Blue Cliff Records-84, Yuima's Law Gate To The One And Only

Given by Suzuki Roshi at Sokoji on Thursday, April 1, 1965
About this talk
Shunryu Suzuki Lecture from the April, 1965 Wind Bell The Hekigan Roku, translated into English by R.D.M. Shaw under the title of The Blue Cliff Records, is a famous collection of 100 koan stories compiled by Setcho Juken (A.D. 980-1052), who added an "Appreciatory Word" to each one. A later Zen Master, Engo Kokugon (A.D. 1063-1135) added his "Introductory Word" as a kind of Preface to each Main Subject. The following is a translation and commentary of Main Subject No. 84 by Reverend Suzuki.
Checked by Gordon Geist using the Shaw translation Suzuki used- 1999 *** File name: 65-04-00: Blue Cliff Records-84, Yuima's Law Gate To The One And Only Wind Bell titles this "Model Subject No. 94 from The Blue Cliff Records...YUI-MA'S 'THE DOCTRINE OP ATTAINING NON-DUALITY'"; however it is No. 84. Removed duplicate paragraphs in footnote 2 - 2-28-2015 by DC. "(based on student notes)" I think I put that in there and now after having read over them think he was more involved in what went into the Wind Bell, even mentioned writing something for it. I think it's better not to have that note.11/10/14