December 3rd, 1972, Serial No. 00356

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consciously or unconsciously
if so
we have to plunge into the present
it's tended into all
so duncan says just to understand that person deaths it's surface nirvana and you will neither hate one as busy person death nor cherish the other as being new one
i said to put aside your comment like means don't hate don't hate don't tell us your life as being as being person des seeing from your comic right okay that's all i understand you understand so well because you comic across
is already there with you
so for aside
don't hate dot ticks and then you should understand growth this is new one okay and my person this new one ms it's two thousand and two thousand and all comic drive is
there are enrolling into the moment extended into okay
into all universe that is doesn't but you to the we're office chase after the conduct drive know all wait wait a minute
it is course he's game
by cecil game you not so well your comic live in with in the realm of the comic live you're not so you're not so were your iphone play enjoys a praying the season game
that's why you want to get on on why they have enough i have enough for playing see some games so sometimes i wanted to get out the you do that
but you not so well if so that if you understand this this point i don't hate first
don't hate don't terrorists then
that's fine let's find the great supreme way we can supreme way which in airport
call the whole your comic dr rowe into okay whoa into the moment and the present this president is not is the case now for you for everything everybody's or unions
this is pure present it is called philosophical speaking time
then you shall find you shall find the supreme way
what do you never will all your comic crime wrong end to go into the that's moment
at least a season so that's why in says don't worry i don't worry
throwaway good and bad and throw away a good the bad is that's all right that's all right for us i got them back broadside good the imagination or kind of bodhisattva or miserable imagination of ah fat that's my please put aside and then it
it's fine let's go let's go on the way what you know when you go into an employee or your comic i fall into it moment
he started his new barn then token says birth and death he is new one
also check on william burroughs says
item mint the giacomini buddha says the your life is must be radical this not so because you have a hit you tried to think carefully and then you have to sometimes your life must be seen from the philosophical
aspect sometimes you must be seen from god go ask him some time ashraf go ask for that key
if you want
but that's all right put aside
the important point is let's go it's home
let's go into present
let's go find the way best operate this is best way even though you don't feel best way this is best way
practise speaking there is better way
why a company poorer says the dismal understanding this not what understanding them philosophical aspect in in terms of philosophical aspect was a crowd gasping anyway this is no and
the standing or human being
by this you attain enlightenment yes you can attain enlightenment many buddhist cause i came right to medina sense
you know let's imagine the ponzi doctor content as he nearly killed me lie to me
i was also telling like i really appreciate
but that is something more important you have to must take into account it's ms bhutto says dismal who understand the other was wisdom
well you not to mint
must be rolled into old into nirvana
new one
varnum is a mentioned already
your enlightenment your diligence your understanding of buddha
all must be your comic life and standing of comic life understanding of true aspect of human life all of wrong and must be woven into moment extended into old unions
at that time the concession and conceptual understanding often new one enlightenment or wisdom completely disappear
the to disappear ms to be alive with your eye with your they now with your interpreter i understand
with you or by
his new one
that's why second new bonuses wisdom or supreme powers super powers notice no understanding or transformed into new all our road into impact
so parasite can your life first that's fine that's fine it's goal the way
which know who your whole com county cry all your understand roll into
the moment
into extended into every way
that's why you said
ah a file with all should be
cashew is nuts practice you do cashew is the practice you do and waves or to be
at that term your car show is completely rolled into new one
then at that time show is arrive then someone when someone see york show someone is completely
impressed impressed by your custom by you and then
yes because you sure is pretty become one with universe
one on fucked up me so are common up and of tv ah to had the chance to interview one famous zen master then a commonly asked that them most of what is a buddhism why support is for studies first question
but it's a policeman their muscle says boris me as become one with universe
and then kangaroos i said to possible to become one was the university
there must ah yes

