August 3rd, 1971, Serial No. 00264

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i would like to explain in the eighth consciousness
are like a beach near

the eighth
the if consciousness he is
the fundamental
or as saw some seventy place nurses
ah yeah the words the source of human life is described by by the ally a big nana
according to the police say god

the olive weekend yeah no
ah is
i thought all
as functioning on
a three different are levels

why he is
our on the level
ah the park a beating on the park of baking on
in sanskrit ah
ah it is
the one of different are designation of on a big neon er when seeing
in it suspect as the producer of the effects of ones calmer
this is be park virginiana
ah second is
ah beach or virginiana media virginiana is
the see the consciousness the seed consciousness
the sun is our of virginia
which is called vosky in japanese voice is is a store house
the anyway the all with nana
the is characteristic off
two different ah level of functioning
ah considered as
ah a park of vision on
and seed consciousness this is our virginia
the first one is be park a big no-no
what's the source of the human life
regarded as
at desert
when seeing
and it's suspect as a producer or the effect
all human calmer
this is because be part of eating out
for instance
the question is a cuisine what is calmer what has come


they will you see the calmer in sanskrit into english think action or deed
ah but the deed door action
is directed to to
i stress on
the human motion human motion
but the word calmer
is stupid to different nuance
ah when you use the calmer
on this calmer
ah what would you call there
the camera camera consist of off
the total
i union total union
no the calmer acer
would you call them

no the a the consist of for the
once produced the by
and ah mouse and mind
the action
the found the body
is to act towards the upward
at word
the actual phone
the the mind is to act toward a word human inward
hmm the accident from the mouth
right third photo bridge over two different waters
body and mind
yeah the earth
you can speak
the saddle
the eight in your innate spirit
in word in word
now when logan three
ah functioning harmoniously
it is code com and is cold com it is called com
so is not the action
it produced by body
the camera is the absence produce the by the body and mind and marks
this is the meaning of karma in sanskrit
so the
the human being would exist now
is considered as a thorough resort
when seeing in its aspect
as a producer of the effect of
the ones

so the
according to the long calmer
ah you will realize that there are two kinds of principles principles
why is when you do good behavior
it will have good result
yeah was good actions have good adsense how good reads out
the ban absence have but resort this is one this is one of very principles
according to the function or for human com
once com
the route this point
oh but this point
ah the
you will realize that the ways
there is the same libri a in eh
the same retribution as same cause
the just pay the same the good without good actors out goodness out but resound have
a button
well actions how but resort
the court is cause brings about call to cause a brinks about the same result it's same result
this is one principles of human come
the second is
ah good result
brings about
ah the this out bring about at the good a good absence good and brings about
the result all prayer
and but resound brings about the result of something's
this is second principles all
the functions function of ones com

according to the same rip added distribution at same call the ad as it's cause
i think you will notice that galleys
mary a sort of limitations limitations in human life
for years since i am category him company

the present being of my life he is caught and cold cut argue
it is solo where it is sort of for limitation an invitation
the would nobody nobody can imitate
and what i can escape form
the presence being all present being or my life name kentucky
is core it solo in solo for as every was it was a sort of destiny destiny or fate

the according to the different different distribution flown on the cause
why is this good risk in good adsense breaks about the result of pleasure
the nissan is completely different found the cause the as good a good ads and cause is based on a good axes design is based on the desert the one one that off clay job

they've been been absent brings about the liaison or saplings
this is oath are also this this also is to bring about the different retribution
flown it's cause
ladies code the part of virginia
be park of virginia you the words the be parker the parker is out the parker resort
limb which adds a different different calls different ah different a desire to float the coming from the a certain cause
here the desert is different formed it's calls
and this is very interesting point you know
ah i think the if you do good behavior
you blinks about you bring about good result
you understand so well and also
that there is
a solo definite limitations
the same cause same call the a certain cause brings about it's it's same it's a same quantity of the with the same result the same reads out

i mean my parents i was born between my parents so it is called i am named and my name is category
this is same cause
the same cause great about saying the a certain cause a brings about the same result
i cannot escape from this without

