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today i want to talk about
what is the teacher
where did you been

it seems like a time i noted a fair amount of confusion
what did they get you
i throw my gonna talk about it
i used to talk about something like that
right you might you not really
i just you
i tried out

i'll tell you a story about a number here to go them
and we will be in garden
when particular he will go live
and you know you to be really think i haven't made a whole period and a bit with them and think it's a here
and this particular period or meditating
as a man he started packing
i don't remember it so much of when he said
and he said i'd never think about teacher and thing
right if you'd think i'm in a teacher you're making a mistake
if you think you're in team and not right
every time the teacher browse the disciples and time with the strike or bad
what you want to be a good teacher you'd have to be a good do you want to be a it didn't have to be a good teacher
he said something like that after while in effect and be more than picking day
and hit everybody run after them
the people the fitbit britney had to tell who is the teacher fair
who is the next one who is this to fam
after well he ran out of breath and how do we do was hit
hmm i mention the spirit you know wake you up in the pan
we were anything
where you sit here now we sit here and together
the bird and said
and there's the sensation of your breathing
other sensation of here
i'm a christian more
i mean your teacher or not
how do they taste and configure
you can see right away with very simple moment by moment
if you want
to be a good thing you have to do the kitchen and want to do with teacher you have been
if you want to sound of the brain
the sensation of the bed
the typical patient and with kidding
he want them to speak to you
you have a written
how otherwise you know after while think have a dream get their think your candy
here you know we take our own can help oftentimes granted
one time i was that a convalescent hospital
and many people there said
oh you're such a young man
you have your help you should be very grateful for your help i would never grateful for my now
now i'm all the i'm thick and a privately held the arabic so grateful
what about what you have it
and then you need something else
and so you know people can to and then center people come to various true
i'm looking for a kitchen looking for
the teacher
i mentioned there's some confusion about it can
and recently i was thinking about it it reminded me of
my experience in running a comfort
and sending a man who killed in europe
have you know and i could recreate many little clues
hurt the onions until their friends listen
no onion instead out kind of white and then you cook them for a while and they get your refund
our editor read how long
and we wrote
you know the construction you
if you're using fresh factor to consider a fresh pasta is being you
or how it fresh to be you know you walk into the kitchen
you discover that fresh pasta thing here

when you react accordingly
but we had a lot of discussions with them
and this is true although i did a taken to take with vinegar how much
i thought rather than taking the not another ingredient
now is taken in you you add a little bit
let's see what that a little bit do if you can i it
ha so good thing about finally it said
cut the vegetable and further tender as you're right
how long
how do we know
this is what she said you know
how quickly the way we had written to
and i think often times when people have impacted
a spiritual path they have the same kind of president
and people think know in a simple way like a fitting one create meditation get didn't feel much better
a few years ago with a test the era in the students were attacking and pay for the practice favorite attacking about how much meditation where are we going to do and he put that they really wanted to meditate a lot
and maybe we can have more one week machines to meditate not n
so i tried to say something i said something i made a real to the big rock on right that very diplomatic you know i said i really appreciate your interest and enthusiasm and spirit for meditation
and i'm really willing as i would tend to be that as the fact is that i'm willing to have more one day to day deben day are fitting but also i want to say that if you think the only place for anything
betty and learn
and receive the taking it in meditation repeat the mistake and then you'll be wasting a lot of time when you're outside the meditation hall
i'm thinking that that's not really were at that
and then right away several people said
but we're here to sit
i ifi the green with that now
mua that kind of thing can get alive
why is it did that value what is it the benefit and then more must be better and then it's sitting meditation is survival than walking to the meditation how much not a survey over that's still pretty good yeah anyway
right about walking out of the meditate
know what about when you're walking down the path right about keeping the garden what about when you're watching the lettuce
how is it a value or not is there and teach teaching there or not
who is the teacher
do it too thin
when this happened with our editor in new york and know seven then
i will that is the difference between new york and california
in new york you have the authority someone who know
how you know that who doesn't know exactly how to do it but you won't have to separate ever the indignity of making a mistake and it will come out perfectly want it
no problem and you won't have to have an anxiety and worry any bother you just follow the direction he would you told and everything worse
he's right the free know
and you won't have to observe for yourself whether the onions are white or translating
now you can just forget your words

married a meditation and forty minutes
i wrote a lengthy explanation humor about how to tell when vegetables are tender to right
