Given on Tuesday, September 22, 2009
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Cooking demonstration; practice of eating just one potato chip
I could switch just through these bettors. That's what it looks like. Which rich better it's because the rich it's not. Me. It's very hard you know I don't keep good track of it's kind of things I didn't. Know I might have I might have used in the bank to replace the one three and it would. That we don't know because we don't tracking. Every day reality in the way we might if we were like tracking every day reality. I could get built. And I did it pretty well. But then there's other things. Attention to it which better richer which. Yeah like OK you get older. Yet it started. Rolling. She knew better but it's not just. She didn't sound like she could. Write. Any. Broadsheet stuff you know and if you have a printer Yeah. I think so you know. But a track things like what the speed limit is. OK now let's see what I got the parents of cheating but now intending to teacups. I believe that. OK. So. It has creating. A little bit of sugar I do little. Bits in the mail I skim I haven't added sugar. But you know OK but some people but some people you know like Kevin to them are sugar it will hurt you if you find it because if it's generally it's OK It's a nice combination of sugar and cream chips think you. Think. You could be going into good cooking. OK. You know what I don't know what. OK a battery acid on the. OK Thank you. Could you could hear a shot of the gator it. Shop to get that market. Between. What he got in the. Truck in gear but I don't often get the car it's like you know think about it but. Four times during the summer I get over there. On time out even if so. Two three times a year a trip I raise from a rocket. Next Saturday I mean like a tweet three days away I'm going to be a part. Of. I'll go early watch me trip to. Work with. What you need to know that. I would I'm doing a lot of. Should've kept some pretty broad. Salad using a green like our specially to kale or Chinese cabbage a cabbage or cripple cabbage and I don't mean up to meat and salt. And. We didn't meet your cancer camp right. Especially with your cancer stop go to water out and short ribs in the water comes out and it's true American I just labor a little and a little direction so you could also take K.L. I couldn't make it. Yourself but it's created now it's tender and you teach you which I find. Helpful orders goodness. Well you know I don't know because everybody but you know after a while my mouth gets tired of chewing me it's really. Raw food stuff. So this means you can eat it raw but it's. Great and then I had sweet and sour so near sugar and then lemon lime are going to go. Slow then you have a little more grass and then if you want you can car it could change your IP or green shoots. And you can head to. Surround your gator green onion or and then you can have. And I often put on some kind of church and state or not because it's bitter so then you have all pipes labors. And three kids straight out of trying to get something right so rescreening felt truly sour tarred under the hot plate. And. So you know we can get in the jails a little better so you have a bigger greeting to start with you have camp cabbage is more. I do sweet a little punch and if you chase cabbage it's up a little bit at first once you have a little bit. Cell type stuff and you get a crowd because you do. So OK but you have a little bit more punch of quality care you something a little more bitter. Means. You're going to. Be pretty hot but you know you could be how well you know because I'm a creature mustardy So you like it or like mustard cream. And. So. Mr Greenspan Damn I love it it's a mega soup crew breakfast. You need. To match to a soup. But it would be awesome but. At some point type of thing years ago realized I mean to make up I treat. It as if you start eating B.O.H. whether it's oatmeal or toast. When you get sugar cravings are yours but your second and you get excited and you want more new blood sugar goes down you want more and pretty soon you're step but you don't really have good energy. And you need something like you know apples or spoke up legal or your sugar metabolism search or if you have some apples would you be OK. I cut way back in my cupboard I did. For breakfast I started making soup. And because I'm. Really good at these things I can kind of eventually make a statement about ten. Fifteen and the. Leaks and then a carrot if I haven't mushrooms from them some kind of green morning ahead. Leak red pepper. Some regular fennel. Some zucchini and some green onions and it started out with garlic and ginger community put in little. Sherry. And water and then I and then if I have left it was my beloved or was can go in there left to repair works or creeping pretty much so. I started it. When you started it's very quick it started and you know I started I start cutting up leaks and then I start them searching and I keep cutting things and I watch it Mr. Ten fifteen it's good because I don't have to cutting. I don't I don't take I don't. I think I try to help people if. You know we all make choices in our lives. So I encourage people who choose to cook. And if what you choose to do something then study how to do it certain trip one for you can actually do it and get it. Going to be a chore. A chore something you have to do not you choose to do so if you choose to do something then you then choose to learn about how you do it and how to do it in a way that works peonies enjoyable. I don't know what it is but. In a large culture people spend so much time in school and everything and then they don't we don't know how to get up with their hands with their bodies. Well but people you can learn that stop. Well today by. Michael Steele going. I don't get they have a garden I don't want to teach kids to make. An impact just think it was. Going to have. I made becoming a bitch to think about. And maybe using. Green green apple Oh do you think that the light duty is. I reckon injecting. You know where you can you can get me thinking you to order to cook. For me it. OK To think you know that's what theory says and you know you know because from scratch me more and. I mean of course there's a difference between from scratch. Where you go out to yard and grab a chicken by its location rack up instead. You know buying a chicken dinner at the start cooking catch. But nowadays who's going to buy a chicken you know it's going to be pretty rare and then you point out. Shows are about cooking out there about competition and. It's all based on carrying quick paired ingredients I had no idea. That some of these cooking shows they were actually cooking food but they're. Prepared managers in all kinds of stuff you serve but I've never watched them so I wouldn't know what they're doing on the shows fifty two Yeah absolutely what did you think of that I enjoyed it very much. It was. Space because we know there were many place to turn we have street Meryl Streep. Country yes street. Crime scene yeah yeah I'd be curious if they would really have people be completely. OK. And there are certain it's not that I used your chats book six history I was going to cook and it's one of the best trips there it really had to that. Because you can make what it says you can make and progress at her directions are so. Careful. And it's all the ingredients you need and there's the equipment you need in the equipment Mr Garrett being greedy and then the steps to do with that equipment in there it's a great game plan good when you. Talk a good book. Job I don't see any problem with that I'm just. So much up in my encouragement for people who you can also. Learn to taste. What's what you know what you have some basics. The big thing about you know. And I could mention today in here you know the great thing about such a neat like a to try. And a paddock try put some flour on it and then it will brown because. So. And so. But you know if you basic things then. You know like that one of things I make and I write to train cooks great meat it can cook. And it's you know I make a. Record called Grace chicken I think and it's basically a church address. I coach a chicken with a little flower and with some seasoning stub pepper and some timer or Reagan or something and so tired and butter and oil like she said. I am good nice to Brad and then I. Start Jason I take that out of the pan and then I start to have some onions and some flour and I have some water and I have a sauce and then continue putting a low baking dish the restarts comes halfway up the chicken and you put a lid on it when you. Cooks in the oven for nearly twenty minutes or something extra which is pretty good and then you can have other bits was in there and have sort of steering so it's simple and good. It course it's you know. It's part of a bigger issue but obviously as. You know people don't cook much or spend much time cooking. And people think oh that's time but you know I don't frankly find you know watching television very satisfied or for selling I find cooking satisfying the filling in now I don't get it you know why people want to do something that's not particularly satisfying for telling except that if you watch television and when you do a summary or things that people do. To pass the time can you know basically I think it's you know people would rather do something where you don't have to relate to anything you don't have to actually relate to get up there to question it and work with it so basically we're just saying there are cultures intimacy to private thoughts that we don't know how to relate to one another we don't know how to be intimate with ourselves or with people or with food so big surprise. As far as records and going to it's all these directions about how to you know. How to get it right when you know intimacy and connection and being with some peers not in it's right it's right it's like insensitive to be object of consciousness and listening you know you're listening to me either and speaking you know what you have to say without trying to hurt or harm any other and then you're. Going to see if you can bring up the best in IT services you know would be whether it's food or yourself or another person you know this kind of pain is what makes sense to me and. So much that what works when people started out of time to cook with bait are really saying is I have no idea how to be and I'm not