Birth, Death and Breath

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Rohatsu Day 2


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morning again
we said the same thing yesterday
everyday we say good morning
by the world in two times
ah but actually though when time
as particular she used to say we just do things one after the one after another but we use it well at four o'clock five o'clock we wake up ah that zero seven o'clock we eat breakfast
and down ten fifteen we give a talk
and so forth
does it just made up times enough energy to delineate our activities but actually it's just one thing after another we just do one thing after another
which is a his home
i'm having has actually look at the reality and not just made up which is also real bullets ah the fundamental reality is without
a divisions
i'm divided time
antiviral time and divided time
i'm in southern we actually have undivided time
until the bell rings
ah it's just one bros after another one breath breath breath inhale exhale
and then we also divide our time
time and space
ah into a burst death
as stages of life and birth and death
and this stage of life is called bears and the next stage of life scalp death the final stage so-called final stage a black is called death
but actually it's just one moment at a time one moment after the next at a time ah
which i got and of moments are called now
now now know that when we're actually
everything is just now if only just now
but later wish it was that was then
as we look in the next
but it's just we can only be now
so everything is just now
so what i wanted to talk about with
and breath
how he ah
understand our breath or breathing to revive them
and what came to me was ah
how the universe breeze me and how i breathed the universe the symbiotic relationship between myself and a tree
a tree that once a tree treated me
yes that's a with that we actually are doing we are actually
breathing the trees is breathing me and i'm really the tree the tree
oxygen and breach up
carbon the prison carbon monoxide
dioxide monoxide and pretty stout oxygen and then i present that accident and that wonderful
yeah and a g keeps me alive and will we should be keep his is
you're gonna be problem people do not understand for many people do not and david rather kill the urged and killed the kill up the earth and make money than
that they'd rather kill it kill us off
then let let you know a boggle the mind but if you understand that
everything has an opposite
ah it helps
tell tell tell tell
what because we we always concerned with the a fundamental thing
which is a person death that question of person death is the big
the the
ah the great matter if it's called a great matter great matter if how do you understand pradesh
i'm so you know
it is
buddhists and we understand
or buddha is teaching us through that in when i say buddha i don't mean some nice guy in the sky born in india i mean a buddha-nature nature is teaching us and so we sit still and in thousand and let the universe teach us
the reality
when we're moving around a lot
that's normal and natural but will we just stay still and receive
i feel i feel the pain of the universe feel the the wonder of the universe filled
ha ha
find out how to how to balance herself
how to balance our life and each moment
so that we actually
i find peace within
our and like usual peace because has various connotations
how to find a balance between person death good and bad right and wrong is that
how did be right it in the center of
the dualities
how to be read in the center of the dualities you know if we want to escape from pain
we have to go right to the center of pain
the more you run away
the hundred is
the only way to escape from pain is to be one with it
that's called the wonders of the duality
that's what that's what we discover in doesn't to wonderful teaching it's the basic teaching
that's why we should love him
is to be able to get the message
i'm how to escape from suffering
who that the only thing i really did you are suffering and have deal with it

so today i want to talk about breath
inspiration and expiration
so the it's so easy to ah
ha understand how it all works
by studying breath
it's the thing that is closest to us
so we want to study reality we just study was really close to us all the time
the movement of the movement of the lungs
if we want to study trees
ah it's simple to the trees breath
you know the delicate a dictator in brazil
did you know that they elected a dictator in brazil who wants to cut down on the forest the lungs of the earth
that's the time to understand except that we can understand it if we realized the dualistic nature of the world

well yes
said yes
oh that that's that's the nature of whatever a i liked is
the two extremes how do you find to set how do you find the middle between two extremes so buddha dharma is
i find a middle between two extremes to my yarmulke
the middle way
and it simply in your body
our body is a model of the earth
the middle of the universe how we started the universe is to study herself that she herself is to let go and our lettings be so that you can actually observe them

the breathing of each breath you know is that the suzuki roshi described it as swinging door
present just a swinging door
well we see my breath felt my breath you can say that and we always do because we always a relate everything to herself but if we don't relate if we don't use herself as a measure
then we can see how things actually work
we can set our self aside and see how things work
so breath in the universe is breathing
through its instrument
called this person
ah is not i am reading i talk about it all time you probably get bored but
the universe is breathing me i'm nothing wrong to do with it
if i want to stop it i can't
so when we sit doesn't it simply letting things be letting breath big we don't try to control their breath we don't really control stuff we just let
go with the with the rhythm of
if it if the rhythm of our life is
the creating a fast breath we just let it be fast efficient creating a slow breath we just let it be slow
but we're simply aware of the breath and flowing with the breath
and as the as we cause as or
slows down a breasts us down and because that peaceful breeding
but breath is a model for a person death
inhaling is a inspiration
exhaling is expiration so at birth and death on each cycle of of inspiration and expiration that's how i understand and learn about person death inspiration is great exploration is fine
extra inspiration is to quicken
and exploration is to let go
so we can we come back to to come back to a birth life life isn't a middle
one side classes or the other
the person death or sort of opposites but life is not the opposite of death life includes both and life that like both person death but that is according to my understanding
so we need to x inhale and we also need to exile we need to come to ah
be born and we need to die
no problem if we if we know how to flow with reality of birth and death we don't suffer
but if we if we resist and have some idea that things should not be the way to they are that suffering
as long as we don't like it is suffering and it cause with pain and pleasure and so forth so all these opposites every we divide the world is whether the opposite because it's a of trick world
but a dualistic world is not everything
because the dualistic world is also for non dualistic world
but our activity takes place in the dualistic world as a result and it's so important because we take time out
take time out from the dualistic world to actually experienced basic reality

