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hi might begin by the saying that the word
can be understood to mean
our ultimate truth
more can be said about the etymology of the word con but that that's where i like to stop to knife or and just say that
when a coin is offered
when something is offered as a call on
it's like this thing is offered as an example of reality
and after it's offered and after you receive it than you can contemplated to see how how is this reality
the co-main doesn't say that other things that reality
like the stairway and the ceiling or a person
but if you present a person or a stairway has call on and you're saying we're here look at this
as reality how is this reality
so some cohen's are many cullens our stories
i'm mean it look like stories that their narration
often in interaction between a teacher and a student and zen
some of the stories
i just dug for example the buddha giving a teaching
i'm not much of story
why some of the coins are put of giving a teaching or even are teaching given by the buddha
so sometimes we talk about the old stories the old combines the old cases stories of things that happened in the past
last week i gave up
us a call on something that's often called a call on it's the twenty fourth example
in a book of
call on a collection of coins
and i passed it out to you tonight
and ah
there's one two three four five ways
that that the koran is translated to start so the story starts with a monk asking asking
fun srei
a question and there's five translations of that
question that chinese question
and the center i chose one of the translations of the teacher's response
i was moved to offer you this go on because it's a con about springtime
it's a coin about flowers
and this is a class in springtime flowers caught collins of springtime flowers
one way to look at these questions is as an instruction about how to study cohen's or call on
how to study a call on the question the question is like an instruction about how to study cause
the question isn't like an instruction about how to contemplate
reality right before you
so the question is saying
how can you avoid
how can you be upright the question is by how can you be upright and not lean into silence
or stillness
what's gives me how can you not lean into silence or stillness our speech
how can you sit still without leaning into stillness
how can you be quiet without leaning into silence
or speech
one another way that's that that question i say is like an instruction but you could put it as an instruction
when you're contemplating reality when you're sitting in meditation
avoid leaning into silence or speech
avoid leaning into vagueness
or habitual thinking
don't ruin don't lean to the right don't lean to the left don't lean forward and don't lean backwards
and don't lean up and don't lean down
be still without leaning into stillness
be silent
without meaning into silence or speech
when might say all day long
don't be fooled be awake
all day long
see if you can not lean into silence or a speech
try to be upright and not lean into your habitual thinking
and it does not a was thinking try not to lean into that
so the monk as well how can you how can you do that how can you not lean in any direction
how can you not be caught up an ordinary thinking
or get caught and vagueness of not speaking and the teacher demonstrates
i always think of hunan in march
the partridge is singing
among the hundred fragrant flowers
this is the teachers demonstration of uprightness of speaking without leaning into a bet you're thinking
of speaking without
leaning into vagueness
how wonderful it would be if we always practice this way
and this is the way to realize this is an instruction for realizing the on
for realizing reality with what's happening now
also last week i i i kind of compared
leaning into silence
can be like it
what's the
i know it is it what's the word out from work
a contemporary popular phrase that's come up now is spiritual bypass
to loot to use sitting silently as a way to avoid
being human avoid as a way to avoid your habitual thinking
that would be up there would be like leaning into silence
being grounded in your body moment by moment been grounded in your mind moment by moment
how is this
hi i think
i'm i think ah
i could introduce the next con
little bit later and give you a chance to express yourselves if you wish
our offer some expression if you wish
yes sassy
some instruction
the was the

imagine the boys are
from different respected
not forever
had any

football soccer
is that
he's era
an appropriate way
when you asked that question on your trends are you transgressing or transcending
aspiring road

aspiring to both i think ah
accomplish is one of them

would you do
his breath
you're welcome and you
something that comes out there

you can be silent but the mines kind of go in with thoughts
as someone pointed out recently
if the mind's going
there must be stillness
and if you're quiet
there must be sound
without science sounds quiet
after your same time right
it's not either or except if you think it is then
then in some senses if you think so then you're you're living in the either or world but if you don't think that way it's not really
even if you do think that way it's not really
except that you think so
so i don't deny that that we think that way
i just denied the way we think is reality

if that question in the process of answering that question
don't lose sight of the con

