The Womb of the Tathagata #5

Given by Tenshin Reb Anderson at No Abode Hermitage on Saturday, August 11, 2018 -- (AM)
About this talk
Meeting a teacher, asking about the teaching and listening to the teaching. Bodies and minds sitting silently and conversing.
We have this expression. In. The. Japanese question. Coming from. An ancestor named elegant which in Japanese is Song Sung Shimon Paul. The son needs to visit or. Practice for meat. And cheese changes so first part because Russian is to be a teacher. Second part is number which translates as. Ask about teaching. About. The truth. Or the Buddha's. Also can be understood as in addition to ask about the Cajun to listen to teaching the word care commo. Needs to pass this. Part of the practice to grow we need to take you. To listen to the teaching ask about teaching. Russell. To be listened to. And to be. People ready quite familiar with listening to the teaching coming out of the teacher's mouth. So that you really think if you listen to the teaching come out of the picture of Mars. But also a teacher might ask you questions. About the order don't. Read Part of the practice. I can listen to that T.J.. And listen to about the teacher. Many times people ask me Do you need a teacher then. I usually said yes. We need a teacher to get this practice of. Listening to the teaching and asking about the teaching Hey listen to me and teachers will listen to us. To ask us to talk to us about. Are we understand Don. And the ancestor says that this which is part of the practice. Of some people the other private practice is called wholeheartedly sitting. Right where it is like they present with your body and mind or having a present body and one is also. The practice practice of these two parts one is. They present with yourself your body mind the presence of the other is a conversation. Which we hear body and mind and another party or many fathers or two partners. Are. They really hit rock. They really hit the spot. Or the bridge. The two together. Sort of earlier this morning. When you were practicing. Being present at your seat. On the seat where we said. I would say is the. Place. Of awakening. Was here sitting at the place of awaiting the president. More body and mind have been present as your body. And now are doing nothing. But listen I'm not asking. Face to face. So I guess some people are a lot of people think that they can practice by themselves just sitting. And they wake up hope. There's another aspect of this is just said. It's also we need a somebody and listening to the teaching and asking about the condition in place of that. And so. These two are not actually separate. They are one thing waking up to itself. Sorrow by practicing mating with the teacher. And listening to the teaching. We come to understand. One worth. Wholeheartedly sitting. With one party they have present. What but the conversation. Said not I'm having a conversation with you and you're having a conversation with me and in this conversation. I'm the thirty but when you're sitting in silence and stillness that's a conversation. I'm saving up to. So that you can wake up while you're sitting. This will help you break up here sitting because they should. Pretty much stop talking here again you have to signal. You've got this message to take to your city. It's like a time bomb. Blow up here. Here waiting mine to morrow more full inflations. And there goes the other way. Sitting is necessary. In order to wake up. To. The truth but when you're having a conversation. Actually that he's. Hidden. A conversation is actually sitting still and silent. Within it could help you work up he said if you could realize that there was stuff there sitting in the conversation and the conversation can help you recover so that there's a conversation in the sitting. Room ever so some people think I've been practicing sitting for many years at my house it's been good. I was all by myself. Now I realize Brad. There's another part of Brad to scald a conversation with the teacher about the Dharma this is a great. Run sometime later the person says realizes the holders hears I practice and I'm by myself I wasn't practicing by myself. Rubbish years I was sitting in my halls with no one else around I was in conversation. With all beings or I was sitting. So these two sides were together. It was very nice to have these We're really happy right here. Another part as I talked to somebody on the bike recently. Different conversation different person. Maybe even a different gender a person. And. I could talk about the four of them are might be a good time to say it again because. It's kind of surprising what I read on and. That is that. Just like sitting alone you're actually in conversation when you're in a conversation or actually sitting around one alone as well one. Is like God. Right or you're calling to someone when you're talking to someone you're also listening. Oh. I call. All they can you. And not only am I calling I also listen. Not only am I calling it a calling is listen. But calling you this isn't. Cold and heartless and. You're listening. And you're calming. And some people might have trouble understanding why they're calling right now with their not talking. For a few seconds I was quite as you see there. But kind of pauses longer and you see that there was a problem as I was he probably didn't see it did you observe my silence. Did you listen to my silence did you hear my silence. Did you hear that silence. You're listening to my silence. And I'm listening to yours. And I'm Michel mentioned something and I heard it. Right maybe not so easy to understand is that Michelle's sound his cough was a cough. Or maybe hard for you to understand during my silence that you were listening to. OK I say you were listening