about to study it because I'm so bad at it. Oh well OK. And you know I think I waited to communities that you do it awkwardly first and then get better. So you go to kind of a bad person then you get better editors or Greg if you were to get her to have some conversations with your partner in you could learn to listen and you could get better at it. And providing empathy rather than critiques or suggestions or directives or advice you could actually oh you're sad or you're scared earlier upset or you know you would you like. Try listening first before. Fixing. But that's just. It's just a good time what do I know I'm. Her Anyway I just I just keep studying these things to keep working on you know. A lot of well I will actually working at just up in Iraq to give you much advice but how to do it was going to courage here to make some mistakes show up. Start making mistakes. From your errors he couldn't get better the next time. I don't know what. People would rather not do anything that might be criticized or that you get wrong and maybe we could have a relationship where we don't relate Prijedor and we could kind of hanging out together and you wouldn't know me and I would know you and we could hide our worst part the worst parts of ourselves from each other so that it's still like me but you know. I don't know that's I guess that substitutes for relationship with connection or intimacy in a lot of instances I don't know. When you know after after twenty years a relationship and. I split up. You know I was very you know I don't I meditate I exercise you know I mean just in relationships actually it turns out that on the whole I don't meet I never met I hardly ever met women who are interested in relationship you know you you. You know I am to present to you actually yeah you know it's sort of like you're going or you're to a life I'm sorry no no no no we can go anywhere there was various problems but now I have a girlfriend I don't know what happened. Well but I would hate that women are not interested in relationship to its. Well having a relationship where you don't have to relate or somehow what things work without you having to work. With that you look to you know I'm interested in getting I could begin to get that. Very very few people there are very few people men or women who actually seem to want to know somebody and. You know with all their warts So look at Barbie which is great article or. Maybe for my junk mail. Yet you can stick. And after thirteen years of marriage her husband you say to move in with her Eric that right well they've been living together but it kept his office. So he had tons of staff. From his childhood and everything and she was like overwhelmed by step and since at some point she realized his family and here. He may have all this baggage right my baggage can ship instead of really pissed religious pride baggage which I bet I could have a pristine perfect clean relationship. When there. Are No nobody else. But. Everybody can grab. You yeah we. Can anyone else. Yeah can raise your words I did I made that mistake recently. I hope we're still friends but maybe you mean if you like picking. Up and it was the dog snatching toast out of my hand if it's now you know that at the other person's house. So I was startled and also kind of can be scared. Like dogs selection you know and I don't like big you know it you know out of my head which. You know so I lost my patience for. I talk to my pension right you know we. Need to be right Creek learning to walk across the street and. Hold the trip down by your side so you probably heard your. Toaster. Baggers try personally to work might appear. To think it's for thank you. Meantime been telling me about how can you ever get your dog screwed country people are into kitchen because drugs are going to big. Picture and it gets you I mean I mean he will if people here she could take a chair get. On a chair and then actually get out of the table actually. No I don't I would not like the record Well I would allow you to think. That anybody you know I think it could implicate parent making an excuse for their child doing what they were supposed to get. At the same time you know I don't try to excuse my impatience or Christian my temper dinner I don't think anybody serves to be a bit American for some can be said Pridgin for dinner. Yes making a point but becoming enraged. To English because. Torture might. Like a. Fairly short two to two hours training start finish. And. Simple light. And again. Since I cut way back a couple hydrates being it's MUCH week. But occasionally I make. Biscuits or cookies or something. I like my cup finished. If you want to go just it would you cook for. Most of the population if you are in what they cook and they would be. Yeah yeah like you I guess. You're not nearly so much fat and sugar and stuff like French fries everything else. Is manufactured. So yeah I don't I don't bake and nearly as much that you just don't have the appetite for it. I'm eating a lot more. Vegetables and fruits and nuts and seeds. And I still like. To soak potatoes compared green I like some you know basically my dear but what to eat. I'm going to eat what's expected to be pleasing and I think it's important that you. Know virtue trust me on a static right you like what you don't like but also very cheery. You know keep trying things to see if you're static is still the same or if you're static might be broadened their ship to writing something else. Because. If there's a static it's kind of I'm developing as they were I just like me to be treated some experience but so my it's that it would be my sensibility would be were you trying and why don't you keep trying to read the things. And but you know I'm just talking out of experience you know I have an interest in trying things and I know and in chinese medicine digestion is related to it to each area chest things which are it your capacity to digest or taking your experience so when your brain your digestion is very narrow when you narrow your digestion down to just eating a sheet things then you are to narrow down your capacity to take in a wide range of experience and digest it anyway that's three. Understand chinese medicine. So I think it's important to you know it fairly widely and keep trying things out and seeing what works or doesn't work and what you like or what you don't like and to change things carefully and to you know just give your attention to what happens I mean I like to change the chips but you know I hate the church it's kept me I traced them and after a while I don't feel very good so how much can I you know how much can I stand to eat the church hips and that you know cry much. So and I think you know. So I think a lot of what happens are certain people are not particular where they're by. Except of course and stations. And what's what's going on. So going you can you know one of my examples of that is years ago I had some Kentucky Fried Chicken or think in words it was a chicken and chips to where we could look at next to it. Where you can an hour later when it's room temperature it changed so Creasy I'm a creature so pale when it was tucked it when it's cold and you get that greasy which I kept getting something like this. And you know I don't know I don't want to eat rancid food I don't you know I just and it's like I can't you know but for me to just think it's not about something with my head I mean it's ninety eight that which is most of what our culture recommends is that you're good rules for yourself about what to do and what not to do and then you say well I'm so it's bad it's chocolate a certain color truck and it's sinful. You know why don't you get your attention to what you're eating in Europe you know. If you get your attention to what you're eating there's nothing that simple. Or decadent. You know it's your own consciousness to eat it it's captivated by something or an art or you can you keep your attention is something. We have all of it but competitive to choose what to give our attention to rather than letting it be crabbed by the next immediate gratification thing that comes around whether it's the media or food. Thing. But. Yeah ceremony being just one potato chip you get milk. That's wired to Sammy. And you're going to have a group of people what are you know our planet we're going to sit down we're just and you focus your focus on eating the one potato chip you don't poke at you're not talking to your room you know pullups strangers and you know not everyone chips and drinking wine and got there it's figured one minute shipping whether they're not watching television you're getting your politics into that one get their chip. So. You actually might have a hard time but then you're in a room full of people who are just gave you one potato chip. Ever going to watch you. One. Ceremony and you know if you agree to protect certain one of them you're there you are you know we have. Here your money being one to take ship it's in my kitchen in your book and we're going to. Get a big fat wonder if you bake I'm afraid they don't have a very good end acts. Richard a little disappointing. Because. Price I know you cannot look up potato chips in the back and see what this thing is. Because. It's a little bit if. I tried to look a potato P.S. Get back here I want you to. Be writing to me. To sort of I didn't I didn't actually write in June I think it would be a pretty. Good I think it could be reached in great title to. The table you know. Go in there doubtless the story from the table of contents or turn. To look at the stars. And you didn't. I didn't see. Some good they were. Printing Gates. I know where you know well anyway I don't know. And it will spread and you know what to be active. And. If you didn't read it just want to get your privilege for twenty three. So I used to. Want to. Hear Ampicillin bits have been made challenges it can read you can go to Turkey never cared to try but here's the secret taste. Of what you put in your experience. The potato chip is already manufacturing or it's ready for you ready perhaps and it will retain homes for this opportunity to concentrate on preparing you have been greedy and. To strengthen focus concentration eliminate all the most others just directions T.V. radio stereo reading material strictly people writing. Talking shopping driving concentration is to be applied to the good stewardship and only attribute their chip you know dip allowed you're encouraged