April 5th, 1982, Serial No. 00151

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dates or took level
the hoarding of precious to be
no so good
detected in andalusia of our buddhism for today
the page hundred fifty

the bottom
did you look at the bottom line doubt to places and three assembles so the lotus sutra
on this part of this chapter of the setting up a lot of speakership speak from a killer peak to the assembly in the sky to come when you put i said to have expanded its supra at to prices and three assembled
first he was preached at the assembly harm but you a peak
next that at the assembly held in the sky and last per game after that simply by to a peak
the spiritual significance of the two places than the three assemble assemblies is as follows said ah this point the buddhists or chicken in buddhist teaching is expanded
but to the assemblies
our first two places what is on the earth so called but to peak when the second in the sky anyway
from the top two first jump the one to chapter nine
ah buddhist teaching was held at the given to the assembly to the slovak ghosts and practical borders act to learn but you'll a peak back to a peak
kim and the front of ten
ah from the ten to twenty two
ah jumped at twenty two
a buddhist teaching was given to the bodhisattvas great body sagged verse
who are walking in the path aren't the bruce world
in the sky anyway
buddha's teaching was given to the body sagged by in the sky you seen the sky
to the assembly in the sky
that is dave from i tend to tempt a ten to twenty two
so completely a you can see
we'll pick panorama picture of the buddhists word with tears kind of the which is were dramatic particularly tough day lemon story was really traumatic than pure for a survey presented
two and then
after twenty chapter twenty three to the last
ah what the buddha's teaching was given again to the assembly again on the but your peak
hello was brewed a comeback to the human word so in the beginning and you are buddha teaches to the human being on the earth
in the earth on the earth
wait buddhist wisdom with of wisdom
ah because
ah boot or anyway see really deeply into human warmth the human beings through the past and to the future anywhere or all of the war so with wisdom buddha teaches
anyway assembly the assembly on the earth
so that is took the first two chapter my
then to tend to i chucked a twenty two complete a buddha teaches ah tvs are simply in the sky news or a buddhist teaching aids can prove beyond
humans speculation
i really dynamic working ah integrated into connections each other's that's why was teaching really
pence extends not into their all deductions in the plane dimensions but triple dimension in west guy or in not or ten directions so that a sky to light his body sad as go
great body site for the great bodhisattva has to walk in the path of not on the earth
ah expounded by teacher by buddhist teaching as buddha shakyamuni with his wisdom so the secondly anyway body for has to walk in the path of sky
anyways peak cubes so and crispy became leslie anywhere walk this is buddha's teaching anyway
then the finally pull buddha comeback comes back to him a warm again this is an den teach his buddha's teaching with compares kisses compassion
how can that why he says to prices and free assembles so to place is ms the earth and sky
and then three assembles me is assembled assembly assembly on the earth and to the bachelor peak first and second assemblies in the sky and the third assemblies on the bachelor of
so that in three places and three three as symbols of the rudest so lotus sutra always teaches success okay

this tab day a really dramatic her toys
i think if you listen to or
dr service lecture i think he explained the bay my farewell
about the introduction of the molecule any and also it's related to waste or introduction of lotus sutra or ah pratchett upon me a suitor and the introduction to this huge or comes up the body fat was from
demons everything come up and interconnected each other's huge word is the presented in for introductions
so almost the same feelings through this chapters ha the be holding the pressure scooper
i think first floor the precious still a stupor
springs up from the earth ah football it says huge stupor stupid
comes up front door that means a stupor me is so stupid is symbolizes what would you say for nature from an agent
ah the from the earth means sir
wow d in in bar individual right
in the bottom of for hot
anyway this is on earth
sir earth he is that the yours
open to may have right
so buddha nature in no wonder how wrong you tried to seek the buddha nature eu you can find it he said that e g just a car or something coming up from the earth so you have to learn you and also or seeking being a on earth
and then and at temple the niche come up
ah that's wise to per and us to pass comes up from there anyway earth the stupor is buddha nature because
here says they look at the page hundred ninety six
ah third paragraph
the second the first line
of a third paragraph at the page and ninety six
ah them buddha taught the body sat were great the end of quince and this stupor the least of whole body out the too tired of that means that stupor is not thirst to
what kids or something or try the in it but a stupor is the whole body or that attacked in other words to put a good
to buy his book that by stood by in this chapters to buy a symbolizes and you were put on age buddha itself
so well anyway
and also saw in the first diagnosis goodness a few cents few sentences from the first at the time at that time in front of the buddha or stupor of the several precious things five hundred your john's in height
and down five hundred do gianna a journey is so much the water ujaama is almost a hundred and sixty kilometer and sixty kilometer i don't know miles
