April 30th, 1982, Serial No. 00158

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hey to for second
bringing up of here

the time booty sat for maha was who have come round other as allowance will nurse as sound a and guess arousing the greatest a great assembly and with
on in hands salary and spoke to the buddha say what i'm not one of the buddha will allow us after she is extinction are diligently and vilas way to protect and key lead and we say
i copy worship is sutra in is how word we won't prejudge abroad in this mind thereupon the buddha advanced all the host of though body sat on macos app
was not my good science that is no need for you to protect and keep the super well war because in my soccer world there are in fact the boy sat math sat there had numerous as the sands of
sixty thousand can choose
a each each one of these bodhisattvas has our rec new numerous as the santa of a sixty thousand and jets used persons are able of the mighty extinction to protect and key ring
read we side and preach and war his suit
when the head that's for sporting all the or of the three thousand a album for land on the how world trembled and quaked and found eight minutes to their issued together innumerable
thousand to mediate coaches the body search for my sack all the body sat for
that was with the a golden hued bodies thirty two sign and found its radiance and all of the war been dwelling in in infinite space below these soccer world all these forty sad to see
during their voices check and way through the preaching sprung for loan below
each one of these for such as was the commander of the great cause leading like new as the sand sixty thousand can use moreover others let that news numerous as the sand of fifty thousand forty thousand so
south thousand twenty thousand came out we can gaze wander down to the sands of one ganges the sand a hard bargain guess
our quarter of it down to a fraction of a thousand million coins to serve know utah's moreover our media coaches of nine the of powers moreover mediate of counties of pile borrowers was over
i would mediate
start a handkerchief mediate or equal to mediate moreover a thousand a hundred and even can while the adults will lead by forth in two or one disciple moreover one who is a lot huh
happy in the practice of isolation such boy he said the as these are a major would leave a inimitable beyond the perp powers and compare comprehension
the by reservation or competitive when these body such as sad emerged from earth
each when tapped to the wonderful soup to pile on the precious seven in the sky where why to direct that abandoned projects and second money buddha on the arrival on the arrival they made of our of
his essence
with phase faces to the ground to boss world and once and going to the bullets seated on the line thrones and the jaws trees they also saluted them three times make procession
runs run them on the arrived
with folded hands
the building them and exporting them with all kind of bully sat with him
then they stood to one side with good eye gazing upon boss work on one
if you need is champion
it's dramatic
are you can see great romantic scene
ha the stay calm watching the haka
watching on beautiful poker and if you read this
oh i'm japanese than we have a aunt in pray kabuki
feel free stage
anyway apparently in a previous chapter
i think go
our precious to brown
you remember
i think a stupa days
ah sprang from the earth
and dwelling in the sky
and to shake him when it brought our
ask though all body such but maha sad was wrong the word
to come together to the par
and then
all pony such master through from on the large
come to stupid together the time and that the door of the stupid can be opened by
there anyway ah food either by it all body sat smiles up from the word in then towards a walking
that time that the we can see the precious
his name is sam
abundant up for free just tired abandoned traders to our day a sitting in the seed inside of the teapot
and this
abandoned traders the tower attorney
oh was
hey i will say just like mommy
ah but that i told you i express the meaning of is abundant characters abandoned treasured directors
and days days a kind a symbol of the buddha's teaching handed down from generation to generation
ah by all she will be
a century after finch
so it to actually walk but that on the teacher teachings and have been handed down from generation to generation
and then days seekers and a tatar does anyway us said
and does see his seat inside the stubai
and then at that time was stupid a abundant to trade into tartar anyway said you're preaching or is right exactly right
in how wonderful roads with raise your teaching is exactly correct
so on is powered approved proves oh wonderful or superiors
ah photometer invited to checking on in border
ah to his siege and he shares his seat half of his seat and sit down together
