August 10th, 1971, Serial No. 00050

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i'll take you i'll take you
ah to see the picture of toys nc in a law

ah so far i mentioned
the see
ah makes everything let's everything and separate ah in a independent
in this point
ah tom clancy a's
deschanel he hung up here
ah which
what changes which change which change in a moment in a moment
ah employees at times and see me nicole a tendency age
oh appearance and disappearance in a moment for a moment
or just a moment just a moment
and s the appearance and disappearance in moment or test moment a moment
but that's fi
wait you
i see
the state of human affairs for change in a moment you feel something which is a sort of gap
ah between the two
and it was you cannot to keep a width
the templates quick temples all time or transit sing at that time you feel transit
but transit itself is
a moment are fighting of a moment
or appearance or disappearance in a moment
so moment gap needs is
ha moment we call the moment in japanese said snap in sanskrit is santa summer
if you are fine if you find the word santa moment in the dictionary
it's describes oksana is a moment or an instant
but it is defined as at thought i thought
it is
equal according to another definition it is equal sixty santa it is sixty sana equal one figure fingers snap one finger snap
one thing snap do you know the one finger snap
i exists
so we use exists not like this
so first you put the oil
for your nose and then see
this is finger snap penis map
the way you go to the bathroom we use the bathroom dog then says priests used the finger snap free time and they you should use the bathroom
i don't know why

so i did i did a he always three times
please at i asked that a subtle but god who lives in bathroom
please go away why i am using the bathroom
if you stay am afraid ice price your head
with my keep earrings

that's my idea not get
this is finger snap
so this one thing snap
has sixty moment one sixty moments see

the dictionary says sir
the moment
it is equal to one seventy one seventy fifth of a second this is one moment
i think you can stand one seventy fifth of a second
yeah they click here
excess who
a token sales in the show bougainville ah he says
one moment ah one essence of moment
is ah
we're not excuse me
a day a day is equal to
six billion four hundred medium moment
i don't know who were from where he found this the this number
this is wonderful number of six villians four hundred million moments a day a consistent was six billion in six billion four hundred ah millions moments hey

how about their
ah one second
they have a that tried to account
after lecture
yeah how much how much are one second a second include the at the a second
consist of
please ah please that count
press count after left

and there
the in each santa
in each summer in each moment
ah nine handy person a bowl and die
i think this is so
us a concessional for a moment
i don't care i don't care day
a moment is a moment is movement represents our one seventy fifth of fifths of a second
boy equal to equal to six billion
or four hundred the millions of moments
a day
but the important point you should know you should know how how quick how quick at time this time
go in goals eight quick
you can't you can't catch it
and also
in buddhism
as the addiction it says it is def defined as a thought
so in ten days school they have but they have a doctrine of decay of the three thousand realms
in the moment of
a single thought
this is very important job trees or ten days school
so in within
a moment
the moment is a n was a thought
what appear or disappear
woman after moment
this is one essence super soft
ah the three is thousand rooms are contained in the moment of single site
what me is that all phenomenon
in the word are included in one sought to what human beings think in their daily life
you see ah
it is said that there are
in the moment of single thought
the you know the tea
kim walls
when human being create
moment after moment
a to our worlds are
the hell
in hungary spirit
or animals as you're fighting spirit
fighting devil fighting devil well men heaven i see lava
a particle buddha or bodhisattva buddha
those ten a code ten walls
and also each each of them
in other words each of them are include
the old ten was a young earth hell the wadham hell
include include the how hungry spirit in animal the fighting devil men haven't traveled up to take a buddha the body sad to her at am put a tube
then also buddha include include the tim walz the help and hungry spirit
an animal the fighting
devil the men having your market the pratico buddha of body fat were android
and totally there are three thousand not that day no no excuse me thousand
you know
can did you count
and also the one thousand words
the exist always in the three words viewers
the world for desire
the word have no desire the world of no for
those are core to three walls
yeah was human were enlightened an enlightened men's word
the embodies me even though you
even though you don't have any kind of thousand
it is still in the domain of the an enlightened world
so what you've caught the word have no desire
why even though you can walk on fire burning fire and
have no something
it is still in word of an a nightmare
the even though you practice hard according to a sad atheism you know
and i will be buying the heaven
it is still in word of an enlightened men
okay this is wayne a very interesting
so that's why even bother even you can a k a reitman through the buddha and through them and that doesn't
that enlightened men include the k words how now only the buddhist work
even the hell and angry spirit
i'm fighting fighting devil
way interesting
so even though you can become you can become buddha you are not become you are non buddha
download it is the buddha including ten another world
hell can request fighting devil this is to this is way too
so it's not necessary to be infatuated with your enlightenment
please watch carefully
so when one moment appear you know
let's imagine you what are their what time here
when you're one moment appears in your daily life
three thousand words three thousand worth appears you know
that's the that's fight the our moment a moment is really complicated not simple
you say you you listen to the lecture well it's and barbuda says everything is produced by one moment morning so
life is very simple
what will be what well be
if suddenly hit your all you have to do is to say out that's all
if you are hung if you feel hungry
let's go to find some food to eat
without shelling others
i don't kill others all i have to do if to eat for myself
the moment it's not so it's not simple like that too
a moment is a woman consist of three thousand worth it's very complicated you
so them mother says if you sit doesn't you become buddha wonderful said
i believe that i believe if i said even for a moment i'd become buddha i believe strongly in but this poor if poor including in king another words okay
because if i said
many things happens many things happens
are fighting del who called me
ah what j experience
the same experienced it in a monastery well i fight maybe i fight or with someone
if i said this in to person sit next to me
let's imagine those person or persons how fun and ten thousand million dollars in issue in their pocket and said wow
he have a social class thousand thousand dollars he spotted well i want
may i pick up
one pill just one dollar bill that's enough okay yeah
even though you don't do that you don't do so your mind thinking lol i want
you know the word all hell rondo hell

