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good morning can you hear me in the back
the wife says on
which in turn out fine
your me better now
do you off
who we only talk the on the other federal thank you were just there okay thank you very much first i wanna thank everyone for making the headed effort to know how we accommodate my body a little bit of a practice nurse will thank you
services day three of our five days machine to him their practice period
and it's been a particularly marvelous practice train obviously for me but i think the energy in his preface period has been very strong
come and sit in the mornings and evenings and have thirty or so people they are the and through the entire first period has been was sent home with can feel our energy here as we can reach the midpoint of the machine
i think during this crisis period or from having hot with you alter and he is that has been on questions that have been raised and answers think maybe we'll leave practice period was more unanswered questions and on our own whole honest and
i became into it was which is i think a was practice period
the question now is what happens on one day when practice period is over how do we continue our practice of one were go back to our regular schedule and the usual feeling that we have here which is still under folder it's still prefer
that's what i wanted to talk about today the title of this taught is something like continuous practice living in down the three minds and practice
there's an actual job and riding on the idea of continuous practice called pog is actually to festivals of the shovel games on the longest piece of work that he did ah
it's very accessible and pragmatic of yellow means a continuous and she means to practice course maintain to maintain or to protect and the way of maintenance is
one are actually found cars that we can get an idea for these stories were killed he is really a series of stories about the ancestors was and their fortitude in the way in which they continued practice and i liked to need one comment on it slightly
the first dance in china came from the west was directed by master and tara and took him three years to reach china by see he surely experience enumerable hardships including storms and blizzards and face great dangerous than went on a wide open ocean
despite those difficulties he managed to arrive in an unknown country ordinary people who hold their lives here can't even imagine doing so if you're thin
the stop here for a minute he was may seem quite extraordinary something quite outside of our own lives to travel with to china for three years lizards the storms but i'm the fit in our own way we all practice lifeless we all face three typical thing
that which seems insurmountable well as losing a job or going through a divorce facing typical health issues for yourself with and child all of these was ranked difficulties that we come across in our life in the out for cold continue in our practice so
we're not so different from the ancestors
stolen continues his way of protecting and maintaining practice kiyoshi stemmed from his great compassion and is bound to transplant the dharma and say little things he was able to do it because he himself was the dharma sort of transmission and
forehand local universe was the role in france and germany
he didn't because he understood the so forth and direction world is nothing but myself and the whole and direction world is nothing of a whole ten direction world well that sounds a little bit left over and navy seals are a little different than our lives through that i want to go back to me
he says he was
him his vow to transmit the dharma and saved and loaded feelings now relating to the something that really is only one pupil life so you hose on do but actually to be one here in this room does bath
you've settled into practice bringing while you find when when you live your life can interact with other people is different the way in which you take care of things as children and people notice it
people noticed that one of my patients surgery last week we're talking about how was vinegar worked his way and i said something about where i actually was ah me she said oh wow knew newly were different
he was true
he she married in the founders
no that's true for all of you i would say that everyone knows that sometimes a little bit different so that everyone here and there are only way transmits the dharma
what does the poor loading off the girls that we take and they seem really rather enormous and funnyman possible that they have for me seems like there's something for her house proud of myself how could i possibly do that
but when you look at them when i look at some the for body starts themselves are really of ourselves first
feeling is there any worse by down either save them those are sweating on the search facility and views of our own mind our own the realization our own carmen tendencies as they arise over and over again for optical illusions are endless girls that we are
are in the dark caves or chest
the enlightenment the counts by entering year by been willing to face that
three bow to live food is passed away as we enter into that more deeply we see self another if not staffer the personal life becomes the universe alive and we are able to extend out and see the way in which our lives are a part of everything much as thirty jahre like him
surgeon says that the maintaining so a couple of days ago that maintaining practice or continuous practice was doing a moment in time moment by moment by moment this is the continuous time of just doing what some friends from he was following line for me go