hide these from somebody's garden
is it a garden of timeless spring
how does anybody know at the atomic
wait of argon is
it said
thirty nine point nine five
the atomic weight of argon is thirty nine point nine five
how what did i think it's i think you can contemplate it as a on
i believe is an inert it's a nerd isn't it like helium
yes don't you

he just like dick nixon

yeah i think i kind of feel like this cause not saying living with no regret i think this call on saying don't lean into regret
it's not saying no regret
it seemed don't mean to regret
okay ready how can you avoid transgressing in either way
okay you heard what the ancients and teacher's response was wasn't it lovely
but your response could be why do i regret what i did yesterday
i've i've been constantly making them integrate read full tone eating that hamburger
that could be your you could be a zen master and be give that as your example
of your reality of not leaning into regret working with regret in that way
now somebody else can say
in response to the question how can you avoid transgressing and either way you could say
i'm not gonna lie i have no regret
just happens to be that's who i am i've got no regret or another one is
i'm totally self concerned
i'm always thinking about me
and whether i'm appreciated
and whether people love me
could a zen master be like that
they could it could happen you could dial in selfishness and self concern into the zen master and it as do they know how to be that way without indulging in it
without leaning into it fully expressing it
and therefore
notts transgressing into that kind of habitual thinking of what we know my getting a good deal here
so it's like how can you not transgress and it doesn't mean it's gotta be eliminated you can be surrounded by these challenging i can even call mother things but they're challenging thoughts
challenging thoughts of self concern and counting thought of dissociated from self concern
talent challenging intentions to try a strategy of getting away from self concern surrounded by that stuff
had not getting caught by it
you're good at that

one of the
yeah i think one of the questions how do you avoid it was the word avoid used in one of the questions
yeah right you can try to avoid me
yeah if you try to avoid spillage you could in one of the ways to avoid
convention urge habitual thinking is to be quiet
let's say you even take a whole so you can ever help a wholesome habitual thought
like i want to help everybody i want to be beneficial to everybody i want to be beneficial everybody but it's like you're caught in in inhabit of that

it might be medicine exactly it might be medicine for that initial thought
it depends on your or depends on whether you're trying to get away from it or whether you just trying to take some medicine
so you can be with the thought uprightly
so the site silence we practice silence but we don't practice silence primarily for people to dissociate from their life we practice silence as medicine you take the medicine and hopefully you can look at your habitual thought
we practice stillness with our habitual thought so we don't claim to it and then it's not them were free of his of the habit
so silence and stillness are good medicine to take along with a bitch of thinking so we had this we come together here and we sit silently and still
taking the medicine of silence and stillness has to help us be healthy with any habitual thought that might be going on
but we also have this instruction here of
just beware the not to use his silence as a bypass as an escape from your problems use it as medicine to help you work with your problems and help other people work with their problems
yeah address your question houses reality yes
did you say is it upright when i would be another example you've got the question now how is this reality so one color the one call on his there's a on called how are this reality and then when you get the call on how is this reality than you look at that corner and say how is this reality
gay and when looking at so when you say how just reality that could be flipping into
that speech can be speech and you could be going into habitual thinking when you say how is this reality like how is this reality you could be saying that by trying to get how it's reality
the other way as you could be saying how is it reality as a way of spiritual bypass similar to be silent
you could be like you could look at some pain are some difficulties the howard is reality as a way to space out
do you mean you could you could could have a problem and used the expression how is this reality as a way to separate
she had to learn
how to say how is this reality as reminder of being balanced and check to see if your balance between those two those two ways of leaning
but the question does sound good