a pickpocket puck
but the more than pick pocket says a kickboard the business of a pickpocket days like guys like on magic you know he's hit me it's like magic say it's not necessary to use the hands
so well if you want the some the one hundred dollars bill you tried to look at first access then hundred dollars coming up to you who can come in to meet it naturally who rip it up
pickpocket fifth that's a modern will pick pocket
the pickpocket is like a magic
how about the help of the giving the one thousand one hundred dollars bill it to others using the magic is scheduled for getting you know
hundred dollars bill for yourself in for myself for himself
if a pick pocket in
they are puts the one hundred dollars build the to others pocket and using the magic way
it is buddhist
that's a pickpocket these bodies artwork
but he doesn't he doesn't like that
just use the magic way when he want when he himself want some look at one dollar bill
one hundred dollar bill coming up
even though you sit zazen care wars appears you know
it is true
so one moment is very complicated
so transience is very complicating in this according to this point you
time in neck in its neck and nature
is very complicated
but even that three thousand words
and not
and that's something wrong
i'm not something wrong
belonged to the category of morality the idea of morality good or bad
how can how can those moon three thousand words three thousand words our country a completely independent it is independent
how can
the day how can they appear and disappear each other's
the moment afternoon
it says
the when
your files scandal
when five scandal operates
the five scandal operates
the three had the moment the word of a moment appears
no when five aggregation of five of candles five elements of human human affairs
the stop operating
the moment disappears
yeah lawyers
wait you combine with you aggregate
ah certain a summer for some more for events would you have weeks pierced
what you in very invasion it envisions

this aggregation
make a moment appear
his aggregation this combination of you
for instance where you sit zazen the skin color is just to sit this it does to do said get it very simple to
does this say within the doing just to sit
unconsciously all kinds of see you try to aggregate
many circumstances or conditions would you have experienced you know
i sit
a song woo sung of thought some more bar some of thought
the the once in my in my a blade what takes pills at a monastery
so i said here or descend to is very noisy a hit monasteries very quiet and how we a hitch sandals
i will like to go the a cinder
i want to escape this send off
so and that time some product happens when you combine doesn't and circumstances along zen center then don't you
they're rushing a day cause running making noise
you try to you tried to combine doesn't noise coming from car or people
who is shouting in a on a rod

