Given on Friday, October 9, 2009
About this talk
Release of a new cookbook; being in a movie; intimacy with ingredients; sharing food can be sharing love.
Good morning. How are you doing today. Rather like moment oh well. How good can it get. You know to put a question you know how would you know lightning when your side. And it's it or is it something different in this. So my suggestion would be let's say it was just weird. And now you have to keep it well. So. I just keep talking about whatever. You're like yes it's here it's too close to the words but. STRAIGHT You know what he had people but these things are you know I said I could do it myself but apparently I can't. I can just talk now it's OK. It's been like a light moment. I used to think in lightning specific characteristics and that it had something to do it you know the fellow characteristics are nature of one's consciousness can you stand like it if you were a little tired that couldn't be a light right it have to be wide awake you could be a little bit tired and if you're a little bit confused probably not. So. You know one in that case learning Deborah's you know to sweep one's consciousness clear of any of the clutter right clean things away and brighten things up spit. Up the interior and chill it's going to last you can stay and like me and choose to say expected. So Mr Durbin said. Even if you think so OK this is not the way it is. In life which is just expect. I think it's anyone more useful I found it more useful to. Say but this must be enlightening. What what what about this is the right moment. For today I am in a state it's your presence. Your presence of mind your presence of heart it presence so your body and to your being. Connecting with the world with your stuff and others. I'm here today because I have a new book out it's not exactly new but the complete tests are cookbook rich is kind of nice called Nation of you know forty four years herbs and cooking and. It's actually three of my old books but some of them have been rewritten. One of Miller's Tessera cooking that came out in one thousand nine hundred eighty three. And one of them was the tarts or recipe book which came out about six and then was a book called tomato blossoms and reddish teachings that came out about my. Family. At large the books had gone out of print and disappeared. And then I was discovered by a movie director. Well. A German movie director Durst jury and she. Touched her with her daughter and she was coming to my cooking classes in the afternoon. After the second day she said make to make a movie. About Diogenes How do you like to make a movie about Dobyns Okeydoke instructions to the cook and I said sure. And then I told her I'm going to actually go be an Austrian next year during this course and go into a structure to cook cooking classes and she said world that she did to Nick and it was tested teardrops she could film you there. And less than a year we were filming in less than a year after that it was at the Berlin Film Festival. Q good movie called How to Cook your life no Doris told me you know you're in this movie because you're you. You know it's the good news or the bad news. And she said You're not to go you're not the Dalai Lama you know you're not you know come across there is a very spiritual person. People are going to be able to relate with you and and they're going to listen to you because they can relate to you. And then she used to say to me when we were filming there in Austria she stayed at the camera loves you. She wasn't showing anything that should take you know because that was all on. Newly released high definition. Television camera or whatever you know so any time she could have showed me how much the camera let me but. I think she decided not to scare me. But she would say the camera loves you and I bet after the second or third time she determined as I said Doris to just say this to all the guys it's just reminded me of a movie sort of see where men are taking pictures that women say. The camel that she became and that she looks OK and. A tourist it became a let's me. And eventually the movie came out and it's you know to watch yourself on the screen it's kind of devastating but I talked to Peter Coady later Peter said he came less than half of his movies. I said with Peter you were acting that was not me. OK. Anyway because of this movie. You know I've been rediscovered I have a new life and a big one and my book which was made about since it had been out of print for years it's like this book with forty five stories about security and. Various things and about cooking and I regret it was out of print and then in Germany you know it's been in print all this time and after the movie came out. They went from five hundred seventy eight selling patterns to make up a year to start over fifty five and. So I started talking to follow the publisher here. You know because nobody's going to see a movie forget it so nobody sat in Germany. Eventually anyway Chanology started to. Sleep Tesser cookbook. They didn't put in the country no actually living like Julia Child you know. To. Say you know that scene in the movie right. So it's been interesting so I rewrote all the parts will transfer connection seventy three stupid asinine thirty five years later I rewrote it and put it into use in Berks Besides to be. Cauliflower it's cabbage and you know and I'm I would use other words sparkle. Green and. Dance sing so anyway so now this new book it's out. So it's given me a chance to talk about Santa and cooking and supports. OK. So I'm going to tell you a number of things in your sleep you will see if you can follow and get something out of it or not. Chew and swallow it. So my paper to. Lead things in abide in your heart that your heart. You know things are going to bite in your heart that. Things. Are just translated. In the same tradition. Could easily be translated. And this is very interesting you know and. I've found over the years you know extremely challenging. But this is about it's connection relationship intimacy. Making. Careers Now do you want to be like to read something it's. Because a lot of our life you know we're pretty careful not to meet much of anything you know because actually. It's