different races team
one is recording it at a distance houses reality when inserted entering into
yeah so the question how is this reality is actually
i'm a man just gave us that question right
so i would say
now you've you've given us all this question this question push you've also given it to yourself and i would suggest
that that question would work well if you in each of us are really grounded in our body and mind that question could be used as a way to distract ourselves from just being here with this body
in this train whistle and these lights in these people so that questions sounds like a good question
but that kinda question should be grounded or you should already be grounded before you ask questions like that can also be a means of grounding
it could it could be a means of grounding if you say okay i got a question here which is both a means for grounding and a means for
realizing reality and not attaching to my ground
so if you need to be grounded in order to receive
teaching which will help you now hold onto your ground
most people are clinging to their ground
but all those are clinging to the ground they're not really grounded in the ground
the clinging to their ground
but they're not using okay i'm totally willing to be here
because totally willing to be here
if you would include letting go of holding onto your ground
so people are kind of here holding on to kind of here
the question
how is this or what is reality could help you like actually be more present
but it
but if he's not doing that if it's not serving that function
i've helping you be more present and more grounded than you better already be completely rounded
then you don't need to be more ground and then that question can help you let go of attachment to your ground which you have completely embraced
and letting go question to you don't have the whole on the question when it does his job
so we need to be grounded before we don't unattached to things
we're already attached to things but we're not necessarily completely grounded in our attachment or we were attached to when will compete then but one were well grounded or completely grounded in but were attached to
then the question can finish the job and and realize that we're not attached to
this thing which were totally engaged with

it's like argon did you know that the atomic weight of not argon was thirty nine point nine five

having really here now
since the beginning of the formation
yes to all was springtime
and it's always fall
it is for this

his fuck so it's possible that each one of us could respond to this setup
with our own palm at the moment
and the palm might not sound like a palm
that would be the way we wholeheartedly poetically expressed ourselves
i'd like to move onto the next corn and often without abandoning previous com so here's a nice call on
so the monk ass
the monk asked or tensions sankey
what's my name
high tensions enki
the monk as tensions enki
speeches alienation silence vagueness
how can we translate how can we transcend
how can we be free and transcend both
tension thank said be bought she puts a day or show as you keep it to die usual bishop ubuntu dai osho kudos on but today osho show could not go on monday but the dai osho i sure but to die on job come when you go to die or show market gosh all day or two
london the die your job
so i give you this go on here which is the lineage
or you see dot the bottom it says tensions enki diogo
can you see at the bottom or says it
tensions enki day show so i give you this this list of names
which is sometimes proposed as a lineage
our lineage eyes also proposed as a lineage of teachers and students
it's a lineage also sometimes called a linear succession
this is a lineage lineages succession which has my name at the bottom
there's other lineages of successions that don't have my name at the bar
and you may notice if some other notable figures in the lineage right shakyamuni buddha's on the pay honor
ah fung stray is not on this lineage a different lineage
so here's a here's a lineage
come on
or is this real this reality that

so i
i offer you this corn and that the bottom ice i wrote how about you
and again that that
that expression i offer for a couple of reasons but one of the reason to offer it is that it it echoes with another story
another call on
another story about reality
and the people in this story or in our in our lineage but there there any collateral image has not been chanted here so
oh i take it back
the the people aren't our lineage not all of them but some a mrna image so one of the people in the lineage which you can find in the thirty third know in a third yeah the thirty third thirty third
thirty sixth
anyway somewhere in the middle of this lit on the middle of this chart
it says
ha yakuza on egan dai osho
one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven and the eleventh line in the middle it says yakuza on egan dai osho
and before that it's a to geese and dire show
so ya cosign he again dai osho was
a monk who lived in china
a while ago
and he he studied buddhist teachings a lot and he was particularly concentrated on practicing ethical discipline
but he felt he was just not
realizing the on
felt like he wasn't realizing the truth
he didn't regret his practice of ethical discipline but he he wanted some somebody to help 'em i think you could say find the upright way to be with ethical discipline
so ethical discipline is like being grounded in your body and mind you know taking care of your body and mind is part of being ethical
but he wanted some instruction about how to do this practice in a way that was balanced
there wasn't leaning into speech or silence
so it goes to see a teacher name psyche dog isn't
and he says would you please teach me
i started practicing ethics but i don't see reality i don't realize the truth
and second okay son says being just so won't do
not being just so won't do either can you hear me nancy

