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ah the city
i like to make little the monks as to what was
the subject
to have discussed the sunflower

ah we are
making like a zoo by your hand
attempting the naval buddha who are these states
someone told me
he's a soda or magic
nice he felt a sort of magic flown making legacy to the a of buddha every states

if you
he expect
a something song the result would you have done
not only
he club is so making the lackluster
all motivation all our movement
he lives
ah come to a thomas to
the a sort of mud
i'm playing a game something like that
ah if you
if you use if you view
the top this
in the light all
the magic
you can simply understand
what life is
what life is like

so i mentioned you should never expect something from them is out what you have done
the all you have to do is to become yourself what the you are so on through
the in the extension the extension of
your life
certain circumstances
i wanted to you

but to become yourself as you are
a so difficult to get a taste of it with your body and mind
through your daily life
to become yourself for you are
a presence
as a number of questions
what it is like
he how when where
should be
ourselves as we are

is did a solve
the human action human deeds
go on
human action
i get to
it's destination
a to become yourself that you are is not a social progress and process
ah excuse me not progress process
it seems it looks like a process
if you say it is if you say to become yourself and you are as a subtle process
that the way you get to
a certain destination in i

i think process
in lies
express a bar or express the in were with this called process
it's not already
give it reality in-line with case conceding game and down moment at the moment
as a few school
a couple of our cup of water from the street
you think you think you've got you got the as a someone process
what do you i'd so possesses
now that time it is not
the vivid water bill
a being a water which is running constant
so to become
you're set for july is not the subtle process
no always
there are only the number of question how where what behind you
this is
the attitude in life
how to become yourself as you as you are
strictly speaking there is no word to express
them buddhism says using the technique word
it is emptiness raise mts
or so hard to sort as aids mess as advancement or such notice

we don't yet understand clearly
what it it
when you become yourself like you are
even though worries me
this clive
it using a word emptiness was as the it is miss
it seems to me that
the least still something
to understand behind us
what is the empties
what is as a reason s
then the one of them master
the this guy of it

in in the in a little he tell in a narrow detailed explanation
in a little in in the whale a little and detailed explanation
the in changing me

the suit role cindy may

the is easy ways
to understand the tools
to get rid off
effective effective preference
and this sutra continued to say
he should take away from the selfishness
but still we have
we have still some questions how to get made all
how to how to take away from selfishness affect you prefer once they impose the impulse of affective playfulness
if you ask yourself again and again
it is not so easy to understand to accept it
you know

i mentioned
the they important portrays

as long as
you practices as and

you planned into through and through his as itself
and these are the two days like this attitude
is manifestation of getting laid off the impound saw effective preference
i want you think the how to get love
patio pavers or selfishness is already questionable
to be left behind me
but nevertheless
as long as life endures today you
number of boundaries
since your birth
colleen samsara telling comments like to have that

we cannot ignore that we are curious of how to get laid off
how to take out a takeaway phone selfishness and facto differences

then today
that would like to explain
ah little details

please don't misunderstand
that to become yourself a you're is not too
your eagerness your ego

i must have people think
to become yourself
as you are
is to allow
you are evil
to be practiced
in daily life
think it is they did miss and stand

i don't mean
the evil itself
no i don't mean with an evil itself is good and bad right and wrong
igor itself
nothing particular
to disturb your life it sounds more alive

the point is how to deal with your ego itself

you know in buddhism we say
that the doujin is a debt to wait nearby
how do you think of this point
if diluting it's completely identical with nearby
why did we have to practice

you know the
yeah i said the one they important point is that how to use the how do how you how you deal with
he got me on
it means
we are always curious off
peep at
krampus all
saudi screen
what evil is doing
man tt you are always keeping actors good ah
one not not call and had a
a whole

without sleeping
all day you are looking at all day you are curious or keeping act clevis

keeping r p m
curious are keeping
through the crevice of he showed his clean what evil is doing
his seems to me that

