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in equally so guess what
we've gathered requests for translations

so of back is going to translate from english into hindi


get them

a concert for yeah okay
but i will i will only be talking to have as much as last night
good grief over at him
i have left

pigeon happened

tonight i want to talk about various things one of them is a teacher and student
one prepare to handle that
suzuki roshi and one morning said you'd think that i am the teacher and you the student and i will explain things to you
we'll be watching other month that he thinks he can get their occupation

you think that i know things that you don't know that i will tell you about them that's a mistake
you can buy feisty has any past
short answer to that figure
are you think that i have wisdom that you don't have that's wrong understanding you think is littered with a lifetime

at that point out that over in trouble
an adversary and
because it sure didn't seem like i knew
that was a kid
get fixed by the

i listened to and a lot of luxuries open the years
many many lectures and a lot of the time the lectures didn't really speak to me
i cleared with yada
yeah a fever
lethal gotta go
rain why

and i decided and if i can to give lectures i want to speak to i want my boys
inside you could serve with your voice
on that can flatten them out for the funding around
the thanksgiving
why are people

i think the teacher's job is to awaken the teacher in you
to into the a license to dinner
to help you make
can your own game
to keep the a lot of crap

in nineteen
katie five i was the head resident teacher at green god's plan sense hunter
to heard from a quiet over there are a team got gringotts time green gulch greenguard about
it's a beautiful spot in it's and and you can go and visit steady their kid like and there's an organic farm and pupil xander
and nothing
your farm
the question do
the company
can then at that time and ninety five category where she was a and
a interim appetite to send center and he came to visit us
can you do that type of bar but as tropical category most go read russian gas up
zebra not become the country's zoo
and when money we had tea with him and then he said does anyone have any questions and mancha
i'm traveling for
oh and there was as didn't care who raised his hand and very energetic he said at a garage she what do we do when there's no teacher around
of the latin america be and
africa on pattern
for she was martin we have been can be a lotta
so you can already start to say that somebody is going to kill the teacher somebody else's gonna have to be a student
the time to get an android and was important to like wind and fire

and caregivers she was strung
i'm a man often very simple very direct
category rushing by image the idea of conflict the director
he said when there's no teacher around
mr mann and

when there's no teach around anyway
keep a warm spot in your heart for the teacher
yeah i can deliver times than
the bombs like than have has the upper line
and and if you think about it you know right away to warm spot in your heart
is the teacher at warm spot
ah madame the on that think
the comprehension contract either bomber lab complex and i'm happy to have a better
and when you have a warm spot in your heart many
in a myriad that things will pay your teacher moment after moment
damn black hats and thinking
really out and continue
i've been i'm telling you and
passage from a joke and and get your con
you can enter a time for doping grow corn
to studied tradition is to study the south
must be even higher effects
to study the south is to forget the south
that's good given have concepts
to forget this setup is to be enlightened by myriad things
the feds are getting has a large time by gap
to be enlightened by myriad things is to have your body and mind and the bodies and minds of others drop away
am i to time to shouldn't gathered from dinner high the copper mine everything
i'm from guys
on convinced from a me to quit them
no trace of enlighten and remains
good team and screw up on a large group
and this no trace continues endlessly on kind of we're constantly
get getting put in by

and when you have a warm spot in your heart
you know the teaching is air it's just not
in a very articulate

the bomb check into that nottingham
can you will get back into a movie like huge amount we are
don't plan
as the teacher in your heart
adding moves in mysterious the and
ah it's not so obvious per player
did we ever the taxman
for not eat the of law and antibiotics
and much perfect laura
he fled to the shovel

and that and over time
we begin to know the boys from my heart
get tired
now with should not go with can accompany them
as i'm a buddhist teachers god you're a true heart's desire
finally get would disappear under industry
boston for lomond
and they said true heart's desire so you can have to try to distinguish roof and the fact that it feels like our art girls all kinds of places sometimes and does not want your child tower of london from
like to have out of
a much of egypt
i'm you know to simplify things the heart and
can and
hijacked or usurped by them and mental of thinking
much like handicap that got added to the picnic thin and from from the foundation on
but nutrition the mentally
come with the russian mob flicking the to man
and the art can also be
i'm in the grip of
no art and
a lower chakras
check about the department
yeah it in-game present time