schedules to shame that we actually also live in just continuous time the past the present and future all at once and how do we need a laugh
ah category gary rhodes she says in a lovely way he says with the poor horoscope for those without in practice the simply to live each moment wholeheartedly
i think they can be summarized that way the living on personal life is a universal life is to live each moment from freeway is the alarm goes off you get him get off walk across the floor and go to the bathroom
flush the toilet and brush your teeth to do each of those activities with awareness and a whole hearted way this is be ordinary mine of nonsense
slowly by paying attention
becomes a healthy habit to healthy habit as release machines now replaced about on going back to feeling or for funky container here and going back and for lives and getting raised deserved in the habits of our lives the have mean of
i haven't by definition means unconscious patterns of behavior established life of character says are harm reclined ruin your sandwich
we're pulled around by certainly have studied in silent to me if we sit here still enough for long enough with steelers
the on
when we get on the outside again a threats feeling out mina is aware
from one fifth most perfect for me that i think about a lot these days is how i am in a relationship for my him peers
i'm usually enter happened to me as coordinator now that i'm always on the computer and one work i have a little screen and the bottom of the it says like may tells me how many messages i have my inbox and i come back to my desk between patients and i see how many messages and out
or some combination of anxiety and longing and hello is campaigning for open up any marks of see which of you has written
why i watch
i have used an unconscious behavior and how long that i have complete control over for i'm not even always the intention of relating to differently
i don't think there's what of your means when he talks about doing spring wholeheartedly moment after moment
but he makes you have already have
sunday's there was a champion and he has something else
what you have our routines and teens are a necessary part of life just as memory isn't necessary part of life you have to have a memory to know who you're waking up to in the morning and was in the morning and where you're going to when you on the had to work and how
you'll take care of plants were teens are a necessary part of life to and they're not a necessary evil they're actually really quite helpful way to structure our lives to be able to take care of things and helps me take my medications but i supposed to really get to the gym when you spend your
alarm and four fifty on monday wednesday and friday or whatever days you intend to come here at how she get to the danville
so routines are actually really worthwhile
carson theory says that he wanted she has your life form routines and keep them small pay attention to one little thing after another i've been a little bit like groundhog day he know he gets into it over and over and over again not because you're wanting to go
get it right and cup have because if you can over and over again you see it in different ways you appreciate where is this doing you understand how this or coloring of your mind on one day or another has an impact on how you do when you when you screw the toothpaste cap back on
an awkward angle when you left it on the state altogether you have a different field for the way that at toothpaste plays in your hand you know and long-term as details of if he have some sense the the relationship of yourself to other things and other people in takes
closer attention
living in now and to satisfy our individual desires cost and on those her cottage because their habits so they can be routines of is for to to act out of our own personal loss but actually when you begin to pay attention as the
small things
the small things in a small lake he refers to to you your personal life becomes more of a universal life he's seeing yourself to a large and context clues as liars we see they don't become as prominent least as the experience the i out of things
he noticed how life changes and how
you like can save for myself become a his own more harmonious and easier to get along with person and as the habits thieves that a bad habits around water so much you'll find the new teams and have take over
are not
so many months ago i began during my soft again said something that i did a long time ago and i didn't heart out and especially and hard because i don't want from the way things are returning sauce repairing my underwear passion holy hands and he should become a regular part of of what i do
if he'll tell you how good it feels to me it feels i don't use so much when i came from things i have around longer i don't year or so much i don't find my mind distracted by wanting things for less than and the same way that in some way he may think this is
a little home
but it was stretch but i realized as i was preparing his talk that in some way i feel closer to the polar bears
hi i'm lou greatly by the suffering of animals i think because animals are so fair and there on the way in which they live in ah suckers are greatly and as an impact of human behavior and the images of a polar bears
becoming a threatened because well was agreed
a delusion of humans really moved me but when i need a little bit less because i hate care of what i have and my desire energies to him down i feel more intimate with film is similar when i researched to negative attitude of feeling that i have had found a cranky
his mind
curling port irritation when someone has been on a freeway or i have three people huddle around the in instance of me at once at work when i resist that kind of negative reaction but just open to us to not know what's really happening just palm with