that's the muslim was a so occupation swag noisy
as this is very to become one with the universe that's why you have do you have to your use your head okay with come with calmness and see into the that deep down nature or been you can find the the v pure aspect of moment
if i if i find this pure as but moment knit as next step how can you how can you become with one visit it i his practice
so even though you don't understand doesn't is always
did you to roaring to it now his season
at is certain because because you find your life comic life is completely becoming prayers come nuclear moment after moment you see the rights of safe ah
two weeks ago i wrote the letters to the annoyed erosion
in i wrote though the address and drop
then again i came to the zen center and the first pay all of a session
ah a mistake i made a mistake or hours
i didn't realize i didn't realize when i'm writing when i was fighting douglas i didn't know
in the first tier sets you up
i'm sorry for a move your sheep
big mistake
you want the comic cry for a gradually become a fears and clear and appears you
then then everybody knows a huge fight back

it is ah mistake to think you pass from birth to death being one stage of total time both is already possess to before and after for this reason in
the buddha dharma and he said that growth in surface no pros being one stage of total time as well cessation will live also is possessed or before and after thus it is said extinction surveys no a station
it is a mistake to his mistake to think that the from birth to death you pass from birth to death
he should keep in mind first
the being one state of total time both is already possesses possessed or before and after
for this reason in the buddha dharma and has said that proves itself is small press

twenty five more

what what one more

logan says being
being one stage of total time
keep your life is
one state of total time to time
ah let's think again the moment as mention
pure aspect moment
so your live the life and the life and death
is really based on absolutely based on this moment pure as moment what do you cannot simply insert any germination of conception into it is pure aspect to moment is called some time vastness or
a snus is gold buddha buddha nature of brutal war
buddha walking
whatever you say that your life is completely equal to this moment
at this woman is vast moment it's woman is huge woman is pure aspect of moment
if so
in all we have far i am now forty four years old
if i see my life seen from comic drive or yes i am forty four sometimes i really think of my buddies
sometimes had to my heart or yes my heart is beating now
some time had during the session video headache and we're heading but then headache is okay for me because heck is really make me realize that him alive
so i put i feel pain but in the sense my life is now my life my ip is very fast moment
so if i see my life from my phone must comic dr levy i can't stand i can't stand myself before my comic cry because i have to die
i hoped died twelve maybe
right after lecture
this is really one for this cause and famous british cars out the demo directors on this stage that i the after the lecture
the scope
no let's let's imagine you know it's mit your i've seen from your county crowded ah can't stand i can't be the patience
before the contract help
but that time please come to make your head come and what is my life what is my life
there is token says
you should run dogan says you should learn that birth and death is a apparently found within the plant is written to way buddhist way was within the practices this is that practices way
basis of pure basis q basis of be extended
into all universe this is way buddhist way this is dumb this is it is called thomas
then bruce and death person does
is apparently found within their practice and the practice not seen within birth and death came
so we are always see i am i always see my purse from the my comic drive that's some time why i don't like to send you i don't like headache
sometimes a why i have to a plucked doesn't sashimi they often
explaining experiencing just the pay nothing nothing to gain
why is it

if you see if you see the practice
seem phone line if you see the practice formule can't drive
your practice does work so well
but duncan says practice practice
it's not seen within person desk
within is not seem from the prison death
and death must be seen form them practice from the moment extended into whole universe
so the i don't know how many years i will leave in this world that's all i thought and now forty fourth to forty four that no forty four years old indicates that indicates that my life is represented
in the form of
in the form of forty four years old
yeah that worse than my life not my at the moment extended all universe and the pure as a moment extended into whole universe is the presented it in the form forty four years k
the trans fat forty four years old is not seen from the county cry if i see if i see a forty four years old from my comic right wow my old a full forty four years old i will write a research could be back to the yeah but it's too late
so forty four years is represented by moment by moment yonkers the one moment
into a whole universe is the presented in the form the of forty four years or
to obgyn conviction
that is my life my life so my life is not my life my life is or universe can call universe then whole universe is rolling k rowling moment of moment water and then into the death this is also called universe
from the beginning to the end whole universe roaring like that not county crime for is running if i see that your life which is roaring
as a colleague dr wow this said today so this year's forty four next year wow forty five years on well
i don't like
then wherever i may be after searching i have to go to read out so slap looked up in the alps
barcode is also there they called it is also something white star whole unit is represented the in the phone just in the form of a cold weather was hit
so all university rolling lawn in the former dusting the form of call and the heat and category and but my parents and then sent earn one trays and said
on the minneapolis
so at that time nor like know life is no climate right look right
the life and drop completely by moment extended what is it extended into whole universe
well while momentum robin
the your life is small but absolutely rife is huge huge pool and wanting see what seem like the too much as one of
fight organ says nor life nor death
but if you don't understand if you don't understand but please make purchase guess my to spot on the worse let's it's fine that's fine way best way which let you would beat you beat your comically all
life raleigh into go into kick off into this past moment massimo that is pumped that it's buddhist work poorest prompts a woman at the moment the practices not the comic practice of the practices not seen from you
comic rife if you see if you see your practice and former chronograph what zaza is
but that doesn't prompts let's imagine that doesn't that's indeed you the to go into the whole woman to huge moment with her with the movement of the universe
this is the true
that's why we tend always we ate we eat with also she'd be
we bow is all since you practice he is bob
practice is not a me off many of calculating karami rating can calculate
a corrupt calculate
you calculate
educating advocating or karaoke
not even