to my silence. But it may be a surprise to hear but while I was silent I was calmly. And I'm proposing that I want this one sided with you I'm calling to you. And in my silence I'm listening to you. When I'm talking I'm calling to you and listening to you when I'm silent my colleague here and listening to you. When you're silent listening to me we're calling for the committee you're calling to me and listening to yourself and me by the time. It's kind of like was an opportunity here to wake up to this. This is the reality. Of the Buddha mind. And you've been calling to me. I've been listening. And I've responded to you call. By listening to your call. And I'd respond if you call by speaking. And so far except for Michelle's cough you've responded to my call. By not speaking but even though you weren't speaking your sides with a call your silence is a call your silence is a call. And I'm going to repeat the same for a while. Except I didn't. Change to I'm going to public you send. Just a buck Yes Are you calling I'm a big big burly before the question and now calling the last. Year calling for him and I'm calling for compassion and I'm currently. We're calling for compassion. Right out of silence I'm calling for compassion. And I came here and this morning I sat with you out of the state and I called for compassion and compassion was here in the ninety's. And guess who gave it to me. When we universe each one of you gave me compassion what I call for thank you very much I had to call for I would be a living in a different world from the shortest. Route I don't live in a different world from the British because you can't get out of the Buddhist world. To track you down wherever you are. Slap you with. Compassion you can't get away for good is like bashing. Is impossible. People and tried but nobody succeeded. And even though they tried it does not succeed said I succeeded I got away from Buddhist compassion I was like living my life and nobody was compassionate to me I think you know nobody Some people do that but that's the course big all. Yes. Right in the white right here it is. Here as it is here is because you say truth when there are of course. The next Saturday is not you would sleep. Literally is sleep. We are there right. Where are you going. You know where you are say. There's I'm gone and there's you get distracted. Yes yes dreamland we go to dreamland yesterday my dream goes to dreamland in dreamland it's right I probably got other things for you to go with I think about my you don't need we don't need you to meditate on this teaching what we need to do is horrible. I really really coming back really really where we really want us where it was well sometimes hard to remember dreams when you wake up to a government. That's part of the deal you know. That run rate drift off into a dream I have something other than a British station at that very time in that dream I think I'm not calling for British teaching right now. I mean I'm calling for something in. My world week and I. Ask you would you go see if you can find a little black box. Near those sailboats. There by sailboats in the docks on. Our own self going to rain or what. If it's a married yet. He said it was floated in the sky or. The part of a mile below which. Recently fell apart when I opened the door. The case of. The wind blew them apart or were in the process of repairing immobile so that the. Sailboats up in the sky again. And I was going to stay here but we forgot to record these talks are probably going to be a Really Good morning. To you right now I see that there's a recorder here sir probable particularly. Not a good one from good record. This isn't. Was just something of the British and there is nothing other than the Buddhist teaching. Even though part of what is changing is to say that's not Buddha's teaching. For at least you know that's not. Going to have. If you've got the Buddha dharma you have a teaching of refrain from all evil if you don't have that good it's not the true God but we do have that teaching so if you don't. Get it here. For good behavior. For somewhere to forgive if you forget it. All stupid everybody is that. You. If you can if you are. It all worthless for the body is money. If you are out to distract yourself that's not him. I could have dug myself I had a chance it is a result but I just can't pay attention I missed an opportunity to be destructive that's for. Me. I think it's not good enough to get distracted from the rescue right from the kitchen. You. Are the people who care about jobs. You have to determine in again every family where you from. Your dead cager is called. Good teachers call your good teacher isn't this. Your calling to your good teacher. And you're listening to your kids. And I'm told you're a good teacher and you're good teachers listen to me. Of course different. Way of writing your teacher was a lot. Different everybody's listening to me and their unique way. At this moment. Everybody is probably in their unique way this month. And I'm listening to everybody my listening to everybody. But everybody called. On Me Call me a body. And everybody listening to it right is my life. And when I die it. Will reduce this death then it will be this is. And this is the. We can't get away from after but you can be distracted and also if you can even I have heard a lot. Most people have not even heard T.J.. But everybody's calling everybody. People have heard that they have heard of teachin or they have heard is there really which says I'm calling some people out of yours. Originated or maybe with a gun reddish or. Would you say you're here to her is kind of reddish. Row. I'd call the lower she answered me. But I some are called to meet us will. Come to her. Anyway a lot of people have not