December 2nd, 1972, Serial No. 00354

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just understand the that was a net self is nirvana
and you will need i hate one as being birth and death
nor cherished cherish the other as being a one in one day then can you be fee of burton death
it is mistake to think he passed from birth to death being one stage of total be total time both is already zest of before and out
for this reason in the buddha dharma it is said that birds selfies members being one stage of total time as well sensation live also is placed of before and after
said extinction itself is no extinction
when one speaks of birds there is nothing at all
pok apart from birds
when one speaks of death there is nothing at all apart from death
therefore when birds tons you should just give yourself to earth when death comes you should give yourself to death do not hate them do not desire them

oh yesterday
i mentioned
we live in this world
tallinn our com
and yet
we can live free we can be paid at every moment
happy moment
the pre is freedom is
ah to us
on the at every more moment
so nobody you start your life
what did you just don't like
whenever you make you want to go as you can wherever you want to do
after second world war
japanese young generation
it's p
something which i have
there have never experienced before the is real
during second world war japanese people who are completely tied up
you call

buy something
the the are sort of yard
total principle
they have to second law war and on know why
was gone
whatever you do nobody criticized
everything people turning to power by submitted
you cannot imagine what happens in science society or that situation japanese side wow
increasing more than more than people who help
was crazy
now and depend i think our people lives
and want
love so much freedom
think it is called you please
this sunday to be some eps and i don't know

he personally peace and the happy side or noise something but anyway
we we loved so much freedom
because they find yes there is a exist freedom where a moment
at every moment we can get the fear
it's great
then they did it did
after that
i'm not so
if independent say

so from this point to freedom would you what you think
is something funny
because it make you make you confuse
but freedom is not something like switching what you would make you confused is completely freedom fry
but the freedom what you think make you can confuse what what's up

ah we are always
no playing hide-and-seek was she saw game
you played always see so game yes sam free so you do you did something at every moment
but on the other hand the com comments visit you how are you
didn't the moment you dance you say oh i don't want peace quiet
please go away
but camera is company now something no amount of were discussed in discussing whether you should why you shouldn't
com is very right where you back
the moment when you get the freedom
at the same time come and visit you know like
that i'm getting the contradictions
then we don't at that time we don't know how to integrate that camera
and freedom
yeah there was freedom and inevitability
the other was time and space how can you you don't know it's out the some you are completely at a ross what to do what what how to how to integrate time and space how to integrate the contradictory situation
the of your life
because contradicted situation will be your life consists of com and fill
then you are always praise since game
you cannot stop eternal stop praying cecil game
the you turn have to go beyond that contradictory situation feel that
if you tried to see if you tried to get freedom
seeing for we all come
it's pretty
yeah to always easily
if so it's a question
what is there is something more something
something what do we have to take into account once more again what's the moment a what's the freedom is
the moment when you think is think a something woods something though made you compute something what made you computers
and so and so freedom is
not the meaning of freedom
in the right of the truth
so you have to think more than what what feel and what's the moment it

