August 24th, 1971, Serial No. 00053

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they think is
ah is
i'll quite are reasonable
in that
how we should
a deal with ourselves our face to face your day life or how to be out to be our day life
as mentioned dad day
t what you are with you understand
a water
the water

first of all
ah we
our face
we accept we accept
water itself strike for murray
and consider again and again how to
ah hundred
the for we the search what is water
the according to the will fire
there you two sense
the first we tried to we tried to research what what is water what water is like

are making making experiment in various our way

ha is

from this point i think you will realize that there are many
a new
level of recognition
by this are making making experiment

you're the world's water is combination or for hydride in org skin so you know says that by making the experiment in many ways are you will realize a new content of recognition
considered as consider as oxygen consider as ah
hi high on to consider as combination of hydrogen and oxygen and song
there are many
ah you will realize
a new contents are recognition
when you make experiment
oh it
according to the scientific will one standing
so for us off cause picking it is called dialogue that
they like a dialectic dialectic
but in buddhism
the first lol we accept the water
and consider how to handle it
if so
if there are many people hundred people here
if they're a hundred people
it is possible that the hundred different new our way of understanding what warner is like
embodies made his code is sees came in japanese is same is one essence of our our a single water
one essence of water is see is se stay is for you are for viewpoint for new point
when you see the one essence of water
the dinner for kind of for kind of different viewpoint from the worry the presence of water
that's made him before you human being ah as think water is water
but the fish did doesn't do doesn't think so
what is now water
according to the fish fish fish things or water is my house
oh paris and saw

so there are many kind of fire many kind of different understanding
so buddhism try to as see tried to see
ah tried to see into the depth of just one subject just one subject
what is water
and also they will we try to see from the different angles many different angles human being or fish
many different things tried to see just the one subject but it's cold water
this is buddhist will one the standing
that a day i mentioned the near the about the music back
all of you are robbed so much music bug but the for me i think it is does something make me noise
so if you are they while you are in delighted in listening listening to music pack i said oh please stop playing

so when you see the even one even music park there are many different kind of fun standing
so you create each of you create your own music back you know i create my own music bach
not real music back
this is buddhist will one the sunday
gatherers they aren't mentioned before the buddhist ms really reasonable in that how we should deal the music back or water
face to face in our day life
now how to be to was music park
when you come into contact with it
you should know that there are many different kind of for viewpoint from the music back
you have to know that first
i from this point the day
the bullets ms new reasonable but there is not science is not science
it is ready just thought really just thought the owner to be free from ourselves in our daily life
the other was when you come into contact with water or music back how to be toward music back
how to face music back
in your daily life
at that time important point is how to be free from use a back or how to give from you yourself

from this point on the what the buddhists may reasonably is not to learn the science a sort of science
but the a solo religious thought
really just thought he ordered to be free from yourself in your day life
on this is
i think there you will realize that there're the limitation of rationality upon the upon what what to buddhism is based
the bullets ms tires not science not size

so buddhism doesn't seek what war i is but the buddhism doesn't say or what it is combination of hydrogen and oxygen
because what is the purpose of buddhism is not the to get to the knowledge for the sake of having knowledge
the purpose of the not buddhism is to to give free from ourselves first
is how to be how to be twice the event or thing which you come into contact with
he honored to in order to be free from yourself
that's fine their bodies buddhism doesn't doesn't say doesn't save water is what it is the combination i daunting an ox him even though you tried to a hard time to work hard buddhism
you would never find in your eyes that solutions answers
this is limitation this is irritation the nationality the pond which the buddhism is based
let's fight the in our in oriental country that they are very poor the vapour poor in understanding something in scientific civilization scientific way of understanding

development vase and scientific the scientific civilization is getting on remarkably well
the in europe more than now in aren't you this is pretty good
because in europe they they tried to see what war i is like first then you tried to make an experiment to you

but buddhism tried to accept first before you you try to make an experiment want to war i eased
and consider how to handle it
in the relation or in the relation between you and water
this is will for buddhist way of understand me
but as mentioned i think the it is their limitations the last night upon the upon what to the buddhism is based
but and so same time the this limitation on the rationality upon the to buddhism is based are based
i will make up for the lack of scientific great civilization
i think this is very important to you


