The Womb of the Tathagata #2: Introducing the Brahma's Net Sutra

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Introducing the Brahma's Net Sutra:

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stay close
as we observe sentient beings with ice of compassion and listen to their cries with compassion
as the compassion becomes more and more
wholehearted the cries
the sentient beings
including ourselves we're open
well reveal the original
self nature and his purity
so the compassion practice is continuous and as it becomes wholehearted
the wisdom i opened and we will see

our true self nature
the the compassion that the wisdom deliberate wisdom growers in the
growing compassion


once again i suggested to you that there's this kind of lineage of teachings
so there's like the
the the nirvana sutra which is one of the last of the mahayana sutras to appear and the oftentimes like a suture the flower adornment scripture
that both of those scriptures teach what in nobody's had just says all living beings without exception
our the buddha-nature or have the buddha-nature an overtime soccer centre says
the buddha says now i see that all living beings without exception for the possess the wisdom and virtues of the buddha's
however because of attachment and misconceptions they don't realize it therefore i teach it
and those tax on the background leading up to the
brahm his nut cetera
which gives the the bodhisattva precepts of buddha-nature the bodhisattva precepts
of that
what a nature to target the garbo
and that sutra and that sutra with the other searchers flows into the platform sutra of the sixth ancestor
also teaching the buddha nature
what is up the precepts
i put some cards over there which i think or
did they can cut did they get covered up by other scriptures i put some cards up there which say sixteen great bodhisattva precepts
so this this presentation a bodhisattva precepts
as in sixteen is a three refuges the three treasures
then the three basic bodhisattva precepts
the three four boat bodies and for precept of embracing and sustaining
the forms and ceremonies embracing a sustaining all wholesome action and embracing a sustaining all beings
then it's followed by ten gray precepts
which are the ten gray precepts
and the brahmas net scripture
the ten
major or grave precepts
in our sixty and come from that sutra

ah in the bodhisattva precepts ceremony end up sixth ancestors
plaque for bodies on the platform sutra in that text they don't know they don't give them the ten gray precepts are the forty eight minor the more focus on the three treasures

and they talk about the three treasures as a formless three treasures
there are three treasures their buddha dharma and sangha without form
and so at the beginning of the ceremony
ah the buddhists says recite with me
and he said if you recite with me
this recitation will make you see
the three bodies of buddha
in your own self
and then
he recites going for refuge
in the three bodies one by one
in our own physical body
so our own physical body has a form so we used we use our physical body
as the place
for going for refuge in the three bodies of buddha
we don't go for refuge in our body
we go for refuge in the three
in the threefold buddha body in our body
and i'm doing this
the ancestor says you will be able to see
the three
but is a buddha in your own body or to see your own body as the threefold body a buddha
and the three bodies are
what we call the dharma body of the buddha the other is the
fulfilled body a buddha
and the other is the
a hundred thousand and ten thousand hundred million trillions of
transformation bodies of buddha
does her three bodies
he might know i know what you mean where do we start
well i guess so number one
is called
the dharma body or the real body a buddha
dharma kaja buddha the next one is called
the wheat
some burger hybrid which is also sometimes gone the bliss body and buddha
so the fulfilled or bliss body of buddha
some vulgar khyber and the third body is the more or less infinite transformation transformational forms that buddha can take
near mana kai a buddha
yes but you thought more about this
hear about it very much
i can now
but next time
so i just wanted to tell you that in this platform surgery which i didn't recommend you read that yet but guess what you can get that online to get on to buy it
you can just google it and it's it's it's it's translated by the same organization
which might be called book kill dental
anyway it's bdk as the initials is the no mater institute in berkeley anyway if you google platform sutra you can get a pdf of it and you can download it onto your computer and you can read the platform sutra to but i'm not recommending you do that yet first i suggest to read
the precepts your trip and at the the background my on a precept center and then after that read the zen precept sector of the ancestor but you were in that sutra
at the beginning of the ceremony in that sudre
the ancestor why nung says
people say he said
recite with me
and then he says
i are we go for refuge
in the dharma body and buddha
within or as our own body
i are we go for refuge in the complete
body a buddha
the crew complete fulfilled body and buddha in our own physical body
we go for refuge in the transformation body and buddha taught them billions of transformation bodies of buddha in our own body and he says in doing this you are able to see the three bodies and buddha as your own self nature
yes so in actually ah with one body that we have moot given with that one body ah we are capable or there's the potential up transforming ah so we don't have to go like me
one body at a time with this one body you're able to go to their whole transformation of all the bottles correct or not correct
certainly don't have to keep being worn different lines i mean you don't have to but you will
and each body are born in you can use that body to go for refuge
usually go for refuge in the buddha in the dharma and the this is a formless refuge where you're not going for you're going for refuge in something which has no form because you're going for refuge in these things in your own body
so it's formless these three bodies a bullet are formless but you need your body
which is a form into it we need to
to realize that using this body to realize those bodies shows us what we really are should we will see our true nature our original true nature in this method as the beginning of the precept ceremony so maybe next time we meet we can actually
do the ceremony at least that part of it
and then there's also repentance
which has also formless repentance and then there's a formless us going for refuge and put a dharma and sangha this first going for refuge is going for refuge in the
three fold
put a body in our own body
as a way to see are essential original nature that's what the ancestor suggesting there
or that's what they say the ancestor suggesting and this understanding of the bodhisattva precepts
has been a big part of the zen tradition for about thirteen hundred years
so if you read the other suitor as a background perhaps next time we made we could actually performed part of the sutra platform sutra ceremony
but i
i i don't know if anybody will come because it seemed i can imagine there i don't know if i wonder that but
i'm not saying for sure we'll do that
but we could we could do it i could to tell you about it
and tell you about it and tell you about it until everybody wanted to do it
i'm on
part of my job description is to be flexible
which leads me to say that i was talking to someone earlier about we have a lot of english surnames that are actually job descriptions
mr carpenter mr miller mr farmer mr baker mr fletcher mister archer mr
mr smith and we also have mr or mrs listening to the cries as a world
so that that's our kind of our last name
in china all their names were shocking shocking or something they're all in shock your clan
and the shock it is the list is a taught us to listen to the crisis
listen to the cries of the world our family name is like
our job
see your own original true nature that's that's our job
i spent a scientist by the suture which you may or may not wish to accept