what'd you tell
the art can be grip
etc to burn second a response or unforeseen consequence is that area as a fit

q and a know when dougan says to study buddhism is to study the south
is that it is when is the heart
you know truly are art and when is lit
then in the grip of something else or hijacked by an antibody
when told him that the a different absolutely time to get up on
counter but a few weeks ago when the income
find a bunch of concerts in clifton new tracker system yeah
he kept to some can get to about them
the name the fatima

and then when we steady enough
i'm quite know already we can forget about herself and we know what's in our heart
they were on schedule to do in which two pm ten pm to fear from the risk of forgetting currently on track lot numbers and he didn't i'm fat
sometimes of course people want to take the shortcut and just to send that whatever's going on must be their heart
lot behind
but the temperature as yet
this is then such as the suspicious as expected
with accessible

they haven't actually done the work
if you have a dramatic movie
you'd about unhappy the concrete

and and i want to make sure you understand back
this work is happening while we sit machine and it's not like you know how it's going on whether it's working another how it's happening
the with can climb up and down the our bikes and have conflicts around here to achieve maximum
on earnings
i'm gonna center field
that was produced here
and there's any
and there's various
i'd say i had to think about her trip
i'll say something about yourself

at first of all i want to explain killed at i looking a realization that are enlightened and can not be discriminated
a big jump on
to coming up
enlightenment camping just cannot be discriminated names
this is a watch
want a child who the ship we are confident you know this is my belly lamp this is my stick
and they can be fun
since you said
so go ahead and point out enlightenment
how would you know it when your side
i got a title supply
a physical telephone
check for canada
in a box spring of effective to public
from accept lack of a
okay in detroit to
i'm provided information to find a better place for discriminate language
cannot be pointed out cannot pay it cannot be distinguished from anything else
she went from the for 'em and will go on the job done
the letter i can be fine
canada not can speak i kind of can
so can i describe it you can take an ap can i talk about he wrote
we wicked to talk about it anyway
because we have a word for it
we're talking about something that cannot be distinguished from anything else so you know one name for what can be distinguished from anything else is enlightenment realization if you have an idea
you have an idea about what environment might be that's what we have here we have like we have ideas but and then cry
we can tell you what it is never because we cannot tell on forever
that's not quite what i was trying to say
we can point out certain things here's the thing now is because we think it enlightenment and there's division these are two different things and then a lot of that member
by wonderfully
so you should know that if you spot something that looks like enlightenment
to me out and goes to this is a converted experience you're having
then he say i got it i have it
when given that of the public
ah are so you know this is
you know that i will go into this little bit
i don't want to go too far because it's a whole track but go again in another chapter for instance duggan says when you attain realization a don't say aha realization just like i expected
i don't have to live stream yet
give a lot to have to evacuate
oh and i thought ah the album america
realization invariably differs from your expectations
a logical progression schema
a realization does not take place according to your conception on the problem with about to be
so what you think one way or another about realization is not a help for realization i would feel it was even allowed to think with time
each moment you know things are appearing
you a shine of treatment
by the power of your realization by the power of realization
did he come
yeah and watch to get paid time
otherwise and this moment i would not be trustworthy
such the end of his own picnic
vip account good
but i don't be small minded and think that realization will take place according to your thinking
local language
i am currently on food

i can do this percentage durkin says no then that there is no delusion and know realization
i them
that kind of nourishment kind

the a point where day know to receive the teaching at this moment the one place in your heart
he's not going to be
going to be moment
the a woman
i'm cathy

i'm just an inner loop and yesterday i talked about
i'm the know that we think if i'm good
and not bad if i'm right and not wrong i will gain approval i will gain you know i people were likely they will fail came with who i am
get one hundred way to deal the derby
know he asked can than on on
thread and that if i'm good and not bad and had fun writing that wrong i will gain approval recognition people will likely hobby okay and i can do better that and more people would like man who would work out better for wouldn't i be great because you don't have that
the group says on which to your that i'm happy
and she moved here from the mentioned them that was common plastic now
so this is an kinda your heart has been taken over by you're thinking they're trying to temperatures tend to patsy reddy
are you can hear the teaching of the warm place in your heart because i'm a know it might might not be right it might be dad who knows what it will be
and it just to be on the safe side had been enough and listen to what's in there
that's the
in scooters just the often the have learned that was muslim and under the plan
yeah and pool phones
when creating and and one from even people
look to become a and hundred
how much message and for nothing
so as we said and in a little by little
you know we begin to know and sometimes when know very clearly something
yeah there's there's a knowing that comes it's not like not for my thinking and it's from our heart yeah but yet
ultimate some to employ and unhappy
see my god you simply you may have been
i can look out of classrooms

