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Visiting the Apple Store; noticing attachments, desires and cravings.

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i can get name
phelan one of the things i've been talking about today and the which started with direct experience
i would have been say whatever you do can be he had direct experience in reality i when you give yourself to it i would that so much concern herself
know how it will reflect on you
and again
but another one of my subject today is and they can
the fact are trying to mention in your debt even if you gym meditation and weren't necessarily save you
from you know the pool catastrophe
john kerry think of it in our from carlos castaneda and seventy greg
event the book a chance to be the meditator not a pen
and and i wanted k is jerry in the kind of exemplifies is for me and no couple of years ago my computer was dying
ah i'd had to pay a fee per number of years and eventually stopped working at one point and minute it's is guy working again in the mean can they print is my computer doctor lizard guru person
and i'm not one of them
but i have friends
said you might wanna check out the next so i said there's staring crime again and my you can go in and and say read if you like knacks and you might want to get him back this time
so i went to the mall and came here
i've not ever into that market for maybe once or twice i don't go to mars much
some people seem to spend their lives their sign here right an
i get to the my park and and i i went to the in a big thing itches you are here
have i didn't know where to go in and out to get to the apples job
and i'm kind of thinking about the tibetan teachers as you americans are has wanna get some place
why didn't you find out where you are
things go better if you start from where you are resident just trying to get somewhere else
and then so i followed the directions on the from i hear you like here and i followed along and they went around to the back and as the apple store and i could tell you can upside you know there's a lot of energy can add to this door
and again
in a window there was outlets and pink
er magenta pink magenta but you can
she should bright he should step and apparently they get a geisha
yeah no i pod
are you nano ipod in various colors at that right
of course i got into this tour and i started kind of breaking into computers and i didn't really know what to do to try them out her
and then there is a lot of people in the store has changed and now just what they were regaining really throwing themselves into and and they were trying out this being a maddening and talking to people in the store and there was a big tv screen high definition television string about three by four feet or something because you can download movies every year
apple and watch them on your high definition television and however networks at a know
and finally i was kind of wandering on the store and
a woman came up to me and she said are you being helped and can i help you i said now and then she said can i help you answered well i don't know i'm i'm actually kind of an overwhelmed by all the energy and restoring everybody seems to know what you're doing and i don't know you kind of lost and can choose to neverland
and she said
excuse me but have you tried meditating

yeah can you don't know what to say now like
well yeah little
i mean do i say like yard and met jane from one and forty years now and i guess it didn't work the way it's supposed to
i'm still getting overwhelmed
oh wow
guy said well i've meditated and of how about you and and then she turned down the other about as she meditates and she is a teacher included madeira
so eventually she helped me a little bit
and then the next time i came back with like a the computer my computer doctor and then he said now let's sit outside hair and you know kind of map out our plan before we go in