ah the other day i mentioned of course you can get from freedom at every moment
but when while that this moment is open only to you to individual that moment doesn't create freedom
create trouble
a top
the get meaning of moment
must be extended
in everybody into all since you'll be into universe
oh wow
this is true
let's imagine way you all birth that imagine the same when you beat you with you born
this work
you come up from your mother's womb
that's moment is great event that woman it is that event is great moment for you
but it's not the that woman is not the on great the red movement not only for you but also mother and father
take your doctor
alto the peer teaching for kill quotation to you to your purpose
and also to to your mother to
parents the your friends
wow moment is completely extended into your paws at the same time your father mother the doctors your friend systems your problems and also
you know
celestial bodies
existence of celestial body and one woman to the celestial bodies that's why the study of astrology
ave popular for you will be
because the opal is complete a new process integration with your and with a celestial body distance of social body and movement of face it tastes your body
they you all would ask me where are you for can be
seo was i was one jan nineteen twenty eight what's man you are very interesting when you when i was born
where johnny one once they
nineties all ice your capricorn
but you don't know you didn't know what what how relation what kind of relationship you your birth as the moment when you buyers
you are you don't know
but that moment is completely extended into all
you should know this point in the movement is not that the open open to you but also open to everybody to hold delivery
so let's imagine this moment this woman is fake cream know nothing to stay on it
three careers
the moment when the as soon as when the moment comes into being a whole universe comes in to be yeah yeah that's right you can you can bond
this moment the moment what extended into core universe is fay cree fakery
nothing to insert any kind of the any germination of concessions into it
so what can i awoke can i tell what can i quiet moment know that islam oh my what then dog and then says appearance and disappearance that's all
built this
i hope that the person death
you you can person death is also some something like concession you
what on one of that wasn't that
something more than that they is moment is one and also that moment sustain your life and at the same crime or sentient being inanimate an enemy
so let's imagine your life is a vast immense
but there is some question why we have to concentrate on that's moment
because regardless of whether you you know you realize or not your life is based on this woman extended into whole universe why is it we have to concentrate you we have why is it we have to think of it
i is prison
because trees birds
even the and
a woman dog cats
exist in the same way
no exceptions
what's the difference between a cats and human be
what's the difference between the human being and brought us a fraud
different say what's the difference between the human being and frog
what's different from between a human being than the music box
no different satan
but why we waited we need the practice religious practice
he ordered to read you to to awareness to awareness of to you know
iran sees the very important
of course frog cat dog yes exist same way
but unfortunately they can't realize they cannot be a real of where they are what the alchemy
well from their body express
when you see it when you see that
frog okay because you realize you realize that existence existence of woman expanded into universe you realize first that's why when you see the fog cats and dock and bot fraud you can see how beautifully
it and you cannot to treat and you can handle rafi you tried to take best care of him
but frog between the frog they are always fighting
a what are you doing get away
kidding i used yellow that's all
what sometimes among human beings we are kiddie kill you die
but sometimes we turn control
the why i'm to keep for keep of peace
why don't you stop the fighting youtube yesterday
it's means you can realize you are human being who has who is who who who are qualified qualified to realize the moment expanding not only into you individual or
also into or be whole universe where everything exists in peace in common
that's the realization is very important so it is called chicago employees to communicate with us as couple self awareness said
so if you don't have a self awareness
get on you you can turn
you can't keep the peace and the happens sender
even though you practice doesn't you know
here is a shop or kendall
even though you the shop will get the whole chapters are will be translated into english
and then there's a chance to lead for you to be
but i don't know i don't know how much you will understand
the you to you always tried to and as you can understand something you can't understand something in that in some extent
how much your practice your practice make progress how much you and his time
practice how much you realize how much you realize what purposes
your other words you turn up and the stan you can understand something you can understand by your practice by your self awareness
several bayonets empower you to understand something
why isn't sea views do city if you attend the session
everybody feel experience of pain
but p is what pay you have never the experience of pain before
the pain you're experiencing doesn't know is really directory open to your drinking you
nothing disturb
what you can you say all i don't i please go away that pins pin
yeah never experienced before you die
but they must the stadium stay with it stay with as much as possible it's means through the pain important point eight you have to get the self awareness what the what the pay is not really this
when you when you how for so for awareness through the pain you experience through and through that time you can understand what pay is and this pin you understand it's not his is the case not for you
but also for everybody
because you can't understand you helps of awareness concerning the pain with a p
the even though you did the shop or kendall
it's pretty hard
if we are to understand
the more i tried this person from kentucky telling the camera on my back try to understand your bogans not
can i office give up help
the practice
buddhist practice compel me and the stern show book
the same applies to everything you buddhist practice the same buddhist practice ms self-awareness said robin
self awareness compel you make you understand and make you understand what it is and make you understand something as it is

ah but why self awareness is pretty self awareness is different point
between the human be and inanimate
animate being not me
i'm for fortunately
we have her
we have a great quality
in dominate we have a great endowment
what you never you to understand
as it is it is called self awareness
in several pianists
ah let you see into
the being as a whole
see into woman as a whole extended into a be a we were all
i guess moment then when you realize this moment you can't find free
come find
when you can't aware of this moment extended into all over
the moment
the moment extended into all over is something abstract out
at any cost you have to be a real good
with your whole by and
at that time that that moment is not something abstract not conceptual ideas
because you can leave you can read your birth and death
you can put your birth and death into it into this moment
not idealistic
comes a conceptual
if so
how can i how can we
fine freedom
in the read more birth and death
important point it is
we have to put yourself into
this moment extended into all
in two uniqueness
five dorgan then says just the understand that britain their the sophie's new one to birth and death is new one new on my a's
the nearby my is the is dumb but new banner plainly speaking is moment
expanded into whole universe in watch everybody to me
that is new one
on the other hand you haven't come
this comment is pronounced sometimes boats
but fortunately the it's a great tens that with chance to make your comic dr disappear
by putting yourself putting it into
the moment the extended into or unique
this is great chance this is so called freedom

then birth and death is nirvana ms your birth and death it is really living alive vividly
in the domain of moment