not you if you don't know what will happen it's scary it's unpredictable. Real distempered actually like you are not like you really agree with you or disagree with you. Tend to blame you for crusades you. Know what happens when you actually meet somebody. We've sometimes occasion their lives you know we say we fall in love and we say to you our dream come true. How long is the last. Big you know mostly we fall in love with. You know our own projections. Pictures. And then we look around the world for something that matches my picture and we stare like you and then we see things that don't match your picture and I don't like you. I like this I don't like. So it's going to be scary actually to let anything in your old. Sayings comment about in your heart let your heart return and but I mean. We live in a culture you know that emphasizes this pride basically in our culture you know our culture could emerge as the. Happiness is never having to relate to anything you wouldn't want to actually relate just empty Would you. And then does it all just come to an provided if you're stabbing skillful enough to crack your fingers and it comes. But do you have to. You know if you go to the grocery store packaging and. Turn out of a crit. The colors you like isn't this the lettering you love. We've studied radio which you like remain which you then looking good. You get in debt to purchase me take me home with you made me write me why should I buy you goods and quick and easy you won't have to read or write with me at all. I'm quick I'm. Good Mimi under the microwave and I'll be bare Just The Way You Want Me To You won't have to look seats now taste think stance decide you know worry anxiety be there for you just the way you want me to. Last trouble to actually relate to something. To actually be like. Oh my good. A carrot. What would you do were good. It's. Lacking on. And if you're not careful you know enlightenment will be just another way to do. This if your life you know you want have to tell him what to do go do it be shared because they're all invited to or not just behave everybody will behave the way they should because you're in like. No one to make you happy because of your spiritual existence. And you know you can say that and not relate to anything in this and oh well maybe you get a chance to probably. Read what about when you get off your questioning you want to you know you go to relate to something how does it work. So there's this whole world to know whether it's food you know other people connecting or to people how you communicate when you're mate how when you have intimacy so this is a big challenge and when I was about nineteen I started relating to feed. I think food is a nice place to start because you know. It's not as scary as people. You know to. Start intercepting into. You know let something I mean cheat or senses that something something. Hard it's this is it pierces expression let things go hard. Let your heart respond. And. When I started getting them I would cut things open and it was fairly magnificent and it was like. Spacious presents and. Looking at or near the inside of a purple cabbage. Tree. Looking at me and started Pepper would do little seeds. Cutting carrots in circles. And strips different shapes and I. Said of eating a bowl I added sort of bullshit to both sets of bowls from the Goodwill one was a little wooden bowls and the other was glowing mammal you know edible food had candy apple. Emerald green. Metallic purple silver. And I would study which bowl to predict which vegetable it's also something about your heart it's most of us get involved with getting it right. I want to do it right. Because if I did it right and it came out the way it should but it could criticize me nobody could question me and getting it right is different than what you love what's in your heart and can you share your heart rate the food with people with your friends you know Richard family with your. With your space. How do you share your love how do you manifest it. So I often mention a story you know of one I had during tasting some good will close associates taste. And. Roast up with someone in the room to say what should we be tasting it's harder games two percent goes to actually experience and. Can you just have your experience or do you want to have the right experience I bet when you meditate. Can you add your experience or do you try to make sure that you're having the experience you've heard that you're supposed to be. Shouldn't you become. Peaceful. It still owes something going on your mind you know getting it right are you OK you need to practice harder to subdue your consciousness. Are you going to do. How are you going to get it right. Or could you just taste you know what you're putting him out could you stand him since your awareness reading things things are not just being things our thoughts feelings sensations. Or emotions those are all things that could come into your heart come onto ard and you read things coming about in your heart you let your heart respond to things and go out in the garden things that we think you know the way to be happy is to get separate from the things and you know to finish everything get it down and then I could relax because I could relax and I could be OK because I wouldn't have to relate to anything but it's all fine and then I can I don't have to like I'm not on the spot. If I'm not relating to everything's fine you know I get to relax and I can lay on the beach relate to me. Or maybe even sit in front of a television and not relate it's not really relating to anything so this is our culture to navigate. OK produced and you know our cultures. We understand you know frankly if you have no capacity to give your attention to anything you're used to just keeping your tension in your own little place and not you know relating to anything we're going to grab it. We're going to grab your attention because if we can grab your attention you will give us money. Because that's the only way you're going to wake up is to have your attention grabbed. And you're not capable really a given to just something are you. So what a tree I want to give potato chips I want to just pop tarts or some of his McDonald's and you know what