Given on Friday, October 2, 2009
About this talk
Release of a new cookbook; giving our whole-hearted attention to things; the lack of reality in packaged food; instructions on sitting and walking meditation.
Good morning it will probably feel. Rather blessed an honor to. Serve old friends are back to continuing sometimes it's like forty people here know almost nobody. Me from their faces thank you for being here. I want to mention something I was noticing there with the walking meditation. Room was very still and you can feel the shifting the air you know and the energetic and. By you know how focused people are on the practice. Sue and people are quite focused in the room kids be very stero and. So thank you for you know you could focus. And something about that and I want to mention is there a difference and remind you about the difference between giving your attention just I'm doing everything. I've been thinking about to speak has recently and I have a new it's not exactly a new cookbook called The Complete cookbook and I've been doing some book readings so to speak. So I have to talk about something and. You know it's we're going to see what happens over the coming years some people say you know in another generation nobody will be cooking and kids today are being trained everchanging grabbed. You know the television goes on and it grabs your attention. Ridiculous I don't know when that gets in this because you know. Our society people make money by being able to grab your attention. Whether it's the media or it's food. Manufactured product whether it's McDonald's or potato chips or. It has been there's an instant right when you put it in your mouth it will grab your attention it may not be interesting you know as you chew it but right when you put it in your mouth the critics are changing and we pay pretty bad you know we pay money and we give you know and then and then we let interchanging be grabbed by something that may or may not be all that wholesome or interesting primary or valuable or precious because what's really wholesome and. Really True big a virtue. And when we give her something it's giving our heart we're doing something with give our changing. This is a big shift for most of us in Iraq so in meditational we're starting to give. Attention to our own awareness to what we're aware of. In the station. Physical sensations and to do you consider writing it's very sad as we walk it when you give your attention to something like you know the walking meditation at first it's not like a fast food. Or some product that grabs your attention doing IT work imitation is not going to grab your attention oh this is so interesting oh this is so exciting Wow gee I've never done this before oh you know it doesn't do that you have to actually give your attention to it pretty soon you know you start to feel very. Good for it becomes so I guess you could shift your weight I'm too rigid. And then your head it brought is floating up. And you're so tall all. Right it's your energy goes down into the floor and up towards the ceiling. Big you are it's. Good because you gave your attention to it. And that doesn't happen when we wait and you know grabbing by you know into television and products and food saying. Well a coaster. And this is the same which you're on with your breath you're getting your awareness to your breath and it can be more and more startle. The brain actually eat or when you eat a potato chip. SALTSMAN grease grabs your attention. To it. It's there many people that once you get if you keep if you give it you are changing. Pretty soon there's a taste of this pulp and you know. And you have no sense of what it might again but if you actually bite into an apple and you start to chew. More and more play becomes completely changed. In the sunlight and the trees and. You know it's all there in the apple. You know what real good it's about an Apple Apple instead of words discoveries plural out flush with fruit that's to be free that's when you give your attention you know warnings to something instead of words discoveries flow out of the pleasure of the fruit. Astonished to be great dare to say what Apple truly is. And you just what happens when you give your right it. Feels big dark against it first. Exquisitely lifted in your taste clarified awake luminous double meaning and sunny radio knowledge pleasure joy. That's the apple but it's also you are giving you a change. To. Receiving something into your being. So you might ask well why don't we get this more often. But. It. Seems like a good thing to do. You know if you did it you might not get it right. And you might you might not get approval. And you might not be accepted when I do you can quit teaching to cook in crisis in your favorite status and somebody will say what should I be tasting. It. And if there's some way to make you experience the right one rather than just the one you're having and instead of words discreetly slow out of the flesh you know what should be tasting. So we get caught in captivated into thinking we could end the right experience not the wrong one. And then what would that be how can we make or still have the right one so this is one of the problems. And a second rate you actually experienced anything direct experience of something. You might not like it. It might be. Good beginning to really get started. All this after a nice. Round again and knowing gets great P.H.L. all this after it speaks Jack and live in your. You know I just like a pleasant thank you I'd like camp happiness and joy and each and Robbie were happy and it's distressed. I don't want anybody to die around me thank you very much and so we actually believe that if something is unpleasant or the difficulty of it must be something wrong with me how do I get it right so that this never happens