it is three eight the person you need the person fool
is it in

touching of are running sore running sore
and says oh it's dirty
if it is dirty it's not necessary to touch it
but unfortunately
the human being out for a certain the tendency of
being kill yourself tapped into putting a running sore
and say all dirty it started

not only running with sore
if you find yourself to be very beautiful face in a beautiful look
you are always looking at kicking at those credits and sunscreen screen
how beautiful your located
and you are always a tacky
what a beautiful love and say oh have you for it is
but actually given full looks or line sora has completely nothing to do with
your life itself strictly speaking

your life is always going on like a stream
before you are curious of patio or running sore
when beautiful look
a saying oh how dirty a's for saying how beautiful it is

i'll let the problem that's a party
as long as we have secure the temper

you cannot understand
the practice is what practices like why did we have to plug this

ah kill yourself keeping
he go through the cracks some shoji screen
sometimes you have to struggle for getting lit all evil
sometimes you are sitting on the chair of a being derided in our how one he hoists south
how wonderful it is
or you say
how often my anyways please help me
know how you feel smooth i eagle
he's like or like
what's it say
the in the line of creating the trouble in a life


even though you know when or how
you tried to get laid all of it
you cannot get laid off the eagle what do you have

but then master says always to you he said get laid off you should cut off eagle
alaska you are completely at last what to do with you on evil
yeah no lies to you make a map

no unless there is there was somebody there are some who are cloud of themselves
by being infatuated with
becoming mad
how many times i i was i was faced with mad
crazy asset upset
through thousand smooth corn

if you have time try to practice the sand and the linda it's a must
inside the master will give you as some cohen move

the always means either master bedroom and give a blow you hit to you i hit

to encourage to get enlightenment
the other is to cut off
immediate a your ego itself
but the more you practice hard
through the coup move
the more you'll find
your ego never leave
for your daily life
your ego always seem very lives
they you have to you have to give up
concentrating on the go on move
if you are and they we kept week nights a week temper
and so you have to be upset please

i think if you are given
some suncor move
you are always a peeping cohen
to the craig list of saudi screen
what he's doing what he's doing what you call 'em boys doing
what that going movies or sets inside well i don't make a move
if you find some benefits through your dancing of the find a wonderful is vague wracking
it as in wonderful
they is he
you adapter and that sir
in know day
i made his place not as he he said
that's the sort of
toward your ego
that do you feel
by keeping the ego at the core move
through the clubs and shoji screen

without sleeping
didn't linda they master says don't sleep
oh day my students doesn't he should concentrate zaza and with the core me
and then used to you that you do that but the resulting and saw you dancing is
something that you p
the go on move through the greatest i'm sure is screen
as if you say it's dirty it's wonderful and by cutting off cohen
alcorn is nasty good of column as a that to improve myself to see
but actually called who has nothing to do with their daily life
still is sticky
because go on selfies your life itself
have we are are we just don't use a word the word the moon
he owner to expand what my fears

if you try a few practice
cohen who
he should to get lit on first wall
the such a temper said tag once nature
who is always curious all keeping
what they are doing through the crevice and shoji screen
a saying it's dirty how dirty it is how beautiful it is by taxing of it
this is your ego

so actually strictly speaking if you want to practice corn move
oh you have to the s
to settle yourself
of course more yourself or the xavi itself that's all
yeah rose to become yourself as you are
in the extension of the them
wrote to you at the stage of and now here

ah dog and zingy
i says in the first paragraph
what your cause the book
by the way old practice
the all buddhas sand pit yards
he practiced with there
our prince pool oh i though what towel
by what's all sentient being obese follow
the parties cannot be expected without the principal by what oh being follow

there is the birds or alive
within the rule
the birth or life
camel come to being without the rule rule
you should sit together with others
if they sit
and go to bed when
others do so

the boss dynamic and static movements
you do
must be oneness must be one with that woods
all monks are doing
the ambition
you tried to excel oh diana
in the practice
is absolutely have no use
is not a manner in the blustery them the mastery
for you to go in different direction from all the others