being just so
are not been just so and being just so or whatever won't do it all
how about you
yeah cassini again didn't understand
and he asked psyche told to explain more executives said no but you can go see somebody else named
master mom go see here for he went to see master mom and he told him about the previous talk or maybe didn't but anyway said i just came from zeki toe and master mama said
sometimes i make him lift his eyebrows
a wink
i don't make em lifters eyebrows and work
sometimes lifting the eyebrows in winking
it's good and sometimes it's not
how about you
sticky dough on a yakuza and understood reality at that time
be bossy boots or die or show gg but to die your jaw tension like a die or joke how about you
so this call on this list of names is kind of a story i told you it's a story which has lots of stories
hidden in it i told you one of the just now
all the for many of these names and their stories about them relating to the previous generation and related to the next generation
so somebody may save some day tensions he said the people how about you
there may maybe that story so this is this is a story
it's a story which is said to be reality how is the story reality
for you how is this story reality is this your story or my story
hi my mind's on the list but your named on the list as you
so you get his you
i don't get you that you do
but i gave you you and don't forget it
course lot of people helped me give you you but still i'm one of the people who gave you you
but you get just a second could you wait a minute
but you gave me tensions sankey thank you
ah yes miss
what are the chinese names or second dog isn't his shirt whole
and yakuza son again is ja schon
the ocean means medicine mountain
so again this is a story and this is also
then his story
zen his story is this your story is this your his story is this your her story are you on the story or not
the your story and by your life put you in here are you inheriting this lineage
are you part of the story
if not what do you need to be part of it if you are how so
how are you part of this story how is your history
how is this your history
and it was not how is it not
one are things about a story that someone observes the stories are circles

the they usually go back and connected the beginning
these lineages the last person in the lineage in these lineages when we write them out in our tradition in this lineage when you read out this lineage the last person to leave goes back to the first national the line that goes through the last person
which came from the first person goes back to the first person in this lineage
if this is your story than you connect to the first person in the story and this case not even connecting to shocking when a at first but you connect to the photos before buddha in this lineage
do you connect to the founder of the treaty of this of this lineage does your life go back
and complete the circle to the founder in india does your life go back to even before the founder of india

so this is a con i'm giving you
i'm giving you some
an auxiliary questions to go with this question with the scorn

yeah so i just have lots of questions about this column but

i i want to stop down for a little i'll give you a chance to tell me if this is your story or not
and that reminds me of another story
remind me to tell you that story okay
i might even talk tonight if he reminds me at the right time yes king
secondo wrote the sand okay right


so my

well not i do i think i think i do so mean and the answer is no
right in the light there's darkness another way to say it is right in the thinking does not think he
but don't try to think of the thinking of not thinking when you're thinking
don't try to avoid the thinking in order to get at the not thinking and also right and not thinking right in the so and then in that analogy of light and dark thinking is life is the right thinking is a life in this case the light of discriminating consciousness so right in that
why didn't that thinking there's not thinking or there's yeah there's not thinking it's right there
but don't try to see the not thinking in the thinking and vice versa right in the not thinking they're thinking but don't try to see the thinking in the not thinking
you should you should realize
ah well in this case you should realize the way to integrate the two are harmonize the to this is called the harm and santoku means the harmony of differentiation inequality right or
thinking and not thinking
when you're thinking you're you're differentiating you're making differences when you're not in a not thinking there's no differences this this everything's the same when you're not thinking so it isn't then you try to not think to get through that's just picking one side again
i'd just taking one side again