again so there's this and it's to be kept it can be endlessly captivating. And we're taking the time today to see if we can sit with things. And receive something and to give more attention to our experience and see a direct experience of what it is like. Right now. OK. I'd like to mention a few basic pointers you know guidelines that we. Saddle of us endeavor to follow others no matter how much I mention it don't seem to notice mentioned it or I don't know exactly what happens but silence practicing not talking. Except that I'm talking. Scuse me. But generally you know here in addition all right outside narrow Gringotts if you could and Deborah to maintain silence. And if you are talking to move away from others who are maintaining the status so you know I'm not trying to make you some kind of. Thing and absolute you know that you have some awareness of people who are not talking and that you take your talking away from others. And the point is. To get your attention to something other than the words coming out of your mouth instead of words discoveries flow out of the flesh of the fruit that's done is to be free so when you're not joking you may. Be able to experience the other things and notice things. To give your attention to instead of your speech. You know there's a schedule today so I just like to get a mention. Although there's a sketch I haven't told you what it is but it's the same one we always follow and so if you've been here before you know what it is. But if you. If you want you can come in you know late and find your seat or you can get up in the middle and late or you came so you can leave come lately for late. And you know I'm going to I'm going to say it's all meditation. Because then to cheat you. And while you're sitting if you want to move move. I think it's better to move in you know sit with your mates a bit sometimes in yoga don't do yoga with your face same with meditation teacher if your face you know like it's hurt so much shit faced cream it's. Just nerves that's it any way a figured out it's actually better you know to. Simply but think that way not to move is to hold still but not moving just means not moving just mean holding still interesting. So actually. You can probably do it that means that some people in order not to move big big you know want to stop moving to come up I'm just not going to have that bucket of I have the thought I have to move actually you can have a thought to move and then say right stand choosing not to I know you are seeing it strongly if I know my mind is startling kerching need to move but I'm choosing a chair. So. Not moving doesn't mean not having about to move it means choosing to go of be impulsive to not act on the impulse to move. It's different in holding still if you don't have to hold still to not act on the impulse to move. I also like you I mentioned you keep some of your new where the bathrooms are still the tourists. And that way you go in. Double doors or are there and right on your right is the women's bathroom and if you go to the residence hall which you need to have you shoot for. Right again it's an inspection and there's also bathrooms over here so we're not wearing shoes on the deck but if so if you walk around with your shoes and have them when you get over here you come to that seems to be building and we're OK. So this is about it for my orientation thank you for coming today oh I have one more point which is I do encourage you to be here at the end of the day it's even if you walk to the beach I'm at a picnic lunch and came back and if you're here again today it counts. If you chance to leave early it doesn't count. And remember I'm me at thirty but there's. Character thank you and I'm going to thank you first and then. Which in what's next on the schedule here. Those of you would like can go out into walking meditation but well this next great a walking tour walking a stepping inside here I'm going to give instruction in outer walking adjacent and then I'll give City city an instruction so you can stay for the walking and it's an instruction just as much as you want to stay for it and go out and walk so you may not want any instruction in you just going to figure out for yourself what seems like a good plan which is what I started to with much it's going instead see how that's right for you without in your direction and so I'm going to be giving instruction here and walking in and sitting is if you will go out and walk and then when I finished instruction we take about forty minutes for that Francis wanted to go outside and then people would be outside coming inside people who are inside for an instruction go out and walk the second period coming up will be walking through the people have been inside people have been answered come back and sit and then about eleven thirty we have an hour of yoga and in a minute another sitting in this lunch and pretty soon it's forty five years later. And you might think it's this kind of a long day and now you're going to get through it but what if you want to kill time. But could it stick. So you won't be killing time today. That's right thank you so if you'd like to walk you go out walk you'd like every instruction Please stay. Strong. OK. Thank. You. So I'm recording light. So you know later on I'm going to be up at the microphone around you can say what it's for you. Scuse me. OK so I'm going to start with some instruction it's an outdoor walking and I'd like to operate two different instructional street different sets of instructions so if you only want one you're going to have to leave it to the first stretch and some people get confused by having to set an instructional but it probably works just about as well. But I like to give the jury instructions because it gives you a little reminder that there's not just