sound of my soul one hundred do john five hundred ryo germany's august two five fifty thousand miles so keep fifty thousand miles
so five hundred do journals a in height and two hundred and fifty dollars in length and breadth
sprung up from dutch the earth and aboard in the sky so it's huge sort of iraq them still the pockets dex station and the skies come up huge you are huge will come up and stay in lane the sky
there is a stupor and then
that's to by is very beautiful decorated by with them many things and two hours and darn many things that he explained here
and three
it was decorated with all kinds of precious things a splendidly adorned with five thousand happy thousand to mediator of recess us and countries banners and flags hand with jars
who governs with mediator for conscious of gym bows are suspended on it every side exciting new franklin so for tomorrow to and manner patra sign the word fitting the whole world all its
streamers and canopies while composed of patients seven gold silver a pieces and lovely moonstone a get a ageless good pot perm and can only and chameleon
reaching up to the policies of the four heavenly kings
then ah has out of a sudden
ah then from the midst of the precious soutar there came a loud voice praising and same extent to extend to warm and check your money
dow are a aren't able to preach to the great assembly the wonderful law flower sutra of universal and great wisdom by what bodhisattvas our interests in instructed and which the buddha's guard and mine so is it so
aw is it word i'm not joking money or the tao says is true
then all of a sudden ah
from the middle of the got a so much to us a stupor our boys came out and said your teaching is true how extend it is how accident it is
so and
a mandar assemblies and getting there was the body sagged name's excel the great the arab quince so great at an airplanes body or as a representative a man over the assemblies
i asked the buddha
one on one for what reason has this tuber spring out of the earth and from its medicine just voice proceeded so he asked elect to was lazy
and then
buddha said
ah briefly speaking
are there was a totality named doug abundant abundant trader been in a tree
abundant treated tighter
a who died
many many many many years ago
many many many years ago
at those days
the this abundant trade your body sagged with to director
how to the great bar
whatever lotus sutra was explained or preach
i always appeared well it really is
ha a beer to money all lotus sutra saying how it's seventieth hour exam date whoever preaches this lawsuit so this is
tata votre are abundant twitter
so by aids
oh really pop it very path
ah if you go if you read her that the girl
published by
ten thousand
ah community or temple
ah monks and nuns have but by concrete concrete ah box ten six stand it better
that bows
hmm will be a take them are now in this in their lifetime but life after life like to by
so individually ah
they really takes a bar
in concrete way
is really tiny so he i kind of a tiny a policeman
and those saw in
ha sit on bremner and itself
but then i particularly japan look different
because particularly talk and name for scientists group practice
individual wishes and we individual our will to exceed others in the practice or in the ad in the knowledge or wisdom or whatever technique technique technique or whatever it is talking
really review this attitude so a in all this the emphasizing to practice together
so she doesn't accept the indian individual or to sale
well to paul progress and date said
so very much more the parties become so why so everybody has to have taken a bar
so take a bow is completely different so they naturally ah
in the with the development of buddhist bodies mean to penn ah this is not a good tendency but term now it may save money or they say one innocent
i feel that anyway
but i i don't know any good or bad by july but still this is are some reason why the such bars that he is employed by
the practice he stayed all but individual wow individual well individual at the cottage minted sir anyway as a group is ill
we do everything whatever it is bombs practice doesn't chanting anywhere everyone to get
so why not try the lead to one bow so everyone can take that is for baa baa baas and also to repeat til it's the individual product
for the mark
after service after morning anyway we came back we come back to individual room and then the by we tempting tempting the individual bar
but this individual vi is really tokens violence or using a dog in vows or other than must have bar particularly in sorrow we used to get far
so still believes are not individual bar
so and also bali boeing is also important
so mainly
he bought a we pumped as bali
every day almost more than hundred time
service and also individual practice chanting ceremony our practice so almost more than and times with bob
it's not a conspicuous that practice not conspicuous on the se but they quietly with practice practice
and so ah bow is based trump powers big power
our to live not in aiming at aiming at developing developing human's personality and captor
on for their life time but life of july anyway
so this is really bar it's it's really bad
so ah
abundant trigger a random abundant to trigger to canada anywhere took a bow
to appear anywhere whenever or wherever preaches or teachers
though what saddam polonica sutra
and gear and beer great testimony to the lotus sutra how wonderful it is always that to tell up here and keep approved
so that is the third district alert as well
and then that's why he appears this per sprung up from the earth now because now he leads the fullest lotus sutra is preaching
but then anywhere was just to pick him up
that is a reason why to bus from out from the
