Given on Friday, October 2, 2009
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Visiting the Apple Store; noticing attachments, desires and cravings.
So. One of the things I've been talking about today which started with direct experience what A.B.C. whatever you do can be your direct experience of reality when you. Keep yourself up to it. Without so much concern for yourself you know how it will reflect on you and care. But another one of my Such is today's. Good factor trying to mention you know that even if you do meditation it won't necessarily save you from being know the book at Chester. If John Kerry would think of it you know from coast to coast and even so it would be great. If you could put the chairs to people or the meditator. And I want to tell you story you know that kind of exemplifies this for me. You know a couple of years ago my computer was dying. I'd had a peacekeeper number of years and it actually stopped working at one point a minute. Story working again and me and my friend who's my computer doctor we started crew person. I'm not one of them. But I have friends said you might want to check out the max so I should there's a store in Croydon there them all you could go on and see what see if you like Max and we might want to get a map this time. So I went to the mall and career. I've been to that mall before maybe once or twice. I don't go to malls much so people seem to spend their lives there so right here. Right. I got to the mall at Park and then I went to be you know a big thing that says you are here. I didn't know where to go in them up to get to be apples to. And I started thinking about that Tibetan you Americans always want to get templates Why don't you find out where you are. Things are go better if you start from where you are rather than just trying to get somewhere else and so I followed the directions. From where I you are here and I follow that along and I went around to the back and there's the. Apple store and I could tell you from outside you know there's a lot of energy coming out of the store and. Into Windows it was all good pink. Magenta pink magenta but. She issued a bright shit staff and I bet you could get a few shares. Yeah no i Pod. Or you know I put in various colors. Of course I got into the store and I started kind of put in computers and I didn't really know what to do to try them out or. And there was a lot of people in the story seem to know just what they were doing really enjoying themselves into it and they were trying out this being in that ring and talking to people in the store and there was a big T.V. screen I Definition Television strain about three by four feet or something because you can download movies over here Apple and watch them on your i did television networks. And finally I was kind of wandering around the store or. Kind of woman came up to me and she said Are you being helped. Can I help you I said no and then she said can I help you and I said well I don't know I'm I'm actually kind of. Overwhelmed by all the energy in the store and everybody seems to know what you're doing and I don't know if you're kind of lost and confused and everyone. Excuse me but if you tried meditating. Talk. You don't know what to say you know like. Well yeah a little but. I mean do I say like Yeah I've been in a chain for more than forty years now and I guess it didn't work the way it's supposed to. I'm still getting overwhelmed. But oh well. So I said Well. Yeah I meditated but you insist that your church on the other but I shouldn't edit it and she is a teacher and crew didn't care. So eventually she helped me a little bit. And then the next time I came back with my kit and a computer my computer doctor and he said no that stayed outside here and you know kind of map out a plan before we go in. So I did get I Mak Mak apple or something and I did get one of the few shit. Partly because. He player on my car it's got working in my printed if you get. A pink nano i Pod you can you can also get one of the it's called a monster you know so it's a taping that also has a cord coming out from the good you can plug into you know i Pod You can play your you know i Pod to tape player rather than through the C.G. but I know. It's caves. Anyway good story reminds me about how. You know meditation. Because I'm assuming mean that you won't have problems and you know I think medication helps but it's not like a mini immunization. Or a kind of insurance post even work. And I do it as a sweet saying in the question answer period. You know when things do go wrong or we have some to difficulty or disappointment. Heartbreak. Grief. Or we think we tend to think oh there must be something wrong with me and because Buddhism says if you I guess I must have some attachment you know frankly I think it's an attachment that you could have I mean somebody I heard recently was saying you know craving a Chechnyan It's like a baby nursing and it's not a stretch. That might even be a classic Buddhist teaching I don't know but if it is I don't think it's you know a useful description of craving or attachment. To baby nursing I don't think you know I think craving is when you've had enough and then you still want more. Or you know it's more like my next door neighbor Her daughter wants ice cream right before dinner and she says