the in bulletin
for instance there
the these the idea of for dumber world for the more want
which seems which seems
which seems a thorough for ancora di
stadio by existence

but worrisome they always you should remember this point what what if the when you research the way you are buddhism
i don't see the any any aspect of buddhism though
buddhist teaching
in town so
the ontology who ontology or tiny of existence for instance what is like what is wanted something like that
ah i think it it seems appear in apparently is seems a sort of ontology but the buddhism trying to focus its attention on
epistemology pissed marriage pista marge this is very important in
epistemology employee this instance that courtney you should ah
it tried to record that disarm to to war what is what
we don't be sorry we don't see the water in terms of one tar idea what is water
there we try to we tried to know how to how to how to realize how to be how to handle
how to recognize
it is so far and is tomorrow to you not entourage
i even about the idea of for dumb award
it is not the it is not the start something to one target
it is subject to interest to marriage
see for them words is why is the phenomenal world dick okay
the phenomenal world the second is dan newman our word
the third is the world in which of phenomenon i den identical with the new meaning
no minna
the forces
the word in which phenomena influence one another without hindrance
are there are the for them reward
it looks like on tolerant but there is not ontology
the first is the nominal word
the you know so well what is phenomenal lord
are there are many kinds of many kind of far as many kind of all living beings animate inanimate beads
a man a tree of fish insect

our enter and within the phenomenal word
a tree a man
i ate exist
ah independently come up completely

regardless of far the identification identification are between retained their men and a his of that

this is phenomenal word

and second is
the new mineral water
ah as new the evan
it is impossible
the phenomenal word
many things many things in phenomenal words
doesn't exist without unification new unification voices the let's imagine there are the sentence a damp nice is japanese are i am a japanese are human be
no american are human being
english men are human being and saw
in terms of fit phenomenal word i think daphne's are damp news
madigan on mac and independently this is too
but if the japanese or the american ah each other the independent
ah making them a harmonious in their daily life
the between the two between the two

he order to make the many things in phenomenal word harmonious no no ah
making many things in phenomenal word exist independently
there must be
the universe so universal big whoop plays a world what is cord
no minute
for instance
they are all human be seen
they are all human being
companies are human being american i human being
at that time
the the human being the idea of human being is
you never so conception
what do you know them
live in harmony
with each other's
why they exist independently each other's japanese are dampness making our job american but
japanese and american at there are the universal were the universal big world where are they all live in harmony
on the basis of universal concession with discord
human be
in terms of human being yet was the phenomenal new minimum word
we can live together in peace
this is the lee okay the newman newman or world

but what is what is human being the conception of human being that as universal consent universal ideas universal word
in terms of nominal world
you think there is something something like us the fixed idea which is called a human be

the japanese a human being american i human being

the war is this conception of human be
can you realize that there is sort of fixed idea which is code human being with name down live in harmony

pay it's pretty difficult what is human be what is said the conception of human being
for instance concrete speaking in them buddhism saying a sitting is zen walking is in sleeping is then
the standing is then what is it

of course it is true it is true
but can you find the can you realize that there is there may be a sort of from fixate your is called zen
what do you know what do you never you to live to live in harmony whatever you do sitting or walking and sleeping
if there is sort of for fixed a year named then
you expect to something you expect something from this fix idea

down voting is in the sweeping is in why is that why is it we have to practice seven
in great effort
walking is if booking is in sleeping is a it's not necessary to practice as and lets you sleep in it's go home to sleep
it is easy you

because he will always seek he expect something from the conceptual zinn

what do you know what year is true that zang in new men ah to live live live in harmony
but actually it's pretty hard
he will you walk your mind is south here on there will you sleep your dream lots of things
combining many many things beyond time and space

even though you sit zazen you do thousand many thought coming up
running through your way it
murray sent you