to state or not to have a drink in the other hand. Attention has to be attuned to what is actually present moment to moment. Because attention is often turned toward what is wished for or feared and frequently glosses over the actual experience the finer focus attention by pointing out what it is to be attentive to how the chip yields in the hand how the chip looks or snow the chipped intention to place the chip in your mouth or the Chip Pearson America chip changed after a moment how the jury I'm sensing careful stations of slower. Mindfulness seems to be whipped up there's a chance to save it so for more important things filter to put your chips. Remind your separte in at the church of mindfulness it's rather important to be mindful means the experience which I get to actually makes an impression. One way to read might which is practice making. No it's about what you're going to tell your grandchildren about this particular. Piece create see between your fingers to curb cute ruffled urge. For your friend into right to place in your wood kernel powerful crunch some creature to my word for it find your words true in Korean seated under strict focus and your body pick up you may pick up an area saber the chip get everything you can or chip because it's the only chip in the entire universe but what I didn't actually Cartwright was introduced with a group of people and you know it could go before and afterwards. But I did it one time curiously enough one of the first times I did with streamers one nine hundred ninety six the green cards for the first at their first Sunday of the month it starts with the kids lecture for ten to twelve minutes so I told kids. Gringotts for twenty five years and it's stammering again I'd like to teach like it yeah so it's insanity one chip shares. Boy it was seven. To its feet. In a big voice so the whole room could hear heard fifty people you're crazy. So that gave me it was a perfect Plantinga because but I explained to him and to the room that's why this is the ceremony gets not something you try to. Get your stage you can actually dubious You don't hear with the rest of the group. So it helps the God's help to have a group and to know. It's what it's the nature of manufactured spirituality is something I think addict grabs your attention. Can we get away or tension or tension is very precious and we give it away to reach objects to grab our attention rather than giving it to. You know what's actually going on in our being you know our crowd what are we thinking what are what are we really feeling what are the sensations and you know listening to our family and friends and. You know being able to talk about things and being a richer experience to live. And serve that we're giving relating our attention get grabbed by. Corporate world so some of our Sometimes I talk about what I'm doing teaching cooking and what some people have written me about is I hear like Agree on my life from corporate America. And it will because if you could pretty or sell a bake bread for yourself or you know you start to garden and you actually can have a life that is not just tied into a corporate America even you know it's amazing but even to have a good turnout in a pleasure. You know corporate America watch it believes in it that that's something you spend money just go for a walk enjoy your step I mean you're crazy. Or you know I'm no no no no come and spend its money and will grab your attention and delegates great experience of quitting over in a quick sorry you. Contributed or we're going to. Be so anyway. I don't. Think it courage people wake up. Now unchaste can. Experience things. I'm sure percentage it's a challenge but. The challenge again if it seems to me make you know we worry about getting it right and what were people saying. But again you know I think if. You can spend your whole life fighting during much of anything because. You know. The Cultural are so much from my point being. Revealed or we. Are capable of doing the ripping through some of the. Developing or skill. You know. To communicate conversation or cooking or. Things that we could do people used. To. People pay to. Goodness. So that's why my book which they were made about science which is part of its book research I caught the chair. And the publisher said well we can actually have a protocol. No one will buy it. But I was trying to encourage people to I was explaining to people stayed. There you know the title piece. What had been the. Big. You know if you're going to cook or if you know if you're just a big human being you're going to have to ask. So. And. So I've I keep thinking. I'm not going to join again I'm not saying. See if I can stay below the radar and if you don't do anything you can't get. Some point it's so. Surprising. That people are sort of credit. Well. That is that there. Should. Be a little hand to all that you crack into the ground. To keep. Them was in the wrong place. Elections I whacked my prime rather severely with him. To the point where it's a little bit. Well you know now it's fine except we don't need to keep it printing. Press a band. Well you know why are the characteristics to me of in the true reading is to use to prove to be an almost every second. String stronger. So. The actual structure. Guy did you know basically quite good concepts concepts prime writing. Writing to new mature That's one of the examples. And then I. Also needed to elaborate. Much more cryptic so I actually. Care which is largely being used. Graded on how to construct things and some. Koreans because like symmetry there were some you can make or could choose or. You know you can read cherry red red bell peppers there weren't very many red bell peppers for much the green go peppers in one nine hundred seventy three. Anyway I added some green but not you know my I give cooking is right I'm I don't want to have I don't you know I get a cookbook and there's ingredients that like I would have to look for I'm excluded I'm going to like I would just cook something I can cook you know. I don't want to go not I know to eat for something you know what do I care you know that's an example. For me like could we just Crips and prudent to have something to eat instead of like you know we have good special there's some unusual back in there why it's you know and I guess that's good for some people they liked I mean it's sort of stuff I just I'm just not so interested in I'm interested in. What makes you know food to Lucius and I think I can and I you know I told you about the tasting where. You know sought sweet sour hot flavors you know chilies practically red pepper cream chilies. For the curly changer. Thirds or mustard there playgroups that keep in your mouth and that did have some heat in your mouth. In our next huge difference. And tart to have charge something you know that start and start refreshing and it gives a kind of vibrant city to play bridge and I use a lot of tart and I use the right of pungent. And. Not just salt in everything and I don't you know to me it's not very complicated. It's just tasting and then beginning to you know being greedy and. In. I think could see you know up and go through it like artists are said to get your blue periods or think Cook's going to Reno remanent Koreans could laminate you just about anything in its place. And me if you're going to put Lennon said Don't you know you scream tape. And it's type yet to find a bottled lightning choose to just write a fresh lemon. Can. I just so so what I tell people you know what I'm still what I've studied what I experience you know what what makes a difference. What. Gets fresh lemon juice or lemon peel in a negative things if there difference how much is that difference what difference that much is that what it is that it's not worth my taking the time to do what's necessary to make that happen. You know which differences make a difference and then getting a can at difference to act on that difference I don't mean if you're just starting. So like you did. Yeah right and chapter point I'm willing to be bad. But at some point you know if it's it you know it's if it doesn't make a difference to do it in you I mean Jase you can years. Try to change or you know try garlic and because hey Charlotte is too much trouble and. Sorrow. But I've also come up now it's other place for one thing which you can read about intense heat when attempts are cookbook. Which is very flavored scam rate flavors floury pretty players. And when you have. Some aspect of each of those for labor elements in a dish or together in a nail It's very satisfying. So I think it's important to have a kind of structure. Or it can be very important because then you have something to write. You can read her back to you can taste something like this is. So you know when you think about it there's a lot of things the changes are in dairy products and cranes and streets and meat they're all things. Committer not stimulate flavors. There are not flowery pretty flavors. They're heavy they're substantial they're OK and you can get in such a downer. When you start taping you know when you start take something and harder while Rich charges are converted into simple sugars and then they caramelize in about the pan and that's it's the sweeter it can the bitter. And then when you have that in your tomato sat staring you're surprised when you take the risk have somebody good set some substances have some quality. And then you know Dick rightness There's And then there's the stem of grapes right which which is basically vegetables. And celery an asparagus and lot of Susan green still. There. And it's the chinese medicine of course we call that fiber. But in chinese medicine it's the part of the plant could raise from me or it happened to this girl and that's what gets me about things. Started brother thing about a parade trips of some kind of fiber I mean who would see if you're. Going to watch it. This time every day. To get out to turn. And then Florida pretty flavors you know it's it's really pretty good but it's also things like no extract. If you. Stop and. Think. If it never used you. Can. Carry there is. Something like been ill extract you know chocolate chip cookies the grayness are. Repeated very seriously the charts repeat everything trap the chip cookies are to except for been a lot. Of chocolates and if you play bridge that gets exposed to the dark dark chop it is bitter. It's very dirty if you put the note in here I have a tomato