notes or a stripper is actor something container which buddhism or really sore of the scriptures are stored and a a know more than to tell that she himself so
all buddy over to tap
so stupid is symbol of buddhist bullet out
okay and den
ah next page and ninety seven
so wherever in the word of the universe that law the law flowers into is preach that that boonen by the super supernatural power of his bow supernatural means power me is the just case a graceful
graceful power gracefulness
of his vow cogency stupor stupa containing these whole bodies so stupid is a team competed in whole body of his tell it the a to spring plot from the praises to per saying seventy seven to great yellow canary
quince it is because just now to tell the abundant traders heard a lot of flowers sutra preached at his to stupa
sprung up front door and he explored the sutra saying excel it said
then great eloquence a body sad to her anyway asked the set to the border
word and on wine we earnestly desire to see this buddhist body anyway he and it's abundant a great eloquence body software and others are really want to see this abundant to
raider two daughters body
then the buddha says if you want to see his director anyway the leaves of something we have to do this is where interesting our drummer dramatic stories comes out then
bora in this world there are countless number of burrus coming from originate from the chicken money buddha shakyamuni buddha's by and ten in this universe there are huge number of
buddha exact
well those dollars come from anyways check on border but
that means that that's interesting anyway of we can explain but i don't want to explain see automatically give but anyway this story it's beautiful slip just and then
he wanted to see this to director anyway we have to ask them
gathered together in this praise
and then set to the seat of the tree that trace is nonetheless trees there then that time and you will pick of door or a stupid that interesting
sort of galaxy huge galaxies evil door of galaxies as picks boy killed the gods is open the door by who shook him money buddha and chicken when he pulled me is the core of the existed
and also
all cgp the bournemouth absolute katara the abundant to tell abundant treated tower that symbolizes the absolute to realize the by a bot a buddhist or company anyway
so anyway that the bureau secondly and also all sentient beings by for a second money and was all sentient beings that door of to buy can be up
so this is the here said
so that is interesting story the buddha advised that body except macos safer great elkins that this buddha abundant traders as a profound and graeme but by when my to appears in the presence of any of the book
reuters or the sake of hearing the law our sutro air he desires to show my body to the four groups bet to the buddha's who have emanated from the buddha and who are preaching the law in the words in all directions will be too
turn all together and assemble in one place and then show my body appear so they open i must now assemble the buddhists who have emanated from me and for our preaching that law
in the war
the all tracks
the so loaded to the we are if you want to be human being like a human being human anyway we have to learn ourselves individual life but simultaneously you have to learn
anyway you and also almost patient beings coming from you
and then at that time you can open the door of the trigger this is in night as you can see really true too
but i usually we we always see ourselves from a very narrow understanding or request to sell fishnet so it's pretty hard to see human word ah as a universe the universe so from this point in
from this stories it's suggest as that we should learn all set but simultaneously all to being wrong us from the tables are not tables separate from us tablet is
trees nothing exists the temporal separate from individuals and even iran if not in england ever met japan anything can't exist simpler that's so whatever it is
what existing this war are exactly interconnected interpenetrated with as individual so we should learn ourself simultaneously or teach 'em beans coming from us
so that is and then and that time you open the door of you you is already europe's gas
that is called light
that's what i'm saying that the impact packets or in buddhism or which emphasizes each lesson he listed when you deal with this table why didn't you practice anyway dealing with this table with that anyway putting that your ego sense
anyway equal less specific we have to deal with this tape that means this whole home so coach can you have to do exist
zazen gosh show walking this is a simple practice
it is too simple to understand but it is exactly to run you simultaneously to learn or teach to be coming from you
that guy's really open the door that's why the thank you know kind of thing
recommendation a universal recommendation to everybody in recommendation
oh for doesn't to universe can universal recommendation of that kinda thing the last sentence and it says if you do the thing anyway likes it or not on this as then your daily life like this then the door of the trader is open
and you can use traitors really
the that it doesn't
so say my prior to this hard to in what a it's it's not the kind of toys it's really how to live through this ah got super we can learn how to live
cake and then
so ah
then the question is
christine is how does would a second worry anyway
correct all turas coming from that bullshit germany to won praise and open the door of the tupac that is a question so were eloquent to be prior to the boot award and on one we would also see the buddha's
a emanated from the warp and on one and worship and pay homage to them then buddha and you know the buddha
as term what here's the between there and group late anyway