how do we now know your teeth can bite into them with our family resistance that not so much that your jacket time
or a fight
like that
anyway in california and different not cook the vegetables each other as tenders you like and were played by here you know like value know that my you know you know pigmented all you know hang out and never know
i think it's more than just the difference between easter person i mean i think it's a different in
i'm in mentality dear know psychology because we do have this the which and longing to find
you know to find out how to
come sample i had to live without anxiety know where it came out alright are people going to write that are they going to write me
you know what will people think of me
what will happen to me the pros i can't do very well adam
we've never had that problem
and it would be really nice know someone they weren't someone who could say
now it's like this was like added to the list to that
and he produced sometimes when you can follow that one for island
and then if you're curious to know somebody can tell you what just get just that and then
you know but you can't tell them right
marriage instead of one way relationship time
the bridge are like that right this thing and then they will want it to visit me for while and to
prepared for them
when anyway
yeah i don't think that the point of a teacher is too
i can you are welcome mine just what to do that you don't have to therapy therapy staff
what's happening in your life
when the ends are clear weaknesses and rather the was dependent now and then for your online
you're sitting cross legged meditation and your nice heard in the contents or your backing
well should i have this thing
teacher when i do when it hurts
oh you know and then well what kind of hurt is it a minute
are you going to ask somebody else what to do with it i mean and you figure out what to do with it and really mean what can i do it is there to go away now i want to get rid of that i don't want to have it i don't like it around
you know for then can be spread to help you get rid of work you don't lie
i like that worrying about consented to this didn't paint a picture and said
to teach you read about the didn't you can't cope you never said and the teacher said
but your then after your first to be able to handle everything
and the teacher said if i could go i'd be able to do something about the fact that you can't go
whoa you know perhaps are a good teacher i will give you back and we'll give you the teacher back and you will be your own featured he'll be that with being on teacher
i once again you tried to get somebody else to be a teacher and guide that
what is it or the birds are saying
what is that teaching again
there's lots of stories and then you know ten ten to the de-emphasize and teachers to some extent so ah you know someone or ask the teacher and
what does it mean that all things have good nature and the teacher says i don't know
and then it didn't for your particular you mean you don't know if you go out the poet
are things like that
her wedding attorney know what do you have
how will you let them
i want to tell you a little bit about my experience at one point sitting
when i started doing meditation i thought well you do it the way told to do it
the town cause raise right rep trey
and then you know you keep their pastor i tried to project well at in our one point i would be sitting like this and then you know i didn't artist between like this or next thing i know my opinion in case
now that's not where they certainly have to set up
now now i gotta real argument for and how to do meditation with my bad
now he is the person's the teacher and his decision
no am i going to teach my back had a dozen or is my back going to teach me
writing the credit
chances are your bags in a win
hip their your back has more to tell you than you have to tell your back
but i had to argue with my back for pretty long time you know because i wanted to be i knew what the way to design and while you sit up straight
and my bag bit now
i know better than you had to medication
well my back one i said no you lose every time like the time i was sitting in my neighbor as that you can hurt me or her to back and market
now you're going to stab her didn't know either
well then i heard you might
why you lose again every time you know you live you know you need when you're back wins
and then you have no teacher you know you have simply standing
where's the whitworth when how do you suppose we ever learn anything right
rather than a telling our body and mind and you know the rest the universe have behaved there's something that just won't listen he found that behave they don't pay any attention we know this banana
i'm ready and of his work
put him anywhere i found i had to study my you know from under my back
but is there anything in our dynamic there are so i thought well my back doesn't really want to sit back like this do you know i tried throughout what he likes sitting like this finally
no i don't think so a know
that's kind of tired after a while well what about you know here in an email
here are very nice place now where they were they were exactly new insert some string
what matters you were when you need to relax
how am i going to do it
you know what i mean they have to stay in your bath he wants to set
betty with your back i do it
so you can sit way affected when with many places have been bad
how way down to them
that's something you keep getting written
he meant what does it have to say
and it's very it's a little bit settle because the first thing you hear it now read that here
and you have to understand the different reaction to the practice using it says jane
and this is the same way when you know a relationship with other people
when we make you know the teacher will make the to who estate in and the didn't makes the teacher i teach you
this is our work with steady