be able to trust iran experience
the largest run
the i had a found to tom and know the teaching the truth can your experience on the grill
but layer
this happen
that found beat
this is an act of courage
an act of courage to know in this way his courageous and active mode

and it's also an active deliberation
i'm conducting the fire your liberated from being caught in a good and bad right and wrong what
and how to try to make everything come out the way it's supposed to
gotta getting there
fun fun king claiming the the scoop on the streets on of of me and an obligation

one kind of liberation thing
is and has to do with seeing how you're thinking goes off
and you know when you're thinking his kind are awaiting your heart and is taken you away from you and true hype
after the defilements of tune
the supreme you want to thank me
decades from handsome
there's another kind of and in your transformation that takes place and in her life and the pen also in city
got a knack for it out on didn't forget
can digital rate
the mainstream
i mentioned and this morning and and when we were outside during a gung and
she had a very interesting the time
he called a backpack
we've gotten to a place in session where we gone into the underworld
hard you know hundred with gone under the surface of our usual everyday life
yeah run a woman was so now
like up there are computer jacket for she has undertaken from here for an people to supply and didn't give it to them would you go back to the south
onto the gdp and
historically you know i'm good to have different ways to understand this mythologically this is the hero's journey to go to the underworld and it's a kind of gap and then you return to live with a some knowledge
the underworld
some knowing
other that with your logo shirt to jupiter through you can either couture
or would have to combat back to tune with kim heron came with the kids
tatarstan was about to dine at psychopath to the moves
dilute with the media reports on a difficult question time support
i'm prepared sometimes know and western christian terms it's called dark night of the soul a dark night of the spirit in the confusion
he has
cooker and to unlock the ability to the
yeah to for of least to them to

as his accuracy and said sen test to feel your way along in the dark
we will be watching a kinda janky
family to food
as saturday where we've been in this
dark and we keep going
through the tag
so you can get your happening
you can invite
when you're in this as gear not in charge
you're not in control it's not up to to figure anything out the neither to to
to be
the photo with a people of all the consequences of our com
are you need to do is and
complete the journey cape i was at a tournament
one to pull him
the children in the dark you don't know the way they don't know where to turn an agreement with a weekend
making them
and then gives us his practice called fishing
get us through
that points
fish you
how much set until the bell rings walk sit chat eight
a pinball machine
glaucoma on now
and and you know whether it's a buddhist sand or christian and mythological
this is a transformation
and that's taking place and it's not address to figure it out it's just up to us to undergo it
i'm still on a famous already to answer
technology to
the answer to that on with a good game
he's the man
interestingly enough to say when reduce the shame it's obvious that
i'm in a way and chose
i will go there i will i will go down into the dark and we choose go into certitude switching i will go into the dark
because and fifteen vs on from fishing and shooting
must be done and what began to whether they can keep the program

and it's then you know reassuring to have
and friends
companions and church
mom and she be on
the much fun

and even after we have finished his shame
you may not be able to say
oh what you learned christmas like you may not be able to say i got this realization i got this inside now you just undertook to journey now you're back
at cooper
always have to be done a lot stronger people that can be hung up the food
we've be good began

the hell
i am interestingly enough
you know we have courage
aside from our friends and companions
in this is shamelessness
in the room with understood appears to be about the surface
oh we also have been our friends and companions who come
a ground
i'm fine with star
nitin to conventional iowa
and they can to in
don't often after the farmer
working from come home

and oh
again you know keeping on your spiritual orientation that at day when you hit bottom
thank them over
good for them
going picked up when they didn't boredom
render your current the not fly helping hands there's hands
the hundred
the guns or gun
oh you know you have a new body to have a new head
you're given another body and other hand and another mind from other park
get will see you through
combine one cup
i'm not