and a hedge i'm honestly circumstances solve the age of honesty then at that time
as sutton's thought occurs well i want to goals and allow a monastery
i don't write this
but eighty monastery is based on completely time in its snake nature moment you
does moment
no connections with yourself with myself but my thought combine something in my mind combine something aggregates
at that time from thought appearance
then the moment when a thought as certain thought appearance
mind tried to attach itself to it or i like to go h mm honesty i don't hate i hate this tender hit so you can do you can settle on yourself even though you said here why don't like
so you will be crazy you will be upset then you leave the ten dollars
but they must say stay here
day your state and last inside for you you were crazy said
my even me your site it is all right to combine the thought you know many thought would you have we experience that's all kate by important point as dogan than says you shouldn't attach yourself to arrive savoured with
with transit see you savoured with
a moment
for his listen you can't the sound bell well
that's all
but you tried to unconsciously aggregate in on a gather gather many circumstances here
would you have we experience or what you are experiencing
and then said you you think ought what's kind of bell
it is not the bell what is it entered christian church is you think
looks like got to bed and a tibetan buddhist to buddhist day it's looks like go the bell in japan and temple
i have heard before
what's kind of bell your thought is always creating moment a moment it
hey you try to look at you tried to attach
then next morning you can hear the second bill law
ah that pill maybe japanese buddhist spell it
that's nice sound
maybe it is a big girl not small you saw always create you are your phone is denial in in creating something combining aggregating many circumstances you know what is exist
existing at present or what you a have experienced before
you tried to make every possible effort to our get togethers many circumstances was thought ideas day you create some thought
you can hear the sound of bell that's enough wow or next mine that didn't go that's you know no trouble if you do so but if you attach yourself to seek to see
eating for what's kind of bell linking or food hits a bell
this is trouble the system
this is called travels

so ah regardless ah
you from in disrespect
the as dogan than says in the proper posture
you put value on the dumb of before you think of yourself it's mentioned yesterday
irrational will thinking

you try to you try to do you tried to do your best to carry out
something would you have to do
it is the meaning which i explained yesterday about this dawkins statement in the proper bosh
so many moments happens
within of moment
here are three thousand words
you know
other way it's bumper to bumper makes three thousand rights are fashion immediately not in a series of the war at that time immediately three thousand words three thousand rights is fussing know victimizing by this
then you try to a tatty if your touch to it what's so what will happen
it is live natural what you will be upset or and crazy
let's find to him than says
don't blink don't blink don't be surprise don't be afraid to look at
okay ruka if you'll find many thought look at scary
but that's all don't touch to it
so if you want to do something
but as long as you're mine have
in your mind is always feel something from three thousand three thousand rights is trashing are crushing you
for even though than death mustn't says don't touch to it don't charge three thousand fresh in freising right
but it's pretty hard
you know how hard it is
not to touch you
if for you have to arrange your the consciousness you arrive in other words your life
in proper posture improper it in rational posture
in russia now we're of understanding how to face those
to lend your daily life means to how to face how to face in rational post
the can't stand this point yeah that was you can choice you can choice as you reich as you like
if you want to create southern two thousand thought that's up to you
but after that press take responsibility really good for your activities
nobody help you okay
if you want the if you don't want to be crazy or upset please arrange your brain your mind your daily life
you must confined in you must confined
the moon rock of the brain trip
to the minimum ok this is too confined the monologue of a brain trip to the minimum is to arrange your daily life
to look at to look at three thousand fashion right without blinking
if you blink one blink if you do one blink
you know
a moment to one plane appears
none it was
police some attachment you
if you are interested in one blink
the what you are interested in one drink create another one playing another drink
breathe like this wealth was kind of go well
i am moving companies fail
nice moment big fan go wow how get a jets fan drink
if you blink and they go x mom
and then how to you should face your life improper posture
the coop confining the monologue of brain trip
to the minimum universe priests the priests a think of some things just did within their square cushion case if you said here
just take care of how to face this were discovered where you are here
many thought coming outside
that's okay that's okay
they're not the something not something may create trouble for to you
because they're all on based on just come just moment

which as
neutral nature of punching of many thought to the minimum
and think how to take care of this life is a few i hear and now
that's why burgundian says in the problem point
the damn before you think of yourself would you how to do is
to take care of this life okay if you hear decide
you have to do
what do you have to do is not to chase after thought coming from the outside if you aren't here even though you are here
it is the cause for making trouble
so what you have to do is what you have to do right now like it that's why they must have fish just scan tab
just sit for getting throw away every thought neither good nor bad
one nor neutral nature or moronic you should forget this
they you consider how to face this life this life
before you think about it before you think of yourself who is chasing after who is obligating aggregating many thought
which are at present or what you have experienced before
hey d johnston
so i think i hope you will you have understood
how to do how to do
the question is how to do how to face your life
within the moment within the world of moment
and it was within the word of time me and it's make nature
kate says can cause up

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