this way yes the puck is to get a taste of off
the skin the fresh the barn
and the mao all buddhas and pick yeah
and that it in bows lamination or emancipation
all the mind and body
therefore this is
the practice on my writing and beef the beyond
the state of the uncivilized the earth
and the koran
beyond the state of chaos
in the eyes

it doesn't expect enlightenment

all buddhas and patriarchs practice within the our principal
by watch all beings all beings follow
in this case the puppy please boys
he explains the by the word dow though in japanese
the meaning of door is really different form
dow to the piss poor doubt to and always

the death master says the is like a space
the day before yesterday and measured according to the southern zen master
damn ukiah or buddha buddha
he's like a space

you know down in price

the time and space
what me is
universal medium with life moves
in constant transformation
our life
we like with all saints him be
this is the ball this is pleased to the meaning or please book

the everything would exist in this world
don't have following in that facebook

a all buddhism on and patriarchs practice with the principal by whites or being files
so if you ignore
this principle dog

are you cannot
you cannot practise
not only the buddhist practice
no matter what professional business you follow

wherever you may go
you can get rid of the extension of the principal by but by what all sentient beings follows
and so
in the world would were used time right now right here
you make up for you make up the your mind to standard family
very security
set ring on yourself
setting yourself cell phone yourself
wait in downgrade
now all you have to the a's to become yourself as you are
then next
the rules i'll eat and i to and dogan then use the word dumb
a lowly their monastery
look at the is set up according to the principal by what all sentient being exist
this is rule

the with a rule this rule
he no birth or life no bros more life

what is rule
what is principal
then dog and and says therefore used to you should sit together with arrows
if they sit
and go to bed
when you listen to the dell

what gives this detonated for beginning
zazen p
he should go to the general and set with others

raise phase simple he's basing
and the extension extension on simple life

when other get up early morning you should get up
indiana city
you should sit together with others

there is nothing but
becoming yourself
aren't you are
the extension on this simple right
a lot it to you

it is not necessary to pee
who you are what doesn't is what is use
what isn't the use
what does it is the use
through the previous of the shoji screen

the more you touch
what does is like
saying how beautiful how awful it is a beautiful area is how great it is whatever you say

you can't understand
the transparent transparent
being in life
kim is to become yourself cell you are
he never understand

as long as you are curious all putting pitino putting touchy
running sore which just cold sandwiches called the moment seats what is called
delusion whatever the
and says
how wonderful that in years
how great thousand is
the dozen years come through respond whatever you say
it seems to me that you increase

new england's euros
the environment says trump on to all over you and your life
over the every inch of your life

you know if you university if you want to if you'd think i want to die
you already thinking concentrating on
it just a one point i want to die i want to die

it seems to me that you are a direct n and putting on for fatima putting their a human temperature

based on the eagles

that's such a temporary a few as long as you are you continue to touch it
no matter what you say no matter what you feel from this
i set the for based on the england's is constantly trying paint over every inch of your life
and then alas you cannot move by inch
and last you can't
you can't get rid of it
you are was what to do
the fuck to temper based on increments which is continuing to be time pan to over the every inch of your life in you to the bottom of dicks that's all

even though even though you know
you touch it or you aren't you don't cut it
that's not nice you are a human being
all of us have
some troubles
now do you

they important point is you should know you should nice
such a temperate based on the england's
what john quincy cannot else let the england's be trump and over every inch of your daily life by being by touching off a monster enlightenment or zazen
what do it and whatever the
and then you said all i don't might get why love it
he ordered to know yourself as you are

he should sit you should settle on yourself before you are before you measure yourself
with your room
then a day i mention and don't care look and look down don't give them down a well
a well look up the donkey
the your donkey is always saying how wonderful thousand is or i don't like how tell who's as a is
i'm touching the touching the putting the the or then
a picking the zaza and keeping the what doesn't he is doing through the practice of sure the screen
well i don't like
this is your donkey
he should know this don't do it should issue arise distant
and then you should sit she'll sit
you should settle on the set yourself on
the south what is called your donkey
who is always screaming shouting was making complain or game dry in sitting on the chair of zazen sitting on the care all delusions
while ambitious ambitions