my father from the result from the cause
a what is called category
the i am a present being on my life
is based on sort of tampering or pleasure
sometimes i am sorry sometimes i am
i feel pressure

are they this without the predator or suffering
i doesn't don't have a certain typo
our moral ah more morality more nature and then the moral agent
good or bad so neither good nor bad
this is very interesting
so of course at as long as am name cut the gay
i miss having i may be something as a category not as a bob not as a to not answers eleven suzuki or signal i have to i have to suffer advocate against you
but this something is beyond the conception of good a bat this is where interstate so you do so if you if you suffer don't worry about don't whatever so race over
this is very interesting the sapling is beyond the moral nature
neither good nor bad
and also pray to you know
if i am if i am delighted in giving the lecture i think out that i feel good you and feel good or you are a few or if you do that and
a with composure with calm mind i think of that you will feel so good
but the feeling good
ah is just i'm feeling good it's known as aside to pat to it
yeah that was it is this aside to be in far too are infatuated
infatuated with feeling good
through than or through lecture or through your behavior for him there
because something is beyond the consumption of good and bad this is very interesting

but actually actually you you notice if you noticed that
there is a very strong definately limitation
which is cold ten which is called ball with just call rail would just call company they use offer that why you suffer
but this is common thought of com
ah but this comment is the knit them the name of the new bob or new team or new the job rail will cut the gay
i'm not something something what would you are tied
tied up completely
the lead you not to not to move an inch at last

the name is the name of cut gay naval for the year was not on the name the present being on my life race based on
if for my the present being on my life is based on a photo destiny you you can do so you will cover the you're cutting new cutting you from thing for my birth to the death
yeah earth there is a thorough fan base tongue the different definite limitation you
i think you say you say it is destiny you know and a sulfate
by embodies the definite and destiny or fate is not merely the meaningful for the meaning of destiny or
fate which oh a which is he oh sure
what do you can on the which cannot be free from it
i think in
i in the viewpoint of human life
the viewpoint a life phase
ali presented by the kind of fuzzy kinds of
i do's

the first the deceased or the teaching of buddha
the the first some say that all human experience he is based on destiny
the second
as some for horde that everything is created by god and controlled by his will
the third some say that everything happens by chance
this is common a viewpoint in life you know
the all human experience it is based on destiny you am company for even though i hard i work hard very much how have very much but i cannot escape cut again
i i feel with sound be poor in in the english language and fit
can i escape from it
on data and i can i escape from giving a lecture
english and sorry for me but i can this is true
so from this phone this reality i feel sort of destiny or kentucky a for i am very sorry for carnegie
the second some horde that everything created by god and control by his were now only the got it doesn't it doesn't mean that though i described i described the principle of christianity
the evan evan a buddhist
the buddhist is buddhist are they enthusiastic
the worshipping the buddha and veloce tissue allah or bodies hunt for any kind of bodies heart

a order to be
excessive way in
have they enthusiastic or worshipping the body to about fish ibarra
these someone for a buddhist a believe
that wow this valor
agaves the strong instructions what to do
the if you do doesn't work dishwasher max appearance in front of you and tell you something
don't do that in

don't do in
tried to fairly cheap

they you quick you stopped doing involving an escaped from the diving and rushing into the study a key
and we're while you were studying you to the about tissue on the appearance make a koreans so me and then don't study eighteen
we shall i do
always about issue allah makes appearance and tell you something
in most of for most of the people do that to you
not only chris
the second those that a second some hold that everything is created by god and controlled by his will so you live if so your life is completely controlled by the i was a warlock tissue allah's will you
now but your own life
ah sold some say that everything happens by chance new it means want to be what we
according to their shakespeare sex peer what will be a lot wow be
it's not necessary to make up to make every pathway for it's nonsense
particular when you do thousand with tomorrow
why did i have to the when i have to do that

and then if all has been decided by destiny
both good this and april days are pre predestined
we're and war war don't we all eat
are predestined
what lol
wall why
well and war
our for distant
nothing exists that hasn't been predestined
then all human plans and effort for improvement and progress will be in vain and humanity would be without hope
you understand so well
the same is to the and of view points for if everything in the last resort is in the hands of god or about this valor a bodhisattva or buddha
oh blind towns what hope has humanity
except in submission
it is no wonder what people holding these conceptions lose hope and new wrecked efforts to act wisely and to avoid evil