No Ruby. You know let's wait until after dinner like you to weigh in turkey dinner and repeat if you. Meet me I hate you. And right next door neighbor sister grippy this is what we call disappointment. There's going to be lots of times in your life when you can't have what you want and you might be disappointed you might start studying now how to be you know to be able to be disappointed and not attack somebody because you'd be disappointed because when you attack me like you were doing there I feel hurt and I don't it's not comfortable to be for me to be around you. So I'd like you to study base and learn how to be disappointed without attacking me. That's a good different like ice cream before dinner and you know baby nursing and it's mother's breast. And you forgot to do that so. It's in cravings but. That's a different matter. But you know I cared to be extreme right to feel like emailing. Oh I guess you have some attachment. I mean there's a lot to life it's just it's just life. And we will have attachments and we will have cravings and then you know it's something we're studying what's what's in the normal course you know if you're if you're hungry gate and then and I teach people sometimes I see it why don't you know how about enjoying your food and then people like oh no I couldn't enjoy it I might start to have a craving so this is where but it's him it's not often subtle enough to distinguish what's the difference between enjoyment craving attachment create. Excitement. You know you know gluttony and just to enjoy something you could actually enjoy something in and as I mentioned this morning during instruction Choi ingredients to me is where your heart your mind consciousness resonates if you object to awareness. You move by something you touch recently and then so much the time but it's go like oh no I have to be careful not to do that I better stay disconnected from everything. Because if I'm disconnected from everything I want supper to question my pivotal not only. Can you stand and I love a good pictures in fairy tales you know. And some of you have heard me talk I'm sure bird. Proposal reponse of center tower. And that which says you can have ANYTHING you want you just can't leave the tower it's all going to be really nice here fix it up for you. And it's employed you know it's you that's the prince came out because system or status tower and his isolation is that because she had some kind of craving or attachment it's human nature that we want to connect our hearts want to connect with life and with their own being and with other people our hearts our minds are you know our consciousness wants to connect That's what consciousness is. So what makes it create a craving or attachment is. Giving out instructions telling things how they should be to make me happy and you start telling the object of awareness how needs to be different and it is. Why. That moment of consciousness is already past so I study what is the difference between enjoyment. And then when I get excited then once you start to get excited like eating then you can't taste any more there's excitement and you're not savoring or receiving the experience so much if you're consuming it can be and you can go from varying degrees. Where you want to get rid of what's in your mouth so you can have more. And the only way to get rid of it is to swallow it. So you can't once you get greedy you can't have the experience you're having but joy is where you actually have the experience or I mean you need it you resonate with. It and then have the next moment so anyway there's often a confusion in Buddhism read start to think I shouldn't have any creating I shouldn't have any attachment and how do I have any choice how do I have any connection so this is also to say the desired you know can also be or you know in the past and in times they call it your true heart's desire. Not just a desire that comes along but what's your true heart's desire for connection. For wellbeing for satisfaction for enjoyment not for excitement for greed for. Consuming not for giving out directives and you know telling everything coude needs to be better to say to resonate with things. Being connection and in San you know secure she needs to call this year in most request. And you're in let's request What do you want what is it you want most of all what are you certain most request any Also called it the most important point what's the most important point. I mean you can keep coming back to that and it's not like you abandon your stuff so that you don't separate it and Republicans to. You know what happens after the prince comes out the second time I think it is in the which discovered somewhere. Had happened. She experienced and he Champ's out the window of the tower to scape that which is rat and there's thorn bushes down below. And into which stands for pond so you know flying to be aired across a couple continents or to just the other side of some distant. So they're both reporters on the prince wander the world for years and this is what happens once you decide I want connection it's it automatically work it doesn't automatically work we want it you know it's our charge is there have been many things happen. And it doesn't work out but it's what we want rather than staying in the tower and it takes years years