December 3rd, 1971, Serial No. 00287

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yesterday i mentioned it is
that we
ah we'll create it
we create our lives
by our efforts in at the same time we are created by
the life itself
if you have a decent condition so i just made itself
a question is why is life itself
our which create your life
will you say this is my life
that life is a c on
your eyeglasses
with your on com life
denude continue you on beginning because since beginning was passed what
think it is life when you have thought
life in itself
as sustain more life woman a woman is completely pure
going beyond
comic view point
in life this is life itself life in itself
we each other
ah always continuously forever
by life in itself
this is
first point regardless of whether or not you understand
ah this life is life he is this time lives
this life lies in
the way mentioned by the organ by patriots these five poor these called the way
new p
but usually
he our daily life we are always look at ourselves
does dislodge the taking the one way road won't be a lot never come back
you always take a long way right
hello earth
we are we are always try ante up to see something you arrive while others
are walking on one way or won't be a lot
wait universe with your own eyeglasses based on common gripe
this is usual oddity in our lives
ha in but the life mentioned by checking the buddha patriarchs is not something like that
life is completely pure it is called life in itself and thing itself
life in itself is called universe buddha's life for us
life was then when you let the the bullets life was
let to the flowers or buddhist life was blue we knew day life is called buhler work
that time people see you haven't you are how beautiful you are like god beautiful beautiful flower blooming in do wherever
romain he will or wherever it blooms
whatever kind of flower is tiny pick
then many insect
come to you come to you and you you are
living to share your honey
because you are always open to everybody
molecule the sutra
these bay interesting stories

this is our conversation this is conversation between charlie to try and molecule
one day

ha not sally putra i am so mandatory
ah man should ask
the sally
if he wants to save living beings what should he be removed
he answered
if he wants to save living beings
he removes their passions
he asked again if he wants to remove their passions what should he practice
he answered
he should practice right mindfulness right mindfulness he asked again
how does he practice right mindfulness
he answered he should practice known arising in non ceasing
he ask again what dumber or what determines what dahmer does not rise and what dharmas does not cease
he answered
the evil is not born and the good dozen seats
he asked again what is the root of good and evil
he answered the body is the route he asked again
what is the root of the body he answered lust and greed are the root
he asked again what is the root of the lust and greed he answered
for us discrimination is the root
he asked again what is the root of was discrimination falls discrimination he asked he answered he answered misconceived ideas are the root
he asked again what is the root or misconceived ideas he answered no abiding know abiding is the root
he asked again what is the root of know abiding
he answered no abiding has no root
monday surely
a on the route of know abiding all dharmas are setup
very interesting
but it's pretty deep
through your whole right now now on you through your whole right life of crime you should consider this point
that it's dawkins wow
bogans boss said
life after life i vowed to listen to the buddhist teaching right them
we doubt has picked suspicion that suspicion
without our business
that is tokens bought some we we also
listen to this right them
life after lot
stories is very interesting
stay deep
our put this story
he says what is what is pace what is the base for human life for life
so life is that life would debase the base for life is completely know abiding norway
so i've mentioned before than life itself live in itself
support our life create our lives moment after moment sustain your life
ms know abiding know abiding sustains your arrive
when you see what you see where you penetrate this point through and through you are called buddha aren't code
oh riding the same refugee yes you can say whatever


no a biting
friendly speaking
no abiding means the basis

i'd say
our lives are the know up a day
to say what their
the tools are no abiding is the basis for life
is to say what
ah we can be
we can be
anything can be anything
can be in
ah you can you can be anything what you want what you want
what do you want
when it was a the monastery
first time first time i listened to the lecture on showboating though mason delivered by had not roissy rather hurghada see the food who was the teacher of yes tiny he
he office hit the hitler table
can you understand some if you don't understand the sound
you are not met
if you understand this sound this is right to bid
completely fall out
hello and spanked by to death his son stay in my hit
but i'd understand
and now maybe i understand loop
because at the time i had been completely no idea what all what the booties was and don't know britain
and i was very open
to anything
buddhism or philosophy or eighteen
the someone some for some might call me map among this way of credit maybe i would go
then up that i listened to that lectio sheboygan though did he pulled by asimo to ross
the first lecture
was given our first trip to was the kind of sankey
that time he said he said
and that time he described first sentence don't want to enzo dao a way is is completely
and if the absolutely complete completeness and quickness
damn that time he described
when you when even a our shop for the short period of time you sit
you become buddha
to come for
it pays surprising wow
i can't become put while for smite it's one of them i have never listen i have never heard of defense
if you if you sit even for the short period of time you become poorer wow
phase surprise or two gigabytes are looking at his eyes
i'm sure it
i was very happy to hear that
there i start yeah is time sort of crazy to do that something
at this is fay to wait you said we say even the for the short time period now short period of time you become but you can't believe
you can't be well it's i don't i don't think so
through your practice you never get teased i'll become a buddha you can go for white year they might year on city
we have never got case the bits said the pigs
so you cannot believe
but that's all right and averse con yeah the other earth let's imagine you try you try to go to the at lake tahoe hitting the tried to gamble you clean the in
ten there are many pinball pinball
all get monster muslim doubt needs men and women are crazy but
engaging in a pinball playing a pinball
at their expense at the expense of their life
and you will you will be completely surprised that seeing that see now a big huge mansion building
do you know what what is the building
please note that apartment it is not the business building it is not the hotel
any a pinball
hence fine
the thematic and how crazy japanese and the
this is true
and then they and dare this can be alive
the all stories all the horror stories are completely jammed
when provide because men and women young and old
i'm making a rise watching carefully
with whole habit with