then the second winning buddha says analyst at last impact the three concessions all viewpoints are all wrong
everything is a succession of appearances who sauce is the succession of codes and conditions and these codes and conditions can in the measure be modified and controlled
okay anyway you were i hope you have and stood that three those concession
the in in life are all wrong
because if you follow though three conceptions
ah we all life though three way of life
ah you all
the you'll be a what to do
as a result
it is pretty difficult difficulty air it's pretty difficult for us to read or alive
beyond the three those were rife
without touching attachment on three
the though three of three ways of life

that's why the buddhism in buddhism
this a something and pleasure

t lee presented by
ali's out
anna based on
more concession neither good nor bad nor bad

then it is the
no neutral neutral nature or morality
is code wiki in japanese mukhi no sign nor fi
no fine
so they live human life as a result must be based on
the based on
would you call the
the neutral nature or morality you know
young earth and category
this is this is i utterly that cut gay
but this kind of gay is
based on neutral neutral nature or morality
yeah it was cut the gate is completely free from kentucky
and cut the game but they actually
i am the cut the gate
is sometimes confront and where the difficulty and suffer
sometimes i am confident with her
ah the pressure and i feel better
but those something and
a prettier coming form the i as a result named kentucky
ah beyond
the conception of biology neither good nor bad young earth
universe there is there are two type of far to type of for the confessions
allow me
what is
a live named cut the which i can escape foment
what did the navy tied the
the it in no excuse me i cannot escape from me anyway
on the other had second s
within within the i either without name category where the tenant as came from it there is
the i
who is free from free phone the i as it without named kentucky which i cannot escape from me
the understand his point
you don't know
okay i sort of for the within the destiny you know which is code and within in the domain of the cut the gays were world
veles of freedom there is a freedom within the destiny
the destiny is not the destiny

the within the destiny the rays of freedom you earth
i think ah



ah in the words within the destiny the you can have you can have
ah free will
what to do what to do
okay you understand



in buddhism when you do something
i think you the action as sent through the it's a perfuming
ah the
i'm fuming into the bottom of human mind
ah the
the deal is there are subtle for us
stinky smell
something something smell
a behind you are after after you do something you do something
the word is not her
what what is completely in after at the word word word for word is expressed you say i am the i am talking now in a word
the absent in word
ah leave something behind it after it works
because out that you how for you have lots of question
cavaday you said you said such and such what does it mean you know
so word is continuously what is it ms one a word is still working you
it was the function of the word leave something leave something behind it after a works
the same is true or the human absence
if you do good behavior
the action is not end is not end at that time
a droopy it may be easy it may be easy for you to do good more you know
for instance when you come to the zen center before you come to visit or it's pretty hard to come to the visited i even though you want to come you always hanging around alarm doesn't it was i looove survey side getting
on i don't like as and center
and then after that outlasts you step in the zen center or diseases and center
then there's some some guy students one with students explain what the woods kind of program will follow the morning we have for early morning zazen or the evening thousand and we do we do attended
in early morning nothing more evening zazzle you say oh yes i think so but it's pretty hard to and kin
oh i don't like it don't like thousand
they have to doesn't in any way you do you attend does in once when something's pre-war in
the next second time you raise it to a as in you know so difficult
now after doesn't where we have morning service and the able to yourselves and or for students some balls nine tongue what's momma
it's a bow what do you mean by bar iran's it's funny you so you don't like a party you don't like you don't like to be engaged in making bow nine tens or even the three times and on like that
so you've tried to escape from atlanta on thank you know no thank you know location
but the when you come to the zero zero several time
it make you it make you have a chance to see want to see the morning service saving themselves many times then alas this you tried to you feel anyway i tried to attend warning service and make a bar know make about three times
hands weren't so bad you feel openness of bad
okay who bows fridge disney while and the before to before morning shows you have to nine bar nut-free bomb yes sir the wow you can do that
something that i that
now only that the same is to the bad behave doing bad
yet you tried to steal the one one dollar bill from the others pumpkin or attacked the one dollar bill
next time when with use what you see that guy next time low
what him for the tans to still the next time five dollars no one dollars bill five task belt
then you if you want success succeeded successful in staining five dollar bill next time while next time we want to steal the ten dollar bills
the same things
camera is the camera is something like that they are certain actions leave something smell the a is called perfuming you
the absence leaves a subtle for from for fuming
behind it in the bottom of the human mind they did this perfuming is questionable
a perfume me is always push you to do something he he'd doing what smile with you a quick
you do some bow before you do bow you are always hesitating what shall i do but after you do bow the doing bow lives songs a sort of perfume perfuming behind it in the bottom of mind
then this perfume in pursue you to do more hey do bar more we yes you can do that
this is come in