come it

ah you cannot you cannot develop for your life if you see your life from your comic life you can't
if you want to develop your life you have to see your my phone my
immense immense world
if you don't understand
that is best way that brand into it at scum combat

when one speaks of birth
there is nothing at all
apart from birds
one big some days
there is nothing at all about from death
therefore when bruce comes
you should just give yourself to burn
when death comes to should give
when death comes to she'll give yourself to death do not hate him not desire them

yesterday i mentioned
how immensely
the moment in birth and death
our penetrates
into of the inch of their unique group
if you make
a deeper investigation into the deeper down nature of human be

i think
you can get taste
this reality infinitely open
he thought

so strictly speaking
all i is
embed opt
immense expense of the moment
this moment is not moment open to individual
also to everybody to everything
so yesterday i mentioned
you shouldn't look at your live on comic cry

libraries are is not come right right
kreis greatly equal to
many six pants on moment
the other words
the life life on life and death birth and death he is absolutely the manifestation nothing but the manifestation or
the immense expense of the moment at all
this is birth and death
but you do we think about and death the is nothing but the manifestation of a britain death you have thought that broken get a seemed on the comic like that apple i don't write
but use on course you cannot escape from dot com cry anyway data or woot
talk about this point to bed
from you right and sorry but important point is that you should keep in mind there is another way to another way that you have to see your life
it is you have your life must be seen from six expense mom
not from the academy crime comic life the comic light creates a kind of crap we've seen from the moment that what open which opens opening just to you does to you
that's tell the moment
but you do we enjoy very much ourselves
in this moment i kept freedom
i can't be night then
i don't think so
enlightenment must be our must be penetrating into all universe yes
so from this point
ah my life before four years or now forty four years i do have lived for forty four years
how long i can i do have read
my life forty four years old it's nothing back the complete the manifestation of immense expands at the moment that's all
the young was immensely expansive of woman is forbidden i represented by
forty for your thought not
so my life and forty four years old life he is not forty four years all right
my life is equal to men six parents moment
you are
if this is very true
the moment when i leave now
whatever i do as an actor
doubt me a week
in all the everyone actually has consideration to
but with everybody duration with whole universe
the moment at the at the bay moment when i give a lecture
my forty four years all life
it's nothing bad that are completely the manifestation expansive them moment
this is a woman because you teach him
you always teaching not i teach you
you have a teacher that's why i can speak
i always from iran and lots of things from my top it's means my talk has crossed the nation with you on all sentient be
i'm actually from but when i when i left to a scene from my comic gripe or prince you should i don't like it
when i see when i lived through when the lucky is seal fonda message person of the moment and to office kitchen raspy
language to you really hate language you really hate the to work was thought i don't think so it's something wrong k
thoughts or work very important for us
why do you hate the word and the thoughts wasn't thought never never teach you
teach you
because was on words and thoughts language and thoughts are completely turning into the hatred
but outer strip is picking a boon words given thoughts even writing the paper i teach you many things as
before you hit please believe please see your life
from the most expensive the moment at that time make everything everything teach you teach

