Current Heightened Awareness of Fear 

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so the persimmon can ripen
and the feedback you'd like to offer
on this lovely sunset car
just briefing on a song
it needs
it needs help
how can we help
give me feedback
but you just do
and jimmy conveniently have raised his hands like and mentioned that i think you're the first person to come doorknob avoid sitting with a bow tie
where are you going
you're going to the opera me
yes jimmy




it's close
it's closed his accusers sometimes respecting it

there are sharks
yes what about it

yeah well that that seems fine but i guess what i'm emphasizing mar is ah
to be still not to walk towards the fear or away from it but to be still
and then
collectors you know and then and then the fear
the stillness is the fearlessness

so you'd like to walk towards it just be still just to speak which i think is also being respectful
the truth will have the truth of the fear will be revealed
when we're still with it
and still doesn't mean freezing up minced to be unmoving
and relaxed
an upright
and respectful
an honest about our current view of the fear and then again and again
so what you're saying is basically close to what i just said but i'm just emphasizing it would want to walk towards it
but just meet it at whatever distance it is right now and if it comes closer welcome it
and if most farther away
welcome it
but basically
we're meeting we're not moving
in relationship to it
where unmoving immovable
presence with it
and then the wonder of the fear will be revealed
and that will sponsor it isn't so much at the fear turns into a fearlessness but
dislike it isn't exactly that water turns into a flower but
the water sort of flows into the flour and it isn't exactly that the dirt that the earth turns into the flour but the earth becomes part of the flower so that the fear becomes part of fearlessness it the fear feeds the fearlessness
it's gross but there's other nutrients for fearlessness to besides the fear their stillness
there's warmth
there's respect
and so all these things come together to make this wonderful thing called fearlessness
which is growing in the earth of fear and
also the earth of the teaching which is instructing as a hard to be with the fear
yes i i would i would be gentle about you say you're going to walk towards the fear i wouldn't i wouldn't know be harsh with you about that and also if you want to walk away from the fear i wouldn't want to be harsh with you about that either
or but i would recommend let's just be still here for it with it as bless you and i stay here close to the fear and not do anything
that's what i would
most feel most is our is most authentic i feel like most intimate
and the same with the opera
when you go there just take your seat in the opera and don't move
and the truth of the opera may be revealed
which i pray for

speaking of

seems like



because he
you may see that yes
but even if you don't see what causes it to arise you may
you may see that it's
you may see the radiance of truth in it

what i mean by the radiance of truth in it
we may see how beautiful it is
a beautiful fears
and then as you start to see how beautiful it is then you start then you start to see how it dependent the core arises or everybody's in the universe is working together to create this fear
but first we have to do except our seat
in in the fear
and then not
and then be upright in our seat in the fear
as i said to someone today and secure she said
now i'm getting old
actually he was my age when he said that
and so i can't sit up straight anymore
but i can try
i'm i'm still trying to sit upright
it's one of the things that attracted me to design was at its it's
a physical practice that you might be able to do right up till you die
but you might not be able to when you're sixty five or seventy five or eighty five you might not be able to sit up
like you did when you are in your twenties
but i'm still trying to set up straight
i'm still trying to sit upright and i'm i'm just like a day when i was my twenties and still
on a daily basis i try to sit upright
with this body
in the middle of pain and fear
and everything keep trying to up right
and i also there's a lot of gratitude to have a life
where i can actually
be trying to sit upright where i can actually
make that effort people actually let me try to sit upright to actually support me
to sit up but they also support me to try to celebrate
don't you
i often experience when i can't live
responsibility exactly and i will see when i trace myself i constantly find myself twisted i
it becomes it becomes twisted it loses its purity and it's been i feel like i can not give it as i receive it and i i want to just give it as see you gave it to you giving it away too late
that's the problem you're holding it too long then it gets twisted you got to give your way faster
before it gets a chance to twist
unless you're doing the twist
but yeah you don't get that job do
get another twist year
the to twist again like we did last summer
other one
yeah well that's what i was referring to
anyway i think that's the problem is you have to give away your bliss more quickly
and i think it's good that year on
let your sensing the twisted news but if you give it away fast enough there will be no opportunity for twisting
actually the giving it away is the twist
that's the dance he had to give it a you have to give it away the same time that you receive it you know
and if we hold it even for a little while it's just a twist but it's not really that it's impure it's there were holding it and were defiling it
were you see so when you receive the police you have to give it away if to learn to give away right away
right away
so that the sense of twisting is a good is it is pushing you to be more quick in a quick it's fast but also means quickly as alive
the more alive to your bliss
and give it away more quickly don't hold it even for up
yeah just use that use this to give it away this is like bliss give it away faster faster
it's not easy but