sauce and you put in and sweeten cocoa and it is thirty. K. Scared if you got putting too much otherwise it's just it's too much like dirt I mean I never even cared but you know you know. Carrie so. A trap is definitely dirty but anything they're good writers that are all used to being alone or bake bread grab stereo or the orange or the changer that's why wireless think the end there it's because with dark chocolate by itself it's pretty intense and some people find that so it's find a lot of people want a little bit of something bright in there. So but also like sometimes if you have an especially a part of the twist of live Lemon in there and that little bets the little bets it stresses dark dirty it's bitter and that little bit of bright brightness comes with the red and peel so if you when you begin to have some sense of this in your cooking and you change things to please church you know what's going to make it bright but again just kind of more protective you know and I don't know you know personally I want things to taste good I don't want to just eat the right thing. I'm sorry you know but and. Well you in a should just game your vegetables right no suck a them in oil you know get a career you know have a life and you know. I don't know you know this is something else that I think we talked about on the phone but. You know the great quote Lester all caught on. Here good fact it's not outskirts to our Christer old it's not hard to people who've been sold this and sold that issue to eat less fat. And actually fat you know in your brain isn't going to work without fat near you knowing you're. Fat is not the problem carbohydrates are the problem in August all that sugar and alcohol that's what turned into fat not the fat you eat. And you think to eat OK So you think it took you think you know it's OK to go it's again it's peak. Anyway it's all so bizarre you know what the. Food industry and you know. Pharmaceutical industry still exist. I mean standard salad the world's best selling you know roast probable drug or saline have a huge huge doings and bills and dollar steak getting. Things right with these two princes much to get sued. I'm convinced that if you read about the side effects nobody thinks it's my standard. You can get depressed and you know I have one pin you get depressed. You know to try to commit suicide. And obviously there's many things going on and sometimes life but you know that all started when you started taking Sandra. And over ten years later after King instead of going for ten years one thing led to another and been depressed in his life. Right you know Standridge mess with your liver and there's a lot to do with your depressed if you don't get good let it rain or cheer not going to have. You get depressed and I'm never going to get cripple or up a bit which term which turns out to be one of the side effects of. That snow that's pretty nervous in your hands and keeping your prick free start dying with pain receptors and with pain receptors in your hands and feet start dying it's extremely painful. And then you can't sleep and then you know you. Know I don't think it's coming so it's a good not a common think happened later it's so uncommon he had you know serious difficulty getting it diagnosed and even the head. Up at the department said I think it's in your head but we'll tell you what we'll spend a biopsy of it to. The Baltimore and they said yeah you got purple or up the P.T.. And. That's trying to get Christer taken standards there's no way to prove these things but that it's one of the side effects and I know he's very concerned about his heart you know needs to rest. And he's taking these drugs. And you know how do you get these things that. I can convey instead of there's an experience for me it's you know there are side effects and stuff and and I've been telling my doctors fears I'm not going to mess up my liver and orders are supposed to benefit my heart I'm sorry I'm just not going air. And the doctors keep telling me to take Lipitor Now it's funny just look at Sears it's all you know there it at one point in the book it says the evidence for that stat the evidence the clearest rule causes heart disease is packet blank close bracket. And said the U.S. Department of Health set out in one thousand nine hundred sixty to prove to clear a stroke charges each and after eleven years they gave up Mr we can't produce. Every any evidence that the drug manufacturer it seems is not complete and they are to make make step up he quotes this step and showed his studies and it actually does not show the coaster of searches needs. Me and will love it when I. First started. Out I know but he said about that the gods that sell just as I was bullshit. Because see what happened years ago see back clear astral cause it's hard to see right. Good French Well that's you know he said about it the thread ventured the highest saturated fat intake cursor on Europe and one of the lowest heart disease rates Oh that's the French paradox but cholesterol causes heart attacks are not it so we don't care if the French are there to X. Y. Or white flour and then they eat canapes it gonna talk to each other. Yeah it's a social time week we can enjoy life we're not just we're not just killing the human body. But you can. And then you know and so then that was well but don't apply to him because well that's because women have more bits of a kind of cursed role that's so there's so they come up with whatever explanation they can come up with to try to keep their original premise because restaurant cause it's hard to see him play it in spite of all the evidence it's contrary to that so it's a point six excuse me but if there's all this evidence country to just how can you still keep your basic premise you know have you thought. They actually. Starting. To. Think. Back to I was card interest cancer stroke helping NK creating. A very similar so dad's rights has been taken long to figure out another one of the startling statistics by the way is immigrants have you know are. Vegetarian don't smoke don't drink extremely low carb stroke are the highest rates of heart attacks in the world. Going to. Run away this is a case to case the two sticks. And that may just be restaurants and there are people who eat at home yeah yeah but anyway they were the ones who were bad to Cherry and. And so but cholesterol distance remember anyway I just I'm just blown away by all of that but you know it also confirms for me bad. I'm interested in anesthetic replacing tired you know eating supper right you having a variety of flavors are right it tastes. You know colors textures and I'm willing to spend a little time you know because I like working with my hands down there you know I have a much more satisfying to put Going to me to do something with my hands a rodent I keep you know I get restless if I try to watch television I king or sit in a movie at home I can go out to little bit there but often in movie theaters I start getting restless I want to be doing. Body I don't want to beat a path to Princeton and have some you know kind of entertainment I'm sorry maybe some of you like that but you know I don't find it but still you know I don't find it satisfying if I watch television or when I used to watch television progress along I feel it feel extremely hard Jake I feel you know sort of depressed sort of sad. And then what do you do you know like well why don't you go outside and you know go for a walk at some fresh air see how do I wake up from this you know kind of mode lady sort of you know sitting in front of the television so I don't knock people do it I don't I just don't know how people do it I cannot I can't I can't stand it but OK So again I just you know can only assume that means that still terror gypped actually relating to things way that's not true to actually game with something you know being with your body walking exercising doing. Being with food gardening. You know carpentry. You know hammering sign nailing you know playing musical instruments there's so many things that. No one can do with one's body to me it's energizing and satisfying and. OK. But. So anyway that's to be encouraging for people. Who are working on spears and then Doris came along and put in a movie to. Show. You can a little bit of a celebrity. For a few minutes. Yeah but you know when it will be Premier did give them just a little I had you know a three hundred gets transferred to work. Right never seen rabbits instead. Late. Gliding No You know we went across the street from you know true. Meeting place across the street from the theater trade on the corner there I forget what it's called but. No no it says right at the corner. Store mornin right you know. And if you're coming up light don't you turn up and it's right or summit Park Corner. And it's their club house of some kind and they rented out things and so the distribution company right you're prepared to. Cross the street and read it through didn't. Well I was there and everybody was my print and I've never seen him since. But that you know. What one of thinks it's funny but the movie is seen in about forty times and every audience is different. And. I tend to feel what's in the room search so many people are turned it to movie and response into a movie in an appeal right. People are turned it into audience Nobel is one of the best way they were the audience just fams they were attentive and absorbed. Their audience figures when something happened here. Right when I watched. Kidman for them. But it's a very cute. Rink and it's a good audience and then this is you know about one of the only places in the country you know to repel Peter the movie showed. Up and and you know I couldn't get it anywhere else in the country. You know knowing me and. It's my own county but a good movie. In New York and Boston and L.A. and. A good project tree minutes training for three days or a week and then disappeared. And now it's on T.V.. And because of the movie there's a complete utter book right now actually below it and Davis and Jimmy get it OK. So then they fed and said London move in it was going to watch it. See when no one will watch it in Germany to but the book says why now you know it was a box that was to Sastre and Germany trailing good stuff you went up from five hundred seventy your job or fifty five hundred. My book everybody made about since has been in print in Germany all the shares. David. Smiled redish it's. Been in Tremont