to come

because they're in your body mind
catch you and
bruh to decision
once you live
it drops away
friday gap
cannot go on to
you guys
you can machine nine apart from posting on week
philip kinda

oh i can hear them
the body mind and thatcher came up drops away then there's a new body and your mind when you gather met before
crap on guy
if he may have comes in didn't pay for them up on it would come on nonfiction
he can win

and it's like can you know making yourself for the first time
have you the good man
someone you didn't know that you were
three months

there's a a short poem by one and long human as it describes this tiny creatures could be fine fun run on amendment
he says sometimes my ship has struck something deep beneath the surface
let my chief
at last
one to the back
and nothing happens
no have reached kitchen
nothing happens
has everything happened
he's got a question
and we sit here calmly his new life
good love

one moment and the body mind that can't get anywhere
next moment new party mind
and it out like payment it can't get anyone has dropped way nobody mind sitting college
i'm know glucophage
capa guys
you navigator in brooklyn
so and rising from finance what he needs now

not like

once you get into the underworld you can't go back to where you can

yeah yeah
i think i bet in quantum shift key and they didn't come from itunes percents i'm just keeping them running three
there have been vague of common

connects the curiously enough to sometimes when you
i think i can't go any further
give up
we have added to the command important have all come from
i can skip it out
and you're sitting quietly can get life
one is the team
i'm sorry
okay thank you
tonight and cooking as we've been doing walk for a minutes
police said fifteen minutes and then before we chant
i'd like to invite you to share can the names of people you would like to in particular honor was a share or personal destiny quit
this baby people in know sometimes it's people who died
i like have had
you wanted to speak well as so when we say we'll take a few minutes were and i will invite you if you have anyone you would like to share person doesn't was you're welcome to mention their names into the room
no not not just you know as as as you're ready to share names you mentioned names used the it seems to work
it's a couple of people are speaking at once someone will be quietly
want some use the workshop
a good get marker and trump them
can we a with
now be funny
you know
get the entire permission to their shots inclusive the emerged
love scrap
concerts sometimes it's i know and the people who come to mind our loved ones
at some clarity on screen and kafka
he mentioned even
family and in friends
pen sometimes it's and know ancestors he put my guide or fun
and sometimes it's people we know are having a difficult time when she became internationally get tighter putting up
ah tourist than practices
considered the be extremely important you can produce some practice
here at still kb
we don't just practice for on benefit we practice and share the narrative our practice with everyone yeah
but the team me feel alive
from kidding
similar mentioned silver take a few minutes tonight anyone who would choose australia conventional
as you're ready to mention having some names
as a teenager
he does much to get them and that at some point when it's
and it's been quiet for a little bit and nobody seems to be insane names too much i will wait to rudy
or specific

and so that spot for another murder to thank you



other country
my friends from kind and maria and their children
also another friend of mine canon her son karan
and aaron standard quality
and i'd like to invite anyone who would like to offer names
hum to welcome to do so
and as we said earlier will just do it as it has removed to some names you're welcome to theresa

pretty common and on my editor
hello all
no but binding upon you to explode
if he killed the fleet
she saw them

please pray for lot of other the white house
it's just her cancer surgery today

no wonder that will be talk
so cooking oil
forgive getting can do without
hi problem for stone
when sort of us stood up to six occasion argument
i live by typing in the to you
i'm fine for in fear
i plan to mention that it gives them nine off
i liked the council hands
my house thing


the fall of religious


now good
you'll see
can see a lot longer than popular
things got incredibly simple to to know
shipping and table one hundred twenty three august yeah

you know we can be doing

the comedy

it's also

can you tried the movie

i'm not a tufted an hour

i'm from matthew kim
ha said go
as often


you know

robert louis

it's like peter
have you

he was


complaints for

let's go ahead and check already way to go and grow tender dressing some prayers to have even mentioned in to our games
oh boy


also i haven't another passage for you tonight
ah it said that enlightenment bergen says to enlightenment is like to known reflected in the water
the man does not get wet the water is not broken
however although the light
as the man is break the old man and the entire sky reflected in dewdrops and the crash
our a puddle an inch work