when you get here
her cigarette to your last die and day one year yet you are a family man you got frenzy
the are never alone you never gets connected
like that
misunderstanding fundamental misunderstanding okay maybe nobody answers
any that
you can tell us about it now okay okay
he makes the word pray
prayer pray a few minutes ago pray pray
yeah say it the to play
not be clear relationship between welcoming something plane
either it's fear or greed for because it seems to me on one hand was twisting welcome but then but then and a whole other hand and like playing for something which isn't here
the my like if i pray that your pet you'd be well if i pray that you become buddha okay
for something that isn't here
i'm more like pray that you become who you really are
i pray that you realize who you really are
i want you to be happy doesn't mean that you're not already happy
i wanted to sit here and happy it's the say i'm happy said we pray to be
yeah but the so the prayer of if you feeling sick or unhappy and you pray to be well and happy before you accept your situation then i would say
this isn't the way the body sought for praise the body for first of all
feels compassion for the way she is or other people are now and you wish them well even though they're not feeling well right now you wish them well but you completely accepting the where they are now
so in our practice we say there's again i've said it many times as a buddhist are born of compassion but there's no seeking in their practice
so when people are suffering they wanted to be happy but they they don't seek the person to be other than they are it completely accept the person where they are and want them to be even more happy than they are now i wanted to be more realized than they are now and but if they don't become more realized in the next moment they just a
recreating the way they are the next moment
join expressly granted
i see seo efforts
to some efforts to sustain placed isn't it great
could you hear
he sailed club artists feel so much gratitude for know about in the settings and were coming in all the people that are contributing in the lord and the registry who i will add up so grateful it's places here and their sittings are happening
yeah thank you for expressing that i think i think we all feel that way as far as i know anybody not feeling grateful and the express stuff
ungrateful people are welcome to express themselves at any point
yeah it's nice to it's this faces and hands on temple you don't have to you can just walk in and take care of the place which i ask you any permission
anymore feedback oh did you send one season two

acting when i haven't
yeah first of all first of all don't move
and in other words when you receive something
in know receive it
don't move before you receive it but then as soon as you receive it
that gives it away
the stillness gives it away
but sometimes something good comes and we don't just we don't just receive it in and stillness we receive it and we clinch
we grasp it so then we
that's not the stomach the being still with it as a little bit of a book and that postpones the it being a gift so we miss the the buddhist samadi if we move when they've come quests something painful comes we also something it's tightened even though we don't want to hold onto it there's a little bit of movement there so that keeps
the anywhere in the sense that you really can't but it's like you can it's like you do so whether it's bliss or pain if we're still with it it naturally is given becomes a gift

you don't really you don't really receive and then you don't realize that your reaction is actually a gift
if you're excited it becomes a pitfall so you gotta become with it and that's it returning to do
is to be upright and still and relaxed with what's coming and then as soon as something comes it automatically turns into a gift
it is a gift and then it is a gift
we have to fully
we have we we do it and we add we have to practice receiving the gift
after giving just be cool ages you know in a way there's no act of giving and that's giving that's the kind of giving it is
so that the giving the receiving and the gift or a you can't get ahold of
and yet that's that to react as that's the reality of giving
and we have to be really present and still an upright
to practice that in order to participate in this
wonderful process
i'm doing an actor yeah right
you're getting a little ahead or a little behind
tracy something he said there was no more fear now
she she thought that the mid that there was more fear i'm hearing more fear
i am here and more fear people are telling me more fear but it's not so much that there is more fear but i'm hearing more fear
i'm going to be possible