thick for fit for
desc light
now is very extended to every inch of the word
to the east to west ah today the realm of the hill to the little more animals war anyway it's very extending it everywhere
that means
anyway that means sir
will say i
the whole word
in a trees birds human beings and the pebbles the ears the heavens earth the ten dollar with of existence or become or must be anyway
the equality exactly equality
ah illuminated
and the red wall for a want to say
exactly a quiet p not discriminate know segment nor separation tactical equal
and that time anyway you can see
ah what buddhists ward
moody from the sort
the trees you can see the trees birds that whisper trees bird as a poor coming from bullish your company
so but if you don't see if you don't have for white hair and the light is set for
from that
that time that is called he quizzed selfishness that you cannot see any way it treats as apple trees just trees
bird is that differ
so he wanted to cedar trees birds as a broader anywhere we need quite hear hear
that is called we say the wise i don't think is his eyes but
it is it's necessary that is called the this is so at the thought of eyes which are all human being possess
so now
the border sent forth away from the circle of the white air between his eyebrows so whereupon eastward their became visible all the buddhas seen five hundred million qualities of name does of domains numerous at sand
dante's all of those domains had crystal or or gloves trees and precious clothes or a dominant while filled with the country's thousand million court or bodies that had dwelt canopies strict about them
and was covered with networks of dwell on the body buddhas in those domains while preaching the law laws with luxury voices
and innumerable pounds thousand media caught somebody sat with while also seen reading those domains and preaching to them multitude saw to was it in the southern western and northern quarter
years in the for intermediate and mean it directions in the semi and nader wherever sean the laser signal from the so cool what here
then completely all thinking beings appears at the pool
coming from and invade the or money
and then the border in all directions each he addressed the horse to fill of his body said the same so that were all good as can be seen complete grinder this by of by the re signal from the circle
they'd that's why the poorest in all directions each address the horse to pay for the falcons saying good sign we must now go to check or money
at the abandoned traders and then all buddhists trees birds and harrison the all sentient beings as the tourist and tell tell and the burrus
well food is the subtle leaders oh body sad to her community
that is the each for as boys that to community sort of family of the tree same family on the tree same for me of the birds same from the of the red devils there are lots of way anyway bautista for community there in this galaxies
they each get us in each group's there is so poor as leaders the all leaders at the bureau's anyway
realize let's got to somehow word that means it's goto the human word to see check him when he brought up
so that's why he says go with the bodies activists say not excuse me the the buddhists in all directions each address the host of his body sad this for the cost of the body cyprus say
saying good son he must now go to check him money buddha and the sahel word and pay homage to precious to part of the data abundant treasures cake
and then are a sudden if they decided where case let's go to the sun award and then all of a sudden whole word turn into three purity beautiful word is immediate return so thereupon some our word
instantly became pure with lapis lazuli for earth adorn your trees caused made of cord making the boundaries of of its eight divisions have been no hamlets the
villages towns cities great sees great rivers mountains stream forest and thicket smoking with most precious instance it's ground strong strewn with montana about france spread with precious net
it's and curtains and hand with all kinds of pressure spells then if you if the good us all porters decided to go down to the human world to see how to shake your money that time over
word tap into the purity pure beauty
ah that means
even though you don't understand you don't understand birds birds are poorer anyway let's go to sitapur
let's go to the soccer war and see the shakyamuni buddha that means let's deal with birds trees
exact right now right here then you can create for us war
but your intellectual sense looking around immediately and see the terrible word and they say all warranties tell so you christ and distant disappointed but that world is your in much no word create a fabricated by consciousness to your hair
but all we have to do is anyway we have to have a third eyes and eliminate all cgb be then met the all essential bit as a poorest appearance
now all we have to do it let's go to see grishuk lays our great determinations
so at that time it is exactly creating beautiful word circumstances said monkeys
so even though nuclear weapons somebody creating nuclear weapon somewhere
somebody fighting somebody kidney chose but
let's ignore one person that got to see those chicken when he goes
mediated can turn on war horse
to period
you're beautiful circumstances this is all we have to do
because the weren't created by you is yours but so much as it's not yours it is exactly or session beans or anywhere coming from you
so that's what this is ten you think there is a tiny tiny small details practice in the practice but the tiny
small details in the practices fame for
if you can do it continue a wonderful boy if you can if you eat all the seek was how can you do pixie
without hundred the small details every day i that's where david d v