that time they become kimbrel guy in florida
yes they can do that
never was on dead hand if i if i taught them why them to sit them
you a car boot up
they don't believe you
there are only when they play the pinball they've become kimbo boo
it's really easy
but it's lousy easy for them to become the thousand buddha
the or buddha is p difficult
and then the other hand
get the other day i mention some someone visit to the house your friend's house not condone nobody here the time what time he knocked the door
no answers well they touch the door the result what so
then he tried he his curious compel him to step one a two step in
well let's go inside just the only one thing
a this sure that there is nobody not answer well i am about to step in and he's now con good time good chance to stop me
that to me
but nobody answered well i will go fired
it it's okay he would know the answer well i it
day he did living room
find the wave one one teak
oh that's funny
looking at that time victimizing take it
play into the pocket
who is he who is he
he's not cut again
he's now real cut the he is cut gay named rabbit
cut the game
it is crazy for kentucky to become rubber
yes please please look at what take it today
we think they keep and said you are rubber yes it's problem
because i put it
what's please
but zen master and buddha the patriarch says when you said you become buddha immediately that dot
it's pretty hot for you to believe
well i don't think so
why it's funny
because your mind is that life when see when seen from your mind is not based on know abiding
there is always something
some ideas something in your head that's why you can't believe
why i don't think so
the actually given a kid and the mercury says and check second money buddha says life is misconceive or life is lieu of no abiding
the route the route of know abiding is
it that is pretty easy for you to become anything what you want
yes i want to become buddha a yes i will sick become more then look at and what i want to take it put it you a rabbit
there you go out that go out of the tatar a into it to the city san francisco
they go to the bar and drink beer and and then whine all night
the can you are caught drunk
you become rather be easy
yes please
so that's why we have to consider
life after to life about this point life he is the root of nor abiding moot the root of know abiding is
a in price that it is a pretty easy for you to become anything with you act right now right now my not act nine not here are the here moment out moment you become pc anything what you want
then when it was a monastery i listened to the lecture the sheboygan though by
i smooth glossy you'll become for when you set even for the short period of time why can sit
it's was very lucky form
if you don't really understand this route of law abiding
it's pretty hot for you to believe
hmm to fit to sit there then with whole hearted nets
it's pr

but anyway
sexual life
which is the root of what is based on on on wits
the set to live
sustain your own life woman up mom
first war you should know this point
your life is was that's what is your life is completely free
from any ideas any concessions
you become anything what you want
right now right now now after not here after here moment afternoon
sick enough to second
one day after one day you asked why

de lys a based on the route of nobody is called in other words the way
the buddhists weight will this way
then as dogging the says the actualization of this way
a breeze practice in to be place your life into be
so root off law abiding is not merely concessions you have to
tucked this extended extended into our daily lives
that's why even though you understand what is a group of more body
it is not complete it's not enough good enough
to understand the meaning of know about him through the practice you have to get taste we have to penetrate the root of law abiding through and through
the is our practice
then community poorer are many patriots many bureaus explain disappoint first
then trust transferring your life you believe the border believe the buddhist teaching believe the patriarchs teach
and out to rise buddha's teaching petya teacher
dogan done says by georgie
by practice of the buddhist and patriarchs therefore one can optimize it and a team it's are timid nature
secondly bot are many buddhas many patriarchs describe this point that's fine we can have a chance to optimize this way based on whites implies with price
that lifeways the would have more body
they also once practice once practice are also by once practice he can out to rise the buddha
is and patriarchs goatee and attain its ultimate nature
through the practice through the practice with the actualization of the way
making by buddhists ptx
you can attain the ultimate nature
when you see the practice in terms of phone in in terms of your life
you make effort to follow buddhist practice
in terms of buddhists eyes
the live your life
is such key sustained by buddhists way
what's the price that rife is moot nor by
we can become anything right now asia
what you want
what does first
you make an effort you make a effort his first or
the buddha's teaching
ah helps you arrive his first whites whites
universe spring his first spring comes first or
summer comes first
you say well or cause spring comes first it's big mistake
big mistake
can say that
if a say spring comes first
dan summer it's mins it's ms you military tried to see the summer
follow your viewpoint i grosses from your own telescope from your into two cents day at that time was spring his first
but open your eyes
then look at screen
what spring exist here to say spring existed here
is to say
spring is sustained by summit
buy some
at that time you can say is course fee
yonder was spring live to say spring this is to say spring is lived by summer
this is true then at that time you can understand tall picture of
my in common sense in common sense we always see that to scream just speak a morning summer autumn or winter
i don't think so
spring spring that's why the other day i miss to live is to be linked to be it
spring spring to say spring reliefs the is to say spring is lived by summer autumn winter
that time
that time you can say you can say how beautiful spring is when you see it
when you see on the men's ignoring the existence of the woman's you can say you can call the men as a meant you didn't call him a man
in this merge their there are delays on-demand
they exist to on-demand
this word is completely dreary
whites merely unfortunately
we have a to kind to titles and human being man and movements
that's one you
then sometimes fighting
making travels

