December 1971 talk, Serial No. 00292

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why we have
he wanted to order to so
how to do what to do
concrete concretely all
once they
if i see others just in terms of my life my per part
i can't understand i cannot understand your life
because your life is completely different from me
one hundred thousand and billions kinds of human life
cape's in life
m buddha know we have to know night mint never man to understand completely all kinds all type of human life
that time you can say what since
he's gone through us i


oh the emily
ah stage of for eyes
we are
did i did in

im from eight a balloon
him from making a balloon
in freaking breaking a room and going up in it
each on needed a photo
on each stage
we have to for down me to run
the truth of no abiding
sticky sticking in the room
with leo
but they we have to cry
on the fourth stage
that time
you and balloon
a high in the air
higher in the air more than the last of the stages
at that time when the balloon it's broken
that you were you we have to have a be the shock
then at that time you can hope
cry burst out crying
completely on the first stage of the dumber i
and for into the ground
you'll realize that jellies completely nothing to get
then at that time
you cannot help brushed out crime
have we ever
ah persuade you
to stop crying
you will see which not persuade avail could avail
then right after you burst out crying
i live it don't shake to earth and heaven
v huge crime
think at that time that an autumn skies completely clean and pure
this is right
so you have to cry newegg
yeah to suffer any way through and through

in dum dum dum i
the this i
i'm wrong by watch the body start was to see all teachings in order to deed living beings to in writing
think so


the buddha eyes they with the buddha i
the truth of law abiding
the moment when for down for down into the ground
with a paper moon
wait your eyes becomes the buddha's buddha eyes
you realize that
you can see all they can be you can see everything
in a creep
a different well understanding which from the before
what you have see
as mentioned yesterday we can fiscal eyes
we have to say what is he doing the then
they have nothing to do with the accent
ah that's all
then he enjoyed he enjoys
his rife very much
add to the thought that
doesn't has nothing to do with his wife
but actually he suffered very much from is like yesterday life
then at last he has to shot help
because the truth of no abiding sticking up the moon
that time help
what wait you have the buddhists i
maybe you say what is it me or she is doing to us in
he seems to me that the disease west in wasting time
what is it
so you say disease sentence at such a comfort or
life then cash shop
the sun
one says he is one
if you got the the university of to book me
you will find ghosts really just man he didn't drown kids chanting sutras song to him
we see them with the oil system i can't really easy
do you think all a day or the i have nothing to do with you are completely ignore
a put up some hi all
i do payment for your trouble
do you best
that time
very different
did you say from
where is the what is he doing he said then was as in western it has nothing to do with me then you ignore after you have a buddhist i would i see doing something which doesn't you become buddha

well at that time the everything would you can see with the fiscal i is also a puddle buddhist work
then next time
you know but nevertheless you don't understand what does it is then sometimes i our friend of you are brings dreams are filled with school science of the then
please see this doesn't if you understand how great he is they see you watch the movies while one
in at that time you help her heavenly eyes ah that's one how wonderful the essays
there you do that then he does as it you are actually you up to rise the practice of the event
he does happened last as a result you have nothing to get
in a sense you avoid disguise
through your doesn't through your effort through your effort
you will find
how you know mutable how mute for you and doesn't yet
through your does a you will understand everything is very beautiful
it's pretty hard to get this is my and you can
because their new of the know apply in sticking your bedroom
even though you you hate it can be helped
then you realize as mentioned as mentioned by the buddha of the thing is emptiness
now only the buddha but also the scientist a physicist say everything is emptiness then they say why we why is it we have to make effort to do that because there is nothing it's not necessary to do that
but if you have a buddhist i everything is nothing day you can understand how mutable everything is
that time you feel triumphant transit you'll feel trans and from your doesn't inform human life from animals from insect
then you have a question what's the difference between our animals or human
think so
because even the animals insect ah based on emptiness trans nc
so you have to pay they have to die when the have to
they cannot escape from
then you have some question what's different between animal and human being
complete you say but the lease different
least something different because animals i think animals or insect know
oh what the ground they weep
what is called trans and see maybe so
they don't understand they don't get taste of the tooth of transparency wiki with their body and mind and sorry for them
this is true
then only human being on the human being can get taste of the truth of what is the to solve transits with your body mine is this one we have to thank
at this point
they you in your mind you say to yourself why don't you realize the truth of transit se insect or animal cats and dark
but insightful of it
then why should you do
you want to naturally you want to give great sympathy as much as you can two cats too dark to insect any other animals
hey different before and after we you have good as i
it's think so
before you have a buddhist aside everything is empties know if know what
for human being
but inside deal of the abiding by sticking pollute know am the idea of know emptiness
pop in he have to crack you have to cry
when you have a buddhist guy
you can use this emptiness that truth of you emptiness you can to see fully with your body and mind this is different point
other words you can queue you can't you can't you the truth of for emptiness with your body and mind
keep going on your life keep going on your life

