December 2nd, 1971, Serial No. 00286

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huge significance or plug to see it's puddles married or have devised club this georgie assured re extends throughout the limitless universe
it is not understood by the self and others nevertheless it exist
no soul dogan didn't says in previous upon a glove
ah d c
geology is therefore not cause by once on or another cell phone
yesterday as mason the yesterday
check on money border
i didn't have a particular a year
when he tried to understand
the neo the oddity of human life
in human affairs
ah neither according to neither according to the
neither according to neither please put off the nature of sinfulness nor a neat you are buddha flirt
whatever kind of facebook they are
nate you have sinfulness naik you boot of word
since consist of conditioned or conditions are necessary for their arising
he ordered to see human being who are they as they are living vividly
it is nearly impossible to get a certain place book
of nature of sinfulness need you are put foot in song
the twice or company poorer i didn't have any prejudice
then he what carefree the state or being with july's is with july this on the ground of conditions distance moment after mom dame and day-out
they can have with speaking
the human be the second winter set in teaches as and the piece to of emptiness and song
and also dug in danger says
the merit of the practice a sure dre extends throughout the limitless universe
it is not understood by the self and others nevertheless it exist
so dog invented attempt to get through the state or being with who is living vividly
without attaching to it in terms of a certain place pool
that fry he in also has to say
the practice
go wiki is not understood by the self war and others but nevertheless in a exist
it's means the dog and then the always try to understand tried to understand state of human being who is living vividly like now like chip without attachment with the attachment of any kind
of facebook
well in but nevertheless you don't understand such
the for instance we have our the
six officers seen tassajara in zen center
the zoo consult and slew in watkins or to see some it

let's imagine a way
anyway some a take care of one fire six distance as of foods and enzo answer
at this as accounts

i think you are you have understood so well how difficult
a certain position with discord to some cancel from seventy tens on his see ah
the before you get this tradition you think you envision what is what is the tradition of suzanne cancel from the certificate c c and ten answer
well since the is such and such
mama when you get when you go find the into the producing south it's there you will find out that there are many takes to to be difficult at the how difficult it is too
take care
hell anyway
the dojo the the tour they appoint you to take care system you say yes sir and you accept that says but an actor is through to speaking you may say or am not qualified and am not a person right
person who is qualified to effect that since you think so many
but in a sense desire in the que ya stiff can tell you what it's it's taking why didn't you take it
because to see pretty good in the highest produce ambulances and fire whatever you say you you think that's okay in any way actually you you take the answer yes sir they accept
then the you arrive is
simultaneously with the tradition of says anyway you have to you have to be right on the the on the tray of the
check out the to sit wherever you think oh i don't i don't like it i i will like to get that since the insult in cover and of like whatever you say it's not let you take an answer yes you have to be right in the tree
being right on way of the in its as day you have to go


