not adium phrase
coming as brightness i fit i forgot the page or what pages tomorrow maybe i didn't tell
are coming at the brightness i hit the brightness coming as a dark and say hit the doctors i will explain later but that means that means anyway that may see you have to live biblically wherever you are encounter with then whenever
when the doctors count you have to exactly kicked the that with exactly
well when you do a show you have to exactly hit the gift shop right here
that is so called simple speaking that is a meeting of these phrases coming and the brightness i hit the brightness
coming as darkness i should to darkness dogan intimation in
oh buganda he says so we you see when his birthday
the great points eight when you are pay when your ten one
you have to penetrate one one down a few duty in a ginger court the game joke corn the didn't diminishes where you encounter not await you at
i when you have one damn you should patriot
do you ah

yeah when you encounter one cactus
what did you know
one come when you encounter one damn you have to practice it that's ah
maybe little and the difference where do i don't remember exactly english anyway so you can meet in the kendall corn so same things
coming as brightness i see the brightness coming as doubtless i hit the darkness
and that is what sitting in a tearing the skin produced by mother scheme is this body five scandal scheme muscle bone and mao anyway tearing down turning down that skin completely in produced by matter anyways sit down the other
words you can hit the bullseye
that is real it means he have to exactly put yourself in a proper praise pay for yourself that's why do with didn't says you throw yourself to the buddhist how
dear i think without using any strength and power
something comes from buda side
they showed no muggy day life and death
you can lead that point in the show bogans life and death
it's very interesting you have to throw yourself into the buddha's house then something comes from buddhists buddha without using any effort in strength
that that means you are allowed to know
so this is
i think i have to explain a little bit about this one and let me explain a religious the let me explain the process of for the process sofa ready to six experience in general
who according to dog is a common type
i the in terms of for you to are the annoying some you to flip condition or you just senso for youtube sense of a knowledge key
this is today so good
this is a a about the word surrounded by ego consciousness the me say like kid ego consciousness this is the ego consciousness against this is a the world we live right
so the an intern so by huge sense of recognition or knowing or procession the word you can see is that what she's surrounded by ego consciousness diego consciousness means the south comes first
you always see you are the you use have come first and see the word first in terms of in terms of your viewpoint
that's why the word is what the word is your
but his matches are within no way that is called eco conscious the world surrounded by eco consciousness i
but a dog and then says it is in that realm of the humor word surrounded by ego consciousness you can understand real meaning of knowing you cannot see you can't have a real meaning of outlook on the humor or very high
human society human life
so what is this is easier any other world beyond ego consciousness you said it they say a word and non by ego consciousness
this is unknown but most people cannot experience that by it is kind of flow
it is kind of were wont to say miss tears we say game
so if you look at your word your live in the naturally you can see the word a that is a word good surrounded by eco consciousness then a few deep practice again and again deeply your
i've were naturally you can see the word you can see the word which is not good enough okay by the you know so well not really you have for lots of that what he's a war or a human night the
then were not fully you can see another word he and not even though you can see you can imagine you can imagine another word
and non by ego consciousness we can imagine
so but we don't experience that word so-called be anyway
so how we should experience this
that's why we have to this is the i say this is a in the world a you always comes first and title see tried to know this is typical aren't you can buy me if you want to know the
the be world you you should forget that system
so you'd have to put yourself in a certain appropriate ways then you are allowed to know what is the way appropriate place where it's the process
that is called a pig
but it's called fe
believe usually we say believe
or believe

then i if you put the the yourself in the realm of from socal faith and belief but still faith and belief it bay the be obeyed would be
so pay not in buddhism we can see at certain imagination of the dd kind of i'm powerful at night i will look at she was and god many deities there and powers natural power nature's you know
universe paul universe we can see if you don't want to have a certain particular in dvds created by the region so you can see the power universe paul nature something like that
what what is complete and no word by evil consciousness so all you have to do is respect power of nature paul universe the as an indian american indian do in no way in very fit forward toward the pow nature
paul if you then you can see yang was lie on
the cisco and sudan are found of the since kapoor and school a m a emphasizes that the we have to completely rely on amitabha buddha
i rely on miss you have to complete straw yourself to the power of 'em up
i'm tava means it term loan durability nine uk day we say tunability are buddhists life
we say that the light of for run debility on pools like this is a meeting of and amitabha
so we don't know what i'm covered his but i'm tommy's light the longevity of buddha's life or like up or illumination of random blood mentality longevity of buddhist life
so if you completely throw yourself means have to rely on a some tava made you have to day by days you have to be mindful of this poor kid