one way to do this notation business and get it right. Which is actually different sort of styles or sensibilities about how to meditate to understand. So the first kind of walking I want to mention Shion given searching is from the prostitute issue. For possum is a traditional good example Southeast Asia there's standards here there's a center here in ring County Spirit Rock which has written into retreat center any day long programs. If you're interested in two parts. And you know they're very welcoming inviting you don't have. I once was that a good teachers can you know conference at Spirit Rock and I was in a home group you know they set up little groups so that you had a chance to meet people you know in your little group that you might not otherwise meet and I was in a group next to me was Church of Goldstein sort of the foremost opposing it teachers in the country no I mean across the circle from Cho's Tippett When change and Young who's standing repast was sitting. Across the circle from. Jail Agrippa say so go and be shaved. With their outfits. And ribbon and yellow gold. And. So we all said something and then came the group she looked across the circle at me and said So Ed what is the difference between you and Joseph he meant you know what's the difference between say and Apostle. And I said well you know we have Joseph is there in his you know kind of charcoal corduroys and. Cream. In a sweater vest. Cardigan or whatever they are and. They say well you know we have little kids. And our hair is shorter than their Even though I let my grandmother a little bit and they're going to say. I'm serious. And I missed my opportunity I'm afraid to stay and I guess that's the difference between you and me. Because but instead Oh so you do rule string. Theory anything after beards and I'm not going to try to talk about the demons are doing. Anyway. But I can tell you something about it watching OK. So in the past me watching. It's a particular form of mindfulness practice mindfulness again is being aware without judging good bad right wrong. Can you just receive be experienced. Going into what does this mean to. Say walk in the way you practice mindfulness is step you make three mental. Stuff so as you're walking you make lift as you're getting your foot is you move your foot forward you know it's tap and as you place your foot and shift your weight you know a place to get it step place. Step place. Step. So you can have your hands or if you'd like. I like to follow me here but if you have some comfortable pockets. It's great to be outside and it's cold you know right want to get into arguments which I sometimes write to me and I mean. I don't kind of would group up because I'm a sometimes I walk around. In the ring. Right as you know you know we've seen you doing lip step place and then before you know it something else is happening you know you told you you know the practice is to do list a place and that's something I was just happy what Gigi Douban. Big question is right which is actually a blessing right get your consciousness is free. And it's going to just follow. You know and be tyrants directives to step lights. So what happens if something else is happening you're still looking it's been you're hearing something you're thinking something and you've forgotten all about it step right and you have no idea where your feet are. So. A bit simpler you know technique in meditation is you acknowledge Shubin somewhere else and bring your awareness chant. Its. Place I bet it's basic. Tethering practice. They wait they stay positive very state Jim Green You're right spec rather than get back here you get it I told you to have it step placed now to do what I told you they were going to meditate they were supposed to and if you would just do it which what I do is follow this practice we would actually be able to get somewhere now you have too much resistance and I don't know how I can take you any place all. The same a period of walking meditation is over and. It's through gently bring it where it's back to live step lift. So you're going to be noticed in much more than you are saying out there there's many many moments of sensation your drift in your foot and then somewhere in there you'll note in your inner sensations if you put moving forward you know to step in and use your place or shift your weight there's many moments of sensation you notice in all kinds of things but you make one place OK to do it step by step now there's a second. Strategy here which is. When something else occurred to make it a new object of meditation if you're interested OK will cry but it's not it's you can never be distracted. Whatever happens next it's the new object of meditation. But you make it the object communication by noting it. So if you're walking and then you hear it stand and hear and you and you can note hearing. You don't know I'm hearing a motorcycle in Highway one. Because nobody's ever found the I are going to you know just hearing. Or if you aren't right in saying you know it's thing you can not smelling tasting touch it divided into you can note heat hot cold it's in burning chain ring you know all kinds of pain. Of extreme pain if you are agony you know that's a different kind of trick but anyway you know do it and then come back to this step brace ripped up when you're ready. To be other categories or. Thinking is the biggest category. Stare if you started to thank you for your step in thinking and you're just doing are you know noting you know noticed in your sensations are noting in your busy thinking write it out come to me I'm knocking and everybody seems to be doing better than I am I'm doing so it created a lot of good so promise is amazing and once you start thinking then you when you notice that you note thanking. So then oftentimes once