inside the stoop so low that booty shaking and us to put the abandoned creatures fatalities sit together in one feet that means
buddhist teaching an image of buddha that is in doubt in abandoned twitter to tout as is exactly simple of the buddhist teaching and on the image of the poor
so actually that work
nothing but the symbol of the were buddha's teaching an irritable
nice doors open means to dollar symbol buddhist teaching and symbol or buddha's anyway exist now
how live in a lie then would have to tell them must be there
so this author anyway bring the buddha shakyamuni and let him sit together means that teaching an image of buddha as exactly walk and people survive
that is a good out come
so the authors anywhere let them sit together in one seek industry
and then and that time on all body said from makassar for watched this scenes
then how they feel
they were really so far from the to play in the sky stupid remembers to is exactly hanging in the sky
so people were body style for laymen surveillance and all when he sat through feels so we are so far from him so the they wanted to go there
so by the poorest power supreme powers there was a it also to insert the tube
then anyway they can go
and then in the sutra they can go so there are three
enrich of the buddhist teaching image of the good of a good a buddha that is the ah
mean significant so far more to say i abandoned detroit it out and then the bullet comes together sit together and then human being to bali sad that it's all come together
and that body i'd probably be before that body sad was my sight was are really are people who really wanted to or
ah teach essence of buddhist teaching
ah maybe gop which are which is a little different from where he may i people tradition money on adult day
the to new
body sacked for one a bunch of body sad to the gallery and so appointed body side with this body said are very conservative he the other body to the group or not with is in conservative they tried to understand
in essence of buddhist tv spirit of would have teaching quality of life anyway try
but in this traditional existing existing body but he sat with groups didn't upset those ideas new ideas
new idea of buddhist teaching
created by a new body certain group
aren't they these saturates knew what he said greek sovereign rock i thought david
so ah
anyway that's why in this
ah chapter
and you have many body search was a activists come from the earth
come on stream a still from bring up from the earth
and in the sutra this chapter of these site visit why people who had been educated by the buddha in the past for many many years
by second money pool means
in for a long long time is new forty sec with grooves are why at one accepted by existing conservative or group that why they why anywhere close to add to the corner
they didn't appear seeing the human society so that means that by author and you will create a prototype through a good to the the underground
for many many years but they want that the different from this conservative body sarcomas probably the maybe a better than there are understanding degree and term
creating one wines good to see sarah
but anyway those days new ideas are not accepted by his body sectors that's why the bodhisattvas didn't appears in the human society as well the in the say
same way as the old conservative bodyside group that's why they were just like i'm glad he found many many years but they were they had been educated by a shocking money that's why
he has said see you in the but this chapter if you eat anyway
ah the bodhisattva as a second movie who are they why who are they coming out from the ground then employ checking the explains there have been educated by me he the war in the past and for minimally
two years ago so i already there were a kid
that is new body starts to through group
coming from the earth
in any way stupor or so coming from the earth and is this any or the dwell in the sky so yeah nice idea of the sky
sky been so
well this guy is one day thou with cheese in the between heaven on earth okay so our
a heaven means as so shoot future heavens future an underground and the ground me is past
and on the earth ms president
the sky is completed between in the between the sky and new earth and heaven that means
a beyond be earned
the idea of time pass to prison and future anyway
that is the space sky
so a stupor and is hanging in the sky is that's too for as a symbol of the buddhist faith
is not to the place where the buddha second with relics
rex anyway ensuring the inside of the stupor this is not that simple of faith this as the stupa stupor as a symbol of faith is now anyway
abandoned credit the this and also buddha second money and also all body said to us anyway exist there the is like conditions the teachings and on the image of buddha