not law duality of
basic life
there is
it's so simple with

and so it's going moment by moment birth and death is going moment by moment that's how he said it
so will we should surgeon will allow my or our conscious mind
to follow our breath
just follow the breath and average is very difficult if not easy to follow our breath very subtle because at some point we say well i'm actually controlling my breath right when he really get into watching it and my it might follow
showing it or am i controlling it does the that kind of little doubt there and if you think well i'm controlling it because i i'm thinking about it seizures are thinking about it you feel like you're controlling it
it's okay to start thinking about it
and you know just let it be
and ah put your attention and the rest of your body
it doesn't we actually do a body scan
if you're aware and alert you
and not dreaming you do a body scan which means that you
oh you were a remote area when you're aware of your muga your your attentions and new mujer so there are two kinds of of am
a concentration
does the concentration which is one pointed where we talk about concentration usually we're talking about one point in concentration laser concentration in are really zoning and on the thing and so the other kind of concentration in its wide concentration
where there's no thinking yes
conscious thinking is is arrested
but jail
but it's arrest you're not applying conscious thinking and and wide concentration simply total concentration or nothing in particular
so that when something moves over here you are aware of it without trying to see it
so just see she is
here years
touch feels
the know smells but there's nobody can
experiences these things is just say hearing so forth there there's no fear or listener for filler
this is wide concentration just vast openness
which is there is no judgment
that's that's this is basic
ah doesn't
but it also the particular concentration so we we experienced both of those in a virgin
so when we do a scan where where the v the murderer
it is the merger
some the firms these served barely touching very lightly touching like a piece of there is a paper in between just barely feel it
it's hard to hard to maintain that petitions the barometer of our thousand
tells us when their texas in the body in action laxness in the body so if is a can too much tenseness in the body we can adjust like peeling all the tenseness greedy out of my buddy
opening up so that the tenth instead of feeling tenseness we feel openness this is the secret of fittings as uncomfortably instead of the tenseness will always defeat us
openness is is the key
i would like to tell the story of the they the wind and the sun
having a competition
to see if they can get to the shepherd to take off his coat
you know that story no good you forgot about it
so so the wind and sun
got the yemenis it made me who can make that shepherd take off his coat
so as okay let's see and defensively you know first and so the way got
the and more blows the more the shepherd you know but some more clothes and and told real tight to food so is closed on blow up and well now it's your turn and so the st joseph me
and shines is nice warmth and the championship we get roam around here and it takes off his coat
that's the principle of doesn't
ah the the warm solutions everything up so and zeldin don't you don't want to get tighter and tighter because the duchess defeat you so you want to get warmer and warmer and open up open up open a just opening up the principle of rather just keep opening
up constantly
moment by moment the breath becomes easy and and flows easily the blood flows easily the lymph flows easily skin opens up
but it's difficult because of the opposite
so we feel the the difficulty we start closing down so thousand is counter intuitive
tomorrow we feel that the
difficulty the pain or discomfort the more we have to open up so instead of closing down in which will defeat us we become one with
the feeling
i know it really opens up
and ah our body becomes open and warm
but it takes it's difficult because we get caught by our dualistic way of approaching or like
that's really difficult
and so we complain about the problem was that
no problem with thousand
i'm trying to get right back to where it was before i digress leveraged
so if we can actually

study or
then risen over our breath without trying to control it
for the sometimes a little control is okay if you really having a hard time and then you can push down on your diaphragm
on the exhale
mm silently
and that stimulates the oxygen to flow through your because it pushes down here this is the place where this it's grand central station
the the solar plexus is a grand grand central station and when you put the effort the and at some effort in some a pushed down here it distributes
your vital organs and and a juices and oxygen to flow through your body
that's a good way to stay healthy
hmm pushy done a new diaphragm if you know when you are
ah ah
if you play music using your diaphragm our time you're just doing it all time and ended of a keep you healthy
the solar plexus is do then i like to think it's here it's it's the horror and it's the a distribution center in the grand central station now trains run out through there
and and you really need to go so it's important
ah to help keep your blood flowing and keep your
brass flowing and the oxygen flowing so when you do that it gives you a little lift
an image
it's an kind of them
where do you run you know the oxygen flowing and drinking buddies are they doing it when you're sitting still
if we if we are
experience over and over again
the ease of greeting we can actually enjoy our life and an experience or death more easily
because the birth and death at exhaling and anything they're just just two sides and one thing
saluki rather she like to say they are the same thing
so in a sensor there in the same thing
and each one is necessary
you cannot
have one without the other
so idealistic mine says well is there is good and and death his sorrowful but just so no problem there was less
bursa just birth and death or just death
and if we know how to treat them equally just like our breath which is truth
we don't have such a hard time
even though we have a hard time