but nevertheless we have lots of doubt so you want to plant since then
this is a their wisdom eyes
the moment a moment a needle of the abiding sticking and brought break your bedroom
you can up wisdom eyes
then use them i
cause you to pop stars and even though you don't like and oh no i don't like something but i don't know why i am here
they always wonder why
but but i am here already

then wisdom i
the aisle wisdom by watch the two vehicles observe the thought non south substantial lucky
then are sutra says with them i cannot be see all they've been beans
it's cannot accept various aspect of phenomena by july a realization of no discrimination and have no attachment to object
the wisdom i can to save our people because of its nor determined to send
that is why people seek the my
the way you undergo the to of emptiness
compel you to practice
then to the our why you are in the mountain
and this doesn't
one year to year fear
then i lost the can obtain it
but on stage on the third stage of wisdom i
whatever you say i can attain my to such it enlightenment is
which you can get

you can get it
ah after
training after training after breaking in are breaking you in
for many years which is coins or then
yesterday i mentioned and i'm like a cat and duck a team a team a cat
you always hit to the his head don't do that every time when know when the poke poke his head into the ball don't know that done that
at that time up came cats a completely could have a concrete a good behavior
while actually
you know if i'm a cat cannot live without regard to the next door's to his house
you can live you cannot live by yourself without regard to others
even though you are in a deep mountain deep mud and by yourself you can't leave along you can't leave along without regard to
nature and society nick human be you can't

so i think
you say the jersey is sort of practice
i have always some doubt what is practice
say practices though the practice would you think it is something what something always break you is
as countless setting and making us a certain frame same men zesty is the same man sora schools in that score
why you have set your flame set to frame which make you cape
he's not and so sent it it's not something
sooner or later a needle have no binding to keep your bundle
that's our then cry noir light
nothing to get
what is of it

does he is not something that he is not to the something would make you play can what cape k
many people come to the then come to toss our the plethora of to move
please follow the schedule so you don't like because set a rule is always something for you what make you train or make u k
make a certain form then tassajara zen stupid
i think camp that they can never came break in you
to make a certain fate doesn't rather
oh decades destroy
destroy that concession of idea what you have always this is the van daan
don't have it
does he is strictly speaking as it is our truth of law abiding negro for by nor by it
setting office sticking your room
with what you are driving in why before to drive in your problem is the cake and gifts
it would take us a moment of to
my someone there is the temperature
new that small matter
when the weather is hot
moment or is going up glides you are they enjoy kenya
it looks like a big room you in freight
it says
but setting is complete needle of not by
complete myth

then at that time you find you attain us in nightmare new enlightenment this is called to my eyes my
so dumb my eye
nablus meant to go punch into running
the state all the existing state on all things and the arising them in their sadness
but with the my you cannot save or see should be cannot help others
ha then
because you don't know
a with the my you don't know they
the boss bora and devils have one essence of face
if we understand this point you are completely buddha you completely
and help others but with the my you can teach you can teach a buddhist teaching to r to enlighten other yes camp
but wisdom i can save yourself
you cannot save yourself you cannot save others
but this is true
because that is something still something which just call them i would just call them my which is called between like in it right yeah my team than the song which is called buddha
then the truth needle of not biting the sticking your balloon pop at that time you will have to have huge shock
the gonna cry
day after that he is very clear