it could be it couldn't be more fear but i i don't really know if it is our people are just more in touch with it like people generally speaking are walking around afraid they're losing they're gonna lose their money
and then something happens and they'd become aware that they're afraid of losing their money
or they lost a lot of money but some people if you lose you're losing your money is not being afraid of losing money that just losing money but to lose your money and then be afraid you gonna lose more know some people lost money and then they're not afraid to the after they lost it
the people who are afraid of the people still have some money
yeah i i think people
people are afraid get but i don't know that there's any more i just think that people are more in touch with it and because i'm more in touch with it that's part of the reason
the get more in touch with it so then they tell me more about it
slimy i'm
i'm hearing more about it
just suck and nine eleven people were really in touch with their fear the they were afraid before but then they really got it out there but then george bush shed declared war on fear
so it's like no more fear you know you can't have fear and we're going to get rid of fear like and dog rumpole said not people walk out the door you know they they look around because you know i don't feel safe i thought i think what's good
it's good it's good to not like walk out during take one you know nothing's going to happen i won't fall down the stairs and of the only to look when open the door just just walk out and john rumsfeld will protect me and know you have to be careful when you walk downstairs get to be careful when you walk cross streets people are like not paying attention sometimes because there
it because they think it ought to be no there's no danger right so i i i remember one of the one of the first books spirit books i read in college
was written by this guy named krishna merde and the first page at the bottom of the first page and it was the first pages like a paragraph the bottom of the page he said wherever we go in the world
everybody is and i turn to page
it said afraid and i thought it's interesting said true
i don't have is true but that's what he said got that does interesting
but a lot of people actually think they're the only one was afraid because nobody else says there and they didn't read christian murray
the my experiences people are afraid
if like static electricity you know the they've got discharged home and they don't know necessarily has to touch them so i if i go into the grocery store and walk up to people touch them they go
side i don't do that very often
but isn't that because i'm in the store are afraid
but in fact when i come in to store they do become aware they're afraid some something about me that they get in touch with their fears
maybe my haircut
so i don't i have i really can't measure but to me it seems like most people i know are afraid but lately
i'm hearing it more and i'm seeing it
i'm seen that they're aware of it i see people who are afraid on the streets
but they don't tell me they're afraid and if you would say to them are you afraid they say not not me
i'm okay down from grunfeld is my friend
he protects me from off fear
i i see people who are afraid
but now i see people who are no they're afraid that's what i'm seeing as a difference and the elections the economic situation the war and cancer
our conditions that are contributing to people being aware that they're afraid
and so that that's condition which are making me feel like all now we really must work to give the gift of fearlessness because a lot of people are ready for it now giving the gift a fearless mr people who don't think they're afraid we'll know
there they don't have looking for it they don't want it they're not hurting to help i'm not afraid
so if you but if somebody's afraid and a new and you embrace them
they really appreciated they want you know like today and i i was very realistic to me i wanted to come here to be with you
not because there's no fear him to be with people who are aware of fear
go to be with people who don't say fear what you mean fear there's no fear i'm not afraid you'd have didn't say that to me
you will you welcome the idea that does a lot of frightened people and and that lot of people need some help and some contact and some support
right that's what i mean
the second best
or less fear
i'm feeling that people more aware of it because it because are telling me more visual level is it possible for me to actually be fearless are just be aware
well like i said to jimmy it's life like i said to home the horse arrives before the donkey leaves you're here this morning but you've heard that expression before the fearlessness is the horse the fear is a donkey
so that for the or the fearlessness is the lotus blossom in the donkey is sewer or the mud so they could be there till they live together the fearlessness doesn't have any meaning aside from fear
fearlessness is a gift to give to people who are afraid
and you don't cut yourself off from them you plunger routes into all the frightened people if you you drive your the tentacles of your being into all the fear and from that contact with it this great blossom a fearlessness groves like everyone can enjoy
so they're not separate do list serve a misnomer
the a furnaces kind of immersive misnomer
but it's also kind of a nice normal
it's also a mr non-major at the cash
and a misnomer to
in a doctor norman
there's nothing to fear but fear itself
someone to say that and i love him
know that now it is steered or roosevelt
delhi delhi roosevelt
but but of course he was wrong as much more to fear the interference
really things out there no no i just that there's lots of things that do have a lot of opportunities for heck for example we can be afraid of you
yeah yeah we can do that are gifted at fear
but we can also grow the take the a wonderful thing of compassion and response to it
i'm loving the fear of wishing to be close to it and care for it and help it realize it's radiant beauty
and be willing to be right in there with it bodhisattvas want to be in the mud of fear they wanna be in there swimming around in the mud of fear that's what they want they want that they've bought that's what that's what they here for and that's what makes me
orders swimming in my the fear and then people get
they relief from
the limit of fear
then the fear becomes a gate
to the vastness of all phenomena
did you want to say anything else before we go
be a
the fear is just
it's also like with the pulse of life is threatened
this core source of fear pulsation
i'm just wondering how something so sweet and so so
q because like a rustic i think it become like a monster if you don't love it like this like a have a level a baby you know a sweet little baby that has fear if you don't love that little baby the little baby will grow into a monster but if you love it
if you see how sweet ages and it's possible to see that as sweet that has frightened be of a big was afraid or afraid itself is a sweet little pulse of life if you love it quickly and fully it won't grow into a monster but if you don't pay attention to it it will eventually what do
i have to do to get your attention
do i have to get a little bit bigger
you're not listening to me yet to have to give you a bigger do i have to get there how big do i have to do before your lesson today not yeah wow and so on so then
all i think i hear something
but if we deal with the fear more quickly
since this kind of better but
we will eventually we will eventually
open to it and become buddha
i actually propose that you are going to we are going to open to it completely and become buddha
thank you very much for another very lovely day