and years go by the presence of the prince or wandering the world and finally one day he hears her singing. Which she'd heard you sing in years before and. He hears her singing so it's reported so it's bad to you. And she looks and she sees you know it's twenty thirty years later yes. She recognizes him and she says yes and then she starts crying and of course your tears bring back as I say so to actually fix this business that connection we'll life in our hearts to start or having connection and you know seek relationship you know it takes so long it can take a long time and it's often you know when things you know and that's. That's where difficulty is it's not hard to just stating your tower. You know I have a nice safe place here. And it's a nice spot to hang out and I've got a great if you and. The tower it's also known as you know you're heading that direction so if you're actually just a stand it's just oh the so I was so. Worried about if your teller integrated into your body and have it yourself reconnect with your larger game body service it's to me it's also interesting and. As I mentioned at one point. I started doing this in food becoming intimate with food and cooking and you know committing notation but you can also start with relationships and you're stating you know how to actually be a connection in relationship and. You know our culture gives us day idea that to be happy is to be you know you want to have to relate to anything. I've been telling people in my cooking workshops on my workshops but you know my book readings. If you're in the market in there's the packages that are so bright and they've done all the marketing so good packages grab your attention. With their colors in their lettering in their design they're going to grab your attention by me by me by me I'm quick and easy you won't have to relate to me at all and this is you know. The American ideal prepping us but what we truly want to know is to actually relate and to have the difficulty What do I do with how do I cook base how do I do I want to spend time in the kitchen and I can know what to do and strip of treatments or should I just get something already done that I don't have to relate to. Where's where's the place we were actually spent some time in working rebating. And you know oftentimes it's our kids sometimes it's our kids' parents. Sometimes we're fortunate to have a craft or you know to be a musician or an artist or a writer or you know we have some skills and gifts that we can share with the world and we work at them. So I think you know for me you know incubate and I would say you know premeditation It's when we have a chance to give our attention give our awareness to our experience. More than telling our body our mind what it needs to do to make me happy how are you doing what's going on. How is it created to be here. On the planet in its place at this time and I'm willing to spend some time with you today. And of course if you haven't spent much time with your stuff for a while you know one of the first things is why haven't you. Care that you're you know it's like OK if you if you go OK attention to something for a while pretty soon it's burnt and the next thing you know it's a problem you didn't pay attention to me I'm upset but you can't get parts of yourself that you know you you abandoned and. You know distanced moved up in the tower to get away from you know they're not happy to do so when you have if you have anger or sadness or just bear it's just the presenting you know initial presenting emotion. Jeep life force you know coming up in chip in your being. You know instead of me pedant. And that that grow inside you and transform it transform some of you don't need to tell it what to do or how to be. I said thank you for being here today and spending some time with here you look. At things. I want to mention the church is going to start to be oh get a few minutes I'd like to mention a couple of things One is there's a donation basket over here by the door defeated beta Gringotts all just oh go to support Gringotts stowed be. British and I operate Cheech and fave charge we welcome your kitchen donations and encourage minis to our suggestion is that you offer the same amount that you gave to Gringotts that you offer that is it you know NATION. And that it right if that's you know more than you wish to offer then offer something that's if you move up or more your circuit is certainly welcome to do that as well and so that's the best get here whether you make the check out to be I have a check six entered it just nonprofit repeats with each song because that's where the make to check. Out it goes all goes saga so if you give enough to enjoy a letter. Of the large you have to keep track of it on your own. The other what else to you seeing as I think a. Fixed workshop. I'm doing a workshop later this month about what is the most important point at which I'm not going to tell you you know. What just before I say it but the reading I gave earlier is we have copies of the bench outside if you'd like to pick one up when you're ready to go so thank you the church is going to offer some restored if yoga after that will sit pretty minutes then call it a day or the last period after the Mr to be oh good we should face in the middle of the room. OK Thank you.