you know thinking it stops. It sometimes of course your thinking will say no I really mean it to me. And you if that happens then you know to get thinking. If you want in a dance you can do you thinking you can do right thinking between planning remembering and judging what I'm going to do once I get out of here or maybe I head for the bathroom now or something so plans and then remembering can be a few minutes ago it's morning Rast night last week past lifetimes to no. Planning remembering. Big category usually is judging my doing how are they doing how am I doing compared to them. And if I was doing better I wouldn't separate which obviously I would a life would not side the way it does if I was a better person we all we all know that. But usually it's useful to remind yourself several times a day or pretty much constantly It only hurts because I'm a bad person. It's a version of Calvinism you know Calvinism is you know you know you're saved are not right from the start. I think it's I understand Calvinism and said Then you know people who are making a lot of money and doing relevant life obviously are among the saved in the chosen because that's why that's happening today. So we're Buddhists OK we're not Calvinists and we're not Puritans and you know the first noble truth it's probably going to hurt and it's not because it's a way to desert it's not because you're a bad person. Just difficult and painful sometimes. When you change the apple you can taste it. Not just beauty life and so it's right here everything's right here moment after. I take a big chew and swallow OK Anyway let's get out of this I'm sorry just go on talking a bit so there's a sensory world thinking I'm in a big category a big carrier groups in motions. You might get involved in feeling happy sad. Angry frustrated and annoyed. And. Cheerful you might notice them to me. Each day when people are meditating they're much more like Putin and it's. Frustrating and abhorrent. But I'm actually having to experience and you know another way of talking about our American way is happiness is never having to actually relate to anything you know and you can go to the grocery store and buy packages of food same quick and easy and quick and easy put me in the oven or the microwave and I'll be there for you just the way you want me to having to actually relate to me thank you. And you tend me. So I'm sort of you know it's encouraging it's to actually date you right over shows that. It's OK. So let's step lace and then you can just sense it's thinking immersions come back to lift step it's. The new object of awareness and when you're ready you come back to rocking captives questions for go on sorry you get a little Dharma talk with instructions Oh well you don't see you're not coordinating you're walking with your breath sometimes that question comes up. And this is a walking that can be done indoors or outdoors the posture centers and the walking periods are as long as sitting periods and often people walk just across there's a group or sitting in another or walking people just walk back and forth across the room and this is not a good kind of walking to get you can teach. You just to add a little area outside and walk for a little bit and come back to your direction you're not getting anywhere sorry. You are going real you are. So ready to go on your next instruction OK So the next instruction it's. You know he came to the sensor a little bit. Before. And I still remember being in this room and being over next quarter or so appeared and we were doing our walk imitation which we just did a few minutes ago. Some of you are not smiling. Your wasting your time. And we had been so serious or so many years because we were standing. Then you know go smiling thank you so this was nice and you know at some point to get our stout kind of back is enchanted because I don't think we have. Anyway so kids walk in their kitchen you you you know you go out walking and you enjoy yourself but it is it back to it's. So you want to be very devoted to be in China maybe we should say serious about it. And I asked him one time. You know why do you just teach people to enjoy themselves why don't you judge them I'm famous and he says well when you're in choice something you're going to have to be mindful of it in order to enjoy it. And he also said you Westerners especially YOU ARE AMERICANS ARE enjoyment challenge. Which is part of what comes from you know extending all the time letting our attention be grabbed by things how are you going to enjoy anything you enjoy something when you gave your attention chewed something and you received things and you run as root to get give you a change. You can actually enjoy. Enjoyment is Buddhist Buddhist enjoyment is when your awareness resonates with you too and it's. Written it's with when you moved about something or touched by something which is joy. So you can see if you can actually eat chicken once it's when you walk you enjoy the associations you're blocking the fresh air right if you want to stop and look at something you can stop and look if you want to stop and think about something you stop looking you can notice what you're feeling. When you're ready to walk your walk. So that's the basic seven OK. Thought enjoy yourself. It's hard it seems you know many of my friends have come back and. That was so hard. So well it's hard I just didn't seem deeply enjoy myself and. I never realized how angry I was in charge try to enjoy myself. So you never know. But. Also gives additional pointers which I'm going to share with you. One is that you could go just smiling. And he chose to have smart enough to be exposed. To it so it's like. A year to. Your cheeks. Thank God. But you. Don't want to. Read it endlessly and outrageously that people are like What do you have to