Blue Cliff Records-82, Dairyu's Immutable Law-Body

Given by Suzuki Roshi at Sokoji on Monday, February 1, 1965
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Shunryu Suzuki Lecture from the February, 1965 Wind Bell Translation and Commentary by Reverend Suzuki [Suzuki was often called Reverend back then] --------------------------- [Prefatory Note by Shaw: Dai-ryu was the 'spiritual great-grandson' of Toku-san (780-865). No dates are recorded for Dai-ryu but he must have been born in the second half of the 9th century.]
Checked by Gordon Geist using the Shaw translation Suzuki used- 1999 *The three "bodies" of the Buddha are Dharmakaya (law / statutory body), the universal aspect, sambhogakaya (bliss body), and Nirmanakaya (transformation body), the physical. *** File name: 65-02-00: Blue Cliff Records-82, Dairyu's Immutable Law-Body Prefatory note added from an earlier transcript, pf 1-10-2016. Note was: De tre “kroppene” til Buddha er Dharmakaya (lov/lovmessig kropp), det universelle aspekt, Sambhogakaya (lykksalighetens kropp), og Nirmanakaya (transformasjon kroppen), den fysiske. (based on student notes)I think I put that in there and now after having read over them think he was more involved in what went into the Wind Bell, even mentioned writing something for it. I think it's better not to have that note.11/10/14