i don't object to worship and known as so bullish a company that is historical polish i can read here
as a human beings who are born in this war say it's not the divinity or spirit if the really human being
then and is usually little symbol and also teaching mason by these bullets anyway but for many many years buhler died before in the past some many many years human beings anyway try to image what the buddha why
that is a symbol of abandoned to the and abundant treated to tout
and the borders anyway here checking when employers a year and also here is a human beings they're a human being
so human beings buddha to fat and symbol of the trade of teaching and singer of the image of the poorest all come together
inside of the strip that it's a symbol of the faith
because teaching that you walk come up teaching must be our work together with human being
no so symbol of the buddha image does work the nice anyway human beings know so it is not a mistake or story now on you mistake or story it must be anyway
in a corner with history human history that is patricia king again so are three to ticket right now
that is right now but right now is not present a week weekend really image a we can image
a snap the this happens even i'm not the in the path marin the future is really now but now is not the picture of the present weekend newark week image that is complete our time present
past present future day here there
that is or anywhere picture story of the the previous chap
so it's very interesting if you an emergent is a story seeing your head it's beautiful stalls comes are pictures comes up and also it is we exactly truth so if you if you are really attached to the path
as and president and futures that's true it doesn't work because borussia can leave what who it will be checking who is what is what she put the buddhism
when she bought bullets bullets a second money good yes it is but way for years who is he is a he will be oh yes you will be
the he's now she were being seized already a buddha
so is so thorough what divinity
spiritual entity or maybe so
who doesn't live maybe next detector in ah the eternal life buddhist life he explains so
you can't say stars so you can attach to any way past you can attach to present also so you cannot attach to the future anyway
so you have to accept a border anyway beyond idea of time pats the pitch
what ever you think we should we should accept the they were the object of worship a's of is anywhere guttmacher border or new monarch hire poor who assembled a kayaker we are always discussed in the history of buddhism
even the sort of schools still we discussed where it's real bullet and the object to worship is dumb okay cool means dom okay of room is exactly spiritual entities beyond human being
beyond the golden sit down who was running in this war so we discuss or historical buddha is of the to worship for sort of then honor
tumble okay cool
we offered discuss but
but i mean a total of then when dog in the according to darwin then is in the object of worship is completely
three of them to get hit
you can attach to they either one of them anyway up together
this is a symbol of the the worship worship for sort of sort of zen buddhists so that's way in this sutra also and us troopers both the the abundant know treated characters and bullish check employees and the human
beans body set was all come together and also the why exist exacted beyond time idea of time past present future is there even though you don't believe but it's there
this is present it is a good is what exists now
so ah that's why we should accept buderus places
and also we should accept we should deal with the bureau shaky money like this and also wish you the accept to receive and read and respect the teaching or worse
just weeks is beyond
idea of time past present future
ah see my prior to the you arrived he should have saved our lives anyway
complete be on time ideal time cast project fruit
hold fast to deal with the human body he will mine we have you are day by day
hmm that is the important attitude toward human being that is a teaching know for previous chapter anyway that's where to put comes out
aah stupa also comes up from the earth means the in way faith put his faith are anyway didn't appear in that is stupid didn't appear in a in the human world for many many years because so far as
to press became a symbol of the fee
wow accepted by human beings the bodhisattvas bullies
believing stupid is the praise weird their bonuses relics are worth each lines that's up it's man will put his faith that's why stupid in didn't appear in the world that the under the glass thence to pro comes out of the earth
that means now stupor abuse in the sky as the exact is simple with space which is true
there is a stars do then
anyway this tatters
comes from just chapter anyway
he used another
hey years
say i look at the page two thirty eight
the not