then wait you try to understand a man we have to understand the woman to
the man to save many lives is to say may is lived by humans it is too
we're always we're always tried to go on just the wrong way was and men i don't care
met day if you get mind you always create trouble

that simultaneous simultaneously your life is makes appearance
by leading by being made by being lit
this is true this is too

you're like leaves your life leaves know your lives is lived
you make effort and you are effort you are a team moment to cause
you make i have what you order to create your eyes on the other hand
life in itself
sustain your life
why dawkins and says
us and patriarchs therefore one can have derided and attain its ultimate nature also by ones georgie he can up to rise
ah the buddhists and patriarchs georgie and a ten it's ultimate nature
it is called token it is called token with all
income encompassing niche or incompetent
each incomes
you can't separate and understand it's impossible
we have to understand all picked a torrent of the total picture is is based on
subject and object
time timer tens
you live and at the center you are lived
the you to then you try to design and at the same time you've been done by the present
this is true
but actually you are always look at tour your doesn't going on one will rot fai you always hate your doesn't
why any some cake and eat some cake as long as you do that in dozens of sustain your eyes that's what that's why they must says you to calm water wow
the contract when you to take the antique well i tried i tried to
still the as fatigue at the same time
the taking a antique
sustain my life that's why it is called it is called robin
but try to always to cut to
myself what on going on my way in going on one way or what then placement car took me take me to the jail and that time on more am now rubber just a curiosity tell me take it
but it's no reason it is now real reason but i always want to try and spin my robert i'm robert
i took a pic
my airport my f one compel me to take kick this is my way he get a hand taking and cake and sustain my life at the same time
then something happened this is called robin then it's marvin thanks man can me priests
but but still i want to see myself going on one wheel lot when it's called kentucky ideas
in morning in rolling something would sustain my life regardless of whether or not i understood i understand
always a good
let's imagine where you fight with your wife for with your friend the often speaks friend mickey skews it
from the just your own standpoint and right you're wrong
that fight dog in dingy ah
says sir
you have to go the is going to is practices dog and is all encompassing nature
in practice life is right fees based on all encompassing make
you can pick up it's really evasive it's lily bass we will use think of it
the two years ago a think car were no one day i think one of the student was the was put in a jet jail
at that time this ready walked just on the street
and the same time the many peoples in on the move out
we got it
not played such of for violent
night know industry at ninety two for the riot tina and the the she just walk he just walked on the street at that time
just nearby
damn preis meant to car to jail
it's funny
i'm mad
the prison for into who is in to stay in violent butter inside
he knew she was glad is she went in jail

the of chris
this person
you want to you want to the you want nora is out

why did i take this example
sure it away
he was in the spider ideas about ah young
so the garden so
crisis never know
even though you create as mentioned before i take i take the and t this is this acer lives the i try to create this is to then at the same time this decide
sus came my out this is true
but life is not complete
as you understand your arrive from interpreter cells rights cause since my life must be create by effort then next moment the circumstances which i create sustain my life i don't think so
it's looks like aids aids a thorough scientific word
find some one plus one is too but life is complete complicated
like first class one is sometimes freeze for five two thousand
try to talk in sir dawkins and silk ginza the completely you think of is wow once a wonderful know you don't think it's wonderful
he kicked the flat
ceremony buddha mason in that way always
so bureau or patriot as dogging always x
describe one plus one is equal this is okay but he shouldn't no one plus one equal to and me for ten twenty thousand minutes
this is soundtracks then that's why she
placement to curb in a jail
it's a nightclub in a small right
it is not is an unfair
you say it's smart and it's unfair is any ma'am fear i know i understand
you know so but
you should not life
the life is life creates itself rife makes rife and
immediately meet ha the circumstances you create
sustain your life make your life
and also not on the there
the life would you make what you make create
are all circumstances that's why i'm mason them ten though by zen know i make my life i make my life and doesn't make my life
i make doesn't doesn't make my life and also the zendo make my life never make my life
that's five policemen can hit to hop into a deal inside then i went to their the court
and pay or hundred dollar
and that
i took got out of the gel
you have to deposit hundred dollars logical or your bail
inside it is not a fear but he is now fear but don't in east life in his life which is based on know a biting
that's why we have to take good care of
myself and also others and sorts circumstances