i think when you know everybody's getting older believe it or not
who are experiencing more
ha demise mises
at this point out from now on
yes hello yes getting ready it makes us when we're younger i remember when you're much younger fifty years ago
sixty years ago
well nobody died in know we had a favoured almost nobody ever died from long long time you know
senses pretty much stay healthy
ah and that's been my experience
whether they rather resent students
yeah that's inevitable but i mean it's not like a lot of people
because i think because of our practice
i'm the think they didn't die but as the i went in the lab
ah it's becoming we have to think about that more and more
because of the fact of life and death so i like to add two minutes is wonderful you know to think that birth and death
we can
see them in a realistic way
there are feelings
our sorrows and so with which should be expressed have to be expressed and at the same time
it's important to
i have a good death a good birth and a good death but being born costly be born
rebirth right
is dying
inhaling is coming back to is actually birth so we're constantly dying and be reborn moment by moment each moment is a of rebirth even though it think from so incremental that we don't notice it
until we see i so in the mirror and an unexpectedly
you're walking down the street and the energy who that old man oh my god that me
so but because we live incrementally we don't think that were the other way you know time
but we're dying and we being born at same time
slow de merwe
can really explore this understanding the easier it gets to accept ourselves and accept what life is really about
ah our emotional life creates a picture
but it's important it's important to have our emotional like paint a picture because if you don't then it becomes if you simply see it as a mechanical way
then a
ah it's easy to just shove it off when when people die
but on the other hand
i find that i've been with a local number of dying people
and not creating a
by helping them
to die easily
with some
good feeling i think it's really important
and that's always i've always found that that's the case

about our sanga dying and reminded me of you talk about pants were
another and has to go for the balance to be made me
i think what happens in osaka but the heriot as a group
leaf falling off another branch falling off and when you talk about the ultimate question i thought myself away the ultimate question posing for life and death to realize between
person death
the get to realize in between opposing positioning i hear an there or now and past
let me say something about that
the and death of or sancho
in others for many many years the saga has always remained exactly this of editor exactly but a pretty much the same composition of people
ah ah
in other words just enough people to fill the zendo
some people
leave and new people come and it's always maintain that balance is pretty interesting and without trying we never tried to maintain any kind of balance but it just our advertising and it just happens to let it it's like a person in a way
so it it it's it's like this
the critical mass
the this incoming and outgoing and that incoming and outgoing has always been there but the critical mass stays the same
that are being judged yeah
chinese restaurant small child
i say love the chinese chinese restaurants and syndrome
which is the that
the the small chinese restaurant and the cook is really good you know and and people really liked the food and so the big line outside around the block and way to get in because the places so small that to the cooks the owner say you know people like us so much we should expand
you know we can get rich and so they
my big place and remodel it nobody comes
they didn't know the secret but what's the secret of their place love to see one of the secrets to have said it was so small
that know and the food was so good at everybody was willing to stand in line but once you remodel in the leaflets its flavor and it loses some a unique this to know if but that's i've often found that to be truth

yes just be totally sorrowful
when it sorrow just be totally sorrowful so that there's nothing outside of your sorrow
then you can ten
because there's nothing outside of your sorrow
it's no longer sorrow
it's only sorrow when it's opposite is there
i wished that it wasn't like this
i wish it wasn't like as disagree more more sorrow the more you escaped from your sorrow want to escape routes are the more sorrowful you get
that's the way it works
just go completely into your sorrow and then there's no sorrow
it's the opposite that create problem that's why to the that the basic message of buddhism
is to outdo the dualistic
the duality is what creates the suffering
i don't want to let anyone die at want to die well that creates the suffering
of course we we suffer with mean who wants to not die right we all live but dying is a form of living
you know here's what yes yes so there's a thing die now
while still alive and you will
totally live

yes also
we say just die and the cushion
what does that mean
when you sit thousand and die on a cushion
it is the death of your ego
right just let go of your ego just like of self centeredness
does this
a painful leg sitting on a cushion
the that me and mine you you're creating itself
although the self is there you're not exactly a exists exaggerating it
somebody had a hand of over there

is what the spacer
yes are are welcome here everything
i understand his his rope right yeah shows birth death susan from that is where passion
well desk riser us more about the arrested passion from
only impermanence lamech a let's give a long talk about it
you know
it means that compassion means to suffer with others
suffer the suffering of others so when you find that the reality and can actually exist in there that you feel this wonderful compassion for everyone the that and then you want to help them
that's called teaching
when you when you realize when you have the realization of the reconciliation of opposites
you wanna teach it to everybody that's compassion
you want to share with everyone
i got a shaggy mooney you know whether to share with everyone went after he became enlightened buddy he hesitated because people know i can understand this
so i had i don't know how to do his i don't know how to how to share this for people
and then somebody came alone and he was interested now you can do that you know can help him
anyway it's time to
stretch your legs