you have to print yourself always in the buddhist world like this every day's that is what ha tent pack ten of name alone tower being mindful mindfulness practice of mindfulness constantly with i'm probably then new
you are allowed to know
to know and noble war
that is really to six pills get ready to six pm then through this where to six pills bet not really you can see something unknowable
which is called whatever you say i'm thomas word for about this one as word
or kingdom of god you can see him
this is a be okay be by what by means of your wisdom
the yea the wisdom wisdom is really main spring mainstream a to a to nod to put yourself in appropriate praise game
it's a real wisdom is may spring for you to experience really just like
then he a said this is so wisdom

but let's say
this is a huge you'll experience a processor for religious experience came
if you want to have already to fix pence you august have to stand up this place in the be or the okay
the lie on the lighting on buddhist life when the uncover buddha's pow nature's anyway
but then is a problem the more you relying on the pow universe power nature's palm whole word that time the what the more you can see very strongly
a work vehicle consciousness eco-conscious word coming up constantly the more you practice hard straightforwardly sincerely
that a comes first comes with constantly to your life
then naturally but basically you can escape from this place so you have to constantly standing here the more seriously was seriously you standing his word the more seriously you can see this worked there
when finally we say we are si benson
can you do it can do magic their number was seen as i am
see we are very simple
this is a nutter deny not a negative bombay naturally is to you can see this word in on human war the a word surrounded by ego consciousness okay so that's why bay know
troy sind dann sind um founder of for pure and school says we are really simple real thing for
best from sin in the bottom of human life
he to the in a did the craving the human desires constantly and then the more you if he can see that you know the human desires by what he is thinking into the bottom it on a week from
den the more he has to have strong religious path he is what is the he has to rely on struck more strongly buddhists power and tavern if they've cancelled they're not sure it
but the more he dies
he realized
the a and b or okay remember different if it's very important
a including a and b word is what
still monday
still been name
so in bullet with a to is divided into two okay
mundane to
super mundane to
so you to be ready to fix build a described by this mundane sense
but it seems to be very calm real to but knock it till monday because still you can not
spiritual insights speech of in spiritual object you can have speech of object inside of individual life or inside of the universe still you can
why even though you don't know what the object the inside of the universe you don't know what it is but you unconsciously you'd imagine you create imagination of instead power for your universe inside that is what bend
you know what we say pow universe fake feel natural
so you create and certain image of perfect idea of the power inside power at the power of inside a universe
so still you have a object oh inside so still that knowing is not real noi it it's still annoying in the
monday word
in can be bought monday that way interesting point okay but you didn't people people always talking about mundane true
i know not a that fighter in the a nine universe but if you practice a harder and harder you can see that amitabha buddha you can see the divinity of the war divinity and debate the or god and whatever
you say poorer okay but that border idea of buddha you can see very decree if you're skeptical
the primary you can feel voice of real
we'll put it is a from him more than so you can see
this is something
so you can see the image of damage however image of the power of the universe but still you did it the more you practice again and again you can see you can have a still some duck what a some i'm tom barrett the a the
our universe why is it
so finally real meaning of power universe real meaning of border or about dishwasher and what you do you say if something more than amitabha you have believed
you have seen something more than
this means complete beyond beyond universal night
the beyond something more than know your wisdom you have believed get
i know that if code i don't know how can i call that you've got down he said damn a temporary and be say dumb this is for see
in our the the ah
abbyson sutra we say the kind samadi oisin see a summary
i can see us a mad dog and then your so mentioned about ocean sealed summary in the sheboygan the a very interesting point
but the ocean seal somebody is not the duggan's term and is come from our our sanderson but it's understanding is quite different from other sanderson
for that is a tokens of a point very important point okay
so next
if you see something more a real meaning of ivory towers and power universe but when you don't know what it is you don't know what a the but the more you practice harder and harder seriously and then you can get up from this monday word you can see just
a glimpse
glimpse something that if he warned see one is something what to make it possible for a and bead to be possible to exist exactly it is what i don't know it is a power or nature or
or energy i don't know bulletin said it is good damn in temporary okay then he said temporary dam
and then madama if you see even a rapid dhamma then you are really curious of it and then you really naturally you can depends on natural know your by your power you can you are
korean by lyfe dhamma see if you see this one naturally you can see so very naturally the you are standing here okay defeat for your time you petition
the more you practice is something and then you can see this word
you know here either i e e and guy you can see you can feed this or but you are standing here you can see this world
but as long as you stand up here this one is to imagination
you glimpse you're constantly see the light through the ducts