even though he was successful in business or not and were daily routines small details but more detail us stop the practices important works
so ah that's why simultaneously instantly become pure
k and then completed nothing there complete equity securities completely a quiet
next be
then all borders anyway with attendance so called body satyrs
come down to the south and to see the second one importer
then arrived soccer word and sucked
under in the on foot of the joy of trees
and then a her
police are indore is when he put us war in their studies are lots of trees there and the each a paramour act on to the foot of the trees doyle trees it's yours but it's trees and the bottom of the trees it is a seat said called thursday
in in place sitting place each trees the each trees sit on death in a on the a each seat in the each seat that each port of sat there in the manta
there are created by a tantric buddhism
how some mediate boys and by a terrible if you see the bite of term by return i buddha sat in the lotus flowers and the each daughter of nepal's of the role of flowers there it's as thousand thousand bottles there
each pole
then in the center of the rose flower is a lighter of that is a cent of the human world
symbol the center cent of the world
then so that means anywhere all sentient beings and supporters come to were so to per in this troopers there is lots of seats trees with one seats for each ago
reuters then in the stupor in the stupid huge word is it said
with and two thousand worth and also body surface then next bullet check money was really concerned about the rooms so he tried to make room for boomers coming from check him when it worse
coming from all word anyway gathers year so he makes a room for buddhas and bodhisattvas
why it's not a good enough space that's why anyway move he wolves and ten grams of existence to somewhere in put aside worldwide and no trees numbers and complete a quiet and just keep makes it
just room for those poorest and voice
that is sapped his symbol on the quiet piece perfect peace
get in the perfect piece that is a craze for worse for boys
what he said to her and buddhists anyway must be their constant

then next to see let's see the page and and ninety nine second paragraph
then the borders the borders are sent to one of the tendons to second buddha to greed to greek how are you can call you your how are your body fat those voters so quite well or not
so here is are looking see the middle line so second paragraph
ah one two three four five six seven eight eight lines from the top of the second part of
then all the bullets did you did you find
then all the buddhas each under a drought sick tree are seated on the line drawn sent their attendance to make inquiries are taken many poorer each sending a double handful of your flowers and saying to them
do you go and visit amount
good kuta the abode of shakyamuni buddha and according to our words say odds die from disease and disperse art thou at ease in die physical powers and are all
groups of thy body start with and sure vargas a peace
and true the border in homage with this draw flowers and say that such and such a buddha joys you wishing that is precious trooper be opened
then check him when you were so all buddhas and body sagged was sat in their on their seats exactly and also consensus are ready to lead to the doors or stupid up
page two hundred
and in all the four groups stood up for it their hands and with all their mind gazed at the border
then anyway we're anyway realized everything is ready to accept
watch i am opening the door austin then he stood check a minute buddha stood from his seat and aboard in the sky in the middle of the sky quiet and then everybody anyway grace at gazed
at the border very quietly with that woman exactly except expecting what
thereupon chicken he put photo with the fingers on his right hand in india like and symbols purity
so ah chicken when the border with the fingers of his right hand opened the door of the stripper of the precious seven when they went forth are great sound like the withdrawing of the boat on opening a great city
gate subtle hues in the doors
thereupon all the congregation saw the to terada abundant traders are sitting on the line thrown in the precious stupor with this an dissipated by hall and as if i were in meditation
and they heard you say extend extent she can money border
italy which is low flower sutra a have come hither in order to hear this
here as another translation in english version of from sanskrit
a by kern
i just is this transition is a little bit different that the time of the was seen when the open that door is open by she can really grow that time all assembly i can see the abundant hard to
trader to data sat on the seat at that time that expression is with this this paid it dissipated bodies the sitting on the seat but in sanskrit it says that the director was sin city
in cross their to ikea is strong with a emaciated lines and paint body
as if absorbed in abstract meditation and he pronouns these words it said so good be different
this so
the tear up with this to data with immense year the lime and feet by
as there are sobbed in abstract amenities there is interesting point
a sort of sort of for in money
but from this explanation the presentation i can see sort of money of the abundant twitter to tout us in a sitting in the sight of the suit tubers
and then he saw immediately seems to be disputed but it's not disappeared so wait and disappeared exactly bodies is seems to be dissipated because it looks like much
no muscles
that is this this means or at thursday's stupor stupa was anyway
ah pay homage respected by people
by bodies are pushing your backers and political goals
i know so
ah that's stupa