smile about. Or you and you know like the difference between a kind of soft smile and you know it's not it's hiding stuff it's not it's sincere. So we know the good and see ever just a slight smile if you sometimes go to the absolute. Right some percent of the taps Miles kind of a bit much so you can do a quarter smile so you walk in your other sites. And again so this is a different way of practicing my business because what it is is whatever happens you regard it with a slight smile because then you show you see what happens if you're frustrated or angry you get frustrating angry about being frustrated so you identify repeat we identify with the peak of awareness and relate from there if you feel sad you go like when sadness arises you go like oh I am sad oh dad it's so sad oh I am really sad and then you can go into it you can you can spiral down into it and if you if you're anxious you think oh. Oh really scary. Oh and then you can keep going on and on with it and and so did outside it so with their usual consciousness which allows itself to get grabbed. It grabs you. So you want to be able to go like shit and I get grabbed or in this case. In that first meditation lock imitation repast me want to be a bit anxious. And not get grabbed. And it's meditation you want to have zero you're anxious stripes you have a slight smile for somebody to make shift you but you're not going to be you're going to have a relationship with the Ancients rather than get stuck into it and grabbed by a gender stand so this is to have a slight smile summoners anxiousness writes proper studies angry a slight smile for somebody who doesn't feel like smiling. Right smile for somebody who can possibly. Say one last point about this. When you're walking if you walk you can. Walk three or four steps is your email three or four years or exhale I like to use one of chick not one for Sister I do in a I'll. Body. Exhale choice pull smile. In jail. Body exhale. Stripes I have three words three steps three words three steps. A-K. Questions about this before we go into the city. If we have any time left. We are we to call the time of great so questions about the walk in here before I go on and we're just sitting structural OK really tell you how to meditate I mean if you're going to learn to meditate by meditating. Because you know it's not like you want to try to do I mean you're the expert on you how did you. At it do you differently than you might have been doing you say you're going to have to figure that out I can't tell you you should change you if there is if you change. And there's this shift from. This is a different way of talking about the shift from having your tension grabbed getting it right. To giving your change and standing receiving your experience so a lot of the time we give out directives or the consciousness to get is don't do that come over here or be calmed down straighten up so if you get to giving yourself the next piece of Rights and directives How can you be experiencing maybe he won't be experiencing anything if you keep you busy keeping up directives. So we're shifting from giving out directives to having experience direct experience of what's happening OK So we go on to sit in. A very take a few minutes to about sitting so you're welcome to you know move or do whatever you're doing which I think you figured out. So I'm going to give you much to what I mean to tell you about is just getting into the room watching around the room getting into your seat you know posture and there might be just a little tiny piece about meditation but we've only been talking about it anyway. So let me I'm going to start here with the doors. To count for a good pitch inefficient in at the back doors the double doors in the back of the room. But then you go to the residence hall to get there so on that we can see it was used in the side door so we don't have to go to the residence. I mean you know. These doors and these terms there's a little wooden post here so you may you can just open the door you take the wooden coast and it's connected to it down the ghost into the other doors and you had to pull that away from the store and you can open it. And then if you want to when you click to close the door you get a post here you push that towards the middle of the wood and it's back into the other door and it stretched OK Otherwise people have trouble with the two or sometimes when they go try to figure out. Anyway so that's that's that's the last year and a crate you're stepping in out of the door with a foot closest to the outside so you step out with your right foot here. And you would step in with your left for. And then usually a step or two or so into the room you make it standing up to the altar. And then you and again you can use this posture if you like and you come to your seat. And only when you get your seat it's going to be helpful if you bring your questions out to the. Edge I thought I'd sit on those because they were at sea you see I would use America but you bring it to the edge here and then we make a stand and out face in the kitchen and turn clockwise and if you're standing by awaiting the creation. Among other things to greet you know it's a kind of. It's various things but probably top of the list is it's a greeting to the people sitting next to you. So if somebody happened to be sitting there reading from a with a customer and they noticed you go into your state that person will bow. To return your greeting. And if there's nobody sitting there you know there's ten people like to stay with it it could be a boater or boat stop just sitting there you just don't notice so bowed to them you know make a greeting even if there's nobody sitting at it you can seat. And then so you about facing the cushion and when you turn clockwise and you're bound to the