heard of this teaching. But they do have the thought I sometimes call some people but I don't have the time cut all the people. Who most of you know that you sometimes call some people right. Most if you call somebody. And you know and you think that you did right. Or is it would just that's right you did. And sometimes people listen to you when you called right most people think that I was sometimes listen to what we're going through we were your daughter was just as. Much holding We true that's totally the case I think he said as he I wouldn't say that's totally true that's totally the way things are but they've been working. It's the truth. And that's the Buddha mind. Which we can't get away from. Which we have right now and we have the opportunity to dinner. And we are taking care of it. We're all taking care of it in unique way from a unique. Place. Awakening. Commonly heard of the word dojo regime. So what is the journey. Track record on training or practice place we literally go always with the path or awakening. You care to know or doll he's the rape but also in Buddhism lesson means. Awakening. And it also means in Chinese to speak. And Joe Joe Joe Joe is the place. It's the place of the way we're going to place what we can and invent each person's seat so we had the Zendo as he told me of the dojo right this is the place of awakening but each person's seat. Is that the original. And it's a Chinese translation. From Sanskrit word called bodie Mangala. Or Bodhi Munda. So. It's both is awakening on your life it's like the circle of the seat of the awakening. And. Person worthy you are even if you were walking down the street here walking every step. Of the practice place. At the train all. Of the place the way. Everybody's calling you to take care of. Creation take care of your body. Please take care of the place where you can it's happening. And your unique place. Please accept your responsibility to. Your Plate your time. Everybody's asking you to do that. We're asking everybody to help you everybody is helping you about asking. You're listening to everybody asking. Your trade open. Any particular question you're making up the universe to do the same. As self help you practice. I had a problem which is that. Your colleague from me can be quiet. And I. Said that. I'm not saying that. He believes I don't need requiring. Calling out I don't. Know the reason why. You know we're here because you said if you say beings are calling out. And they don't know what they were Yeah I think that's really not always clear. Like somebody might say for example they must. Do not be compassionate to to me when I say. They're calling for compassion in the way they express that that is cannot be compassionate to me. Or they might say I hate you granddaddy. That's the way they might call for compassion is by saying I don't want to. Hear that they don't know they want compassion it and our Gulf News example my grandson he's having breakfast in L.A. and he's been with this by his grandfather. He has to remember this but there's maybe a math one that's me with watching him breakfast. To shower him with adoration appreciation and devotion and you know. And he grows his face up. With his Would you please stop staring at me. I'm. Not that moment he's feeling hassled by my adoration and he's calling for compassion for me to lighten it up to give him a break from this and being. This cold and being about the regime give me a break Grandaddy I'm uncomfortable with all this heat and heat maybe he doesn't know he's asking you to give me a break so I do I look at the ceiling. He's after me to start working on America and I do he would but he didn't say no I'm calling for that. Or your guy to stop giving me whatever that is giving me this is too much for me to receive and eat breakfast. With practice you can live you can actually eat breakfast and receive. But most people like if I was receiving all that love I wouldn't be able to live my spoon or my fork so give me a break I want to eat I don't want all that love I want. Here you know Cheerios. So he calls for my right gift of looking away from him and I'm too and they win and he gets it and gets that he was his for the first plucking to me again and he allows me to block him but he needs he got compassion from turning the intensity down a little bit but he didn't know I was asking for compassion. Or you seem like he was. And if somebody says I hate you doesn't sound like this thing would you please be compassionate to me they are they want you to listen they want you to listen to them say I hate you they're saying that to because they want you to hear I hate it when you kind of this into it and then they feel like OK. I'm sorry I sent them to you but I'm still proud of you listen to me so I can feel sorry I said it because you know full impact of talking out way to you doesn't really work if you don't even hear it. But you don't listen but he took her to. Appreciate it. So we're trying this is a process of waking up to Buddha. We British are listening to everybody who called by everybody and their big corps of compassion and wisdom. And they're giving up. In their kitchen are the people but they're the same but it is a looking at us and sent here just like me. They don't realize it yet so we have this teaching which we say over and all. The greater wakes up and says not all I see what are living beings only with us. Wisdom. Are the times like this or. Wherever will go we didn't require a beautiful cup we didn't know that everybody fully possessed what is wisdom but it wisdom is to see that everybody is possessive and also to see what they have misconceptions in attachments and because of those they don't realize it and are used to having misconceptions and attachments and I didn't