you don't know how to reach
but this is very com that's where christianity or whatever it is and you will always people talk about to anyway looking at the different imagination of the to
so that is that why mundane to
mundane to it's not bad but it's a real good it's good but even that full book
so because you are funding year and also you can looking at this one came looking at district but if you look at this when even slightly it's really have helped helps out so they naturally you are drawn in by this
this war they naturally then you can continue path it
this is a bit natural and then dawkins way is quite different
the say next then dogan logan's her anyway according to you to process of reading to fix pins are probably duggan's also has a went through this process okay a and b
but finally dawkins anyway
be dawkins are free from def one day process get what they wore and then he can see the moment way he can see this world so go see then he's come up here complete he found of you think
then because he can see that a and be a reflected in the t word for cold ocean
i was on the computer faire mediate media dams are completely reflected in the ocean okay
and they become in samadhi mean they are very settled down in peace and harmony in the oceans ocean
that code seaward damn award
so that's why he can see this word the sea and see all things differently in this world
bit but this word is very pure and they working together
and when all things are infected in it's oceans of disord complete digest everything okay so
if you see if you see that a and b word differently in the see you can see the form of the world a and be so called form of mediate me dams in the world see
keep his defection of the farm
but a farm that a fraction of the flung is digested and dissolved into this world pay natural
but dog and then
ah free from this condition and he moved to this position simultaneous the ends conduct here
and then he see bay deeply with his body and mind of on of a minute mediate down with reflected in this world and that form becomes very pure pay pure right
they're pure and bright because it's not huge of form is coming from from a and b but it's a form but it's not usual form because the for you to form comes to this praise immediately informed become to dissolve digested by
by paul this war so goddamn so it's form but it's not for the bed naturally that form is very pure
then don't and then to anyway
see this form with whole body and mind that intellectual that wisdom that you to send some procession recognition not self awareness anyway
he can previously all form entirely an expanding even a form of wisdom even a form of self awareness can be seen in this world can some or digested even just like a stomach if you eat the food naturally digest it
than the former different dissolved
timer is so he can if he can see the form bay not read he receive that form
but that blog is not the different from this form at the bomb and the a and b war because this is a and b c or not separate if i'm pretty connected the lip fine
okay so temporary i separated but are they are crafted their crosby
and that's why a dog and then you see the for many myriad forms a differently in the world of see then this is simultaneously war in the world a and b
the pay mattress he'd accept this form but when he accept that vault bomb how do we how do we deal with the form then dogging constantly stand up in his world so-called smart
because or should feel from i'm constantly for my the dough can stand up and ward and see so course money immediately all forms becomes purified dissolve by what by to my
by mean by virtue of samadi all forms and you will completely digested
and then that those forms digested by see then
he can come up again a and b word
kadeem those for this is called cashew eating meal esther
so in this war that's why in this world there is nothing to have object inside or outside that's why not relating to anything can if you have debt or even say it certain out at the
internally or externally it is not real damage warp king
you never know so i said you have to in this world is though that what you are allowed to not yet but still the word which you are allowed to know if not perfect word so you have to be mean from the mundane to
dan kan coming downhill
and that time the word you are allowed to know is exactly no idea it's really worth working
because you can see you can stand up constantly here
what would you mean this accustomed to are expanding a year ms sumani cousins mud
that is appropriate place you can stand up
so basically you can move away from that one because ocean feel for my a whole word are refracted in this orphans naturally no one can do anything
before you understand or before you don't understand anyway word is already working in this world see impacting constantly adjusted
so bad country we have to stand up here
but if you stand up houston use them
and full deal with what you deal with this world and be were key but a first for you have to deal stand up here to go in the realm of summary a real concentrate real comfort you really do
a bot when coming them coming and brightness you hit the brightness this is exactly where you see when you encounter one damn he had to penetrate that is summary you then you can come back a be
the on smoking
that is everyday like exact

that is to our he that is so called self delusion
we office
the company the means that still people are or i i am still i don't understand it i cannot stand this is our turf could do to become since them do
we have you think so yeah the word i can do anything because it's i am very hard and they are how can you do how can you go ahead
you said of thing so we instead of the is thinking in a passageway why don't you think in a positive way and do it don't take a one-step for first in but if you say most people don't believe in there were or including me or you
oh i cannot understand i can do in way it's impossible this is already you are going back again you go ahead
but world is completely taking care of you going ahead constant you cannot go back anyway