it's pretty hard when you will use when you reflect upon your day life
sitting and walking and standing and sleeping are
a things in phenomenal ward
the setting is sitting walking is working doesn't use doesn't
independently absolutely
and so you don't think there is no no ideal no harmonious way all rife

even though you do doesn't very hard for many years
you think it doesn't make it doesn't make sense you think it doesn't make sense
you don't think it the you don't think it's county-based is an encounter with you can outdoor this kind of personality you

ah but if you two doesn't if you do doesn't
hard i thinks you will realize something good something comfortable anyway
the teaching of zen buddhism is universal to feel universal truth
that's why walking and sleeping and sitting and standing
ah existant in harmony with each other's in your daily life

let's consider
again the sentences dump nice our human being american are human be
why is a human being raised the conception of human being
so you tried to think you tried to think what is a concession with human being on a sentence and you tried to think consider again and again

according to this funny of humanity
according to the existentialism
according to the study on for existentialism of buddhism or for christianity of we tune and the time
they you tried to
you are you trying to show you tried to show this is conception of human be

and then this human the conception of human being what do you discern do you have researched
must enable humor all human being live in harmony
well actually it's pretty difficult
i last your daily life completely you're upset what is human be

say if you consider again and again through through and through what to const conception of human being is
you cannot find definite conception
different conception this is human being with you never would mean average japanese and american live in harmony
it's pretty hard
tall buddhism says
the this conceptual human being human being doesn't is not the doesn't is not the based on there is some of it's substance substance

because even human being is
our a pushing all fires at the transcend transient or can component
the idea the idea of transit the the idea of human being which you how resurged
is also a portion of transcend

tons and component you

the you would see a fool you you are considering considering what human being is also
a vital for up
a pushing or for trans and component
in perpetual move when floor

so everything is changing everything is changing everything is tangible
and the domingo
the changing
in the domingo kinda genes
that is completely know i do have the substance
what is unchangeable which is unchangeable
the unchangeable is
knows they
his substance is the idea of services the southwestern says the idea of substances something what something what it exists the by itself
and works by itself this is the idea of substance

the conception of human being is sort of for substance which is our
what is unchangeable

i don't think so
the japanese and american or even conceptual for human being are all
in tangible
a perpetual movement floor
if so it ms it means that there is no idea of services which everything possesses

then in buddhism this is the principle of transparency
it is called the principle of emptiness

ah this empty in buddhism this emptiness the principle of emptiness the principle of transparency is the phenomenal new minimum newman or word nominal locked
that's why everything is changing everything is tint
what team is it doesn't have it doesn't have its own savage funds its own services

so if so
japanese ah
the human being this human being has doesn't have doesn't have its own submissions

there is nothing but they should you weren't big canoe mineral on a nominal word
which is cold emptiness or nothingness
with its without its own samson's

at that time companies can leave the american can live together in peace

ah dessert is the the word in which a phenomenal identical with the new minute

so the
if there is
ah universal place universal big place where everything exist in piece together japanese in manager

the new no word japanese which is called the japanese and american can live together in peace

on the basis on universal i do human be
as a human being companies or megan can live together in peace

ah if

and also the in this case numeral word is based on nothingness
it's on it's i know substance of his arm

our within the know as services although worldly affairs of human affairs

the everything can live
together in peace it is possible

and then
the japanese are the subject in this sentence
ah human being as adjective not a day
adjective anyway

when you realize gillis is new word no no word what do you know a human being live in peace
at that time the japanese and the human being aware have closed the relation you know
as a subject
as or verve andor
oh to call their adjective
ha anyway

in terms of the word in which phenomena are phenomena i didn't go with their new meaning

phenomenal word
but you say this is phenomenal word
it implies that phenomenal word
ah include
immediately no no word new mean on word
otherwise phenomenal world doesn't exist
if you say they say i am japanese
you have to recognize that there is some idea of the utan universal idea which is called human being that time the idea of japanese comes into existence in this world
so at that time when you say i am japanese the conceptual japanese include immediately the no mere word which is called human be
so i have to see myself as a doubt news on the basis of on the basis of new mineral word no mean a word
consider as human being
so i am that i have to see myself as a doubt is not the consent fix the idea of damp nice
i have to see myself
the other japanese and also at the same time as a human be