so i did get on an imac a macro apple or something and i didn't get one of the few should yeah
partly because and the a d player on my kind got working in my pink and if you get a a pink nano ipod you can it can also get one is it's called them monster he noted said if the taping that also has a cord coming up from the that you can plug
ngo nano ipod you conveyor nano ipod to a tape player rather than through the c d
where do i know
rikers good sir
anyway this story reminds me about how am on medication
doesn't necessarily mean that he won't have problems even and in i think meditation helps but
it's not like an immune immunisation
our kind of insurance policy that nothing will go wrong
and i do as a some saying and the crash anticipated
you know when things do go wrong or we have some to difficulty or disappointment a heartbreak to know a brief ali pink or we tend to think oh that must be something wrong with me
and gag as buddhism says and if you i guess i must have some attachment can you know frankly i think it's and attachments that it could have
i mean
somebody i heard recently was saying you know craving attachment it's like a baby nursing and it's not as breast
the good at teaching i don't know but if it is i don't think that's in our useful description of craving our attachment
a baby nursing
i don't think i think craving as when you've had enough and then you you still aren't more
or you know it's more like and my next-door neighbor her daughter want beds came might be for dinner and she says no ruby and why in know let's wait until after dinner like it went out to dinner and rebutted year and mean mean mommy mean i hate you and my next her name
your sister grippy this is what we call disappointment
there's gonna be lots of times in your life when you can't have what you want and you might be disappointed you might stretch that in now how to be no to be able to be disappointed and not attack somebody because of disappointed because when you attack me like you were doing
there i feel hurt and i i i don't it's not comfortable to bit for me to be around you
so i'd like it and steadiness and learn how to be disappointed with that attacking me
the pencil the different like ice cream before for dinner and in her baby nursing at it's mother's breast
i never got to do that so i have some cravings
but put that the diplomatic
and but you know carried to the extreme like gp like a mailing
oh i guess you have some attachment
i mean there's a lot to like it just it's just life
and we will have attachments and we will have cravings and then you know some simply we're standing lives what's in a normal cards in a if you're if you're hungry again
and then and then i teach trip sometimes i see it why don't you know how about enjoying your food and then people like ah no i couldn't enjoy it i might start to have craving
so this is where buddhism is not a nut subtle enough to distinguish
what's the difference between enjoyment craving attachment greed lodged excitement
you know you know and gluttony and just to enjoy something you could actually enjoy something and as i mentioned this morning during instruction joy and goodison is ray your heart your mind consciousness resonates with the object of awareness
you move by something you touch with something and then so much time buddhists correct on i have to be careful not to do that i'd better stay disconnected from everything
because if i'm disconnected from everything i want suffer
a question might be a little lonely
to understand and i love at the disease in fairy tales you know
and seventy have heard me talk and share a bed and rapunzel rapunzel in her tower
and the which says you can have anything you want you just can't leave the tower i can be really nice here
fix it out for you
and at some point energy led the prints camera because she doesn't mind in towering as isolation is epic because she had some kind of craving or attachment it's human nature that we want to connect our hearts want to connect with life and with her
own being and with other people our hearts and minds aren't you know a conscience wants to connect that's what consciousness tells
so what makes it a great a craving your attachment is
given out the instructions telling things how they should be to make me happy
when you start telling the object of awareness how needs to be different than it is
in that moment of conscience is already passed
so i i study what is the difference between enjoyment
and then when i get excited when when she's tried to get excited like eating then you can't take anymore there's excitement and you're not savoring are receiving the experience and manage your concern in it
and then you can go from there into grade read you wanna get rid of what's in your mouth you can have more and the only way to get rid of it is to swallow it
so you can't once you get greedier can have the experience you're having but giants where you actually have experience you having you needed you resonate with it you could save it
and then have the next moment
so anyway sum up in a conclusion in buddhism read start to think i shouldn't have any creating a shouldn't have any attachment than i do i haven't enjoy how do i have any connection
so this is also to say that desire you know can also beard and i'm proposing and times they call your true heart's desire
not just any desire that comes along with what's your true heart's desire for connection for well being for satisfaction for enjoyment not her excitement for grade for you know ah consuming
not forgiving out directives and you know telling everything how it needs to be that's matter to heart's desires to resonate with things
to being connection

and in sanjana securities to call this year and must request
and your enlist request what do you want what is that you want most of all registered in most request and he also caught it in the most important point what's the most important point
and then you can keep coming back to that and it's not like you abandon yourself said that you dont supper and living rapunzel's tower
you know it happens after and the prince comes out the second time that think it is in the which discourage them there
and happen
she's furious and he jumps out the window the tower to escape the witches wrap and there's thorn bushes down below in his eyes get poked out
and then the which sends rapunzel in a blind to the air across a couple continents are churches the other side of some distant desert
so then both repentance on the prince wander the world for years
and this is what happens once you decide i want connection is it automatically work
it doesn't automatically work we wanted a know it's hard to i desire and then many things happen
it doesn't work out but it's what we want rather than staying in the tower
and it takes years years and years go by rapunzel the prints are wandering the world and finally one day he hears her singing
which he turned her singing years before in the tower he hears her singing and instance rapunzel is that you
and she looks and she'd say you know it's two thousand and thirty years later yes she recognizes him and she says she has an and she starts crying and cursed your tears bring back his eyesight
so to actually exceeded this business a connection a real life in our hearts desire of having connection and intimacy relationship
you know it takes a long it can take a long time
and it's often in knowing things in our and net
that's where difficult is it's not hard to just stay in your tower
not have a nice safe place here
and it's a nice spot to hang out and i've got a great view and the tower is also known as you know your head and categorized in syndication to say sand is to sell herself and yourself sick move learn about of your tower into the
into your body we inhabit yourself
reconnect with your larger been
your body