nothing in prize just to leave just to me
just to just to practice
that's all
there is no name there is nothing there it's nothing to to be named
then it's nothing more left to be need
completely nothing
wait to that graceful
ah the this way to see story mentioned by the associated in
who it was little for famous sinker
in china
ah this story there are there were three kings for guts name but the one one case was named
ah chaos the other my second his quickness but one would i forgot one who kills new that's okay anywhere three kings
one day one of five one of four kings one of king's invite the list of kings is it the chaos that came the chaos in bite quickness and a lot more came to his house
to have a dim
then click next and to kings come to his castle
the moment when they enter into the castle it was a surprise because everything is set up completely no mistake
completely everything is set up completely most
delicious food beautiful cartoon the a copy everything is clean
so they are they enjoy they they enjoyed
ah to have dinner with chaos
then the two kings
i discussed
our with each adults
because they really gratitude for the chaos this
treatment to kitchen
the how to wait how can we
how can we
depay how can we express our gratitude to this king the king chaos
what's kind of presently is that's kind of present should we give to him
so they discuss
they couldn't find the proper present to him for him
then outlast a helper they found the vacant ideas because chaos he said it is said human being enjoyed themselves
through the seven cause i don't know what the seven months anyway
he was he could have several hours though
on their bodies then hear the seven was it is said the you are you enjoy your lines
but unfortunately chaos
didn't have several holes
completely smooth
the fact that
two kings found this point wow
and they started to feel sad casey
i'm sorry for him the king chaos
you don't have a seven points
how can you enjoy your eyes
then two kings have a good that's give her present to make a hole for for
for seven days to kings everyday come to the kills a castle and one by one they make

one by one
then it take took them seven days
to finish making all
they are they
grad to
to do to make a whole
but the moment de the last the last day
the they make a whole the finished making a whole
the fight losing a key kills die

no this is very for you i think those soci just think ateneo thinker i think a great ceremony buddha
though when i read this story lol he's great
he's a good
this is very interesting
eating a home and last day last day mormon they've finished making a whole the king chaos die
okay with the fiscal eyes with the wisdom eyes with dumb my eyes
we can see we can see him who has no several more then you feel sad and sorry for
why don't you make a whole
and we help you
they you tried to give her kindness to him
but kindness is not always kindness
this kinds make him dot
the what what do what do you mean what do you mean by the making seven horse several wars
the civil more in price physical eyes
or the map no wisdom eyes heavenly eyes or the my eyes wisdom eyes whatever
it looks like a balloon
but chaos the king chaos are completely has completely smooth body nor seven hall means but but he did he did
everything completely why this school
but you don't understand why why why did you do that how did you do completely in that way you don't understand
the more you think of it the more you are confused and so why ha
because in appearance the king chaos is completely smooth know hall
you don't understand how he can enjoy his eyes but actually he did he showed his completeness
to treat guest
this is bullock's keep this is poor know a body
no new know get off and the guest of no abiding
completely nothing
but both are always do something completely
that's five the poorer concessional bureau in buddhism is evasive it's pretty hard to understand
but if you have a buddhist i you can do something