in all the then you try to every possible effort to
live up to that says
day you day in day out and tried to you tried to make effort
now on the otherhand actually
a contract on the contrary to the effort do you make
day in day out
the a certain partition partition wiki code says blink you in a different direction would you have never expected
so at that time you have a doubt wow
is my employees right or wrong you always have to take well
my employees not not so good
well as rotten as as not meant to you keep this not-so-subtle you have to continue to it to effort
the moment the more you make an effort
to a countries the position of the task of the to see the more you you realize that there is something more than your effort
yeah it was system that tradition of sizzle always carry you
to a certain direction and central injection
now absolutely you you don't you you don't want
nevertheless it is the tradition of sizzle carry you to different directions
yeah there was the position of scissor create you arrive create your life
before you are aware off
then he may
the the sir
our big temp war
near to my village
when i was so in japan
yeah that time on the oven to test temple passed away
then the village people the this cause for every night who would be food of be next success in successor of destiny
but this the previous album had his own son
this fun maybe passport will be possible to become a i went to the temple
but all big village people why against
against vic meant
guess they can like things you him to be the new abbot of distant
they they said always own he was something crazy it is not the is not good person
and some but they are nevertheless they tried to keep kept tried and tried to keep their meeting every night
again i discuss with who put the success success of
oh be new our temple
but at that time i knew i knew you know i knew there would be no conclusion quickly
because we couldn't we couldn't find any other person who would be codified to be you
the avenue our to destiny
then stripped speaking just his sons
what's left
who would see who would seem to be codified
to the
to become new our too distant near anyway one are almost two two months for two months they discussed continuously but then at last they decided well let's that's an in this san
you can new album in data
and then he became my he became a new our to this temple at that time people always criticize him every time way here wait he performed as some my buddhist through seven
money a or whatever he did for is that he caught the hustle and a like this
and there he criticized him how stupid house to that route look at his attitude holding the key holding just stick it's not a good
the people what look at him every moment whatever he did and then he quit his day creekside always why he needs last good his mask sick but the king years
ten years past have passed
that time nobody can create egg
then everybody said he is very good i would new the of the temple
nobody made a prepaid
whatever he did
nobody said nobody made complete
the day everybody make shit bar
and it's fun you
that that i'm worried by words good
where is wrong or is right
i was very confused
from this point in this respect you know the petition a position of the abbot issue of the susan
always support you arrive
before you are you are a real off
because our petition will always push you consciously or unconsciously to go in a certain direction he go ahead it however however you suffer from it
never you become too slow in qatar
the and one as always support make you a create your life
it is pretty good it is figure
and then if you when you become we become a in san francisco that to see it's really different from the from one in us are of course
but to see to see anyone
they when you become answers the in san francisco that so-so in san francisco and support your life and create your life
and create your personality
this is too
day in the beginning of getting the to serve someone criticize new all
he's massive good
he's not calling he's the he's a not right person will take a full discharge
traditional says but mum months later two months later six months raider a white years they weren't year later nobody complete
he's very good to see his favorites and a month since
this is true
which means it means that says tradition of the susan always inspiring you to live

the you don't know the actually if you put a a few effective for yourself through for discourages who discourages charges the position of the system you are
don't get the good taste from your task
find some mistake or
something wrong

in the thing is to be set over parties does it
when you see you as the see the them of fully or in turns the on your part now on your part
what does then is not a good because you will find and what to thought running through your head
wow mean something is not good
but strictly speaking the day itself support your life
does he serve creates your life

the independent what a while i was in japan
i wanted to drop out the college
ah studying the buddhism's
before i entered
the this cause i expected rocks and things from the college
i have to run a breweries
the from these toddy study buddhism i accept expected drugs and faiths
but have to finish in right ear the after one years my ear
hey i have nothing to to find
i had nothing to satisfy myself
so i wanted to drop part because they thought the run was cut with their professors at the you on missouri university he said
don't worry about don't expect something from buckeyes
what to expect the something from the cottage is something wrong
why don't you stay in cottage
why don't you keep whitening to keep
study keep studying buddhism and courage that on
if you do so if you do so
after you finish the cottage
that airport
what you would you finish the car is finished school
i will support your eyes in your future
when you wake you up when you become one of far
but they one of the people in society
yonder is the effort
what do you make you made you made in the chi's
where given from suggestion in the in what the direction to go that's our that's enough
so he said
you should
why don't you stay while want to stay why don't you finish the school
don't expect something from the cars
so at that time i felt sort of really relief
so far i always
expected something found the courage i want to i want to get something i want to get to something informal study of buddhism
but down nothing
the moment i heard from this confessor i checked sort of relief well that's night when it's finished the school dang i started
i stayed at college in finished school
even though i didn't i didn't get the full marks in every bedroom
even though i get i got to the zero marks
a mathematic in buddhism in zen buddhism in the practice of zazen and