is so as you put it in your mouth it's going to grab your attention. So. Instant gratification and standing flavors whoa and it sounds exciting and then you want some more and you keep eating it. Because it grabs your attention and there's nothing there to be there's nothing there to the object but it has the capacity to grab your attention and would be sceptic appears to grab your attention because they keep changing you know it's not like there's a story you get absorbed and it's like I have you here you know crab you look at good how about that or you want to walk out you know take a look at it better. It's got to go a bit. You know their stated. Goal or it's about another study for Sesame Street and blue or whatever used these kids things how much you'd have to what you have to do to grab kids' attention. What gets their attention and you know if you actually get your attention to food to things. They don't grab your attention like. If you noticed. I get noticed and have somebody coming up and grabbing you because you're too hot to handle and I don't think so. But somehow this is like we're waiting you know clips. In your. Real world to grab word to grab our attention and maybe if we practice spiritual practice to something well noticed. Oh I see you've been practicing Thank you. Maybe. Right so you are to. Expect. So dear understand if you actually keep your letters to Celtic this is huge gift interesting this is. Pasadena live to give our attention something whether it's food awareness arson stations or lotion. It could give your attention just something. You feel so you start to feel so good because if you are killed being you're changing and when you give your gentian to something you're tasting. There's nothing there. At first if it's a food if it's an apple or celery put him out yesterday. And yet to chew it for a while yet to get your attention to it can produce a. Stream lockable flavors and taste it approach your little world out and the streets and beyond starts to speak to you things start to go everything comes through. Open up your capacity to stand still perceiving he will serve and receive things into your awareness it's not complicated but you know we're busy we tend to be busy getting it right during what we should and how are you going to receive anything because the more you spend in your consciousness. Telling things what to do and how to be the best to be receiving. If you start to tell yourself what you should be tasting right you should be acutely what you she became king you will give the notice that you are feeling thinking tasting. You can't do both at the same time. So this is really scary if you're going to need to be quiet. And listen and reseated and started getting at the directives. Her culture is based on you know let's get back to directives it's Tell everybody what to do and if you can do that we're still Skilling said he will pay you to be a director type of person. You can be in charge. So I started out. The most over so I will. Get the book. There are still about forty of the story search made a bloodstained starting a new complete test record put so you know there's a lot of stories about it's forging a bit too stories but Suzuki Roshi and you know about art it was for me to cook we can relate to anything it's going to be a challenge to actually keep your awareness to something it's like Apple. You know. Apple slewed banana milling good spirit ph how all this afternoon and speaks. To. And then. This isn't just a goat or notice thing as to we want to put everything it's you're joking sales for sense of the games are gone when things when you see things is going to damage barriers Birdland get back to its readers and sentient beings and right meant into teaching. Every moment. It doesn't change right you wanted to be. A lad and only notice the good in only noticing right. It's going to get challenging. What about noticing you know. Essentially being good to. Old age you know your own and others paying to pick OK I'm getting a texture. Trying to tell everything how to get over it can you stand. A couple years ago my computer was breaking down. My friend to help sneered like a goose that you might want to get a mag right you go to the next door and check it out see if you'd like to get it and I don't get to the mall much I got to the parking lot of the mall and I get out of my car Mike. I am right. Big building and lot of people seem to know what they're doing and exactly where to go I went to the start of said you are here. Right started remembering you know it's a bad teacher said you Americans. You want to get someplace special. And but you know you don't even know where you are it might work a little bit better if you like. Found out where you were because then you could go there you know in order to get some advice you could start where you are so like the sign at the mall No you were here you are here what's going on here what's happy how did things happen here. What do I have to work with here rather than just trying to get something simpler special. Anyway I found my way to the next store and already there was a lot of energy coming out of the store because your shoes a lot of your shipping they were enduring it was you know you could get a fusion and i Pod or you know. Into. Great colors. And. What do I know the teaching Annele i Pods. And I got in the store to kind of try to have a computer or two and I was wondering around everybody in that store I don't know from my point of view they all seem to know what they were doing there and there was a lot of energy in everybody's. Back there's a big high definition television screen because you're downloading movies over your internet on your mac and into your Apple and it's coming out on the screen and then they have all this equipment in and it's the people bitching it's bar in the back and if they're talking about their computer it's a matter Nick. I don't know about you but I'm just not a terribly internet computer savvy techie maybe it's been a different generation. So I'm kind it was kind of wandering around the store. Running came up to me just a can I help you. Are you being abc and I help you and I said I don't know I don't know what it actually maybe I'm feeling kind of