On Zen Center History, Personal History, and Nona Ransom

Given by Suzuki Roshi on Tuesday, September 16, 1969 -- (IA)
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Interview of Suzuki Roshi by Peter Schneider
[From almost the very first, for a while very hard to understand because mike is on the tape recorder. But it has been checked pretty closely and I think it's 99.9% right. -- DC- circa 1996] [I spent a week going over these tapes and making sure of the of the transcription. A lot of it is almost impossible to hear. I was very pleased when I found an earlier transcription by Katherine Thanas that was almost identical to mine. Date in question in my mind. Might be interview associated with lecture on Miss Ransom of 69-11-09. In parts of this interview Suzuki and Schneider are looking at the Curriculum Vitae Suzuki and Kobun Chino had made (69-09-16-W). Often they did not identify what on the CV they were discussing. Suggest to read edited versions where I spent a lot of time trying to make sense of this and other sections and interviews and organizing the information more logically. -- DC, 3-09] Entered onto disk by DC -1996 or so. Revised by Bill Redican 9/01. Revised by DC 2/15 *** File name: 69-09-16-IA: On Zen Center History, Personal History, and Nona Ransom (Not Verbatim) Revised by DC 2/15. Changed "69-09-16-srcv-full" to "69-09-16-W"; changed "McNeil" to "McNeill" 12/16, dc.