according to his suggestion if you preserve something
and tell
you finish completely
you are a person who is worthy of living in this world as human being
you got this effort will give some suggestion you were to get in in what direction to go
just suggestions but you don't understand what it is but to suggestions
suggesting years not real the resolution not real recently so this is sorrow for dem image dem image which make appears in a darkroom
sunday neighbors
they if you if if you infuse asked to yourself what did you guess what did you get us through the from college what did you get the tassajara practice you don't know what did you get i ask
q what did you get from the practice of zazen you know you don't know what it is
but after after living tasks are you don't know but something give the suggestion you what direction to go
if you are asked by someone you don't know what it is but you know you know
you know something just something is suggests since what do you can't explain describe but you know this suggests in a actually actually
let you go let you go in certain direction what in what direction to go
this is pretty good that's enough but accept accept we're always want to get something in your hand you kids are they why let's go too far but even though you get something good in kava through the practice don't
worth adults key to for science because i was right it's completely different from you
each has different way of type of like you
dance dance life had to gay hands are covered d life
it's pretty hot
so from this point to what you want to get something in your hand is not real face your things
but you don't know but even though you don't you don't get anything you don't get anything in your hand through the practice that then
and you you keep you continued to have some doubt i don't know what them body's needs if you say all with i don't know out was zen buddhists weeds and i need to too
it something you don't know either
even though i i don't know either i don't know either who i am and i'm worried
after moment regardless of where ever you feel for your life from the position where you look up to perdition from your eyes through your grasses eyeglasses you think of with or i don't like or i like a loud for months and then
the moment a puppet you got from pass had to san francisco in completely crap
the your mind is completely distracted you how the city what city life is
think so this is too
ah but strictly speaking our life is absolutely enveloped by just amazing

you are always support you are supported by something
this is why just call you a what is called a my which may be caught the v itself or life itself
ferguson to see itself
a president on united is self in tucson
if you become president of the united states i think president of the united states create your life then grabs the you to come they won for dinner
then one of your friend tried to meet you then and
why you pick
because crazy and traditional the president the united states or with has already created your life wow right equipment
but key is a goal the he's and you are completely a friend girlfriend in ten revel in fan on family medicine that can allow how are you busy
and out
president of the united states in cares

but anyway
so life itself doesn't itself
support your life
this is too
you learn something from this life itself doesn't sell more condition itself
what are you supposed to run from this
is it possible for you to learn
the petition of zeus the which has a certain fixed i hear this is too so
en tus ha
so so he enters our
is described by sunt sentence so many for destiny many ideas
the and didn't says the practice of burrus and patriarchs
the practice of buddhist and patriarchs are right on the way they cannot be
separate from it
this is it the far this differs this refers to
the real reality that the right itself with xavi itself petition itself support your life now here moment of mom
it's fine to get in and said a way a practice of buddha and patriarchs ah is right on the way they can't be separate from a
and then how in what attitude should we take
she in what attitude should we face this producing it said this life itself
then doddington says the presence of dumb the presence of dumber a brings the suggests the plug is into being this the presence of down my is actualization of the way yeah that was actually
isation or petition itself a realization of life itself out to realization of xavi itself
what do you mean optimization observing itself is do it
then after rotation of the dubbing itself ripe it's a petition itself
bring subtracted into be this is practice this is practice their lives no complete the among the discussion what a lousy is what is right be and is no confession
the actualization of rightly so loving it's a petition itself brings the plug is into being is just do it is good
without the dumber with that damn the practice cannot be brought into existence doggett says
we that actualization of life itself or petition itself the practice can't be brought into existence this is true even though you say or even though you can describe what sushi is what country is what your ip is
it is not the practice it is not some practicing
i carried by i describe i can describe myself who category yes
i have some sort of the tradition
and then priest and song
why even know how
however i describe how wonderful how nice i describe my just my standpoint my i give my life
it does make sense for leo leo the additive what were in weights my life he is living vividly
this description is the description
one cause my life itself and supports my life this is true
if so what i have to do is to accessorize my life itself at that time the lease practice the base paths lives practice by whites by whites in my life is envelope
my life is supporting
my life is created to what jackson to the huge
as long as i was born in this world i was as romance i i am in united states as long as the am intense our
interstellar support me before i a rigger i am aware of it or not
this is true
then i will really gratitude for this condition or category life thank you very much

of course in my life is not that compete compete if i see if i see my life through my eye grass
k y know
so sometimes please let me go let me go to some place
we're normally there