sir this is to me it's also interesting than that and as i mentioned at one point
i started game is the third becoming intimate food and cooking and in our intimate in notation than you can also start with relationships and were standing you know how to actually be in connection and relationship and
that that a happy is you know you won't have to relate to anything
i've been telling people my cooking and my workshops and got my workshop spent you know my book readings
if you're in the market and there's the packages that are so bright and they've done all the market in said those packages grab your attention
with their colors and their lettering and their design the land grab your attention by name by me by me and quick and easy you won't have to relate to me at all
and this is an you know or the american ideal for happiness
what we truly they want you know is to actually be laid and to help the difficulty of what do i do it this how do i cook this how do i and july want to spend time in the kitchen and i can add not know what to do and strip a jaded or should i just get some
thing already done that i don't have to relate to
and you know he reaches where's where's the place in that we will actually spend some time and work it relating
and you know oftentimes it's okay kids sometimes it's our kids and parents are partners sometimes we're fortunate to have a crafter and to be a musician or an artist or a writer or you know we have some skills and gives the we can share with the world and we work at them

and so i think i'm anthony you know today than i would say ah you know premeditation it's when we have a chance to give our attention give her awareness to our experience
more than telling our body or mind when it needs to do to make me happy tower you gain what's going on how is it clear to be here
on the planet in its place at this time
and i'm willing to spend some time with you today
and of course if you haven't spent much time it use that for a while you know why the first things is why haven't you
the year it's like cooking a kid if you don't pay attention to something for well paced and it's burned and the next thing you know it as a proud and you didn't pay attention to me i'm upset and burned
the parts of yourself that you know you feel abandoned and and in are distanced moved up in tower and to get away from you know go not happy to start with
so when your hand if you have anger sadness or despair it's just the presenting in know initial presenting and motion have your date like for us in you're coming up into in your being
you acknowledge that and make that and
and let that grow inside you and transform and had transformed seventh and you don't need to tell it what to do or how to be

as a thank you for and being here today and spending some time with your you
am i want to mention the tissues going to a leads mr to be organic few minutes i'd like to mention a couple of things are one is it gives a donation basket over here by the door the face had paid a green gulch i'll just i'll go to support green so the
the and
the petition ayyappa teaching free of charge we welcome your kitchen donations and and my encouragement is to are suggesting is that you offered the same amount that you gave to bring out that you offer that as a teaching our nation ah and then it repeats in a more than you wish to offer than you know
opera something that's and if you moved to up my your surgeon he's certainly welcome to do that as well and that's events events could hear whether you make the check out to the i have a tax exempt religious non-profit the piece was say sanga regarding the when they make the check out to the see soccer ed brown and cause august in the kids from
saga so if you're giving up at indigo send your letter
otherwise you have to keep track of dan yan
and the other and what else to i am saying that it's now i think hey
next workshop when it's head
gain a workshop later this month about and what is the most important point and which i'm not going to tell you you know
read an
i know what attorney and cancer but and reading i gave earlier as we have copies of the of the bench outside if you'd like to pick one up when you're ready to ago said thank you the just is going to offer some restorative yoga after that will sit fifteen minutes and then and call it a day and the last period after the instead of yoga which the patient and middle
the room
hey thank you