dan dorgan than says
dogan then says
dear by the buddhas and patriarchs
ah buddha abiding a brand known abiding buddha mind boot becoming and no distinction
the token didn't you has some to v special technical worse use he uses of his fate can come word created by himself
buddha abiding you can sense in utero sense you say that our existence or existence of buddha existence of god and some but he does he doesn't use the buddha or pilot
a by then you through the you read the book zen buddhism new practices of in your grief ah to exist
must master says when you do that then
even for a short period of time you'll become poorer hey you believe yes
just not hip
but still is some things some up for of the room
then the guest of no abiding visit visit he by long
that's five dog and says buddha known about it
the in common sense you to be this word is expressed no nomura number
that you say buddha existence or buddha abiding but but buddha himself a buddha itself the balloon which is called buddha a's pop puck
the guest of no by
is it ms long buddha but dogging you don't you doesn't use not buddha buddha known by
he sit since the word know this is you to expression but the buddha as dogging use buddha not to have not
so it means
you say the bureau exist
next moment you say buddha know
bullard doesn't exist which means nombre
so you think that this something's still something which is called not buddha with tears which is a gift divide
when the scored know
don't you want to defuse
this conception to day he used buddha not completely upside down wouldn't not it doesn't make sense in common sense buddha know what
but he use
so buddha abiding and put a long a body
completely nothing
pretty much
and buddha mind that time you will find subtle for bureau minds but then buddha mine and becoming a buddha become
would have become
buddha become usually are you become buddha but dog in doesn't use the com the word becoming poorer he used uses boot up become sedans
so from this point you don't become do that
become buddha the buddha become buddha which is called you
this is stockings ideas practice
and no extinction not extinction
the buddha abiding buddha known abiding buddha mind buddha becoming are all interrelated
you say buddha you
you say that he is chaos
chaos is complete
complete man's of host host
the next moment he said he is not complete a men of host because he's not men because he as normal
beans put out by the buddha no advice
but toc is chaos res photo
and buddha mind mind kills mine is immediately buddha
in this
no separate separate between the two
name to good use buddha mind
the lease the mind and buddha doesn't separate from each other but his mind is is buddha
mine is a bullet is for is is
the deceased duncan's props
then become buddha become a buddha is becoming itself becoming is buddha itself
there is no idea
the is called no idea which is objectify saying subject weight is called host and guest more discrimination
that's why he said not extinct
excuse yeah there is not extinction is what route
which me what team prize a person from has buddha i know earth you can see the huge word
your site the site of the scene site your site become of wider become of them come wider
you can see the many things
more them before
you have seen something
then he's cries while heaven be eyes or wisdom eyes
or the my eyes
ah pato buddhists i
even though you have a enlightenment
don't have it's not necessary to have a certain idea would just go enlightened then to get and says are in like the a great a great enlightenment is endress great reitman is interest on
the contrary on the contrary
yeah on the contrary it's trees on the contrary it trays must continually be dealing with the the increasing linguist
if you have wisdom if you have dumber
from this standpoint the practice to practice start this book
you have to
transit transit
transcend the conceptually of conception of night it is called great enlightenment
yonder was you
need not too attached to night and was you don't state you don't stay a certain chair on the certain tier which is called lightman or dude
because even may men or division are based on
no about it
like a kills the king of chaos
if you see it
for for kid
let's make me let me let me make a whole it's a extra extra idea it's looks like a to add to add something to add legs to snake to see it
you have to see the snake as he as a you need but when the only way you see it
some sort happened it ms
it means to add lake next to the snake
don't then says same things since the same things

ah then i hoped you were understand the what is good if not outright
huge for a svay hues make a chaos
but chaos is not chaos to this chaos is pressing four hundred deal with everything completely
woman afternoon
see sport
from this point
for chaos the king the chaos everything is very still
in order to deal with
based in there is no excitement no he said a stillness
they that he can handle any things woman or man
then dogan and he says
that five dawkins and says go ye brings into being the sun moon stars
the earth and the space one's body and mind the in this word
the four elements in the five scandals
see if you have a buddhist i the sun moon stars ah a part of your life
a things they are think they are things
ah with the are hundred by the king chaos
he said
fully accept fully we see the sun moon stars
and say thank you
you is to express gratitude is practice not making hope with your intact to sense
accept with that put the to idea certain idea is to add the something debts to to the snake
to add the seven call to the king
its troubles big trouble
so you should deceive the sound moon the stars fleet

really immature can receive is that movie stars and no thoughts come but you didn't receive it
would you meet you
i come
usually went to think what to think in that ways already extra extra


what i can name will tell you if
three to receive that's off he can explain what
fleet please deceit accept
so everything there
everything there and the buddhists as a bull
then next dog engine says go ye is not what what do the one should attach to but what he should return to ultimately
this is fay importance practice that's why i'm glad to see me as solo practice our practice but this practice it is not what you should attach to
how's how we can ship how we can deceive the practice the sun moon and stars what
what is it
any ted
i know haha
by anyway the topic to receive to receive or a practice is not what the ones should attached to
when it was the a monastery ah i met their one of violet woman's who are who are dispatched so much
a to the able to a monastery
so did he can't see come to a monastery
to meet meet the desert
this year's survey ah serious police
our ship follow was dances practice zazen enough
but one day i'd said that tonight we don't have a it doesn't she said why wonderful
that one
younger spanish our

but the purpose of how coming to the edge he was to practice
but that that they would she thought
he's not he's not with present true that then
that's the way is what she should attach to
wow foot
so talking then says georgie the practice to be thieves as and is not what you should attached
but what you should return to ultimate
to be saved that the then is to receive free
which in prize he never you to return to ultimately it is practice
here you will find i think very different me from their idea of the public which you have thought so far
did you think so
the practice is not what why should attach to but what he should return to ultimate
the past and next he said the past present future buddha is manifest it well
the practice