some sunscreen are kasha
since get a cautious space is often used as a synonym for
as senior ah
that spacer initially so good turn
eighth ninth so from the top
they it's abundance and two a thirty two signs and found his radiant the had all before being do a in infinite space below this ah word now
so this thing anyway there in the previous chapter of body anyway all body said this had the great bows and made a great determination to
we see on t and decide
studies and copies and pay homage to lotus sutra teaching to the orcish being after bullets extinction
hmm then here anyway say we do we have great determination to accept a role of cintra to teach after your death then buddha says you know
now it is a wonderful boy sat
they immediately
whole or shape and
hats and just like an earthquake and then he said what comes up numbers countless number of bodies to cancer comes up from the earth just like go your seen on you in the stage times
where people come up from the state
to slip fit knows that this body circles really just like a gold go to hue body bill the all polysaccharide comes up then they are going to the stupid thing you know where abundant treated
therapists and wouldn't attack as an all when he sat human beings they're okay and then to go to sit in the stupor in the sky and all police have to phone the gun comes up and then go to give these rudolph and pay high
how beautifully feel beautiful scenery comes up
and then they realized at that time the this war
this word we're in all the word and about and treated to therapists and bullish second when the all points that and also body sad because coming from earth now anyway aren't here come together in a stupor
and then they realize exactly whole war is covered with her i asked you want to set the kasha spain's whole or is anyway in braised
i caution by a are share need some space space
that is spayed idea of spaces also very interesting
i hear is so pretty shirt
by in the punisher
and they're in this book i page sure hundred twenty
him in the center of the castle the brockman
on party that is a small shrine in the form of lotus flowers roots were always so really connected with the lotus sutra anyway
in india or anywhere on us today is very symbol of the police the the beautiful for ideal image of human existence
puts boy is sort of body
ah natural organic in boise
the police or way is ideal we create you will be create the as the bill for ideal image of human existence what we want what we want to be human
in future in this is a simple bodies said idea of bodies that brought us to play a role of pro is really alternate do i do image of my existence
so there is in the center of the castle of the bragman there is a small shrine in the form of a lot of flour and we think can be found a small space you know small space
we should find food was and there and we should want to know him
then little space within that heart is as great as this vast the universe that sir
in the crankshaft you know
the first to anyway in the center of the castle of the bratman brown my acer divinity a divinity
ah in the india india at a deputy the black man and also atoms at in a the weekend you can we so akron and grafman come together
if they were they become one and that time this is real
want to say like
so the black man in the center of the castle of the black and brown months house in the center of the brown months out there is a small should i small house so code lotus flowers that people space
ace you will have the call lotus flowers and waiting can be found a small space in the house you live in the house of the graph month anyway that house is located in the center of
the browns war of the then there is a small house and the small have baby so anyway space
ah the little space this house bedroom
a little space are we think can be found a small space with kate
and then wish you'd find a food doers there and wish you'd want to know here and anyway
who exist there
in the small house in the central the brafman that is bruce war that he left put on rathlin divinity guy would i would say small outfit in the small as it's a small space
and this small space a little space is where within the heart
within the heart me within the human lot anyway
so they believe space
spaces in the heart
say expense of the heart is in the heart is
nothing but the one of the human or open sea know r a so they have is believed as in way space
so yeah that little space within the heart is as great as this vast universe so that remember them and i think of this
ah the heart space so i of space is little bit different from sky the in a previous chat kids space is anyway subtle for little house in the species within the little house
in the center of the buddhist war and this space little space
is in the human gut
that space is not to real space and it is as vast as whole universe
so they realize space in the human heart know also this space is very extending into vastness of to the universe
that is called maybe some yeah
so this is way interesting ideas so tiny shot they already believe that says
so our caution are cursor is exactly different flounder the sky in the previous cat
so are is of anyway the the what did this sutra wanted to tell us is
all pretty sad roots anyway come up from the to grown and they realize anyway the or including troopers than the borders anyway and human beings are completely embraced by anyways our cash
a cat
that archives where is it it is in the human heart
note middle heart
but in that in the little space in the real heart is not the middle space
it is as fast as universe so anyway we have to see anyway human life in the heart
idea of time past present future that is idea of sky so author anyone blame stupor as the borders anyway
abundant to trick or treaters and all quarters in way bring to the sky anyway that is we should understand human beings don't touch to pass on the path on prison on the futures and will be on anywhere ideal time past present future