which buddha shakyamuni is that rex one each ride the stupa is sort of exact exactly simple of the buddha
through this to per stupa all sentient being really can imagine
what would a otherwise
so the abundant to out abundant twitter to data was already the person burrus of who die the in the many many many years ago
that means out to know anyway all sitting being from generation to generation we don't know what play it because order he died and many many many years so we don't know
but still there is a chance to see how
from generation to generation all sentient being anywhere can imagine what to put a lot
so through his stupor anyway
the people really imagine
what does your why
and then
and it was that imagination of yours anyway hundred down from generation to generation as what stupid
and also just trooper and also teaching teaching and stupor and borders
anyway from generation to generation in where people preserve them
but they are
just local money it doesn't work
a suitable scriptures need mean a word
it's just like imagination he might imagine a bullet
so that time anyway this la souter critics as that situation
no matter how long they really are respect the stupor other poorer imagining what to put a away but then it's no border nobody know
sauce to paris could sort of the something dead
my pride to us anyway
script a lot of scriptures eighteen thousand to the in the bullets bullets
mechanicals even though you read and understand and preserve and preserve from generation to generation but it is nothing but nothing but anyway abundant treated detectives were
so much
seems to be a good predict any time but it doesn't because he is teaching so hundred down from generation to generation they have been there and guitar
but it is just like her anyway
water to turn that this to the abandoned treated ta-da sitting on the phone with in a my a messy eight lines and friend by
and as it absorbed in astra meditate is is that meditation is no real relative have struck me
abstract asked
it doesn't work is just a passionate
meditation must be alive in the buddha anyway to down into so that is that means to
then upon all the congregation sold to tout abandoned treated sitting on the lion strong in the precious stupor with its anticipated body paul and as if he were in meditation and they heard him saying extend it
zend chicken on a good spirit spiritually speedily preach that love flower super have come hither in order to cure this
and then
i have four groups are some people in assembly on are simply fears
we are complete far away from that stupor and far away from that abundant talent and twitter to tout and second when employers
oh excuse me before that
and this day abundant treated to director
who died in the past beginning less past
and then we can't we have
carried imagination of the poorer from damnation two generations since his death okay
but it is nothing but the much nations and is nothing but the scripture
so that is so far
even though they're abundant to trade your to doubt that is as simple the absolute this is still idealistic ideas just conceptual intellectual you might not here
so how does it make alive important point is we add to make a scriptures you might want to burrus should arrive in everyday life and ah then at that time he had next in the power law says
anyway check everyone manipulate the abundant data make a half room for shakyamuni buddha please come here sit my seat
that means shakyamuni buddha
that myth abundant director
abandoned tricky to tell really ally exactly abundant data abundant treated to data is not a blur pentameter who died in the paths anyway it is exactly next to reach a company who arrives now
that's why they story anyway
just data sheer half seek with for a second please come here sit so in the space in the space in in the loudest and of sports troopers and then to data anywhere proof and they just tired to prove how
seventy rather sutra bureau second when you did you say it
then next please come sit here i want to sheer half see to it then that time really district our our lives not
so that his next paragraph
thus for our for groups seeing the buddha who had passed away and being extinct for and metro blue thousand million cortex of campus speaks such words as these praised this unprecedented marvel and star
rude and the buddha abundant traders and unshackled money buddha heaps of celestial draw some flowers thereupon the buddha abandoned to traders within the precious to by shared how is throne which checking mini-bar speaking that
can wind water kick your feet we owe on shakyamuni buddha entered the stupor and sitting down on that have fun boarding kids back then the great assembly seeing the to tower does sitting cross-legged
on the lion thorn in the stupor out the pressure seven each refracted last then anyway whole scriptures and imagination of the poorer image of the border and all things anywhere alive the teaching awkward all things are
are there in the stupid kid that is a simple here and then but still people locals looking at this sin that turned they reflected that we are still far away from the poor
so would you take us to your suitcase
that means now on the district that and checking with all sentient beings anyway exactly poor sitting on the buddhist smile then anyway next immediately ah excuse me the border sitting is excuse me
ah they grade then great assembly seeing the to tout the sitting cross-legged on line from in the stupor of the precious seven each refracted that's the buddhists are sitting are locked and far away with that the details
by your transcendent powers might cause us together to take a bog in the sky immediately can run a border by his transcendent powers received all the great assembly up into the sky and with a great voice
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