the teacher is not a teacher until your thing
here dad you can't hear anything that buried that just buried
your breath does it teach you anything or not he is steady with it or not your breath becomes a teacher when you become a film that your bed
the sensation of the nice meeting the i
the air on your faith
how each banana become i teach your when we are a student
when i said
i have when i listened
you see are we tried to write a cookbook like that
how did you know can out with that not a ticket for to take this is how to do it and you won't have ever made me thing
he won't ever you won't have to have a problem in cooking you won't have any anxiety
what's gonna come out just follow the directions and will come out perfectly
hey this is very tempting think you do to think that
are there is someone out there like that
you know
there was a student and
jack kornfield when he would he became a mom who can be that
i'm nothing i'm pretty with the market thailand during the vietnam war
our every so know they can take it here the bomb going off
ah across the board of they were near the border avoid monastery
they didn't do a lot of meditation there they prepare the temple early in the morning they went out to pay for food they had to walk
i pay three hours
i'll do the right that is the middle beverages to their third and people would be reading for them prior think the problem in mind to get them through
and there's no way to you're not allowed as amount to pay to the present thank you
he only way you can expect any other things are grateful with a superior packet some theory
the only way to pay repay the kindness
anyway i rejected fairly young then and he was quite energetic and enthusiastic and he thought
and they're not very that you know they ought to be doing more meditation
when he went to the ditch and said you know i think we need to be meditating more and yeah
ah and the have more serious practical and you know what else are you not seem like a very bright and teach you to me
the teachers bed
you're very fortunate answered i'm very fortunate for you isn't it
right now
and the teaches that if i was the fit your image of what an enlightened teach your way you'd still be looking for the buddha outside of yourself
hi i'm going to read you a couple of story
this is from about how can i help it go
how can i know find a of birth
i'm proud of the wonderfulness about this book is that it's not like this i'm a part of what i find very appealing as it's not like there's some expert here telling you were at that
it's it's is ordinary people
and then added incredible insight
here's one for example
i've been chronically ill for twelve years stroke paralysis that's what i'm dealing with now
i've gone to rehab program after rehab program
i may be one of the month rehabilitated people on the faith of the earth i also be president
i've worked with a lot of people and i've seen many types and edited people try very hard to help me do my best on my own
they understand the importance of that self-sufficiency in february
are positive and optimistic and i admire them for their perseverance
my body broken
but they still worked very hard and that they're very dedicated i have nothing but respect with them for them but i must say that
i have never ever met someone who sees me at all
just the way i am can you understand it
can you know one saved me and helped me see myself as being completed as it
no one really see how that's true at the deepest level
everything else is just band you know
now i understand that this is what i've got to see for myself my own with them my own home it
for when you're talking about what really hurt and about when i'm really not getting from those who are trying to help me that's it
that feeling of not being seen as whole
how am i get very lucky
and i think that that's one of the
ha things that a teacher some time
know a teacher can do that for it and i think it's the most important thing that keeps teacher can do
just to help but i've been helped me see myself at home just as it
mr up and you go to new know you come to a teacher and say well i've got this problem that goblin and connect to try to sound i have been founded prayer
how without giving you so much the idea that you're okay isn't it normal that you haven't kind of difficulty
i appreciate that about
hatred or contempt who are able to r give me that feeling
i had that kind of a brain for a time while many countries to security but there was one time and in particular that i remember
when i was working in the kitchen and that to have and you know how hectic it contains trying to get a meal ready for a lot of people
and shortly before lunchtime i was quite involved in getting everything ready and i heard
our boys calling my name
i don't know how long that voice has been calling my name but i heard that name being called n
first then i and then it took me awhile to realize that that as with me because it sounded like a really nice person
you know we've been addressed
and i didn't feel like very much of a nice person at the time i felt very you know battle and kind of angry and an irritable and in trying to get everything done in ten
and yet there is this roy thing as that there was a really nice person
and it was like this person i had never i had no idea that that would mean
and and he would like the difference between having a whole lot of storm cloud than ali go away and as a beautiful blue sky
it felt bad and the spanish dining
so wonderful
when moved
have yeah not something
anyway i think that
special kind of
i don't know i don't want the best you know exactly because i don't think he planned to do that you know he just walked in and need to the below
i know what made him a teacher
why to teach you want
where were they teach you
whoa in their case you know something someone out there awaken touches something in me that i didn't know but was it there and me are not already
macquarie be here