all these years anyway Bateman. Go. On their book you know and so people know what I said I took a look at Logan and see it books not your movies not in the area and I said I just called the rest to get it I'm writing put something on it it seemed right effing living with it or you may be seeing are coming guys it's own dignity and it's just showing great Sundance Channel so good. But anyway I think in the movie yeah whatever let's make it a. Little creepy because. They're not marketed. It's OK You know I'm not going to worry about it. Seventy two over to keep. It Right I don't know let's see I think it's better books here supreme no slightest became a. Threat might be made a pleasant good movie it's better than a pencil. I have a copy. Right now so that's a good book and so you had to kick me yet. They swayed me. When you. Played I remember back. In your city sleeping maybe. You're doing. It so I could use the bed looks slightly shifted and perhaps people could get the goods but it's something to do with the movie. But it's not like Julia Child in Julie and Julia where anybody knows that the movie had something to do with the book and something there at the movie and but no story its head. Comic or story had. A copy of my book in English to me the best answer is to change the shape highlighted everything that she liked. ME TO greatest you know yellow legal sheet of paper you know thirty five items that she wanted me to talk about the week. From being stripped from a chick a track to what I would refer to her what I think it would remind me. That I was kind of. Like Thank you it's very gratifying to have somebody like Doris interested in where you are what your Q. Well her most famous film in Chairman is called. Man. From man or any wants attention I've never seen that but that's where some. Misstep is trying to me but her best film here probably well recently her movie was co-chair blossoms came out last year and. People liked her. And before that probably the best and moving out of states is the movie right. Carrying. Something. Which was which was very funny movie about two German brothers figured you can study. Group. Theory alarm. And. Flashing. Entry. And it turned. Up at six thirty. So. The key to a church depression a big kid to. See a good chunk or do you actually. Is not interested. But. There's that big. It was sad later but I know that. It's going to keep growing up to be doing. Time are going pretty twenty. Pretty good twenty minutes and. It's now it's timing something. That's so quenched stopped. Me. Oh I never stopped eating meat. When I'm at Christian Center I don't even. Exchange. Over the years I write for many years I didn't eat much meat. So yeah I started getting. A little more me just the rest here. I get inspired by them or in some parts which is you know grass fed beef. As opposed to be fed corn you know be pretty good corn really worries me right but you know cows don't live on corn. So to people like corn fed be a place it's a really great thing right if cows are picked corn they also have to be fed and I bet you know they're also fed tallow and I mean sometimes to cows you know cow. I mean it's so weird you know and then we have. So. I'm willing to eat meat if you know. I don't believe in you know I don't like I mean I don't mind killing animals it's expected for me and all the strange things. You know that were so inspired in Michael Pollan's book under Omnivore's Dilemma about the grass roots and years in Virginia and how many have growing cattle now moving the cows from. The field in they bring in the chicken has it's good. We're going to maggots in there and it can. Pick up ice on the fields. You know figured out I mean good stuff is not complicated and people you know would rather. You know try to make a killing and you know make huge fish pools soup. Debris because they say I'm getting you know will compete with anybody. In the planet. You know somehow it's the same with a lot of things you know. It was just paper. Coal mining West Virginia you know it's a terrible water supply because. You get away with it you know you know. Variance of gallons to polluted water. Supply and communicative and that's a net where you make money and then they go under someplace else and just you know. What the Perry about this years ago you know in a book called The unsettling of America and I just. You know there's some going to be said. Cheering. Or injury versus exploitation. And I'm just. I don't understand you know what we as a culture you know and maybe it's been true throughout history that people who are into exploitation get their way and straight exploit despoil and it's hard to stop them. You know many people are interested in has been training you know nourishing and. Constructive. Community started later. Cooking. To. Originally about picking thousand dollars. Making about forty thousand dollars a year. Over. The course of time you know it's. What just in the first fifteen years I haven't made a million dollars to center really. You know good it's sold over three quarters of copies. And you know I'm a big territory and. If you if you. Could ten years that's. Some point couldn't came out that's a good word some bollards and may still be sure I was number one just as her cooking was going and rich a bestselling book it toopid selling books. You know and that's something that's changed. And. So early and it was intense and it keeps a lot of its history achieved. You know bestselling book makes Hege depends propulsion company. So that's kind of nice. To have. You know because seems like interview to a lot of good British groups especially it. But you didn't take any of the many. As I say. You know up until I left was in Senate in one nine hundred eighty. Six. I did I had gotten originally about fifteen thousand dollars before I turned over all the money to the center. And then. Probably slept again I think. Oh well and then I bought a piece of land in the Sierras for five thousand dollars twenty acres for dollars. Then sold right up to ports tree eight thousand dollars and split the money with right. Ex-wife. And got put about four thousand dollars. So then when I started getting money more. I probably wouldn't do that again. Which to this point. You mean a. Trip to many. Well you know I would've. Come to some agreement about dividing the money interested in all good. But you know if I get my money maybe my ex-wife will get most of it I mean you know it's you know. But I thought you know here it's you know this is in the seventeenth Street you know and at one point Prince and I was sitting in a building across the street and get it good because ship insurance and it. You know it's sold one day for forty nine thousand dollars it's a four unit building so purporting one thousand dollars and cents in about it the next three cryptic Keyport. And if I had you know twenty thousand dollars I could have made a downpayment and you know the intention is to print a British and sold it for what over six hundred fifty thousand now it's worth more than a million I mean you know. Having money you know the angry early money and did something with it the better it was few not it would have done something you know it's the same hammering Kerry I mean to who could have known but. I bet Well when the time comes to get people to help me have a sense it's an scrip because people are interested in me I mean it's an. Anchor. I was very do tend to churn I grew up and I mean by that in a sense here it's going to cheer you right or any other sense. Of. Script but you know I don't know any more. I I have ended up you know teaching in your intro many of. You know I just got from Columbus Ohio and Seattle I also like early administrative pits. I. Can go I go to. Cheers I go to Maine every other year. And you know nobody here sets up questions from. When I travel to a living. And nobody here asked me you know you teach cooking or you choose from. School and I just don't seem to be becoming a person who culture you know puts on my resume. You know could I do something with you would you like to do something with me you know I mean. People. Are you know you know because me. Here locally I'm just kind of in the streets and nobody you know people don't know me don't know that I have much to do with anything else. And the center is an example of that if you know over the years it's been you know forty years since I. Was in the kitchen and. You know. Three or four times over the years taking me to work in the kitchens but. Him It's extremely rare I think I have a lot to teach but. You know the cooking channel not the Cooking Channel and competition cooking and. You know I mean I don't get paid you know like I was started today. You know mostly the world wants to be told what to do and I'm going to tell people what to do I can create good study campaigns she would they can find out which is what. Group whatever happens good or bad study it carefully you can write down. Can you know we're seeing steady things. Which you put in your opinion what's in your hands feel how your hands can do things. And. So I don't know. Sometimes I'm a little discouraged but on the other hand you know I don't know it's I have a nice life and I'm pretty happy. But I don't know what your wife's up you know time it's getting short I would guess I'm sixty four I have a few years left you know maybe I'll pick up some can give me. Regular books and you can see you know I'm not very entrepreneurial that way knows. How to be called an entrepreneurial. Anyway. For my startup now and I don't have anybody to do it for me. It's. I mean I have a good life and I have no nice house here thanks to tomato Bresson's I have a good approach house in Fairfax or you know any connection at abductions Vereker and I get it it's what you get a good experience so you can actually have some money. You know at the time right here and I have a very good booking agent if I have a book it's merits you know something pretty. I don't know you know it's just a strange world we live in you know when you hear Richard you're a good son but you know that the world it's interesting you know follows you know money and. Pain and stop and. Think people who can explain and drive it in. Writing I don't seem to know what drives them. It's in writing your print which doesn't mean you can't figure out. What do you think you can write you know I started with I went to have a reading with Richard ocurred spearing. Richard under He has