realize it now I realize it and someone to help them realize. Realize what what they've already got rich is. Graham got it that there. Is. Probably everybody that buys mood his wisdom best from his wisdom and he brought in God. Because of attachment is right to breath first. And getting you know eating and we might see later on that plane. Give me a break from this to put in my. One and again if you are given a break it was so good no. Thanks. I don't care it is just shaken I. Went here just isn't sure if you are and by the way you know the whole universe cannot change. The Russian. Girl universe is in the shape of not thank you. For all the rust of the whole universe we're. Not your fault. And you're all of us as you now to us. But sure job I think you did a good job by the way. We've been through this. And you might you might actually get a different shapes. Or guest on. What color. It. Was I don't know is. Because it is morally. Right it is. A very. It is a given it is yeah. It is said for Rich you stop staring at. My dick really trading this is where it got going it is. The same problem that. We're beings. Around. Without finding the right Raj we aren't here to learn. How much is that right. But the city. The city of should realize the cities that. You are the doctor. The way you are right now is the Don. Imus in here and you are no you are to me and your and your right to digital you right now right that's what you are you are you are going to say to you are going to die when the R R R Is it used to be the way your right that's about. Sitting is just is just this or that bad beat when you let that be you did this conversation. But if you talk too much if I talk too much. Going on I'm not so good. When police didn't come from the right. But when they go together you gotta do the job of being you are here for you to respond properly when I said it would you please stop picking on me. If you're if you're going to be around asking you will do. Something but I'm not going to my car. Not realize and I worry you done your job exactly it works appropriate time close. Beside him. I think is that you have. To. Go with him beguiled him with the way he was I was perfect. I think it is pretty good and he said just said we should please stop staring at me. And I looked at the ceiling. And he was there for us he said. He was the boy who resigned we look at the human and then he was ready for the next round in this direction both of us I think did pretty well on. His way is general problem our job in his job as he said this is too intense Grandaddy can be agreed I say OK. He says it's OK I'm not. Listening to station and what we have the job of the round the sun. Dial this is me being me. Maybe me. Is that his style is a conversation. But I had to take. The dial I have to be a comedian heard his conversation that's why. We need we need conversation to realize his sitting is a conversation. And we need to do to realize that the conversation shouldn't work if they think everybody there. Are good guys did it everybody is a battle everybody has a place but it's a game. Of everybody's a place of awakening So part of it is NOT accept responsibility for what's going on with you right now. And those that you wake up the course of conversation. And ruin your conversation accepting responsibility for sedition and toward treating the. Yes. I'm the same conversation really just seeing your interaction one person at a time afterwards see that. He's. Just thinking of their vision sitting there I was there and I see everybody else everybody's in they're all chatting and then you just stating go along as fast. That's a line man. Yes it's. Big Oh big it looks impossible to me me just have to back how could you do that in. Just isn't it appears is impossible. I do it because everybody helping me. I do not do myself. Everybody has to be the person who is this way I cannot do it myself I do not make myself you make. And yes I understand that but I am saying things about. What is it backs up. My last house. And the word is still just said it just like. Feel like there's this silliness has to do. Should speak how. We all are. And words to be able to. State that in conversation the Internet chatter each requires. Man and mom stuff is just the most. Is home to leave. The train where you just said his tree. To tree rocky he even got a volume of. Human mind body cavities in the back. Because he is just in to see them all. And his command. For the words that are approved. So if you just said was true and then recover that it's impossible for. Him. It's not impossible. And. Yes I think. It was right. Time to. Summon help somebody else is calling me yes yes. I was really a when I was little. Is being. Done you know I'll be right my. Ration. Place will be saved I'll be easy. Everything everything everything yes. And all these things that you mentioned are calling to me. Listening to. The world to come to you. And I'm just going to be there Guard Egypt. And you were called by then claim that it's. One of the. Calling to be worse lead in the universe to be rise to the universe. We are her responsibility is that you were contributing. Were contributing on a devoted to this teaching. Was teaching that I'm trying to get it and the teaching out. By trading we can actually realize. It's already the case. That anything to do right or some key. Thing is that they we are made to sort of higher. Beings who are the way they are and no other way and yet we have to practice it's a job to be yourself. You know we are we are it's also our responsibility you know where you are and they've killed the We Are my children we. Don't want it except to care for their responsibilities the process of growing up and becoming more and more responsible. And more responsible