overwhelmed and kind of fragile and I don't know I don't know what to do here. And and she said Have you tried meditating. Or you know I didn't want to admit that. I could meditating for over forty years and I guess I work I guess I must not be that good student if you know I'm still having these things happen to me. Oh gosh and I haven't completely stupid my consciousness into a group or below spirituality or something. You know where you're just a new near examined from. And you just comfort because you know how to meditate. So I said well I've meditative little little. How about you. Said oh yes I just love to meditate it's been really helpful I've got some Let's let's stretch to. You know I was tempted to say well maybe you haven't been meditating long ago. But. OK. But anyway. I started to tell you the real. Albert sampler and speaks up and life in them it looked I sense observe it in a chair it's transparent feature it's lovely taste it's comes from far away any moment you give you where it's just something just it comes from far away. And then he stares at him instead of the words. Discoveries are flowing out of the flesh of the fruit it starts to be pretty fair to say what Apple truly did it's. Obviously it was the fields big dark against it first and then pick squares that leadership did in you were to just clear awake and then when it's get well me and sunny gritty real. This is what happens if you when you give when we give our awareness to something. Apple at first feels direct and. From Going Gets you continue to give your attention to. Slide from vitality. Vassals that Sunday. And this is true with your thoughts and your feelings for instance Asians so there's a difference here between. And you just. Want to charge your image or Settle says explaining something about mindfulness my business you know is very basic most fundamental cracks and Buddhism which is to see if you can be aware judging good bad. About assessing it's good it's bad because this right. How my doing. Can I get a project. Having good experiences and bad ones and if you're not careful you say if you're trying to have good experiences and the bad ones been pretty soon you will be. Just not. Close and painful but you will just focus on having. The right words how you become getting that Richard are you. So you know when I started cooking in the kitchen. The person would dry see seared when you wash the rice wash the rice when you cut the carrots cuppa carrots when you stirred soup stir the soup he didn't say when you work in the kitchen be mindful of the problems we do would like those people take the word mindful and they take it something different that working in the kitchen so you would watch the kit you would watch the lights and be mindful. What would that look like. Well if your mind for you be quiet. You'd move slowly and effort you didn't get upset you could be you know careful in which you had no you know not very much energy. So you want to like get your energy again and so did you know get too excited and you want to carry your energy down your emotions down and you want to go very slowly and carefully and quietly and people really still better to understand if you know because you get a picture of how to do mindfulness so I think it's much better which is because she said when you watch the rights the rights don't go doing like when it tried to do my fingers to wash their wives to wash the well it's. OK So you know Gil promised Arrow who. Became his and priest and then I think I was the first person he said you know at the front door here they came in the front door and I was at the expert something but. Anyway care later became a student apostle you know in his narrow escape a prostitute your own no serious damages mission for Mel. And for one year he said and I'm going to deposit retreating bear you want to commerce that sure let's go straight and went to a tree much the post of course and very well you know. We didn't talk much. OK it's also silence. You know you know it's the study but it's a sure story went to Japan and you said everybody loves raking. So in Japan they state when you wake just break. And it's at a stage maybe state when you wake watch him and so in Japan you know when you're just waking in interest rate. It raking away and sometimes clouds of dust. And damage. Still. It's at the state should be instead up and it just standing there. Did. I mention it to Mel one time now said they must live up here. Everything else. You know and you know when you Rick Rick and you can also be watching. Or you know you're standing here and it's just happening at You Tube It's. Like when you do you know what it's the way that works and you know actually touches your heart and so much you're right. Thank you very much for your presence today I appreciate you being here. For me I do not just for your but for me it was a kind of sweetness. And you know the sweetness is not just sweet I think there's a little bit. Some other playgroups in there too but I appreciate the gifts and there is a little. Bit maybe a little. Tart and little kind of. It's. Actually. It's a precious I sleep just it's the sweetest. Thing we care about our attention to something I would say that's the predominant flavor. Still a pristine. Things. Oh. It's. I need to go upstairs and change but. I'm going to but I'm going to go. Yeah. OK Thank you. I'm leaving this on so that we can do the questioning and do your thing also. Good morning. Or you get a. Good. Political will for the gold for you it. Appeared you said something that we can put in one of your pockets if there's a second. You know settled anyway. But. I have some comments here too but I'm going to look at this one this one here is. You know it turns out what a shame. It's a. Good. Still doing it. Yeah yeah recycling. It. In your. Yap yap we probably got her tools it's amazing how we. Like what. I think it's attributed to reaching. The great way. Became. Fixed but I just wait your nostrils and you can ship. How we like tricksters are bandits and with our. Right. By the kitchen. I. Don't kill myself. But I don't hear very well you know you if. You're hearing it's probably you know it's a pretty good first. Story. Create. It is bad. Yeah OK Thank you.