a website called like Prince and it's a book I like I think actually you can look at your head and tell you where you were at once. So that's one of your looks like it changed to go just like you see you know him you don't have much look at school you. Know what it is you know if you you. Know if you have an index finger and it's logging your ring finger. You're. Actually right that people there expose a paper to write if money you need to do it I don't know why you haven't. But since what should be happening. In Africa I think you told in tech told. Probably this is what my my tits are like oh I'm going to be a gal boy yeah yeah and. Then we can look at your fingerprints too and I could I could tell you something about it. OK. You know what but I have you know success in the world and leading the community. Meeting back me back to. The creativity and here to be of service. You know if you had actually. Had a pretty. Appreciated and. In your community yeah I have some regrets record and just you know people say. You know profits never appreciated never. But. Much more I mean in Europe I go to Europe people. Having me. And British are so good to me and. I have so many friends now in Europe. And I have friends here but you know you know. Sort of course for me Greenwich things and it's pensioners center here there's a calming cooking school scared me to bring it on and rushed me to write you know much to cook it's close to write me disturb anyone because I'm not you know you have to be a name chef or something you know so I have more payments books for something which. Yeah there's a better good Bible now you know the better it's called the Bible and it's a big fat book and it's I may get it because I'm sorry curious about Mark maybe if they have it at the library I can you know just take it out and copy out the recipe for a. Baguette to bed the curb and get rest for she swears by her back I get arrested she said she may think it's twenty five times report she came up with a straight as a critic but Sir I love that you know when somebody is that into something you know. It's so I'm very curious to try that at home and see if I can get the you know Christy on the outside in a big calls on the inside you know and I saw a problem so I crossed outside and she's got a way to do this. Abdullah. OK you know as opposed to I mean because you actually need a you know backup plan in the structural pants and you go get it scored sixteen in there at the right times and she has you put a tray of ice cubes or something into your eyes I don't know how it works and she's got two starters. To. Be curious to see what she did for. People. Here you know here well because like you. I don't know I don't know what it is you know. And. You know and it's the nature of our not I'm not. I do not send you know red today for not sending out letters. I'm not angry. I don't know how to do stuff you know I don't I don't know how. Can people say oh well you are an agent Oh you just hire somebody to market you. And people have always just sort of right maybe that's what you do I don't. Know that that's what I want to do and I don't know that I want to be. You know I'm happy to be in a movie but you know I don't know that I want to be. You know it one point when I let sense that you know I was cooking I did. I kind of a nice time you know. When you leave sense and if you're twenty years. Good need to figure out a way to earn money and it's extremely challenging. To be abstention after twenty years good you have no place to their. You have no money. And you may or may not have a relationship but where do you move to you don't have friends. Because you had a king if you had a comedian all your friends are at the center. Then you move out into the world and you have to find a place to live and you you may or may not have to get a car out of it and then you figure out how to get some money and I spent twenty years in order News money to pay income taxes. So I would be age of thirty eight or forty I started trying to bring money in or a living so. At one point. My neighbor enumerative said you know if you want to get cooking taxes our friend. Her name of the time it's. Clarke. Can't remember there's never any WHEN SHE WOULD YOU SHOULD you could request that. And then so I called her and she stayed here you can get Korean crisis here and I'll get the people of California. So do you know it doesn't it doesn't exactly take a lot of point out that we're OK I will work at their Stringer and so I I showed up with a class I showed up five minutes before ten is to go for you be here then. You know what I know it's GO Pers cooking class and help me and load the car so the whole class stopped me and let the current boxers and get up the food and watch the freedom now I get there an hour and a happy head and. Crap you know get all the food ready at least washed and out of the plastic bag again come with Harlem to show I charge fifteen dollars and they said. Afterwards it said this is ninety five or six minutes in this is great Next week we're going to pay twenty. And then after the second week it's a bit suspicious to me right it's just you know twenty five dollars next week so I did six or eight weeks of crisis and then it hit you should get more of it so. I called up and it at Patty and him and get carers. She voted the Guardian out column creators and the cardiology be it one of the honors history Clarence. And. Anyway. She stared and you know if you ever. Decide you want to teach gravy train cooking let me know I will predict the note in right cooking. So she put one paragraph in a cooking column and then it had one of the women hip incoming typical questions been rescued arrest me. She probably is true it's kind of no value she's a woman in lasting marriage chart Wesley Clark. She's read to be read and reporter from memory is in there and she got over three hundred cars. Of foreigners ranging from Saturday night through might be you know going into Sunday and into Monday morning chick called back there's three hundred people and she said five cooking credits which struck me I had no place to cook so she not only registered people for the classes but located kitchens. She asked me Would you be willing to do a class in Berkeley on Tuesday nights. There's only three people signed up and that turned out to actually be the best crowd because it was their. Panel Durban sharing absolutes the rich street cooking school. He's an orthodontist all ships were Red was a good time to reach and keep cooking school and eventually we had teaching it can people there Chris that's. Right I did cheating writing Brooke he went to lunch and sandwich the scripters to lunch and spend. Friday lunch and for a boat and sort through and try to get in and some Cisco. And I I went from place to place there and a crew there in my car which I had all that each day to drink some of the water out from the ice like so to keep at the same menu for all the questions for the week so I get it and so then it's the week went on the menu could change slightly. And we find things. So good that between runs. That sort of crap mistress was to start concerning the time I was grossly about seven thousand dollars and. You know it was hard work to get in those days I never had a sister I did everything you know and the classes we were going to San you know like if you come to class you're going to help set up you're going to help you can help cook you're going to help with the grass we can help clean up. You know this is their participation this is not I made a demo for you. And you just sit there and get in again no you're here to try and actually get your hands on these to do something. So that continued to be my interest is large they were. Much more action doing it very road going to. Church a new way you know catering. Here to help you can appeal for pain in the kitchen. So that was great and. I had such good time and. There was kind of tiring. And a bit stressful at times. So I could I did you know a few times cooking breakfast but it's it's kind of a challenge you know start calling around to strip clubs to KIRK And you know. And then you know I've I don't have emails or addresses or phone numbers or contact. I'm just not. I don't know but I know the name. Kind of. Car which. You know she is she the person who said yeah yeah yeah so anyway I don't. Quite know what to do so I'm sure there's things up there to be down there you know. So. I don't know what you're going. To be charged. During step around here. But we've said at a pretty. Good something's up in Santa Cruz I think that's going to be appearing right. I did a couple events from here I'm going to do a pure ignorance here. During a lunch green We've got a true repents that used to be gray sort of it should be proud to. Have this whole series you know cooks with cooks with books. And they have all these luncheons to different places which are pretty good growing pork for said T.V. You know you come and have lunch. Up there and get a strong cup of the broke so no I think it got like more than twenty five people signed up for lunch tomorrow so that's pretty good. You know it's like hundred ten bucks apiece or something so. It's for the books the nickel around here and. Talk a bit. So I'm going to. And this is another example but you know. I'm going to bring you could be Kate. It's bookstores there are books truths read could. Be beaten. So I have to train you to be safe. Thank you BT broke. Connected you know. If your brother's doing it for pets he isn't doing so except me we're here and there where I might do a little bit of I think. I'm going to I just got in a good boxer. And then. Cared about here two years. So I'm going to. Vote box Moby D.V.D. and then I had a child at the top of the times their bed book. Because so far people are buying this but not the new bread book. Well I don't know and then for one thing you know people don't know to do it in their bread good. And then in the bookstore it's like in Adelaide babe locked in Santa they had one copy. OK it's. So they're not planning to sell any. But out here quite rates you know steep cost to said well we've sold about. Five or six of these in about twelve or fifteen M.P.H. So that's pretty good. So I'm going to also be sure to you know load the. Thread but remember the great book it's now in our camera where you know beautiful color illustrations you get there you're like it. That's what somebody told me some of my pictures