well it's a long story
are you ready for a long story or you rather have launched or later
okay it's a long story
and some of you've already heard it noise of times he starts like this once there was a rabbi
and his name was
somebody like
shem tov with an emulsion to have the right paul gentle he lived in your home country probably right he lived in poland is why he's he's considered i think the founder of her citizen sorry
baal shem tov a great
ah jewish mystic
how many people heard the story
which one
very good which story
which story and that's part of the story baal shem tov as he was dying he gathered his
his his main disciples
ah senior and junior rabbis and he said
i want you people
do this or to do that and i want you to transmit this teaching and take care of this teaching i want you to take care of this practice i want you to take her this teaching
yea and then when he gave all these teachings out he said to the i think maybe the youngest disciple
he said and i want you
to travel around europe
telling stories about me
because there's quite a few stars
how many people heard this story
yeah poor tema
so are
so you know and when i heard and when i heard baal shem tov assigning this i thought the first attack how arrogant to send out a disciple to make you so make you famous all over europe what you shovel all over europe telling stories about me so at first i thought kind of selfish but then i thought oh this is a call on
it is this teachers not afraid to sound selfish and self promoting
the the student and the student thought what a lousy job he gave all these other people these highfalutin assignments due to teach and i'm just moved to go around tell stars
but as the story goes when vol shem tov gave you an assignment you did your assignment if he or his disciple you do is you do the assignment so this guy started traveling and he traveled to germany ah
de france you know
ah italy
and finally after doing for quite a long time he thought
well i did i think i did it enough i mean there was enough i don't know how long did it
decades pretty long time my impression
and he's funny side to go back home to poland
why am i what point did i say it reminds me of a story to what would you remember when i don't want i said that king
does anyone remember at what point i said that reminds me of the story
it reminded me a stray when king said could it be my story without me knowing it
could this be your story without you knowing it
so he went on told the stories of his teacher and he was a his views on his way back to poland and he heard a rumor i don't know i heard this heard a rumor that there was a very wealthy person in italia who offered
considerable amount of gold for people telling him stories
so the guy thought well maybe i extend my trip of a longer
so he made his way to the home of this very wealthy person who lived in it you know being italian palace
have you heard the story before
hi lucky so far
not too much is too slow
you are you getting sleepy or just
ah yeah you're trying to be patient you're struggling with patients and you didn't agree to this long story
no you didn't know it can be this long as
yeah was is the mortar gum can know can you practice patience of the longer i can stop now that can be have an installments
yeah go ahead in europe where you didn't erupt me interrupted by gone
hi i'm how can gonna just interrupt bomb and is going to maybe if i yawn
yes sir
yes yes whoever you are
who are you be buffed to die dire show who are you
ah you're embarrassed i o show
a yes did you want to anything besides the interrupting me that you wanted to do what
this can come in
no not now did this thing can happen in his vol must believe me
you can wait till next week for the rest
or you could hear more but let's hear from tracy now
backwaters fine
who says
i think it just means that
she's days
seasonings i made this up as a gone
the and and i would i would say
i wouldn't say that i made it up but i would say that i would save the statement that this is a common was constructed
what i don't think i do anything by myself as you may have heard
nobody does
this was created and proposed to you as a con
and the night and i putting how about you at the bottom that made in also calling and call at the top this has never been seen before in the history of zen practice
and that's a characteristic of all the other collins is that they're fresh springtime flowers always
and part of the questions i was going to ask you about this coin is that this coded that this on this lineage people often say that thing is made up that lineage is made up now did i make the lineage up well
maybe i was back in china when they made it up but this wasn't
this is linear did not exist in china because the japanese and american people weren't there yet
but the chinese part people say the sand chinese people made this lineage up so i'm a successor in his lineage so yeah i do make this up and i make it up and on top of making it up i call it a go on
yeah so it's this is but
zan is about make playing make believe
that's what it's about being buddha is about playing make believe make believe your buddha make believe your zen master now you're already some of you i've heard i'm accusing you of this you've told me you're playing make believe that your
a sentient being
you're playing make believe that you're a woman or man
you're already doing it so i came here to support you say yes i i am part of the make-believe of this lineage of this car
is that just is that your story
is can you can you can you do something but you want to go ahead
can make

for the tv for the tv repairman to make collins he has to be in his lineage

now he he has to be in this lineage or some other lineage of cohen on creators
cohen's are not just something that somebody makes up there's somebody some makes up in the inner in the people who are are the villages of on makers
now of course everybody is in this lineage so anybody can make a call
i just gave you the wreck i just gave it to you
i like my my heart
yeah midwinter but i'm telling you
not me
get your story okay that's your column if your car as you're telling right now that's a cool on is that reality what you just said
so there's see nice yeah we've got reality she just made a call on after she said you couldn't
but i agree it may take quite a few years before you can change your name from you too
a as as i a then we write that in here okay but can we change it actually to instead of being that we give you a new name
yes it takes a while before get to have your name in here with a or show after yes right but you but you get your name written in here after you make many coins
where does break and start
it is stupid this circles do not start
because in order to be able to make gonna have to
so what is a win win win
when windows a person has a right to say that something to be a is of
you just did it already and i and i support you do that you said what you said was reality so you said what i just said it is a con and so and i support you to do that but now she said that now we can talk about that for a while and see if you're attached to that are
at all if you're attached to it you don't get as your name
but you can say pardon
because they
okay so if you're not attached to your story that this is reality
yes if you're not the next one as lesson number one and they'll be several more lessons before you get your name on here
the lessons with a special ceremony and after the ceremony than if you become the teacher of a community then you get a dial show after name
so it will take awhile seven point few more lessons like this
okay and and another another part of is yet to be patient
shall i go back to the store in our