for everybody maybe responsible. So I have already to teach them you are responsible to me. And all of your responsibility to each other to teach and I'm going to our children expect them to believe the teacher. Will to you. For help you understand him and be grateful to you. Because I would be able to hear the keeping with. What I'd do if you were you. He says Remember remember this teaching This is a teaching to remember it says to me and it's to you. It's the human one. I have to work at big how I am already. The way to get what you are you already are is that we have to work of being on our radar because for hard work I'm. Brave as hell and waits effortless when you're hard working you are too hard to work hard. I know that we have. You noticed an average that I've had this. Away. From a marriage that. Is a matter of right. Having. Me. You notice habits. Habits he's a theory of mind what we should look for Miliard action certain ways of behaving here your consciousness which works from your You're kind of like. The not just from NO YOU'RE but like a big tree. You see things like this. And what it was thinking. What is what is shortage here is the Cesar do those habits where they don't. Have. Calling for call for compassion. For. Continuity like have a right that you. Have. For the way they're called right before where they're called It might have a right attitude government is a. Right. That's that's the way the club is be expressed for them to. Call you. To be listened to with compassion. So are these habits are calling for compassion. Am I talking loudly enough. Or have the habits or corporate compulsion this anything that's in your mind it's not a habit it's also called for. Right or something just happened and I never saw anything like that before. This thing when you're a zombie before right I'm not a have but I mean this I'm a newcomer and I'm on. Said Turly there are the things that he usually see are just like we are also the newcomers calling for compassion. On Probably your decision are you doing. Just that number. Or he didn't or if you are. Right. That it. May happen you may. Not remember. It she said seeing that write me. Nothing good about treating here habits with compassion. He read about as I dismiss me and. That's how it. Really simple. Is the way for somebody you know it's a good guys. I'm sick if you. Get. So. It's a waste of time learn to analyze the looted behavior. Well it might be a way. To make it if you haven't already listened to it. If you haven't already observed the patient with cries of compassion that analysis is coming from work third world. Just like good no if somebody was sick. And you are and you are you want to analyze what the problem was what she did one hundred ten where your Because they are so disgusted with them. Because your compass is so you know. That's something to live and work out with compassion like you look at it and work and from turning away from history to analyze it probably not going to work so we'll. Sit around turning with my eyes on my feet with. Words OK you can use your fingers to converse with your fingers. And you can analyze the situation and say we're kind of we're gonna call this this. Right. State would you please stop there ARE YOU HAPPY FOR MY MIND analyzes that and considers possible responses and we come across looking at to see them across a could have gotten to the breakfast table or in the floor and rolled around out of the possible responses but I did sort of analyze what he said or was I would have been able to hear the sentence so there were some analysis from other common ourselves and also some social analysis like would he be our right if I were if he actually needed to be staring at him I think it's OK I don't have to keep him. If he was tired of walking I might say I gotta keep staring at you are the ones you. Have nonstop during anyways that are OK. Can I just get underneath you before you know so so that there's analysis going on and now Alice This serves insight and wisdom right is founded on compassion. Great is full of compassion that you can be prouder to wisdom. Be that compassion we can be totally as much as you can be compassionate rabble who open the doors of your analysis they want. There is a place for me. And for your information. I would I did. That is kind of. The word is in some sense right not quite elaborate but a structured presentation I was going to bring up today. Which I just took one here and. It's kind of late but I just tell you it it made it great are going to get you know the structure presentation was to tell you about ten. Four veils. I have a lot of force today for you for teaching companies have to work so I can tell you but for veils are a. Group on board. And I was going to tell you about. Four practices. To purify the life of those four bagels. I was going to tell you about Reggie's the four things you realize when you purify your life from these four big. Complaint about God but I didn't. Say it. Here but I did. And they're related to we're just talking about. The first four or veils our number one. Hostility or enmity. Towards the great vehicle teaching. Number two is. Strong we had here. To the idea of an individual self existence. Is number two number three is. Fear of the suffering of samsara. Here the suffering of simply. A member or is. Or lack of diligence in caring for the welfare of others. Or the baby. Whether the. Practices which purify them are our side what made me think of that war as a practice that purifies one of the failures is the practice or great compassion. That carries a veil around. Happened before in and diligent in the care of the for the welfare of babies. And then for this belief itself it met a need medicine for that of the thing that purifies that of the