on the spin of react to what's really happening i somehow feel like i'm creating was discord in the world in the head has some small in ha ha he might even stay on whole piece has probably doesn't want a year in parliament and the suzuki roshi said earlier practices to
the world and we all do that and something very tangible shifts
so this feeling of having enough it was feeling of being more generous is also what happens now i eat only what i mean to you i don't mind all the a little extra things that i like all the time and i my portion
his florida i have a little extra money left over from my my phone bills that they ended the month and i can write a small shack to give away to charity as on time and that feels really good they have less i have a little less for i feel like an have a whole and
i feel more connected with things just by paying attention to what it is that i really haven't what i'm doing need

another experience that we have any value is the feeling of intimacy
it's funny how you can practice next to someone for ten years and never know that they used to body film and get into their black leather pants than speak with house until after the bars and and then
but we don't have that hardware stones that really none of us can also be knows a well known each other but we and another way know each other very well one meaning of internet for information is to make cutlery or indirectly now
home and when a practice next to each other and we know each other very well we know that people were tend to be angry or irritated the people we have to try too hard to be too nice the people who are sweeping for whom has come coming to practice of showing up as
could we know more about each other her life has expanded hundred and one of the things that we missed some times when we leave an intense she's machine experience for only leave on for practice period and go back to the regular rhythm of practice here is that
kind of internet connection that essential innermost connections that relating on and away is indicative of are deeper impersonation nature
it's interesting that the concave or the the character for intimate his parents
or as inferential as inferential mind which he with along with magnanimous nine as one with three miles with practice parental mind as the line that especially knows what to do that's available in a whole hearted from thing where would not ask him
that response without anything extra head and that any a of effortless effort that nonsense was instructing show was
there's parental mind
i think the heart of our work is becoming internet with that rational mind is being willingness has been willing to get to know all of our own feelings as they arise for the six condos and to not turn away from them says virginia com struggling
and into allow the term thousand myriad things to come forward it's also an arm met her career that we resign on wednesday afternoon
and i saw this began for the first time where he's preparing this talk is the of essential
her to say may i not only internet with body line whatever it's stealing or mood or agitated fired or energetic irritated or friendly breathing human our in and out aware long by moment horizons and passing
may i be attentive and gentle for my own discomfort his preference may idea tenses and grateful for my own joy and well being
may i be offensive and shared of for my own discomfort comfort of saffron i think that's really what we're home to do i sit here together and machine whether the pain in the knee with a bath the kong of the crows and a heavy breathing of the person next year
whether is the incessant thoughts and worries were keen creeping into your mind whatever that suffering is it's being willing to open up to its conflict completely and be willing to me lives
there are times you might not be able to go through it but she could eat it and you can examine the as you were a new intersect with that opening am reminded of
the first move really good stories here but maybe the easiest one is a time when i was driving along some years ago i had the radio on in my car and there was the stories are
about all the people who are starving to death in the sedans at that point and i saw my hand reached to the radio volume and a turn off and i thought was that oh oh that oh better i can vary that much stop
ring in the world right now i just can't take another news broadcast like that and i wanted to keep it off of
oh that's what i could do and that still all i can do sometimes but i'm aware and i'm willing to ask what what is that was happening right now that i'm for fun sometimes i'm not another guy talk about the or retreat that he resign
as for the insight meditation society that you and ninety that you refrain and given during the time of year that was very raining the walking meditation there's a pound for walking meditation and to hide yourselves and wanna back and forth over the same say twenty fifth and final point
and when it was raining on this country path he was walking on all their reforms will from out and were so many many reforms there was no way for walk is walking meditation without stepping on reported to him and so that he will take a tiny step and pick up
one and move it take another chinese stuff and pick up the next one and immersive and continue on like that but at some point he found it we just couldn't do it anymore just couldn't keep bending over and finances or of lungs
they didn't charge himself i'm sure he's still walking on the for himself inches and of this is what i can do now and just have allowed her strong for open to hold that possibility that he could