ah then
something left behind
behind you the after you do something is called a seat a seat
in buddhism seat concessional seed
but as seed a conceptual seed
except human being
no ah
except that which human being possesses
hope to call there
is to have
a complete a definite reputation
from the beginning from the beginning with to fear itself possesses for some pumpkin seed
you know there is a pumpkin seed
the this seed is
always pumpkin pumpkin seed
the from the pumpkin seed never grows the egg plant or cucumbers the pumpkin seed grows the pumpkin
the cucumber seed grows can come that's all but the seed what human being possesses
it is not the pumpkin seed not the sort for pumpkin seed
the i have a plethora of for i have a sort of seed named kentucky but it is not the did it
a kentucky is see doesn't glow germinate the same fruits same fruit
ah yeah that was this said what make it would make it
what make it what
what dominate what dominate this seed
this seed is dominated by
human free will free will
yeah earth
ah by free will watch
ah my farewell whether you can you can make the better use of the circumstances or conditions around you
how you can make how you can make
better use of the circumstances and conditions
you are you come into contact with
moment after moment
yeah the earth
the it is germinate by that every chance every ton of can get woman after moment
in whatever situation you mean
not destiny not that conception of destiny named cut the ghee dominate seat
of course i have for a sort of fun seed named and cut a gay but this it doesn't grow the same fruits named kentucky
because cut the game is over the free from company
this is very interesting okay so i employ in the english language but the from this point and well like it anyway
a hill i feel reef you know
employ i feel always and or they put in a english long foreign language
then may i said to me to cut kill you
but from this point am i feel relief okay in terms of in terms of for the i television the i named cut the key i have to say tell me i have to sail with talk d
we in terms of a seed named cut the key it is always free you because i can i am i have free will free well ah fruit will
the i can germinate i can germinate any kind of seed any kind of seat

you know
this is very interesting that see the this
so a within the within bestie within the destiny ah
ah within the conception of in inevitability inevitability inevitability that this issue remember that is free will free will
how you can make better use of every chance you can get you can get
this is this is called ah this is called video video virginia
one of four one of alternate desk destiny designation of i virginia
so the source of for life is based on two types one is what is the word of inevitability
where are you can on his cave you can't escape from kentucky
but on the other hand within the the word of inevitability davis free will
i can i can be entitled to make a choice of a tens i can get what to do how how i can make use of tans i can
come into contact with
this is bigger virginia
so that's fi de
if you follow if you follow the the three type of fully human life they view point in life
duff as mentioned before the first some say that all human experience is based on the destiny the second some hold that everything is created by god and control by his will the third some say that every
a thing happens by chance
ah you will never be find a you will never find
our free will
you are you would never find the your rife in daily life with tears verified movie fact
so even oh while he was doing zazen
the you are always looking at yourself in turn solve the world of inevitability named above named cut
well whatever you do now is as then whatever you do you always looking at yourself
in terms of
the copy or tong were both were among read the sentence and then
that's why were you find some
the some diligence
it leaves it leaves you in confusions in be would
but you should remember that with an inevitability the lease free will
how can you make use the tens every turns
are you can come into contact with
yeah it was there this question
what we should do what which is woman afternoon
yeah that was the free will free while is a rotten to everyone whoever you are