the guy is so will all whether you the giant evaluate your life for human beings human life anyway is valuable so he won't we should accept a human beings human world beyond time idea of time present
fast pitch in
but it's not good enough then anywhere we should understand human beings human world including burrus to my history's human civilizations anyway
cause we are conscious that means a space that is huge complete shoes that is
where does soon enough
not a is not though
idea of fears to turn this is in the human part
why is it it can do can to find a space or some yeah in the human heart or yes ah but it is fast as universe so you can finally you can find the space than the
space and since miata anyway in heart but when the moment way your files narrative in the heart it becomes fast he really it just take i told you before in on a drop of dues time
to the space you
exactly it takes tense trash you know extend all objections walking you
two space
seats now movement in a moment so much in your seat there is choose your
you know in the moment anyway extend to all objections in space
that is actual reality is reality oh for a drop of do what exist in the process of and in the time processing anyway
why your body your heart to your breathing your eyes the trees verse anywhere by nothing but the moment
but not but that moment is just like a little hard to you just can your your heart your breathing your intestines your stomach anywhere your pit know the time but it is if you find in a if you find
the a good moment
moment in your pit in your heart your interested
immediately expect ten it's exterior it's not moment is very space q sure
then at a time anywhere all come together your heart your breathing home runs and eyes nervous nerves all come together and work this is working organism
that is and you were how they want how do they work oh god cut it exists in the organism we don't know completely on time idea of time past present future or moment how
how moment extend into space vastness of space we don't know how
so completely an idea of time anyway we should accept this heart in san mateo is heart isn't a moment
guests are connected to way the your body's and homelands energies and all things in the space then simultaneously your art is tent
that's what
this is called images so come true
so in the truth we don't know how each moment connect with other moment and create and how we don't know how each moment connected with other moment and extent
and into the vastness of space we don't know
but the moment when the martin the moment when they it instance exist
is really works that's it i we don't know yet
you just take a water and i told you before mike your water anyway exist many mike its exist but a scientist they didn't doesn't know how each molecule to put together and work together and then that functioning or
functional them each molecules that a function of the interconnection into penetrations among the molecules let them be as a war but we water as it is but we don't know
know how
so finally all we have to do is just accept that reality as water is right now machine
that's all he asked that is what what we should accept life beyond ideal type past present future and know so that water is not moment you can see right now is really fast because
connect into there is a fantastic movement so called interconnection interpenetration among the molecules amount of space a month anyway all cgb
then each markets anyway extent orcish
so that's what we can see the water right now but it's not too small things
if in the center of the province and then this small space anyway can be found in heart but his heart is just as fast as units that bunch of set like this
and eggs are so here it was lotus sutra that's why or the suit also kudos checking mooney and abundant the to dad is no sentient being all buddhas bodhisattvas coming from the earth found this
this beautiful sceneries come with the space that is huge warped comes up
so from this point ah teaching scriptures are not scriptures to school sometimes them masters completely ignore script it
and immature voters burning the image of words the you and keep his burning war
well i'm you can see there you can be the stories of it is
but i don't think girl we should the deal with us cook to save the image of a broader well that is i don't think so
oh we should accept what is characters and amish images were image of buddha ah
accept it and beyond the idea of time
past present future and austin
image of buddha you can see now is nothing but this simple oh i'm and also more to space vastness of years
the it's very simple of a universe and also image of the buddha is not the symbol of the universe other ideas
if the function key
real function of the universe you should know that
scripture office he explains how the word was how what is structured
how word and human beings are are interconnected
but it's not ideal is really front real fans so behind the words you may you have to know vastness of the universe that is a scriptures but if he had had to just a word you
can understand that moment you know tiny space tiny space fill space which exist to in the smallest lines in the fate of the rounds but a side yeah still argue it does a work
but i usually find this small space in the heart and also this heart the space must be anywhere as fast as the universe at that time anyway you can understand vastness of the world behind or behind the image of the poorest behind
the form of your body behind the five scandals
behind a five scammers behind a your personal history get it's a huge word and you were kids
at that time you can really appreciate your existence
because it is completely are too many violations that's what of sets we are
have a question