so from this point my life forty four your life of the forty four years old
it's not the life of forty four years on men's expand one
most expansive a moment roaring can why
from this point know like nor death just the immense six parents a moment disappear and kids
this is where to
then next dogan says when one speaks of a bird that is nothing nothing at all apart from birth when one speaks of death and it's nothing at all
apart from death
while question is
you understand you turn get the taste of were even a little bit
how immense your life is extending
but there is some question
how to how can you how can you relate how can you carry grind for event with this immense expanse moment
between the hell is this is a base basic of the human birth and death
this is immense expands the moment and then person decile here this is person death
my concrete how can i leave it how can i need this comic life and immense expense we don't want it or how how how can i
yeah that is all his questions there is office chris how can i
this morning someone asked me to
how can i be it
how can i be big
how can you need it how do you realize
while intellectually you understand
the existence of the immensely expand the war moment
then you are vain to stay what is it how can i relate with it how can i how can i call myself with it
please teach me
but i didn't teach
but human being never stop being interested in this point that's why you you create study on astrology
the study of saigon starting or not
the elisa our old man or the woman woman who is interested in media medium he won't read it maybe you know the medium
i met her and she want to practice or then or prince come in
he obeyed to new city
yeah we're always want to know how to read it how to we weren't know
how to how to a cold ourselves with this immense six pounds moment that's why in medium medium
is very popular for us you are paid interested in media study of me
and then all keep the bullets and richer community pool doesn't ignore the existence of a medium or as fraud psychology philosophy the sorry
because i chuckled when he put up completely accept brahman is
lots of philosophies into just a time
the question is
even though you know you you got to the media you got to see that medium
that i would like to talk my father who died died on twenty twenty years of years ago
this he did see kid she said to me that i keep a certain porsche i don't know much cheaper she kept for continually a certain question then in a moment their bodies and joke
not the same time a whole body that a whole bodies are joking
now only the one hand and appear eyes mouth to mouth and start to speak
i am my your father

then she'll start to speak
instead startled for his father who died twenty years ago
and then you listen to
on from my phone
meet you enjoyed very much to see you have fun
there is still questions
raise a person death
what a superb
it looks like you know that here is a very tiny competency a pumpkin competency
you know the this competency what happens on this
pump is is of pumpkin's thick pumpkin
you know so
but very interesting we are to stay how the how does probably tiny pumpkin see a code is so with a big pumpkins you ha
and then you try to wives and all
the an open game
i am seat see
are you all right
before yes am on
okay i our i will go to that a certain i will go to and settle a certain the ground
and then the sands comes rise and sons give you walk lungs that time are three days later please yours
new spot
proud piece from
and then what ones who are once a month later phases growth
pumpkin said oh yes yes sir
yes i will
and then sees got to the acid graham sit once come up
the sun comes up and songs gifts warmness to it
but unfortunately stones
tom's comes immediate
you can then have prompted seat is thrown away to concrete
that is person that i is person death
let's see the north or well yes if you if you would call today for to the to the pump in to the pumpkin yes you can get to touch a with it is the mediums as you can attach
oh my i can't see the father
hello father or kind of you
are you all right oh yes i am will right
what are you doing i am a enjoy a mind
i'm not enjoying yourself when murray hill
i can't believe it
put my to enjoy
but it is not the duration and it's not it's not a relation deal relation with competency yeah it's the it's now little relation
with the kentucky and my five
even though i am i feel relieve ah
but my life is my live well what is person death okay
birth and death
is present of his death
is this guy
person death is
is when a pumpkin cd is placed on the ground and time to work it is right and debt death
able to pump pumpkin seeds to get in touch with a pump date
it it still does scotty off to me
it is still sites science because never turn
count never satisfy yourself satisfied
still have his prison



the moment


each woman

we cannot the time you cannot say that time with cut off

immense moment is moment is not necessarily long and far and shortens wrong
nia and shot near and called far
a cat and contain it's not listed side
a small immense expense month
the moment you think is of is cutting off
that's moment is a scene from them as cities of time you think
but this woman simultaneous extended into

this is to be at the moment
within this piece the moment is not
they cut off
mom is completely continuing continuation
now continuation not not a cut off
you cannot explain
anyway not one

what what what i talk

you like me that always question our three late
you like


why not

it did
he said
you get the
the video the me i'm very happy with set by with i don't recommend
you're still here

a good idea
a profession

my my head as work

do it
the printer

begin how
you hear me
a fan
with the