towards the direction or future
if you follow the you arrive if you follow you arrive
the according to the principle of destiny
it means that you attach to your life
in past in past
not in present not in present in future
but your life is your life is going to was
future strong as your life is endures
and present or toward the direction future
there must be
a free from rotted to everyone of wherever you are
this is all i have virginiana then i virginiana ms zoosk dodge q store house
then the the allah of huge neon i the is completely open to everybody for has
this to title for human life based on the word of in an inevitability it's sort of destiny and also the word of farewell
what do you can make a choice of every chance you can get free
he ordered to be vilified to vivify your life

so your camera is your com conway is not outdoor the merely a sense of for since some bad or wrong you they always knew making hands of a bad com i don't think so you have a done a daphne's
even japanese out for back comrade according to your sense you know
paul camera is ah is limited buys the calmer conception of and produced a produce the since the beginning less past
and also the camera is completely free from the calmer
ah produced the since the beginning with past in order to vivify your life
because they always is entitled to live wherever you are whatever kind of really do you believe
you can be entitled to make a choice your life
even though the eighteen tell you something go to the east go to the west wants the law
that's okay it's gone the that's up to you in on to go to the used to go to with that's up to you
the important point is the most of people is tossed away by the eighteen a statement mentioned by eighty
the life is completely controlled by the statement mention give given by the a key or body aren't was or about dishwasher suarez or god was some imagination

it's pretty difficult to
ah to find your life vividly give your life


oh lead
there's some passages which is devoted to explain the human mind
the human mind maybe a thought of as functioning on three different levels of condition
on its lawyers level it is discriminating mind the lowest level on rise they were erased and discriminate in mind days my is six consciousnesses sex kinds of businesses
five cents plus perceptions
and conscious mind the world's five six consciousnesses
on this level it has the ability to see or to here to taste to smell to touch to combine these sense concepts
to discriminate them and to consider their relations
when a higher level it is an intellectual mine had this is called the seventh consciousness named manners consciousness
based on the conception of the the root or the rule of eagle nature
eagle niche

the honor higher level it is an intellectual mind where it has the ability to make inward adjustments that are necessary to harmonize the the actions of the does
discriminating mind and to relate them to each other and to a whole eagle concessions this is the seventh consciousness
on its highest level it is universal mind universal money is all i have me on keep
the as universal money it is and it's true essential nature pure tranquil an unconditioned but because of its the relation to the law minds it becomes to storage for their the actions
and is defined by then
so the the universal mind
has to time to time of human mind what is the sort of destiny
the inevitable nature in every taboo nature of human life
when which he cannot escape from it
galloway is free well rotted to everybody he ordered to give him by his own life toward the direction of present and future
but unfortunately we have the seventh consciousness
one of self conscious mind
the rule of eagle nature
ah make you see
they one side one sided a one sided aspect of human life based on the destiny or
the inevitable nature of human life
that time the seventh mind make your touch too
the present your past life you know pastime
i have a bad com something like that
and also it leaves you in between men in confusions


the call but but the other end you should remember the universal mind has another aspect of human life based on the well plotted to everybody you ordered to beautify your life
toward future
if so the six miles six consciousnesses must be calm
must become a order to understand clearly who what who i am what human being is
we have to understand as much as as clear as you can
what is structure of human life

the human mind discriminates itself from the things that appear to be outside itself without realizing that he has first created these very things reading its own mind this as being going on eternally
the delusion as become firmly fixed within the mind and even and years to the things themselves because of this discrimination between the self and non-self the mine has come to consider itself as
eagle personality
and has become attached to it as being something different and more enduring than that things of the world
thus the people on the world grow up a england's on the fact that discrimination and thinking of evil personality are nothing but activities of universal mind

so universal mind the creates always ego consciousness and also free will
so the but actually
the your daily life it is easier for last two a touch too
oh oh human life based on the destiny or in navy tub in a tom war nature of human life
but review in bewilderment when in confuse confusion
ah so the that's why we need a practice
he ordered to make six consciousnesses com
and understand as clear to you can
what is structure of human life