person across. Happens to be facing you know what we're changing about. And then you sit down so this is where it's convenient if you had brought your cushion towards the edge here. Or the wives how do you sit down it it's a good plight decorous way to do sitting down versus the then you sit down now you need to get your feet up and you can. Fly Christians are certain back on the edge so that the when we have made chances that's where we put our evolves so in other words it's just a table don't put your feet on the table. But you show kind of concept I don't get your panties so pick your feet up and. Turning your seat into your feet or past the table then as you found out by now to center. A traditional suitcase in the UK. So that's how you get up here and when you're going to get down you turn around in again get your peep at a table I might add points you see you know how to see if your feet actually work for you traced and. Since I'd be. You know since I'm eating or sitting I sit facing out. Rostik facing out major and I'm going to go ahead and do the editing Also since I'm giving you instruction. OK scenario we're talking about posture. I'm going to give you various. Ways to said starting with cross legged. In all of them know that it's Sanch a point is the position in hips. And I like to explain this in a viciously if you can see it but if I sit down you're on the floor. You know on that without a cushion if not all of my back to back. Around backwards double curvature of the spine the small the back curves in the chest knickers and you have a curve to your spine so if I'm sitting on the floor here the small of my back is out right public is tilted a little bit back and you stand so if I try to and if I'm if I try to lean forward like this and get to slow might you know. And strings here I can I can't do that. And I could get sort of close but if when the smoggy back it's curved backwards and hips or back. Everybody has to wink forward to balance if you actually try to sit up straight and simply you start to fall over backwards. So the only way you're going to have real stability and AIDS sitting and the more stability you have the more Each you're going to have is to sit on the higher Christians so if you're if you're Pelosi is tilted back to chest hassling for chest pain for We've been ordered to look at straight you know do it. Against the back of your neck OK So anything turn when your body you know bend over like it's you don't have a good flow of energy right Howdy. So you want to be able to sit in a way where you can absent energy in my job. So we have. To. See if you can find it first of all you want to find a kitchen it's big enough when you sit on the cushion you actually can you can lean forward. And back and steady use your wearing is to help your hips find the place or if you're in the stable OK when you find it's place you know if I can say to my hips it's going to be good for you I mean against a no right you know your hips are not very articulate so they can't tell you anything in this you ask them. OK So then if you lean back like we were before it is neck and be comfortable no so you know you're going to find a place where your hips up your hip spine your stability. And where the small of your back and beside me and with a small get back and you have this is stable small of your back is there in it's going to be very easy to have the feeling of lift up to be a chance to shoulder blades and the shoulders and sort of rounding forward you're going to be able to lift the chest right because soldiers are going to drop away from your ears shoulder blades more together in the back to support your chest. And now the front of your body here is open in a collapsed abdomen it's open a chance to it's open and then you can link in the back of your neck certain people say it's like you know being suspended from a string. Of people after you started you know the pelvis if your pelvis and hips if your hips are crowded in stable naturally there's an energy of it just grows taller inside and you can do about it. Oh well but. So you want to cushion its collar so that you can have your hip staple the second point about the size of the kitchen and if you look around the room you know there are Christians of various sizes it's also a lot of support Christians. So when you sitting cross-legged. If your needs are up in the air. When you make your kitchen fire which is support creation your needs will come down low. Because if you don't see if you raise your pelvis you know you need to have to be on the floor at some point. So the higher you see it first of all it's easier to have your pelvis aligned and secondly it needs come down further if your needs are still up in the air. Put a cushion and your knee or bend the cushion over. And take a big round Christian and put in your needs because it's going to be useful if your needs are up in the air to support them if you have to sit here whole Genia so tiring on the lots of the whole journey up and then if you let go it hurts and if you hold it up it hurts put something and you need OK So that's the height of the creation So let's then secondly you know some of you sometimes people sit in that so that. You know where your legs are parallel. And if I get if they take a cushion and China. And there are also some of these meditation benches. Somewhere in there or at least right out through the double doors the extra little notational I didn't stick Asians benches. So you can see it like it's an advanced. Right it's helpful if you can have your eyes and your shins parallel OK And again it's crucial to have your hips balanced so that you can sit. Up in your chest. In the back of the neck OK And then you can sit in a chair and again sit in its chair. It's good to have your pelvis. A little higher than