but it is the story
it is to still stalled
after when i go out a tough time
you know whatever kind of wonderful place i can envision you may play
it is to stay here and it's not real my life
so as one as i am in our my life he is
my life
which is going on right now right here
if so i have to optimize my i feel sad
that time in is practice it is plots
that's why dog england says presence of dumb of cause the practice of buddha's patriarchs is right on the way this way is life itself or petition itself your life itself
yeah other words is called the buddha and is called pula the poorer than but the buddha is not a certain concept doesn't have a certain concession wait to exist as substance

because with you optimize your life itself
that time it is cold packs it's called buddha
is caught
because this optimization all the way all your life itself you can learn what like it
you can learn
you arrive
what can fit consisting of
variety of the conditions necessary for its writing
is completely no a of conception
confession what is my life or a card kentucky
because even the discover gay is over teens
according to the conditions necessary for it's awry and lights and this is too
then through the more you make effort
to you for your life
more you feel
ha moment to call
how empowerment how transmitter great how transmitter great nor liveness because
dennis completely nothing to get your hand
strictly speaking or you have to do is just to continue
with new tradition with you arrive self

did you learn
when you activate your life itself you'll learn
run your life
what is going on moment after moment
on the basis of off
saddam truth that that our bases on the basis of the true
what everything consist
off lightly of conditions necessary for its rising
so in tough guy a completely different from one in san francisco because decent is completely different
the conception of to see interferon doesn't
doesn't make sense when you go to the san francisco completely it test is
you have to apply yourself to the condition of the to in san francisco because it's a slew producing of the truth including your lives in south
consists of my ideal conditions
necessary for their
analyzing this is true so you have to watch carefree the situation then take care of it
that time you think how difficult to see is
so this is true
then through this practice you can learn the truth of the human my truth on life itself truth of the petition
other words everything is based on convincing one impermanence
a weeping a state of being with july this on the ground conditions
it is merely evasion
but innocent face the fear of events is be eventually be been
you can get some suggest and not a complete solution you can get some suggestions
what should i do
this is practice
this suggestion is
and the was principle of transmigration or
please to of impermanence is off
dr smoot part i'm song
so from this point actually speaking practice speaking the any kind of conception mentioned by shakyamuni buddha always give some suggestion to us in everyday life
a destiny fidelity is something which is living vividly not merely suggested compensation so emptiness always give a certain suggesting what direction to go right now right here not past not pass know
duty right now
that's why the merits of accurate
eyes to practice assuredly extends through out the live less universe
i think
so this point you're doesn't
zazi the you right
is supported by thirteen safe
when you sit in defender
not only by nothing itself
by this sindoor
by the creek
by the sound of the creek
because even son of the creek
are not doesn't it is impossible to exist apart from your the day itself you can get out that sound of the creek
cause you set your sand
you can hear
your ip is supported by thing itself whatever you think wherever you feel that then
i don't like the them or you like i i i loved them
the gowanus of the idea whether or not do you like the then your life is certainly supported by jersey itself broadly speaking by then noise so by others
by drums by drown by creek by mountain by tree by sun moon
this is true
big dick word
yes dick word but wait you see when you see your see your the caesar then from we are small eyes kenneth cook
not to tell us it's tell who's or then it's terrible isn't it
ban completely town
as if you're like you were a frog
which is enjoy what enjoys himself
i enjoy his team in in a small wealth
when you say i don't like the them
i don't i don't make doesn't means you enjoy you enjoy your quickest says
dealings or him
you say i have of sense it's also you enjoyed your cricut face and answer said it's not really doesn't
it's looks like gates look cycles from
who enjoy his stay stay in small well
then you want to stay you want to stay continuously in the small well because you you are honest care something to know something else you are afraid to know something else
what are you alive rather you are the then you
why you don't like on i don't like but actually it is impossible to
to avoid
to avoid knowing something else because everything is consisting of conditions
variety of conditions necessary for its allies moment our moon distance makes appearance or wish
even though frog enjoy he is staying in what well small well as well like their lives
nobody knows what is what will be in store for frog
maybe big frat comes and deep fried
make them with small well feel completely that can fraud
make him go out of the well
that time we can only help looking at something else why that too big for me
the he want to come back but it's too late
it to late
so actually regime possible everything possible to keep on staying in small well where you were the q where he never you enjoy your stay
whatever you say i love us in a heap advertising same things