the same possibility for proof
suffering never goes over any
well perhaps to come to practice hoping that it will the actually it never goes away in french
the deep render passes to go i go the more i see my mind the center itself and in a way how and have been avoided is that i am who i am
his i saw into that and expect to yeah i don't mean be complacent but i mean scared from what is yes i can see the suffering of others i can see how instrumental my problems are with the problems of others often and how it
intimate like hundred ten and states is with theirs
there's a way in which had become more force to the sacrament of others and i think that as part of what happens when you develop a tender heart for long as if you practice i don't mean pores in the way of being not foundry to put it in psychological terms we certainly have has
that is into the whole thing in my life that i don't forget it is with lunch least was refused to days but there's a kind of porousness that full of allows my suffering you come and go had allows the suffering of others to pass through and passed out to be completely accepted for what it is
and to allow completely to leave the out on its hands of feel that the kind of course this the and into practice in your first your heart open that you can allow in
ha secret in this when i don't think a secret if anyone here is the same way the joy cons for the great impersonal joy the great joy of the world comes and goes and awareness suffering suffering as well it used to be that i had a great
view of our sadness a songs without being singer and i would envy huddles when i would see them together and couples with families are coming from their large families have something has changed over the last failures and as not really true for me anymore
and i don't suffer as to pupils to get with one feel enormous joy i have some sense
for intimacy and happiness and if of my happiness as well i think leaving many of you all of you have some experience black death and suffering usually really turn on the same thing as the opening of our a parental monitoring the
joyful of our practice that comes to living with clown
i think as the grimy now i'm jealous what health made a vow is the sense of humility than i am limited and vast person that i now and then i live in the same world that is filled with offer
ring and filled with july
we found a surrender i know not everyone likes that word that i'm really very fallen event surrender means a complete giving oneself off
has learned so different from the word convinced that can mean to give oneself up to another for safe keeping
surrender is to give oneself often we practice we give ourselves up to the safekeeping of the triple sheriff pressure
this is what we do together when we found we value each other without fear and in our line we vowed to others was we walked down the street and take care of the world
i'd like your head with a favorite home of mine crusher machine on after he retired as a habit of on typhus and the last ten years or so of his life writing man turning life and death and wrote several corners about
about life and death was the last one he and the day he died
it's called just foul
putting my right and left hands together i just love
just out to become one with good and car
just hours become one with everything i encountered
just wow to become one with the myriad things
just wow as life becomes life
fly fast what it is religion here as machine and only to here when we practice wholeheartedly just down from life from counseling
hello i deflected and nice things as the last time that all speak up here in this way and i'm holding a position of she herself has been a real pleasure i wanna thank people for sharing so infinitely and that he isn't
for processing system thoroughly and so hard i've had a wonderful time
before i open enough to questions from a few and that we as i wonder if such emotion has anything can be wanting to enter in february floor
there is a resource approachable
i think richard of research
rangers his wife
the failure
this group
there their years of this
with your stash
but if a janitor girls what he does fully taking here and carefully and comfortable using healing
the road first proof
as well
time travel is also the federal register
vicious a therapist
so cold
vicious was resistance
hugo response your wages
should have straight desert
gabbert inquiry
you can
preparing to interested
here for a challenge
the theme of
why was there are thoroughly enjoy to be in the house
under heightened fleiss
five climate has out there
i'm replaying work i'm really glad i really really enjoyed it and now you're talking or it off if you were you talk about the different have we're hard at work for passes and
i'm like well refreshing as whatever every day for the others who are always has been on every remember that i'm wondering if i try i'm not sure how i feel that it had for example and i are divided on more tender heart now that ideas and years ago has problems too
i feel like by this crisis has gotten has
that means that the where how to live with us ever hundred house vanish
i don't have to have rehearsal
you are to i am i don't know that i've changed he suffered for all changes so i can feel like i've become more us who i am because rehash as perfectly i really hate also
the that and nice been to goodbye whatever is i actually think that's exactly right the
the through practice will become more for we really are and you have a steal
they just had the privilege we have stop confidence so know years brown can be able to stop the circumstances the often and life and not people on around diagram so that you can hold your own internal ground and open to everything that a different kind of way