so all you have to the it is didn't take us that take a one step ahead anyway
we instead of going backward
that is supposed self delusion self complaining that is one of the the three poisons we say in greed anger and we say subdued doing or ignorance
the muslim people always say so i don't understand so i can't i'm not good students who i am not the buddhist the exactly but i that is a sound to exact basically we are already living here okay so why don't
kill anyway do it
the is called buddha nature to lead the poorer nature in duggan's by dawkins don't get nations deferred this word be war know
so constantly he mentioned this war
were pure that's where really difficult to understand it but it's really too would if you can't stand up here how can you put the piece
to your life to others like if you stand up here all with use struggle spiritual struggle near it well
even though you can glimpse this word okay so even the live in red dramatic very dramatic what the for a very popular among the many people who don't definite people may interesting because he
his his country very dramatic because he is standing here monday word purity play his way constantly by really to scrap it and then he gripped this work that's why even though he says i am thankful person but same from worth
a simple person can be saved by amitabha buddha naturally if though you don't play
you are originally fade because zinda can see this word crimps anywhere constantly see the light crude the doctor so big for a word is separate the word is this a word is new that dirty
it's a good yoga means five kinds of fun dirtiness you know him
feel the known in the a word much will work
so bay separate
so ben naturally you have to separate this one and then depends on the something you have to jump over to them come up with a very strongly there is a faith belief
then you can really see paul them topper paul of palm universe which you don't know what it is
but the more you believe the power universe finally still there is some confusion you don't know what i did
so you have some doubt about the the i the believe that you the you believe in the power of universe
then you can see real what is a real meaning of the power of universe is then you can see this war they in as a light right
then sit dung and huge of people constantly see different but with sinden she now has a very strong figures intention fitting for living in pissing harmony standing here and glint think this war
we're constantly that's why his wife is very dramatic and also very religious
but indulgence way is not dramatic he always stand up in summer so all his money and the he of its ethan the pain for money that way is none dramatic and that humanistic that's when if you leave a job of that you feel so let's say
you very far away from us
but it is they the best away best way
it is we'll put away because poorer medicines we are buddha why don't you stand up in the buddhist world first
whatever happened and us up and practice live in the buddhist world don't escape you can i escape that's why don't we didn't fit wherever you may go you are doing something in the buddhist word always
so constantly you have to stand up
but a people don't know how to stand up how to practice this
that's why dawkins ways quite difficult teaching and also people don't pay attention to it
because they'd simple monday more but it's not far from us it's their costs but people don't know how to practice in how to both of them across walk together we don't know have you to because muda we do
we believe this is really just like
you're saying that if we just wake up we don't need the villages process for you know i don't mean so you don't need it
probably more or less most that's why even a dogon probably could pass through this process
but it was the people stop here
and talking about for in early to fly
is it or something
and said the
i believe voices i believe over of tissue or was that in so every day i ten am my family survey in since good in the base serious nino since school followers purely on flower the my parents are constantly chanting them
i am woman tower every day
would even during the working and then they tend my father my mother's every day you know so that sound of them tower
zero penetrate my life so i also pay naturally shooting them the way deeply i feel that i'm tom but still i don't know what i'm tommy is
but it usually people don't want to get out for different because its comfortable
the this is said to talk about more it's not necessary to see something more than that
so you take people leverages you already disliked stops here
they can go this way but that is a of glimpsing just commencing through the taxes that's it
they never turn up here
actually that's why we all benefit the tardy argue with the one true he ends then arguing one truth no one to these nor on the one with
because monday in terms of monday word they are talking about tooth so constantly to come up didn't the different ideas
but if you come here and stand up here
to it becomes they're quite just packs there because stand up phrase itself is somebody that's it
so what is it grabbed speaking coming and the brightness you hit the brakes that cash show depression
then this is a phone but for me is no form exactly pharmacy deserve by what semi my somebody is what characteristic of this word came to my voice and feels my exact so do it means stand up here
damn form appeared next is up
of the sun
and even though you don't know what how it if we don't know how it a how it is to dissolve and how it is and we don't know
don that's why dog and then says
in a ginger corn cake
i not get your coin or yes in your court this is very interesting point he should remember this point okay
i think kendall coyne i think this when and according to this our page forty three
ah but in a day
i think goody got into the
general of world
eastern buddhist
hmm can go quick
hundred two hundred twenty nine
page thirty nine hundred thirty nine
by new five
okay it says
if a person practices and realizes the boot away when he attains one dharma he perked permeates free that one dumber