individual self his political wisdom. And then the thing that and then the fear of them or of the suffering of some tar the thing that purifies that fear is. Practiced. Quiddity a meditative state or a state. That's how we can deal with the fears of some summer and dive into the ocean about suffering. And that we're thinking of share prices are still a day or entity towards the teachings of the great vehicle is to be devoted to teaching a great hero. So is what gave you the great vehicle teaching Ridge is. That we are calling the whole peace. And we are this mental peace and not calling us and listening to us that's a great day a contagion. But that teaching might be something that he feels he must do these tours because it might seem really strange. OK so strange to think that. Donald Trump is calling for compassion. And you're listening to him. From head to something you feel. Like you're going to Donald Trump for compassion and he's listening to you but maybe difficult for you to accept that Peaches. Rise when. So that was I going what you tell on this later. But. In the presentation the way we don't see reality is because of these core details this is these four bales and great compassion and oh you Christians are part of right but they don't run away and reveal the body of food. Which is. Purity. And the real self the true pure and true self and group Joy true permanence. The word about bring about in other words it is permanent It's always so it's it's well established and never before the wise will recall the original That's. The way it's going to be. You're never going to stop calling to everybody and everybody's going to never stop calling you and you're never going to stop listening never thought of this. But the Buddha body. Or there's also a temporary worker body which is that. Sometimes when this the people sometimes don't. Progress temper. Our lives there's. Thank you. But it's veiled by for example hostility is such an amazing teaching. And I just wish that a little bit more is a good word a host it's a wonderful world it's one of these words which. Cage originally had. This kind of its opposite. So the word horse originally meant when we. Invaded her home still has that meaning a big army. Appeared here originally opposed his wife is that way and that rotten root his hosts he leaves me and he take. The word posts. Were too good for the paper. Or see I guess. Turning to that tree seeds from. Which we see the procedure. Which receives. A major. Hostility. As the root. Takes the original goes to the original to the end of the. Bread that the enemy can turn it to. The host the outcomes of beatings. Mostly minor works. And also the word community is another possible translation of this. So that we're going to take one of the translations as. Rick is a case ninety eight of the book of serenity. One line is. Very. People come very. Close and. Seems almost like an entity. Somebody on this is it's so close to us it's almost like we you know we're two please stop staring at me. We can play stuff that may not give me a break. When you're far away from me but if your granddad is another said if it's fine you're looking at nice and Sam says Good looking at our way no problem but he was right in your room or your diary. Kitchen area has. A door it's two chords to me like he's attacking me. So the money on his is so close to our heart that we have this teaching is so close to our work we are what its almost like to play it's too intense it's too tremendous. Let's hear tremendous things in this book. But this kind of I just crumble into being this. Is. A bit. Crowded into the place. Or we can. Be compassion and order from reaching a function and the original function. Devoted to the teaching of strange. A host is strange came. Before you're really a good host you may be somewhat hostile towards and not. Be patient and compassionate without a purpose to. The feelings and then you can do it with analysis. Tonight you were on about me and did a great. And if. I think you can I get to be able to share. With you cite a pretty good. Or to good carriers. So that you can for the rest of your life you can hear more about analytics engine. And that's that's just the study what is this a search. What is this belief. In independent existence. Belief that he did not approve gun control. Pain and there are included in. Which the president writes that teaching says that. We have to look to see that compassion and kindness. To the self cleaning. And and by being compassionate to. You guys. Then to then ours turns into wisdom a real state because no such thing. As an independent existing self. Because of the mistake they share for me right. Now can contemplate a. Yes Ari A. If you. Are not on the. Right. Robert is listening to you right but if you could hear our world around you right here. You are all. Very Educated some ways are listening to us. Her with. Her might. Be. Her. Eyes. Refers to comes to mind is. Focused. Noticing and then the side you can accomplish. Is an essay by Doug and or face to face transmission. Or commitment. They're both about maybe they're both about conversation. The road a sitter says. Good to get them good. Holy. Places. Only by conversation. Between a bulletin board and we realize. That it's the pope and his quest to. Make use of them but. There's also a facet of like gold and gold Andreea put it together with the Buddha. Was a good. Well. We're good at it in a way. We were are. Coming Together we need to get it right. On the back way that you got where you are when conversation for example with. The ladies or a sheep that way it's. Just you being the yard where you are to that you're already got food away. But in order to take care of it you need to have a conversation with somebody else