we're not going through different eyes i don't hear you know
katherine hi there was a as part of my life
as forget there yesterday
returns a grief has noticed
what you're saying about movies
how about
heart washington
spirit as part of my family thing this kind of
for english and i'm just that description with having for the

go back to the for
i think is possible was in fact that he also her life
there's fire attention to detail and just same as
for block hell
and how did this morning extinct my righteous deaths per year for purchase
three away his
that i was a warehouse going through the motions
and serve as the same way
she said has a few your as usually anxious
i started on fire
just close our course go
anxiety and it has to the office can access that you get
how does this have happened if i'd like to go back into childhood is the average just get life you know
fighting or whatever
no i'm not being investigated
i was very important here is a and that either
she said
here you have been combined cream
shit my phone
the the rephrasing
i think that's really beautiful court and i quite agree with you is really rather sales call attention to detail life with the to face pack is really rather like for up when you said says then sometimes in your mind is so active for you have so much
severe pain are the only way you can allow yourself to stay stay still has been come out of the breath and been entirely the bras sometimes i refuse to clean your house and coven time sometimes the the routines are just very grounding and you can use them
still point as the way just to stabilize yourself but it's not a stay there is to let everything and and asked the other side of being intimate with what's happening though if you know that you're on ground and you're putting with her face cap on carefully aware of this is hell
finely ground not lying on excuse me we flooded a different way this practice period but not as the wind and lane or not to intentionally as a way of schooling that a fun with awareness about what you're doing
the of the polar bears

one other case there
has emerged for me
grow up in here
how did you with fast
a bigger for sure
when i was in asia was heroes machine on finally brought her back in the arrived and i remember really getting that all of seven practice was about people having really good others
and put an email that this compassion had i tell me that was the gender specific federally for love or compassion and i really float a really crave mother has and so another thing that hundred and i've noticed that have that were all his spectrum
gender role for gender where he where we end up on the spectrum of gender is a hurry and have not about center preference but the whole issue of gender has
the issue that into the higher up for me right now is the one of house
in then practice
and now in now
i have noticed a now
in the passive memento to men are not act
their heads as honey grow their hair and for a hearing the look at our house to shave their head and take off their it's not about the external thing is without the national education in general
i'm really he had assured by that right now i want to be hung for for why am i found in as creator has left the room and has been and enough feeling my whole life as a keyword at how to choose they don't know airplanes
first and everything you know i'm sorry i wasn't even work and i noticed that can
cathedral placement not only that is a popular the patient and in hundred so combination of the pairwise they've high price with ayers his name calling his passion defendant has had so i am really found her and i don't really expect
and your question
enterprises are in my mother
we may i ask you one question to clarify filler
i appreciate the question may well be something that we talk about an open discussion something like that but i'm truth is that is not so much about for a hair shaving hills it's not so much the external that as more the internal has been filling your life for a clear whether your
handwoven i mean
absolutely i mean again
can rumbling my am i mean i shaved my head for once a month in fundraiser
this for me is something about v on heroes culture have a level of hatred towards women and phillies when i was growing up in more audience was office now and his life is no way we users than hashes until a movie that part of our personality as going and i'm just having a really strong
want to comfort them that we have a lot of money either way i'm trying to understand the part of the personality that needs to be thermal mail
if that culturally into practice here speaking on and making sure there's no semblance of us be the dominant female
that were here are either overs notifications like to work
and here the endless thing from my mouse was to exactly hit upon it
but constraints his very sad is not ask for me to have
this article i have higher
it is something made me go with like a five hide certain like them a longer conversation than when we can have here
i understand about hair and understand and about clothing i don't understand about some of the and and qualities and i feel like i just came a wearing a talker was very womanly a female means a lot of emotion and feeling hard and intimate said here know so
that was just one small experience right here right now so you're here the sooner we are actually running on a phone survey the he reflective just be friends with for his life
here are so only very interesting conversation that encourage hear what the different features are to understand that very nervous and head nodding in agreement that you were hawking so temperatures merging of conversation