when he encounters one practice he practices that one practice okay that is exactly the same meaning as coming as brightness you hit one brightness next says here is where the place exist since the way
is all pervading that is a place you have to be will you you exist this is a this one thing
what a surprise you have to anyway hitler when you see the brightness we have to hit the practice that is a place you can communicate exact
then he said when the since here is that is this is where the praise exist and since the way is all pervading this is this word is completed all pervading to a and be anywhere correct it
the reason we are unable to know it's total normal limits is simply because the process of knowing is one that lives and practices simultaneously with the buddha's ultimate
we don't know how did see digest
a and be refracted in this world we don't know how but a simultaneously in that simultaneously means you are practicing simultaneously with the bullet and here says
add in damages ultimate combination
simultaneous you do it
because the limitation you can he hear says the reason we are unable to know it's portal normal limits
you don't know the limits
how molecules create in a what the presence the presence of water as it really you don't know how molecules what know how molecules cleared the real reality with water is present right now
here in such a way we don't know
but we know we can know little bit buys
but married convicts and dead center but actually we don't know
because if you know if you become one how do you know limitation you know
there's is something and you how do you know how do you know you how they how the eyes nose eyes no we don't know if you become one
how nice
eyes come in contact lens how can the grand noise and eyes know
if contact when if there is a gap between the contact rent and the eyes comfortably you a contract runs will disturb your knife but if they'd become one how do we know
we don't know we don't know that it's normal limitation limits we don't know
because it's wellness
so that's why dogan then says the reason we are unable to know his total normal limit is simply because the process of annoying is one oneness that one this means living together simultaneously with the whole universe can
that's that's why we don't know
if you live with the mountains mountain teaches you his it's life but we don't know what it's like mountains life so all you have to do is just a crime the mountains confident
okay this is here at the arab christians
it kinda with a b and b c
yeah glimpses of the and you said the once you get the he will pull you in why did he get it
when me
the picnic
if the for his way
while poor maybe in a poem but the still a the he don't he doesn't know how to today he put put he poured that word into his life that way he and you will believe anyone is saved
if not you are and you are able person whoever the wisest person can be take already in that's way you not he says but still he is standing here
that's why he doesn't know how to live here
the constant yeah was constantly hear reflect appointed himself very seriously here the defect and he what he himself constantly
but dokkan dokkan dokkan the fact that the watch person anyway
he just he doesn't watch he just to put himself in its money first and he would put him constantly that that's why it is a practice
practice comfort be instead of faith
but then from that practice faith come up
but as in the tin man he always mason's face it first then impact
so little difference in a may subtle difference between the
when he also anywhere not this work that way and is a buddhism part of a bulletin but i don't my is service you know questioned but i'm not criticizing the anything but in terms of but general buddhism the if you return to the buddhist way
what is real put his way
what it's about it real boys
the bay not worry i think we have to come back to this what they see some pretty general
pray their original teaching of buddha

oh because effect but i don't miss a completely ignoring affection he retract that's why he mentioned seeing the gordon mckie and think he constantly talking about the and sisters live joshua life and etc
yes said day it is a bit because he can see the boss exactly he can see the boss that's why the according to the circumstances if he has to go this way he has to go that way cause them freely can you have to go
so you cannot say i should be all of its i should be all with harder harder i can you can't say so
so you cannot say all this i have to be allowed to know you can say so in all its boss you have to go for free
what this is yoko
think of it
there are different infection coming up not an infraction natalie fraction
package it's real park
but if you stand up here you can do fret constantly and because a separate
yes a bed mattress speech or get their speech a gap
no the dog no no speech of gap that we're constantly we are me we're poor that's but if you read the buddha nature natural you can not what is a brunette year
he office talking about his would put on age you have stand up here
he still have more interested in his life
also a which way to but and be is not and be we can see in the usual sense for him and be is nothing but the buddhist world because the a and b comes from this one
so a beale buddhist
long distance or difference
yes yeah that's why they say it's a human human nature that five when you see what you have to see the bar scene on the both the flags and the signals know
so you can see if you spend up here you can see you can have any particular form i should do this or i shouldn't do that no you cannot say i'll miss you have to be in summary constantly opening us up and then you have to go free
even their don't stay
no no nothing to say that is that's why he has said not need a thing to affairs so that is constantly you have to put the will play in pure pray
to be to be amount to know
but in here if you put the put yourself to a certain proper praise to be allowed to not is still the practicing the given take either
if i put their maybe something i can get cause kinds of kinds cases me or unconsciously there is a given take their the dnc