those who spent her five year or less conservative borisov is already out
wireshark charged park
police to to conservative party shall be are the ones who sprang up out of the earth levesque conservative and the boys is already on hero
because it
i would that

consult the ball sack for really
there were the best or worse than desert once the what on earth for more conservative than the ones who spread out
microbial griffin
the other ones are on par with added message
you know understand a consumptive boy sat with to in under rare required why yeah why with a to sprang up out of your first syria now culture arabesque desk right
yeah far was that why right
how or why or what
there has been to understand what why why are they were equipped

the ones under the are the ones who already understood him going the lotus sutra on the ones
you know
that be have for a more general work

so they said his time a you can see twenty schools
some divided bullets mean seven divided into twenty schools already after buddha's death
oh states have some problem comes up with on the founders of new teachers died after teaches die so via computers comes up very natural
now did the india
so not only the policeman but any kind of boy in an allegiance and after teach stare than go country incomes so the many ideas comes up they naturally you just they go grasses
and the trees in the spring you the new glasses comes up for what you have never seen before last year's eve new growth has come down
so that item amy where she will work
so don't while the bertucci teacher exist we're all sitting going to anyone focus on are teachers so no qualm the way she die anyway it's custom made night
they it's very difficult to how to organize does ideas so that their office there is a part because no teach nor leaders there so just coming out so we don't know how to do
but they naturally know every all sexual beings that i were walking the organic hey neat thing so always shifting you know
the nature's and the organism of the nature's office shifting meta human beings a human world in and then come in the summer coming down through the this issue
some of the that they naturally he understand that is where concerned to were two bodies are were groups come to the mean they were actually on there and eighty way new in you want to say new wow
when he said to a group
burning body set with groups are new so actually hell whatever age you know we exist in way you know pre-war new idea is not a is the in accept it but if so for many me
it is new ideas are anyway after the corner
the crypto even not own the region to a know day
bango bongo you why he worth of i was now famous you after his death
then it's come up
because people don't believe
one way he is
so for many many years that's where this author's anywhere in new bodies are two groups are not accept it that's why is it at the author
let him live under the ground in the story that's been not for many many but they are not too different from human bodies activists of conservative body said that to have put our says they had been educated by me
then now times com so split up
nobody's and come to came to united states and almost hundred years ago
but for many years and you were bought a small
what's to accept it still some is little bit on the ground but it comes up for us
the other day yesterday look at the time magazine
you can see you can be the town manage new issues tablet one of the christian missionaries
investigate for
the how the religions is going i including christianity and buddhism already to see the word
ah you know according to statistics in a way to so you can see them now
christianity buddhism or hinduism said nineteen from nineteen nineteen hundred to
twenty and it
the nineteen hundred and also nineteen eighty there you can see the stuffed in statistic not here
in nineteen hundred nineteen and a and those to it it's very interesting novel skip
you can see the time that
buddhism is pretty girl and fifty for
you know christianity's top baby top i don't what
it's wonderful top
so anyway police in particular in the europe and the still bullets maids and the black
but they are still they have been a bipolar or soccer
do is out

the i think for here
this ought
martina was skirts the month at six am standing down the ages create one for stories dealing with the punisher the bhagavad about dealers and the accepted in the idea of fun
your paycheck of gears and create a few story

the first
paragraph in this chapter
oh some boards at the march this asked the blue economy they will keep and protect children shows that there is no need for you to keep and protect
don't understand why he would tell his group that it is no need for them to do it
well it does mean so ignoring them but

the the time of the buddha shakyamuni anyway
make them make them car because so there were very excited
excited to see wonderful scenery is in predicting a lot of people's and body circles disciples and and or by this situations everybody who are very excited and the exact he paying homage to the broader check
king who needs to and completely accept all situation
so i say
count your mind calmed down anyway call me in pick then we have another voice actor here
that's native it
so pura anyway shows a different aspect of the hebrew word well while being why excited in i understand of jail on different war
so that body search of us are including and the market shoppers and yeah sure dollars and no revelers and the other bodies that with major ten disciples and all other police at me so including in the animal food
to be
broadly speaking
well yes tires and you know yeah data from that a cool down
yeah so i'm a of groups here new groups
that is forming groups renew bodies group anyway
so that's why debut there so we are we will great person who deserve to extend to buddha's teaching broader stitcher and we can have we can deserve to have permission to teach
i said enough that's enough i accept i appreciate your work determination that's wonderful but anyway look at gaylord

so these chapters sort of for preparation for next chapter next chapter is explaining the day hard
i should so turned eternal life of buddha is
not to put are you can understand down
time so but ideal time
oh this is very preparation for
ah next chapter and understanding
eternal rival