there were bets on my wrist for me. You know some regrets. OK. OK OK. OK thank you I think a little you know. Whatever you know I get by you know you should make a difference go to Europe. For a journey to living relay because well in one luck in your. Former sixth. Exchange trading Well that's part of it. But also. Part of part of the six train trip and even if the exchange rate being what it is. You know. So the Course is very People come and. And and there and it's actually set up for for me to do something. OK OK. OK. Well they're looking at it at the time when there's looking back and essentially you know I got to be forty years old and it was time for midlife crisis and you know it was going to be embarrassing to sit in front of people cry. Because by that point I'm a teacher and you know it's. Hard that's what will people want in their temperatures. You know centric years and that's just absolutely useless to get corrected Tranquilo you know boy triple energetic smart. Spring whatever you know. And you're not supposed to actually. Touch with your particular experience I don't know that's an exaggeration you cannot start. Sort of like the culture generally you know like you know you know it's best to raise your voice or cry or express emotion in public. I don't quite know it's expected to get through like what do you. Mean it's not picture could stand to do that I mean I would think that. To know people have different ideas about this but. My sensibilities being don't spend your life and says workers against the precise. It's not a good idea to spend your life in your weak point. I'm not acknowledge it and work on it. You know move forward rather. Sterile. I come to the point where I wasn't being able to. Keep things period anymore. And you know you don't want to act out but at the same time you know just because. And. You know one point here Laurie and I had a trip on Thursday night when I mentioned it and I was depressed you know to that was that you know happy people stop coming straight with a depressed and future X. Or you know if you're real or honest so I decided to know that I'm going to have to get real school. You know most and like most of American cultures they look at school and stand just like cultures or looks good culture. You know a plastic a plate six surgery and you know extra strides and work out a good. As opposed to. Get real and feel what's going on in your life and since what's going on in your life and having your life and get to know yourself and study how to have your feet feelings without stepping in with bad acting to study how to feelings and to be able to express them without hurting your I mean there's no hurting or arming yourself and. It's called a motion of maturity but when you are so pretty I work on there for a long time you know. It's becoming OK. To continue. To turn to. Me and. I couldn't mention trying to be a cinch for coming and more important to get a chance. I didn't go back for a little bit. And I was you know that was. Challenging but. Then I ended up working on the queen's to put that sort of proposal. To create. I think saw. A preview for you. Just. For the which is troubling you wonderful piece you wrote in just two pages some. Three and to trust your static and can develop it's good to trust him to go I'll try to stick. I think or call it something different in your sense to do it because. You know I can you know there's just something to be said for sensibility very static as opposed to getting it right and when we have so little predation to like have our static. It's all about right and wrong good and bad you should do it like it's an issue like that. You know here's where my heart is that you know. This is what you know I really appreciate in enjoying you and that's what I moved to do and I'm willing to do because it would you do it I wouldn't do it right the you know I'd be you'd think it's. Latest greatest. I moved to cook and moved to garden to. Do things in my life that bring me satisfaction in football right. Now. We just you know it's a culture it seems like there's just so much people are so beauty and then it's like when you get time up you know you do much of anything you you've taken me here. And apparently you know people watch hours and hours of television on your original. Fine but. Honestly. I am. So sorry no I get energized watching television so just. I don't know how people forward all good stuff but weren't you working so hard. You know typically T.V. The T.V. was like Right thirty five bucks a month or something ordered for hundred dollars a month you can get you know boggled. Twenty one hundred dollars here I mean how do you look at the thirteen. OK I don't watch T.V. and I can be kicked back for seventeen minutes and it gets cheaper. With the television I got an M.C.I. coordinates three cents a minute anywhere in the United States it's a deeper than a bundle but what it would mean and for the net to get internet access now sir I'm paying right over thirty bucks a month Frank says Yeah yeah I mean when you look at running. I don't have a television I don't have a cell phone I don't know how people can afford to send you know I hope I don't I can't imagine I Bond I get a party but you know I can't I don't see how you how do you want to have all the stops. You know I don't understand it we're going to question it to work hard and of course you know top ranking but this is but this is you know this in the same mistake because it actually makes sense for a second person through no income to the household at some point you know the second person earning income for the household means you have a second car you're hiring babysitters and you know the actual money money you earn is like a third to salary and maybe a third the salary helps but then what about your lifestyle. You know what about your kids who are now in check out Carol the timing then you know and what about you know being in commute traffic and. Yet I mean I think you know that it's really a Percodan we competitive makes it work and. I got to keep I said look. I've got to my journey he's going to have to be changed. Yeah. Yeah it's very good. She was interested in a great shift and they are here you know there are benefits to you know being outside the house and. Care and to having a career and so at some point there was. Good i read so good forty percent of the women who were out working wish that they were stay at homes and get take care of the kitchen forty percent of the women are a lot of. And I went out. Like you I wanted to have I have to. You know Beck and I don't know why I was never more time Jack. Again. OK to get some more it's so you know. I don't know why it is you know I mean Allen took her at the richest restaurant. To be good to place for years and I met him right cancer stricken big. I mean I've been. In here and it's going to meet a blessing seems unfair. To Terry that registering. For any reason you know you know you would you know can we we're going to just now we're going to have somebody cover pretty we have it but it's not just told me people to call on it they need help you know bad people can come in and get waiters escorts cooks. You know. They're going to make it work and they're going to take the time to do that and then the restaurant is like community can see it being like a business it's a community can really mean a great we've got your back and you know we've seen we've got you know and the more you have there you know in minutes and then he gets to know me OK we're sold a restaurant I don't know that you know what I kid stared a chair completely uprooted twenty thirty meters you can read it was like a past where years ago you know. During it. She's in jail and. She got married going trying to get married but she's thirty six to get married in October. And she's expecting a baby. Sometime next year OK. Baby. OK. All. Right. Pretty sweet pretty exciting kind of a physical therapist. And a conscientious person. Oh OK Well the one on the right my daughter's. From when she was one of the leftist my ex partner Patricia. I barely get cats by putting their. You Tube. You know primary. Road for various things. But that was sort of my unusual. You know it's the director come a chilling relaxing on the roof of the temple. If you care saying he just got there I do have a self-portrait and you know how to separate something else to make. Up. And. Never see a series of pictures that I get I get a whole series of pictures troubling. Well somewhat but also in reference to the ten Oxfordian pictures that's an. Order so you know this is the cow looking for Chan richer. See if I can find all serious here for you. Three senior. Eric. I think you should do it so. Save your sister accept the ordinary life. It's got to live. On you grew much to eat. At some point they may have a parrot. You know you're sitting a little area. Of state state then you start sort in the vision care appears looking for the true way. So it is just a few of the cars that snake it's a good field here. Right for cars and so it's really visual Karina first appears. Seeking a way you know worth the beautiful planet what is the way out. Of the Richmond. Market I'm visiting with Ronnie we're almost done I think but. Think about making going to. See more money I get there but. For after droll writer I never. Said a vision cow appears in speaking a way you know for the true life and then the vision care search it's. Pick up manipulated be real to the real put you under. There's a secret to. Be a do that but it's just accident I didn't plan it OK Anyway the vision care suits searches and then the vision care it's first steps for lunch of the person trying to track him some to retard. And then it gets around I'm being cared for you know what's true. And then your vision Carol disappears. You know and it's just one with. Me. But there's still the sort of sense of the research was searching. And then their state. Trigg runs through everything are straightforward Monder a program first it's often in its outer darkness. But. Then there's Then once you have that sort of sense. Emptiness of things then you can you know and then you when you feel like you no longer have to get any place now you can actually ensure that with this tremendous change. And after the cabinet attrition and you return to the world of Brits bestowing other blood to give you other words known as much we're going to. You know larger than life in America. So you've