who's already in that way. Right everybody's And. Everybody's accounted for the conversation so the Lotus Sutra captive to Dogan road to France of course which of course is good to this point. But the way everything is is good good enough form and but that's not enough. But read the way everything is in and out for a conversation with something else. But everything really everything here is not the fault in our conversation this reporter trying to. Sow the Lotus Sutra much too fast caused by a dog and are stuck. With how things. Stand again did this happen how did their happy. All right. I mean you never think. That they have to be actual guys Buddhist in the sense that the way that you're actually the way you actually are and the way you actually are isn't actually I screwed up. In Iraq. Thing or. Perhaps it's best not. To grab a person has to that person has to be dialed into that. At the last look. At your dial then you're not when the dial when the dials dial didn't stop looking at the dial this is a damn thing it's the dark. So. We are that way already. We are already that way and we are already become frustration with other beings who are that way and that's the way things really are we don't realize that less keep showing that. Unless you want to think I'm a Buddha but you need to you need to be trying the practice. Of accepting the kitchen that everything's making you the way you are a buddha was going to be you really would be just like you are except Buddha knows how to be you completely and you're training at that before you're willing to be you you're not having arrived at you as a Buddha. Britain has got to be here. So you have to be completely here otherwise you won't realise the way you're supporting and supported by the whole universe when you accept that responsibility and I have accepted the responsibility of being the type of body you are but that's not enough you know have to conversation with somebody else from our meeting teachers take a walk go and listen to the kitchen and the kitchen and tell the truth about who you are to see if the teacher is ready to meet you. Being. Uprooted enough for me to conclude your form if you feel like the right effect to my responsibility to our beings and their responsibility to me. They put it here that's were put is that not neutral responsibility mutual unlimited responsibility for board of this but Buddhism has to have a conversation and realise this truths are already this way we already have put its wisdom but if we have any idea of God and any attachment to the right we are or aren't or Buddhism is or isn't any attachment to believe it or not isn't that we don't realise the birth. And so we have conversations we can help each other to notice if we have any attachment to my for ourselves or others put it down. Nothing to do. Before you order something that would practice compassion and a form of I have a confession I'm attached to something and it's actually several things and I'm sorry. I'm suffering. I now want to try again. To get through to the front row and be sure I am. The person in the world. And me being what I really am that's what British Britain is and you because you are right now. And good it will change you all we just do you more fully that you. Have not been able to get. Your spider to order we need you as far to be completely yourself which major aspired to be the whole universe and not for me you are. Thank you first for making this person thank you from this person or thing considering the possibility of accepting this Q.. Which would be your putting it. Right against not just accepting this gift. As accepting or you are gifted our universe accepting all that is accepting your book. And then. From a conversation with other people don't do this which is by everybody watching this. And no they haven't heard about it. And when they do they have some are still in two hours of. So then we have to we get people who are still seeking to be devoted to. What we've all had we've all gone through that phase where we've been hostile toward another kind of like getting ready to drop the hostility. Through devotion. It isn't like you push the hostility away. Towards this thing you should be devoted to right on next to the hostility I'm hostile but somebody is next to me is totally devoted as can I heard about this. Then teacher or Western Zen teacher who studied it and I guess she was a pretty good student of Zen. I've heard she's in German woman and she was in Japan studying Zen. And she and she really thought this by owning that they were doing in Zen temples was really not her cup of tea. Some point that was kind of stupid kind of not something she wanted to do something she had a lot of hostility towards or resistance. So there was somebody there who you could call from in with God Surely all we could say were regarded resisting this Zen practice of criminal disgust regimes. Where she was doing what she was resisting and she noticed why she was doing them and resisting that there was somebody there who was like totally not resisting them and was like borrowing to really what we said just. Going to beat the band and really knowing why she was god good or is this really who is doing this battling. Rather than your good will in the criticism. Of the resistance to her You have amazing creature. Especially when the pictures on. The bus are it a good opportunity to realize. I don't want to do this but somebody you know grows into this. Group is that not. Or is the whole universe of perform this by a long time somebody has things that I don't want to do. I'll do it but I really don't want to. Censor ironic situation. OK well. This talk is not very long. But even so if you stop. People might be hungry right now. Some people are on. The brink of.