your knees. Because if your knees are up higher than your pelvis it's going to push your purpose back into that slot position. And it suits that have your feet flat on the floor and if you need to have a good time to have you. Go Again you're standing a pair of boots here. Because even if you're sitting in a chair you can. Study how to have dinner support and wellbeing comes from. Is your brother going to support you. It's actually supporting you. And the more balanced you are the less effort you're making save more and more effort list the more carefully about yourself OK. So let's. Talk about a couple more things here. So at the beginning imitations you're going to. You know this is sending I You've studied in you've got me accoutrements you need reply Christians around Christians and some people sometimes people actually make you know for their I'm sitting special little Krishnas to help. Because. I was just up in the you know the practice leaders of the time to present had resident teachers office and she'd have some updates and she has two little cushions that have no third sides. You know right where she needs them after twenty five thirty years of sitting. So anyway let's say you've got your position seated and you studied it to start with helping your hips find your stable stability. Leaning forward leaning back and you really have it I don't know I did it's all the time I don't understand how people can do bits just like plop down and like gas that their hips are in the right plates I don't get it right that seems to be what a lot of people do so I sit down and or lean forward and it also helps you know where my weight actually comes on to the question is different after being forward before I do. And so you're starting front to back where do the hips. Feel really comfortable they're most comfortable most stable and then you can ring then traditionally you know you have your pants problem up in the nation and you link to one side and main computer side. And you decide been you know here. Tilt your head to one side and into the other and you did it several times to each time going over not quite so far. Rather carefully and you feel if you leave your back your head your neck and then where is your weight on the cushioning suit you rather carefully taken several moments to find your stability. To create your stability with your awareness which you're partly right in the middle when you can take two or three deep breaths and then we use traditional hand posturings and the left hand is on top of the right and I think you are right on top of the fingers the fingers do not come oh god the problem or just on top of thing it's. Going to keep Here is your middle finger the middle finger comes right. Milk fingers the knuckles are right on top of each other from going your thumb tips tight so your hand it forms this. Study where be energetics every little finger codes in your arm and you're in your forearm and your upper arm and your shoulders. Your chest lift and your shoulders are open across here and in a chair next to. And posture the middle fingers especially It goes right to your heart when you pings and the energy follow the connections from your art to your shoulders and. Your middle finger and your hands are. Painted. Posters challenging for you. You know an alternative one common alternative to Britain but it's not the it's just the pants problem down in. The distance to be very grounding and I also like to you sometimes turn into problems. Usually if you're cheering it pops up and that opens across the collar bones here it helps to pull the shoulder blades in. Absolute rip the chest and then you can take your time and first thing here and it's fairly easy to see it. Through a very tall. Sometimes I start by doing and I switch to. Encourage you to keep your eyes open gazing down but mostly people need to have their eyes closed to begin. Ministry meditation practice. Because it's challenging to have your eyes open in not kowtowing to kind of what's going on up there in the world and with that shifting into a kind of survival mentality so that was the bell outside so we're going to can we separate just want to mention cheating and the most common focus limitation is following your breath. And if you're probably in your breath you're not regulating directing it however long or short or deep or shallow it should be. Aware that sensation of elation sensation of exploration or that trying to regulate it however long deep or shallow you are aware of it but you don't try to change you into words instead of directing your breath you're allowing your breath to shape your awareness and you're moving your awareness be soft and supple and flexible enough to receive good grip. OK after lunch there's a good question and answer if you have questions. Usually nobody dies so I guess nobody has any questions. It's guilty. So thank you we're going to go from here and at the end of the medication we're going from side to. Slower smaller you know into bigger movements. And then when you're ready straighten your legs. And turning around. Again and in your feet were before you stand up and then once you stand up you know we turn clockwise then in our tradition you know we take the disc which should cushion and weight. Back up quietly OK So then the question is. Back on you're in your seat. Meditating for you while you're away. And then when you come it's not so ready just get out and get residence and squishy painting. OK And then after you fill out your question and it goes back in the middle then make it standing up a simulation. And when everybody is ready then we. So please take care of your questions. And. Be a period of term meditation or walking and then for those who have been outside walking a comedian to see if it will get together again for me OK.