got. Like arranged in one piece for over ten the choice of a magazine or a point in the night or one point to end on a. Work because that would return to stand straighter drives for. Prints things. If you like it. Could be a church book so you have to have the story written up about you know how to fix. That's. Right. Tell your story and tell you could have a story you can. Get. Great joy of having. Read children's books. To tell you. There's a picture here. I thought. I did. And so did I get to thinking. So they could talk to you a long time but I was allowed to talk about yes. You know. OK. But. You. Well I. I think. I think. I did. But that was my. Shift. Christine. Christine. Christine. And that's when. I said you know. Cross the street. Across the street. For twenty two years. For my ex. For the. So she being a Christian yes you are you grew strong many years and. Wrote about them in great spirits people took. The Greens could. Have an interest in the woods and cross the street again so I could take food a bit to them and. We had many dinners together and drink wine is a good way. To such a. Wonderful wonderful people. Could see it because I wanted Christine's move to Montana she's was she was a true couple years man which I really like Montana. But she also did a company which was an organic company called Creature which thinks she's stuck. There getting it really good right now. Simple ratio of. The ordering running. Order anymore but. You know J.B. trans orange rejection Rogers comparison to let's say I don't use debit Sado at the dance I was a real Thanksgiving. There for the. J.V. guy did. You know it turns out that being an artist is a dangerous life. J.B. die because you wouldn't care. So. You know what you can't it creates a lot of people. It's Bring trying to quit. Most likely. You know I don't. Think that's looting of Rick's. This is Sara look at that he. Can. Reach you being. You know that's Rick oh why. Did your son not to like or why to or why Rick you're sure. This is what. So you know it's local Korean I would really like to hear. Him get love. Well that's all talk a lot much think. OK here's what A J B. It's another thing you know it's crazy about our culture like people would rather buy something cheap than something that somebody made. Tender you know has some real life in it in sort of like people you know some of the crime is just for some time to work. And then and then somehow that's like what like they have said this is one of the richest cultures in the world but you know a crummy plates and crummy food how well it's bad I don't know it's crazy. Well let's see if I can find it. And. You get older. Far back you know here General Ralston attorney. OK. I'm Guard troops to three straight immigrants and the careers. I'm during the portress farmer's market this Saturday and then during the retrograde option of sending a retro group started. Going and. Looking. Like it. It's a big project. Absolutely but. I think. It's true and she was. So. Thick. Look. It's completely open except for Wednesday night so much sitting group OK. Thursday night I'm going to Mr Keller wage whatever that is. I think it's a quick. Story at the bookstore. I think it's the teller it's a fictional character bring this case. Back you turn it to. It's a. Big. Thing. OK. I think. It's. OK. If. You know. How to take that. Step and. To do. So you know. Six to eight. Markets. To me. Similar. To when my quarter is here which are. Patricia. Her here but yes if she were shipped out with. Teacher Training shipped. Occasionally. Great for us and we could you know we're stuck together. So. Yeah fact. I recently purchased. A pastry so. Yes. It's for TOOK A PICTURE twenty years. But the. But the breaking up. I mean there wasn't a lot of the breaking up what you expected to pick out I mean the process. Acrimonious training. It's painful after twenty years. It's a different story yes. But it is a. Story. Of. What I said yeah. You still get it it was still working under Yeah. Real would say OK I'm probably going to make what I'm right. Salads with salt. Kale or cabbage I think probably some carrots and so you can start. And I have some really good apples and pears. Up some wonderful long accept risk are. Pretty simple. It's not one of those people are it's. OK I guess I guess I get to go. Some far scrounge deeper to make me cross and I can cook and make me both with you know right Karl it can change and sometimes substance floated and you change. What you what. You. Really like it when I was enjoying it I mean were you. And then you know seats so good the nights you know could go it's little bit when I take them out and I cook some vegetables and but the Beckenham are sorceress you know. So it's. Sugary And also we're going to I mean look like a nigger. And sometimes a look sherry or toast or a story they're. Going to. Try and change them Rick. PERRY And you can have you know broccoli in the burger it's going to be you want to spread the word. That's good I like the white big especially since first up Kevin you know all those carbohydrates they don't need to cook rice or pretty or anything just can't can you really yes. Well I hope I don't. You know I'm going to trust you to. Make me into an idiot. I trust to Doris you know they seem to work. Yes I should work out a writer to create Maybe I read what I watched and maybe after that all I can now be writes to Sam or me. And it created me. Anyway. Through to Prince. Yet a little bit carrying writing and. To carry me. Doris used to tell me. She wasn't churning. Solve problems like a digital cameras so she could. Actually she was an instrument she said her to care for. Her and she just knew that. It reminds me of all the bits where bit the try to parents shit in the rocks I'm going to Camelot that's great a. Lot of you and it was a good line and then she said no I don't say that to everybody yeah sometimes I get people to. You know change something if you allude to Camberwell like to look at a better. Writer to do we get like that I might have to. Click click Yeah right. OK well I'm going to come out. Of people should be an email and I came here. Rather the bill so that's still you know yeah you know. OK. Or so purgatory it's been soaking everything. You know. Because of course it seems to be pretty good. Thank you. Very mysterious. Somebody sent me. A story of. Me wearing. I don't know what it gets but somebody stepped me a bottle of. The really. Good if people around seventy to perhaps a quarter. First thank you again for game. Carter Center tenth anniversary celebrations I believe you are. Too. Cheap to get a check. Secondly I'd like to buy one which I didn't that's what I said or gosh if you send them a chip it's pitched right for the check. Mark you have created a derogative church and. It's making a subset which I doubt. Her we're. Not that large a good church and. It was. Just keep me locked at night so. Yeah you know I'm not just been sent it you're an author and they don't use it's a bit of you know when you play a spec you know like when I'm on the radio they don't say. Zen teacher clerk odd their cattle are like that but. You know I actually have also. Had cattle banks. So yeah I saw this exquisitely shared chap in each and I just disregard being made cricketing experts with a core part carbon steel a little green arrow and sharp and. Look at you know when you come back you know I just might show you. How I would write to me I would tell you if you're going to spend more time with me here and you might get to it you know what it's. Eventually I'll get it on you know are good you know You Tube clip. Rocked. People like. Bacon you know kids at some point and I can I write a book if they go look at our could put on my website you know. If I put it on my website somebody would you know could just copied onto You Tube anyway it could mean our target. That's her you know watching David Daves or step I think I have. A D.V.D. player and I might have a. You know an old video player too but you know i Pad send somebody sent me this from Germany and I could go I haven't got around to watching it they said that's me oh look it's sweet I've got a comb and barks tape. It's good it's called when Bart's reading Rumi. And lala. Which is good because there's a problem there I want to write down. I didn't march for a while but a girl remark. OK OK. OK you know it all goes well and we you know it's you know and it sort of orderly fashion and. You know we were talking about you know I have a radio show coming up on the third. Probably sprocket on the twenty and. It went very well yes. Actually you know. I read you really. Well see I get something from the car which market to Kirk to make and sell it to I will bring some olive oil and vinegar and salt and pepper and if you bake six. Meters. And pick a day and my parents when you work I look at your. What if we can get one for you. Any. Need. It because it's got a little hole there so if somebody's going there. Calling moderates not to cry to read too bad. Anyway well check it out you may need to write a little bit. I mean. People. Care. Oh yes. I want to check and mail. Her. Thank you. Because. You think you. Or. I. Thought that. It was. Her. Her. At. It. You. So. She. Let. So what about the twenty. OK. Just because I thought you had mentioned what I'd like the fourth or the twenty. Fourth the fourteenth or the twentieth. Of October as far as an October day OK Well what they're going to try to me maybe. OK I was. OK. Excalibur OK. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah all right thanks so. Much. Thank. You what would. You. Let me know but not. All my attention. If you. Like bend it just. OK well. I'm. Going to share the blood. So you can get it. Like. Look at that too far away from the. Watch that it. Was you know way to turn up an alarm no way. Anywhere periods where they don't tell you the way the way. It tells you the way to set. Up. The daily alarm and to. Explain why you. Are so. I can't. Even write what you're trying to get thanks to the work of many people. Being happy OK and people suffering OK. So we get over with feeling. Like. Well. You know right now when. You look. OK I got a New Yorker. OK Why would I bring your caption for you. Know I don't and they wouldn't want that I wouldn't want to disappoint my coach right. Claiming. He did. I felt bad. I could think of like. Wow. I know. Allow the right. Right right right. Right now. She's right. OK Thank you all right.