there's just actually if we stop at nine fifteen i think they'll be enough time and it does not then there's no the i'm not going to you're not going to rush me i i just can't be rushed in in telling the story is just not possible as can
as you can see
i'm just yeah now we're back where we actually we haven't got to the palace here
so he goes to the palace this guy i said the guy lives in a palace biden
find it
i i have
i'm i'm very happy
i i i happily always think of this on in march
and there's a lot i have i have thought so many interesting things to talk about concerning this goal on that i didn't expect at the at the beginning how much there would be but now i feel like you spend quite a long time in the school on for example next week and the week after and a week after
and so on so yeah i i do intend to continue to to ask you questions about this gone

are you want a little blip
how about you that's the blip so you just concentrate on how about you you asked that question all the time okay how about you that's the question which
stacie doggies then asked jaco ne again that's what mods do asked ya cosign a in that's what i ask you so now you by asking that question you are
in this lineage the you can keep saying what about how

just time to go back to the story
it's time to go back to the story okay
so he heard about this guy who lives in the palace that goes to the palace you know and knocks on door or some might that and lo and behold a rich man opens the door and he said i heard you pay gold for people who tell stories of
what anything
and i've got some stores
in a man said great come on in
and it goes in the ants in the man sitting down
in a beautiful table and a beautiful romney said i'm i'm i'm ready tell me your stories
and the young man says well my stories that i tell our about
the great rabbi baal shem tov in the man says wow
how wonderful i've heard about him
please tell me stories about baal shem tov in how i'm not rushing
so the young man says well
doing what he said when you say
do you say
yeah right he said i a while or i can't remember any stories about them toby's is the most amazing thing i've been telling stories or bottom all over europe and now i can't tell it
i don't member any stars this is very embarrassing remains a calm down
come down
just relax had dinner go to bed with talk tomorrow so that happens next day
they meet again he still can't remember any stories about baal shem tov
i'm not gonna make it

but i'll try to end at a good point
i can think of a good point sand
so i think that he he can't remember the next day and the man says all right no hurry i can put you up definite layer
like i really want to hear your stories of baal shem tov
in this goes on for maybe five days he can't remember and finally the boys young man so embarrassed and so uncomfortable he says i gotta go the man says okay you can go
and if you remember you can come back later
this is so perfect to end at this time it's better than
it's better than telling your story but not as but but it's not nearly as good as the whole story
but it's better to stop now or stop soon then tell the whole story because a you could live with it and the people have heard don't tell the other people
who else knows the and
i don't tell
don't charlie charlie is going to be child is gonna be posting these talks taxa don't make a comment at the end
so anyway the yet young man leaves the leaves the palace and as he's walking away he remembers the story
and it's not a very good story
but it is a story about baal shem tov and it's also about him
it's his story
so you met any went back and he and he remembered the story
and he told the man the story and next week i'll tell you the rest of the star i'll tell you the story that he told the man
the richmond
it's a the yeah so it fits perfectly with
what's going on here
so i
i just feel like the this is a miraculous gone that has been created
i hope you enjoy it
how about you gay
be upright
with how about you
and when you say how about you you're not talking about somebody else you're talking to yourself how about you amanda you save yourself
which is another call on one more
the master we gone when he got up in the morning he was say to himself master
and he would answer yes
and then he would ask himself are you awake and he would say yes
and then he would say it himself all day long
don't let anybody distract you from this
so say to yourself in the morning
master noone answered yes
are you awake yes all day long don't let anybody distract you from this
how about you don't worry be distracted from us
not got to give to you