no soy no on the contrary on the contrary ah dear
if i say i am human be
the confessional this human being inc in prize immediately the idea
the idea would i am japanese

it is nearly impossible to separate
several foam doubt nice and the separate japanese and from the human be
if i say i am dump news i have to think and am human be you
if i say i am human being i have to see myself as a dump knees
the confessional japanese doesn't doesn't exist apart from the the conception of human be
upon from the nominal word
apart from the tooth in virtual to
when you realize there is universal truth the place they exist can't exist american to exist englishman to exist guess is to if you ignored the universal tool
nobody can exist in this war

so they human or a new a phenomenal word
and a new word
how really close relationship with each other's you can to separate

there is called the world in which nominal on of phenomenon phenomenon are identical with the newman

no also for the fourth is the world in which phenomena if with one another or without hindrance without hindrance

ah in from this point


it is it is possible it is possible for
the japanese and american and englishman
our to live by individual to individuals
it is based on the universal truth
universal truth

you exist in the domain of universe american existing making our in the universal universal true the japanese are in the universal truth
and they are all
and the universal to
if so
in the actual rive actual rife up to aspect of life
h america it american making and japanese
can exist by individual to individual
not separately
because they are based on the universal truth
from this point american and japanese have close relations with each other's this is true
without hindrance without kingdom this is the big word this is the big word where everything exist everything can exist in peace
this is the word in which are phenomenal influence one another with hindered without hindrance

the universal truth phase
no some substance
no sanderson's by watch everything exist
on which that everything ten exist

if there is if there is no substance all their on

how japanese how jumped me how do japanese how can companies live
how can american live
how can english englishman live in this word

because there is no substance which is untenable


with each other with each other

our with her

we'll help each other's
everything exist
on the basis of interdependence because there is no thermostats
even though i say i am japanese
even though i can find the sudden idea of japanese
who has a certain cultural background
then i said this is daphne's
but it is still just idea

hmm you can't the i cannot judge myself wrong men from the viewpoint of fire conception with j i created i helped create it

i have to see myself and the doubt news
without any it's substance
as a human be
as a universal truth
and the men will be universal truth everything is equal completely
everything what everything equal is
everything exist independently independent
and no interdependent
not be independent interdependent

the third were in the term of the world in which phenomenon influence one another or without hindrance
all human being can exist
in peace because they are based on the universal truth
with nor its no substance
which is everything exist interdependent
this is they are the idea of the for dumb word
it seems it seems that the study or for ontology but it's not the study of ontology
it is the study stadio for epistemology
how can you how can you see yourself
how can you deal with yourself
how to hunt deer handle yourself
how to be
in your day life

so this is the of age
ah characteristic what buddhism hats


ah i cannot tell you
buddhism a is it cannot tell you worries me is the best to one best things in this word
i cannot tell you that with the will of understanding is best to whale best best things

he have to know what buddhism is clearly more and more
we have to understand the western will life
through and through
as mentioned before of course the will buddhist the understanding has sort of limitation because it is very reasonable rational
consider as regions thought not science
this not rationality is
watch the buddhism possesses
but at the same time this rationality
a will surely make up for the lack of for scientific civilization
scientific will understanding
this is real to this is very


i think to take you a long time to understand what bullies miss
but it's not necessary to stick to i am western people i am a gap my oriental people
it is not necessary to
ah define
it's not necessary to judge you aren't japanese
it is easier it is and for you to understand worrisome because your job nice you grow up the in japan with the japanese culture background
it's not necessary to think of it
of cold dampness is japanese making amen
there are completely they exist we exist
independently making not maybe that fight so it's pretty hard for you to understand what worries me is
i think it to take your wrong time
but don't stick to their such my dear you are joking as i am i'm like that's why i am difficult it is difficult for me to understand
said and time

oh as a human being
you tried to consider
how to be how to handle yourself
in your day life
he ordered to fear from yourself you wanted to feel from the object with to come into contact with