it is necessary it is very necessary that you don't care must be what kid over
by well
we is
who who is nothing to tell you
nothing to give a suggestions
how when where
i should become myself as i am

nothing is like all well
a subtle well
you are like a donkey
the always you are you're very difficult to deal with call with your own donkey
he is nuts years beyond
your on

the always
making so much noise
if you tried to practices as then
if you tried to look at the well with discourse as him
zaza doesn't tell the world doesn't say anything to you
you have to set you have to set
he have to continue to down the will
look down sandwiches called well
now i don't keep know wet inside well

no well
this well
has nothing to do with
you're curious
you are up to be
the right in keeping with the crabby some short history
nevertheless you have to set to continue to set continued to look down
oh well

to continue down the well is to become yourself as you are
who is the you
is the you before you measure
with by your own roof

the roof
in the monastery is set up according to the principal by whites all sentient being followed
is is not merely rule what we have thought
this no numbers
without his mood
that's why
when the monks set the she'll sit together with months
monks go to bet you should go to that

there is no amount of ambition
that you try to
a bow
come common level

this is a simple real life
logan says
on this ways
and this is the way to get the taste of the skin the fresh of the bomb and the model on buddhist and patriots
not to mary lou woods tied up for your life
to follow the rules in den modesty
it involves resonate live and let live relation
flea mind everybody

therefore this is the practice on the enlightenment beyond the state of the uncivilized earth
they have nothing to do ways manifestation of those practice and main lightly
and the koran beyond the state of chaos in the earth on earth he doesn't expect the mit

the our practices all the way the basic way you might
in the extension of the word
before you you
begin to be curious or peeping what doesn't is what enlightenment liaised through the treviso shoji screen

b d for
you tried to tags
of vitamin doesn't
my routine daily routine more mastic live
one day i
what purposes

oh you have to pay is to become your to you are in demand more
monastic life
yonder was
you must be watching over by


the you who become completely you fell for you are
which means major yourself
which means
the you before before you measure yourself
buy your own rule moolah


i believe
what we can
i trust on
when we can trust or would be cowardly lion
the only a practice of zazen
to boot out
give to us
he's not mrs side too
the principle of buddhism
a principal a certain school
it just called sorrow school deans ice school
lacing on to die or since you
there are many school more the buddhist cleaned and

a through when we can
trust is on the
to continue the practice of zazen
and through practice of zazen
we have to

our soundless

who is becoming
our sense as we are
whenever we may go

the through practice season
from the beginning
he helped to run
the south

rustic life
has given to us given us
are can a vague concrete way or life
how to become
yourself as you are
the domain was circumstances
that the man was your daily life and wanted to do

before for you
before you to the as impel you to pee
what your life is like

through the crevice of short screen will attempting of it

on that fi to the tangy
doddington says and the first polakoff
of the book titled away on practice
as i mentioned

if we want to strike
you tried to strike
he encountered saying the main to the zane south
nobody tell you thank you very much for your trouble

if you strike

nobody gave
a plenty of food or money to you
the plucky solve begging me
the street
you tried to
you want you think you feel
that you really want to strike

if you strike
on the ground that people don't give a faint of money or food to you

there is nothing that
the death that's all

a begging the practiced so far buddhist baking
there is no strike

if you want to strike
right in the middle of the then he should strike

get a morning
you should wash your face
and come to the ten and set
sweet you work issue luck

you feel awful difficult
as you want to shout scream
i understand your feeling

i what you stream war
when you shout
in price to pay your lives sweetest credits of choice screen

all you have to do is to settle yourself
a before
you keep
your life smooth credits enjoy street
this is the basic we'll practice this is doesn't
he's added to me is to become yourself as a you are