Confucius Said The Most Visible Is Something Invisible

Given by Suzuki Roshi at Sokoji on Saturday, August 28, 1965 -- (A)
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One-Day Sesshin Lecture: 1 PM Saturday, August 28, 1965 San Francisco
Source: City Center transcript entered onto disk by Jose Escobar, 1997. Transcript checked against tape and made verbatim by Bill Redican (7/12/01). An edited version of most of this lecture was printed in Wind Bell, September 1965, IV (No. 6), pp. 3–5. . 1The Wind Bell version reads: “The silent firefly, unlike the noisy cicada, glows with light” [1965, IV (6), p. 3]. *** File name: 65-08-28-A: Confucius said the most visible is something invisible (Verbatim) traffic Changed "said just know" to "said just now" 5-5-2015, dc.