how everything we need to know must already been here
i want to read another turn out
as an intern part of my work was to travel around and teams examining asian i would notice their look as we entered intimidated apprehensive feeling like a study of various illnesses i hated that but i wouldn't intern so i went along with it
i remember one guy distinctly however it was altogether different
i think this guy changed my life
he was a black man in his sixty very cute very mischievous and very thick
what brought us repeatedly to him was the other complexity of his illness condition on top of condition and the mystery of why he was still alive
it was so strange we were visiting not to find out what was wrong with him but why of is still here at all
i had the feeling he could see right through it
he'd say hey boys when we came in
the way you might win a gang of ten year old and barging into a house for a snack and the middle of it and ten game said he was so please and so new
it made some people it
what i was in trade
but for some weeks i never had a chance to be alone with him
now and then he'd get into very serious trouble and he'd be moved into intensive care than he'd rally to everyone's amazement and read moving back and we'd visit him again he say you boys here again
we're still around
one night there was an emergency and i took the initiative and went to see him alone he looked pretty bad
but he came alert a few seconds after i entered it gave me a grin and said well
heard of like he'd been expecting me
like didn't know how much i'd come to love him and happens in hospital
i imagine that look a little surprised that the rel
when we just laugh a minute and i stood there just so taken by who he was and then he hit me with a single remark have a question and have something out
oh you he said smiling
get that are you
i started to say well i'm doctor
and then i just that call it turned to describe i just sort of went out
what happened was that all kinds of answers to questions during to go through my head they all seem true but they all seem less than two yeah i'm better i'm bad and and also but we're not just and that's not the whole picture
all pictures
the thought process went something like that nothing remotely like that had ever happened to me
but i remember feeling very elated
it must be shown that the because they gave me this big grin and said nice to meet you
his timing killed me
that we talked for five minutes about this than that nothing in particular children i think and at the end i venture to say is there anything i can do for you he said no i'm just fine thanks very much doctor
and he paused for the name and i gave it to him this time
and he granted me again really he did and that was there
he died a few days later when i carry him around today
i think of him now and again and amidst of my rounds a particular moment or particular patient brings him back
oh you
for years i trained to be a physician and i almost got lost in it
this man took away my degree
and gave it back to me with and also
and also and also
scribble the crossfit
i'll never forget that
where you see we never quite know how when will run into
a teacher
when will meet as a teacher when we would be a student
had it things we're doing we're also a teacher
huh never be there are times when we realize our own holiday
as it
whether it's hearing
the bird sing or a hearing the sound of the engines and are cooking
now at the bread coming out of the oven
ha and we won't be trying to make all the particulars perfect you know
we'll have our own it already
we want a way to experience founded until everything is fifth right
when will that be
the last time
i think awkward with the palm from real time
i am a upvoted from the for it sound very young
yeah i know they don't get that all of them in front of been around for a few hundred years already but the birth a minute now
i couldn't
what are we supposed to be getting out of this i'm gonna go

and you i'm the i'm actually attacking the i'm rena really have anything years but be getting out with know i hope that's clear
i mean even though it might sound like in others maybe something to get out of it but i figure giving the talk is like cooking i mean it's my job to give the talk and your job to receive it you know like if i could
and then i tell you know you better like it
no i mean that if it gets really manipulative after while you now have another helping
you're not eating enough you're eating too much
she'd be appreciated anymore why are any not just scarfing down
so i figured anyway my job is no i offer it and then people say yeah right calvin you know i'm calvin and hobbes the thing yet with that this man said this is a vegetarian meal needs to do i hate this was i'm a desert caribbean
anyway i don't know what you like did not like you know an obvious they i found that long ago when you cook you can't please everybody
who put out me on the radio business and people say no a macrobiotic they say your poison s and other people say that the brand much and know hoping you'd better
so i figure it's my job to make this offering he now and then you can get yeah and you throw it over there are you to look at it through are pretty cute and they're you know i might have a bite or two
and then on to something else in if you do with it what to do with it i can't help that that's a clear
so anyway this is wrong
to get to real time
yeah theory that rights you aren't there
ah to serve a simple from but it said what we've been talking about today
and he said when you speak the truth there's nothing but the truth when you speak delusion there's nothing but the region
outside of the truth are there is no delusion
but outside of the region there is no special treat
how right you already home
outside of division there is no special true
the buddha away why he is so earnestly speak for the true in distant places
look for true and delusion in the balance out your own heart